Our 2024 Garfield Cat Litter Reviews and Coupons

It wasn’t until after the end of WWII that cats started making their way indoors. At the start of the 20th century, cats were mostly outdoor pets, and it’s because their owners could not solve the great question of the day – where is the cat going to go to the bathroom?

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But if you’ve been a cat owner for more than a minute, then you understand how dangerous it can be for a cat to spend its entire life outdoors. They can get fleas, parasites, or become injured in brawls with other cats or wild animals. The cat owners of yesteryear meant well when they let their beloved pets “go” in a galvanized roasting pan full of fireplace ashes in the house.

In the 1980s, clumping clay cat litter was invented by accident. But the discovery made cat ownership more pleasant, and the ability to keep the cat inside meant he was safe from outside dangers. Since then, cat litter has evolved further. Cat owners aren’t restricted to using messy, dusty, and clumping clay litters that aren’t the most environmentally-friendly options. Nowadays, you can pick and choose from a variety of litter materials that vary in consistency, price, and earth-friendliness.

Today, we’ll review Garfield cat litter, a flushable material that has cats and their owners singing the brands praises. But will it work for you and your cat? Let’s find out together in our comprehensive review. You’ll come away from the article with an understanding of the product’s price and value, how dusty it is, and if your cat will like it. We’ll also show you where to find a coupon for Garfield cat litter so you can snag a bag for a low price.

What are the different types of Garfield cat litters?

You’re probably familiar with the cartoon cat Garfield. But the brand which gave us that iconic comic strip about a lasagna-loving cat also makes cat litter products. Garfield cat litters are premium quality and super convenient too because they are flushable.

As a modern-day cat owner, you have way more options when it comes to cat litter products. You can stick to the traditional clumping clay cat litters, or make the leap to all-natural wood, corn, and pine litters. Garfield cat litters are not your standard clay or silica crystal litters. Instead, Garfield produces all-natural corn litters that are dust-free and offer the same type of clumping action you’d get with a standard clay litter. Garfield litters are easy to clean up, and they also minimize tracking because of the clumping action inherent in corn-based technology.

The Garfield brand doesn’t offer an extensive line up of cat litters, but the two products they have can meet a multitude of cat’s and cat owner’s needs. We’ll explore these corn litters from Garfield in more detail below.

Garfield Cat Litter Tiny Grains Flushable Cat Litter

Most of the time, cleaning the litter box is a messy chore and a major pain. A lot of people who’d otherwise want to have a housecat will balk at the idea just because of the litter box. Garfield cat litters can make cleaning the litter box less of a chore with their Tiny Grains flushable cat litter. Instead of having to scoop waste from the box, put it into a bag, and lug it out to the trash, you can scoop and flush. Flushable litter is not only easy and convenient for cat owners, but it’s also better for the environment, too.

This litter from the Garfield cat litter brand is made of 100% natural corn and is a clumping litter. The all-natural materials in the litter eliminate odors naturally, and the litter does not contain any artificial ingredients, synthetic perfumes, dyes, or added fragrances. The litter includes other plant-based grains besides corn, and soiled grains can be flushed down the toilet. Any excess litter can be composted and will biodegrade naturally.

The grains are very small and resemble crystal silica gel litter in appearance. The color of the litter is white, which allows cat owners to monitor their cat’s urine and detect any illnesses the cat may have, such as a UTI or kidney infection, which cats are prone to getting. Cats are also unlikely to reject tiny granules that are soft, and sand-like. So even if you have a cat that is normally picky about their litter, they will probably like the Garfield Tiny Grains litter product.

The litter is also considered “dust-free” so it’s adequate for sensitive cats or people prone to allergies. The smaller litter particles in this formula may be suitable for cats who are declawed or have recently undergone surgery. Be aware though, and the litter is not intended for multiple cat households.

For an all-natural product, the litter clumps astonishingly well. When moisture hits the litter tray, the corn-based granules will immediately lock away moisture and form smooth, hard clusters that are easy to scoop and dispose of down the toilet. In addition, the clumps this litter forms are smooth enough that they won’t get stuck to either the side or the bottom of the litter tray. Clean up is incredibly easy with this cat litter.

