7 Best Dog Strollers With Our 2023 Budget-Friendly Pick

In the past, onlookers may have judged the use of a dog stroller, but they are becoming a common tool which are viewed as helpful and extremely beneficial. Using a dog stroller allows pet parents to bring their dogs along on fun adventures, or safely transport them to the veterinarian or pet events. In fact, in this article we share several reasons why you may want to consider buying a dog stroller!

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There are lots of features and factors to consider when purchasing a dog stroller, but we have you covered with this guide. Whatever your reasoning is for using a dog stroller, we have a fantastic list of recommendations for you.

6 Benefits of Using a Dog Stroller

Using a dog stroller is about more than just rolling your dog around for the fun of it. Strollers can be quite beneficial for dogs and their parents.

  1. For small dogs: Dog strollers are excellent for small pups in a variety of situations. Perhaps you’re at a crowded event and you don’t want your dog getting stepped on. Maybe you’re running a 5k but your small pup will get tired. Dog strollers keep your canine pal protected and right by your side under various circumstances.
  2. Have on hand in the event of injury: Accidents happen, and someday you may experience your dog injuring themselves or breaking a bone. Wouldn’t it be helpful to have a dog stroller on hand so your dog can continue being a part of your normal activities?
  3. Senior dogs: Just because you have an elderly dog doesn’t mean they can’t be a part of the fun! Strollers are excellent for senior pups who have slowed down but still want to be included in the action.
  4. Carrying personal items: To be quite frank, dog strollers are super helpful when it comes to carrying your purse or other personal items. While your pup is riding in style, you can also keep all of your essentials contained in one spot. This means more hands-free socializing!
  5. Vet visits: Most dogs are weary of visits to the veterinarian. Using a stroller can act as a place of safety and comfort for these stressful times.
  6. Double as a bed or carrier: Some pet parents prefer to use a dog stroller over a carrier because they are much easier to maneuver. Strollers can also be used as a safe place in your home for your pup to relax. Dog strollers can really be used however you want!

How to Determine Which Style Dog Stroller Will Be Best

Just as there are numerous styles of stroller for human babies, the same can be said for dogs. So how do you determine which style will be best for your needs? Before we look more specifically into components to consider, think about the following:

  • What will you be using the stroller for? Daily strolls, shopping, traveling, events, running?
  • Will you need to store items in your stroller? Think about all of the essentials you’ll need to bring on your adventures.
  • Will a big dog, small dog or multiple dogs be using the stroller?
  • What type of terrain will you be using the stroller on? A smooth surface, or rocks and grass?
  • Does it rain a lot where you live? What sort of weather conditions does your stroller need to stand up against?
Ask yourself all of these questions, then look into the components listed below to further narrow down your preferences.

5 Components to Look for in a Dog Stroller

After determining the circumstances under which you are going to use your dog’s stroller, consider the components below to help you make an educated choice:

  1. Weight capacity: Every dog stroller has a different weight capacity. A stroller may hold as little as 15lbs or as much as 150lbs! Obviously if you have a large dog, or multiple dogs, you will need to buy a stroller with a high weight capacity.
  2. Storage: As we stated above, we suggest thinking about the amount of items you’ll bring along with you when using the dog stroller. If you like to attend pet events where they give away samples, you will want a large undercarriage basket to haul all of your goodies home! A tray or compartment by the stroller’s handle is beneficial for your phone, keys or waste bags.
  3. Wheel type: Believe it or not, wheels on your dog stroller matter. Plastic wheels are great for shopping or walks in the park, but they may not be best for jogging, hiking or other rough terrain. Wheels with shock absorbency should be considered in order to ensure a smooth ride at all times.
  4. Fasteners: Some strollers come with zipper fasteners to close the canopy, while others come equipped with buckles. These feature really comes down to personal preference.
  5. Budget: Dog strollers are available for all budgets. Whether you have $50 or $250 to spend, there is a reliable stroller that will fit your needs.

Speaking of reliable strollers, we have a solid list of recommendations that we know you will love!

Overall Best Dog Stroller

Gen7Pets Monaco Pet Stroller

Key Benefits:

  • Holds dogs up to 60lbs
  • Shock absorbent wheels
  • Removable basket doubles as a tote
  • Canopy zips open and folds out of the way

All Gen7Pets dog strollers are reliable and high-quality, but our top pick is the Monaco version. It’s designed to be the perfect stroller for walks, jogs or even rougher terrain. The shock absorbent wheels ensure that your dog will always be riding smoothly no matter where your journey is taking you. The stroller comes equipped with two adjustable tethers for safety and a soft pad for your pup to lay on. Of course, their comfort and security is priority!

The Gen7Pets Monaco dog stroller also has other features that pet parents will appreciate. The bottom storage basket can hold all of your items and also turn into a tote for convenience. The stroller also has cup holders and a single brake system for additional safety. This dog stroller only weighs 17lbs and it quickly folds down via the handle for easy transport or storage.


  • Gen7Pets makes extremely reliable, safe dog strollers
  • Folds down quickly via the handle
  • Comes equipped with cup holders and a storage basket
  • Wheels won’t go flat, and they are shock absorbent
  • Canopy zips open and folds shut


  • The most expensive stroller on our list

Pet Gear Expedition No-Zip Dog Stroller

Key Benefits:

  • Accommodates dogs up to 150lbs
  • Buckle closure system
  • One-hand folding mechanism
  • Multi-position handle with adjustable height to best suit you

Runner-Up Best Dog Stroller: Whether you have a large dog or several small pups, this Pet Gear Expedition dog stroller will get you all rolling to your next adventure in no time! The interior of this dog stroller is spacious and surrounded by mesh windows for plenty of airflow and a great view. Your dog can load in from the front or back of the stroller, then simply buckle it shut, and you’re ready to go. The two-sided entry is beneficial for elderly dogs or pups who can’t easily turn around.

