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7 Best Dust Free Cat Litters With Our 2024 Budget-Friendly Pick

When a cat litter is dust free it means that the litter produces no dust when poured from the container or moved around by your cat. Dust free litters are free of any chemicals or properties which would cause a dusty cloud of residue in your cat’s litter area. Cat parents like dust free litters because they tend to be healthier for your cat and human members of your household.

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In this article we talk about the benefits of using a dust free litter, and what exactly makes a cat litter earn that title. We break down some helpful components to look for when choosing the best low dust cat litter for your furry feline. We also have seven great recommendations for dust free cat litters, no matter what type of budget you’re on. To start, let’s explore the benefits of using a dust free cat litter.

5 Benefits of Using Dust Free Cat Litter

You really can’t go wrong by purchasing a dust free cat litter. No one likes dust flying up at their face, especially when your cat’s health can be directly affected by it. Here we take a further look into specific benefits of using a dust free cat litter.

  1. Good for your cat’s health: Inhaling litter dust cannot possibly be healthy for your cat. By using a no dust cat litter, you are avoiding creating respiratory problems for your cat, or worsening them if your kitty already has allergies or asthma. A healthy cat is a happy cat!
  2. Don’t forget YOUR health: It’s not pleasant to breathe cat litter dust in while cleaning the litter box, or pouring more in for replenishment. Since you don’t want your cat breathing it in, it’s not good for you either! If you have family members with allergy sensitivities, it’s best to use a dust free cat litter.
  3. Hypoallergenic: Cat litters that are dust free are considered to be hypoallergenic. In the case of cat litter, this simply means that low dust cat litters won’t irritate cats or humans with allergies. Hypoallergenic cat litters generally don’t contain any added chemicals or deodorants.
  4. Better for the environment: Since no dust cat litters are often free of added fragrances or perfumes, they tend to be safer for the environment.
  5. Reduces stress: If your feline friend suffers from respiratory disease or allergies, using a dusty litter box can cause your kitty to have a flare up, making it a stressful experience. Using the litter box should be a pleasant experience for your cat, and a dust free cat litter can assist with that.

In this list we talk about how low dust litters are better for your cat’s health, and next we discuss why exactly that is.

How Dust Free Cat Litter is Better for Your Cat…and You!

Dust free cat litter is generally better for your cat’s health. But why? If your cat litter contains silica dust or other dusty properties, your kitty will inhale it when they kick up their litter. When your cat inhales the dust, they may also be ingesting chemicals or other harmful toxins.

It’s not uncommon for cats to have allergies, respiratory issues or asthma. For these cats it’s especially important that you use a no dust cat litter. Dustless litters are free of fragrances, perfumes and deodorants. Your cat will be able to use their litter box without any health implications if you purchase a dust free litter.

If someone in your home suffers from allergies, using a dust free litter will be best for them too! If your cat isn’t kicking up a dust cloud into the air, there won’t be any reason for their litter box usage to flare up asthma or respiratory sensitivities. Everyone in your home will sure to breathe more easily when you use a low dust cat litter.

5 Key Components to Look for in a Good Dust Free Cat Litter

Many cat litter brands claim to be dust free or hypoallergenic, but how do you possibly know which one to choose? Look for these key components when picking out a good dust-free cat litter.

  1. Free of perfumes or fragrances
  2. Made from a natural material such as wood, paper, corn or wheat
  3. Doesn’t contain silica dust (not to be confused with silica gel)
  4. Forms tight clumps
  5. Eco-friendly – biodegradable and/or flushable
While a dust free litter may not contain all of these components, some of the best low dust litters will. You may have to pick and choose which benefits mean the most to you, and are most important for your kitty’s health. Luckily, we did some research to pick out the best dustless cat litters.

7 Best Dust Free Cat Litters

Dr. Elsey’s Precious Cat Respiratory Relief Silica Gel Cat Litter

Key Benefits:

  • Hypoallergenic
  • No deodorants or perfumes
  • Biodegradable
  • Natural essences to reduce stress

Overall Best: Dr. Elsey’s silica gel cat litter is our favorite dust free cat litter. It is all-natural and free of perfumes, deodorants and plant proteins. The silica gel is soft on your cat’s paws, and it’s enhanced with natural essences which help reduce your cat’s stress. Having allergies, asthma or respiratory issues can be stressful for your kitty, and this litter will help reduce and eliminate that!

Formulated by Dr. Elsey, a veterinarian in practice for over 35 years, we trust that this cat litter is safe and healthy for your feline friend. It’s an eco-friendly option that is sure to be a wonderful choice for ensuring a dust free environment for all cats and humans in your household.


  • Biodegradable
  • Formulated by a veterinarian
  • Reduces stress
  • No added perfumes or deodorants
  • Safe for cats with respiratory disease
  • Great for sifting or mechanical litter boxes


  • Does not offer tight clumping action

Okocat Natural Paper Dust Free Cat Litter

Key Benefits:

  • Biodegradable
  • Non-tracking
  • Made with Odor Shield Technology
  • Great for cats with long hair
  • No chemicals, dyes or additives

Runner-Up Best Dust Free Cat Litter: Everyone in your home is sure to breathe a bit easier with this Okocat dust-free cat litter. The natural paper litter will absorb up to 200% its weight in moisture without causing dusty residue or extra messes. This non-tracking litter is great for multi-cat households and cats with long hair because it won’t get stuck in their fur.