The only downsides we could find with the litter, besides the fact that it’s not intended for multi-cat households, is that it does not offer the greatest odor protection compared to other brands. The litter relies on all-natural, corn and plant-based materials to trap moisture and lock-away odors. While it does a decent job of odor control, a litter that has pine extracts or activated charcoal might be better if you need superior odor control.

Another issue we found wit this litter is that it tracks. The granules in the formula are sand-like and extremely small. If you have a cat that likes to dig or a long-haired cat, the consistency of this litter can make tracking an issue. Putting down a litter mat outside of the box or tray could help cut down on tracked litter. Most of the time though, getting a litter product that uses larger, heavier granules is the best method of tracking control, which we’ll cover next.

Garfield Cat Litter Small Grains Flushable Cat Litter

This cat litter product from Garfield is almost identical to the litter above. The most notable difference is that the granules in the litter are slightly larger than the first option. Larger particles can eliminate some of the tracking issues that are present with the first product we listed. However, it’s important to understand that there is no such thing as a 100%, non-tracking cat litter. You can find litters that are pellet-based or formulated for long-haired cats to cut down on tracking, and litter mats can also help in this regard.

In this litter product, you’ll find the same, sand-like white granules made of corn with additional plant-based properties for absorption and odor control. Since the granules are larger and a bit more absorbent than the litter product above, this formula is suitable for multiple cats. The litter is also unscented, and flushable. You also won’t find any synthetic dyes, added fragrances, or other fake chemicals in the product. The granules are made from corn and cassava, and although the product comes out looking white, it’s not because anything in the litter has been bleached. Instead, the corn material has been dehydrated, which gives it the white coloring.

Cat owners should be aware that the grains are larger and less trackable, but they may not flush as easily as the tiny grains litter product. It’s a good idea to let the larger clumps soak in the toilet bowl for about twenty minutes before flushing.

Garfield Cat Litter Coupons

The Garfield cat litter brand rarely prints coupons or offers online discount codes for customers. You’d also be hard-pressed to find a coupon for Garfield cat litter for a brick-and-mortar pet store. But numerous online companies offer coupon codes that you can use to purchase a bag of Garfield cat litter, and one of those is Chewy.

Chewy.com is the world’s largest online pet supply store. Not only can you find Garfield cat litters there, but you’ll also find a wide range of products for dogs and cats, including medications, grooming supplies, food, treats, and more. Chewy.com offers up to 30% discount on orders for their products, and you can get a bag of Garfield cat litter for under retail price if you shop at Chewy.

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Garfield Cat Litter Reviews

What’s next on our Garfield review agenda? We’re going to cover a variety of different topics related to how we’ve evaluated this cat litter. We’ll go over the price of the litter, versus the value you can expect to get. We’ll let you know how biodegradable Garfield cat litter is, if it’s safe for kittens, how dusty it is, and more. Please stick around for the rest of our Garfield cat litter review so you can make an informed purchase for your cat.


Garfield cat litter is not a cheap, economy-style brand. At best, you’ll pay mid-range prices for the product. But overall, Garfield cat litter is a premium cat litter, with premium prices to match.

A ten-pound bag of the small grains litter will cost about 16 dollars. For a case of four ten-pound bags, you’ll pay around fifty dollars for the product, which is suitable for multiple cats. The tiny grains litter product from Garfield will cost you 13 dollars for a ten-pound bag, and $49.99 for a case of four ten-pound bags.


Both of the Garfield cat litters are highly absorbent. Clumps form quickly, dry fast, and are smooth. They won’t stick to the bottom or sides of the pan, which is nice. A lot of all-natural litter products and some clay clumping litters will pool at the bottom of the litter box, which can mean a lot of scraping come chore time.

The small grains litter is slightly more absorbent than the tiny grains litter, which might be why it is suitable for several cats at once. What we do want to note is that the small grains litter is almost too absorbent for its own good. Some customers have found that the clumps dry extremely hard, and may not break apart for easy flushing. If this happens, you should let the clusters soak in the toilet bowl before you flush them, so the pipes don’t get clogged.

Odor Control

Both the tiny grains and the small grains litter products from Garfield get decent reviews on odor control. However, the small grains formula rates slightly higher on this front. Both products rely on all-natural corn and cassava grains to absorb and trap odors. But compared to other natural brands, Garfield does not do as good of a job at odor control. If you have a smelly cat, can’t clean the tray out every day, or you live in a very small house or apartment, the lack of superior odor control from Garfield cat litters might be an issue for you.