This Pet Gear dog stroller has a removable inner liner so you can quickly wipe it down. It comes with two tethers for safety, and a parent tray for keeping your coffee and keys easily accessible. The stroller has an adjustable handle to best suit your height and it folds down quickly via a one-handed folding mechanism. We recommend the Pet Fear Expedition dog stroller for large dogs or if you have a couple of small dogs.


  • Can hold large dogs, or dogs up to 150lbs
  • Easy in-and-out entry for senior dogs
  • Adjustable handle to suit your height
  • Folds down with one hand


  • Does not have a storage basket like other strollers

Paws & Pals Folding Dog Stroller

Key Benefits:

  • Super affordable
  • Available in a variety of colors
  • Spacious storage basket
  • Equipped with a waterproof rain hood

Best Budget-Friendly Dog Stroller: Whether you want to take your dog on a stroll through the park or to the store for some shopping, this Paws & Pals dog stroller will keep your dog cozy and safe. This spacious stroller is lightweight and has two points of entry for your pup. It offers plenty of visibility and breathability while keeping your dog contained. There is a safety belt to ensure your pup stays put, and the entire stroller zips shut.

Some features of this stroller include rear brakes, a large undercarriage basket, cup holders and a weather-proof hood. It folds down seamlessly for transporting in your car or storing at your home. The Paws & Pals dog stroller holds pups up to 33lbs. You can purchase this stroller in a variety of colors to best fit your dog’s style.


  • Cost-effective for any budget
  • Available in multiple stylish colors
  • Boasts a storage basket and cup holders
  • Weatherproof hood to protect against rain and sun


  • Plastic wheels may not perform well over rocks or gravel

More Top Dog Strollers

Gen7Pets Promenade Pet Stroller

This dog stroller is a more budget-friendly option from Gen7Pets. It accommodates dogs up to 50lbs, and it offers similar features to the Monaco pet stroller. The Promenade boasts a mesh canopy to keep your dog protected, as well as adjustable safety tethers and a removable pad which can be washed. This stylish dog stroller has pre-threated zippers for no-hassle security. It has cup holders and an accessory compartment that would be great for your cellphone or waste bags. We love that this dog stroller is available in three attractive designs to suit your style.

IRIS Dog Folding Stroller

The IRIS folding dog stroller is highly-rated among fellow dog parents. The three wheel design is similar to other pet strollers, but this one is covered in a stylish denim fabric. It has a cup holder, top storage container and an undercarriage basket for all of your essentials. The canopy is retractable, and the stroller has plenty of visibility for your pup to enjoy your adventures. The stroller collapses so you easily travel with it or put it in storage as necessary. The wheels are plastic, and they may not perform as well as others on rougher terrain. It can also only hold dogs up to 17lbs.

Pet Gear Double No-Zip Pet Stroller

For larger pups, or multiple dogs, the Pet Gear Double stroller is worth considering. It has plenty of space to accommodate up to 90lbs. The air tires are excellent for adventures on rock or gravel, and a weather protector will keep the stroller dry under wet conditions. This large pet stroller has a storage basket for your personal items as well as one cup holder. This Pet Gear stroller does not use zippers. Instead it’s equipped with buckle clips for security. We love that this stroller combines functionality and style to give pet parents with big dogs, or multiple dogs, a quality option.

Gen7Pets Regal Plus Pet Stroller

The Regal Plus is the smallest stroller out of our Gen7Pets recommendations. It holds dogs up to 25lbs but it still has all of the features that other Gen7Pets strollers have. These features include a storage basket, cup holders and accessory compartment. It has safety tethers to keep your dog securely in the stroller as well as wheels with shock absorbers. Of course, this stroller folds flat like the others, and it’s designed with safety and comfort in mind. The Gen7Pets Regal Plus dog stroller in three stylish color patterns.

Frequently Asked Questions

  • Why do people use dog strollers? – Pet parents use dog strollers for a wide variety of reasons. They can be used to easily transport dogs from the home to the veterinarian, or while traveling. Strollers are great for elderly or injured dogs. They also make good mobile beds for dogs. Dog strollers are perfect for outdoor events, so you can keep your dog safe and secure while carrying your personal items. They are also great if you want to run with your dog but they may become tired out. And if you live somewhere hot, strollers act as additional paw protection.
  • Are dog strollers allowed in stores? – Dog strollers are allowed in stores, but your pup being welcomed is a different story. Dogs are only allowed in stores if they have been designated as dog-friendly. Every store has different policies, and it’s important that you know the rules before bringing your dog. Remember to never leave your dog unattended in a hot car. It’s best to leave your dog home if you’re not sure you can bring them to a particular store.
  • What is the best dog stroller? – It’s our opinion, based on personal experience, research and other reviews that Gen7Pets makes the very best dog stroller. However, we believe that all of the dog strollers on our list will be safe and reliable.


Using a dog stroller can relieve a lot of stress from you and your pup. They are helpful tools which can be extremely beneficial. Remember to always secure your dog in the stroller so they are safe, and never leave them unattended.

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