Okocat paper cat litter is made from reclaimed lumber, making it biodegradable. The litter is lightweight, so it’s easy to handle and dispose of. We like that Okocat cat litters are built with Odor Shield Technology for maximum absorption and odor control. If your cat suffers some respiratory sensitivities, this litter will be purrfect for them! It’s also a good choice in case there are humans in your household who have allergies.


  • Lightweight and biodegradable
  • Good for long hair cats
  • No added chemicals or dyes
  • Non-tracking pellets
  • Perfect for cats and humans with allergies or asthma


  • Not flushable
  • Not appropriate for mechanical litter boxes

Garfield Cat Litter Small Grains Flushable Cat Litter

Key Benefits:

  • Made from renewable and biodegradable resources
  • Solid clumping action
  • Soft on paws
  • Flushable
  • No chemicals or fragrances

Best Budget-Friendly Dust Free Cat Litter: Although this Garfield dust-free cat litter is our favorite budget-friendly option, it does not skimp on quality and features. The small litter granules are 100% plant-based and natural, which allows it to be disposed of via flushing or composting. Tight clumps quickly form from liquid and moisture, making cleaning your cat’s litter box easy and quick.

We love that the small grains are super soft on your cat’s paws. It’s safe for cats with sensitive paws and respiratory systems. The dust-free formula is an excellent choice for households riddled with allergies. For an eco-friendly, cost-effective dust free cat litter, we absolutely recommend Garfield Small Grains Flushable Cat Litter.


  • Biodegradable and flushable
  • Gentle on paws
  • No chemicals or fragrances
  • Creates solid clumps
  • Good for the environment


  • Not ideal for cats with long hair

4 More Top Rated Dust-Free Cat Litters

Pioneer Pet SmartCat All Natural Cat Litter

This sand-like cat litter is dust free and made without any irritating fragrances or perfumes. Clumps are quickly formed to trap odors instantly and make for no-mess litter box cleanup. The fine consistency minimizes tracking while also attracting your cat to using the litter box properly. Of course this Pioneer Pet all-natural cat litter is a fantastic choice for cats with respiratory health concerns, and homes with allergy sensitive humans.

Frisco All Natural Grass Clumping Cat Litter

Grass cat litter is a natural, eco-friendly alternative to traditional cat litter. It’s ideal for multi-cat households because of its superior clumping action and odor absorbency. This dust free grass cat litter is super soft for your kitty’s paws, and it comes without chemicals, dyes or fragrances. Frisco grass cat litter is biodegradable and it won’t leave a dusty cloud when poured or kicked up by your feline friend. We appreciate how health conscious this grass cat litter is, while also being an excellent environmentally-friendly choice.

Naturally Fresh Walnut-Based Pellet Cat Litter

This pellet cat litter is not only dust-free but it’s also great for any budget! Naturally Fresh has some tremendous walnut based litter options, and this one is the best for your cat’s respiratory health. Others produce little dust, while this one is dust-free. The walnut-based pellets won’t form clumps, but they are incredibly absorbent. This litter does not contain any silica dust and the pellets eliminate tracking. We also like this pellet dust-free cat litter for kitties with long hair. Naturally Fresh Walnut-Based Pellet Cat Litter is comprised of renewable resources without toxins, chemicals or grains.

Zero Mess by World’s Best Advanced Cat Litter

Zero Mess cat litter is made from a blend of plant fibers and whole kernel corn. It’s designed to be super odor absorbent, forming tight clumps to lock in moisture. This cat litter is eco-friendly, biodegradable and flushable! Of course it’s dust free and made without silica dust, for even the most sensitive cats. We like that Zero Mess cat litter makes cleaning your kitty’s box incredibly easy and stress-free. It’s also great for homes with a large kitty family.

Frequently Asked Questions

  • Is a dust free cat litter guaranteed to produce zero dust? – The honest answer is no. Every cat litter brand that labels their cat litter as “dust free” discloses the fact that the litter is 99.9% dust free. This means there is an extremely slim chance that some sort of dust will permeate from your cat using their box, no matter what material the litter is made from. Natural cat litters are most likely to be the best dust free options.
  • Are there any dust free clay cat litters? – Yes! Some brands such as Dr. Elsey’s offer clay-based cat litters that are 99.9% dust free and hypoallergenic. Arm & Hammer also has a few clay cat litter options that are dust free.
  • Are all dust free litters also eco-friendly? – The short answer is no. Just because a cat litter is dust free doesn’t mean it’s safe for the environment. For example, clay litters are generally harmful to the environment but they can be dust free. However, most of the dust free cat litters on our list are also eco-friendly!
  • Is litter dust bad for cats? – Inhaling litter dust is bad for cats if it contains harmful chemicals. Certain chemicals can cause respiratory problems and even affect the gastrointestinal tract, which can then create further health complications.


Dust free cat litters are better for cats, humans and the environment. Using a dust free cat litter will ensure that your cat isn’t inhaling harmful toxins which can cause or worsen health issues. Dust free litters are also best to use if humans in your home suffer from allergies or asthma. There are truly no downsides to using a dust free cat litter, as the benefits far outweigh any potential negatives.

Whatever cat litter you decide to use, keep your kitty’s litter box in a well ventilated area. After scooping and cleaning your cat’s litter box, thoroughly wash your hands to avoid spreading bacteria.

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