The Garfield small grains litter scores highly on tracking. But customers who purchase the tiny grains litter may have some issues here, though. In general, the smaller and lighter the granule, the more tracking you’ll get with the product. Light, small granules will stick to the cat’s fur and paws, especially if you have a long-haired housecat. Getting a litter mat might help cut down on some of the tracking. Overall though, we recommend a heavier, pellet-based litter if you have a long-haired cat.


Both Garfield cat litter formulas are rated dust-free, and we could not find any negative reviews here. Cats who are sensitive to dust or cat owners with allergies may find Garfield cat litter a suitable litter product. The fast-clumping action with Garfield cat litters and the fact that the products are all-natural all contribute to the formulas low-dust qualities.


Both the tiny grains and the small grains Garfield cat litters are flushable. We could not find any flushability issues with the tiny grains formula, but some customers had issues with the small grains litter. This litter does such an excellent job of clumping that it’s almost too hard to throw straight into the toilet and flush. Instead, you should let the small grains clumps soak in the bowl for about twenty minutes before flushing. Also, if you have a house with old plumbing or have experienced plumbing issues in the past, you probably should not flush cat litter. It’s also illegal to flush litter in the state of California. We’ll show you how to dispose of Garfield cat litter in an eco-friendly manner if you can’t flush it.


If you want to lower your carbon footprint, Garfield cat litters are an excellent choice. They don’t use any harmful manufacturing processes, and the materials in the litter are 100% natural and devoid of harsh chemicals or other synthetic additives. Natural products are safer for kitty and the earth. Plus, being able to flush the litter or let it biodegrade in a compost pile will also lower your carbon footprint.

Garfield Cat Litter FAQs

  • Are Garfield cat litters biodegradable? – Yes, both Garfield cat litter products are 100% biodegradable. Clumping clay litters can take a million years to biodegrade, and if you put your cat litter in a plastic bag, it will also take thousands of years to break down naturally. After you scoop and flush the Garfield cat litter, you can compost the remaining granules. But wait at least six months before you put the compost onto a vegetable garden.
    If you can’t flush the cat litter or put it into a compost pile, you can still dispose of it in an earth-friendly way. Put the litter into a paper bag, and throw it into the trash. The paper bag will quickly break down into a landfill, and the leftover cat litter will be able to biodegrade without adding to your carbon footprint.
  • How likely is a cat to reject Garfield cat litter? – Usually, cats want a litter that is soft and sand-like. Garfield cat litters resemble the consistency of sand, so they are unlikely to be rejected by even the pickiest of cats. But if you’re going to switch your cat form a pellet-based or clay litter to Garfield litter, it’s a good idea to transition him slowly so he can get used to the new product.
  • How do you transition a cat to a new cat litter? – You’ll want to fill the litter tray with half of the old litter, and half of the new litter. As your cat uses the new tray, slowly scoop the waste and keep filling up the tray with the new litter product. At the end of the week, empty the tray and refill with all new cat litter. This will give your cat a chance to get used to the new product and will decrease the chances of the cat rejecting the litter and peeing outside of the box.
  • Do Garfield cat litters come in resealable bags? – Garfield cat litters do not come in a resealable bag. If you plan on storing the cat litter for an extended period, you need to be aware that natural products like Garfield cat litter will attract bugs. We recommend storing the litter in a plastic container in a cool, dry place away from humidity and heat.
  • Is Garfield cat litter safe for kittens? – We recommend using a pellet-based cat litter for kittens under three months old. Garfield Tiny Grains Cat Litter is safe for kittens three months old to one year. Adult cats can safely use Garfield Small Grains cat litter.
  • Does Garfield cat litter contain silica? – No, Garfield cat litter is made out of corn and cassava. The litter is free of dyes, chemicals, and fragrances.

What’s our conclusion on Garfield cat litter?

Garfield cat litters seem like an excellent value for the money if you’re looking for a litter that’s conveniently flushable, earth-friendly, and soft on paws. People with fussy cats who reject harder litters may find that Garfield meets their cat’s high standards. If you want a litter that’s easy-to-clean, Garfield is a good choice. However, long-haired cat owners may not like the litter because the granules are small and prone to tracking.

If you think Garfield cat litter may be a good product for your cat to try, please head on over to Chewy.com and get a bag for a discounted price today.

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