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7 Best Dog Beds With Our 2023 Budget-Friendly Pick

Whether you’ve just adopted a new furry family member or you already have a pup, a high-quality dog bed is a must-have. A dog bed offers so much more than a simple sleeping spot. Your dog needs a bed of their own for their overall comfort and health.

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In this article we’ve compiled a list of the bed dog beds based on our experience, extensive research and reviews from other pet parents. We also offer insight as to why it’s important that your dog have their very own bed. Before you make a purchase, allow us to share our tips and expertise with you so your pup will end up with the best dog bed for them.

What is the Best Dog Bed in 2023?

  1. PetFusion Ultimate Lounge With Solid Memory Foam Dog Bed
  2. K&H Pet Products Ortho Bolster Sleeper Pet Bed
  3. FurHaven Plush & Suede Orthopedic Sofa Dog Bed
  4. Frisco Rectangular Bolster Pet Bed – Most Popular
  5. K&H Pet Products Original Bolster Dog Cot
  6. Big Barker Headrest Edition Pillow Top Orthopedic Dog Bed
  7. Frisco Round Bolster Pet Bed – Most Affordable

5 Benefits of Purchasing a Dog Bed

A dog bed is an essential item that should be on any pet parent’s must-have list, and here’s why:

  1. Perpetuates healthy joints: When your dog sleeps on a quality dog bed, their entire body is being supported. A dog bed that contains memory foam or orthopedic foam generally ensures that pressure points will be eliminated when your dog relaxes. This is especially ideal for senior or arthritic dogs.
  2. Provides a place of safety: A dog bed is similar to a crate, as it provides your pup with their own personal safe place. If your dog gets overwhelmed, anxious or scared, they may escape to their crate. The same can be done with a cozy dog bed. It’s important to have a dedicated space that your pup can call their own.
  3. Aids in recovery from surgery: If your dog has a planned or emergency surgery, they will need a supportive area that they can sleep in. That place also needs to be easy to walk in and out of. A dog bed is perfect for pups who are recovering from any type of surgery.
  4. Everyone sleeps better: Having our dogs in bed with us can be great to some extent, but if you have a large dog who takes up space, your sleep may be disturbed. When your dog sleeps in their own bed, everyone will get exceptional sleep!
  5. Can be used for traveling: If you are taking a road trip or going on an adventure, bring your dog’s bed along. The familiarity will help any stress or anxiety that your pup may experience from traveling.

Why Your Dog Should Have Their Own Bed

We know very well how wonderful it is to have our pups sleep in bed with us at night, but it’s important that they have their own bed as well. Your dog’s personal bed will act as their own territory. It’s a place where your pup can go to relax, chew a bone or get a good night’s sleep. A dog bed doubles as your pup’s sanctuary, where they can feel a sense of security and ownership.

Keeping a dog bed in the main living area of your home can be beneficial. Your pup can lounge among the action in their very own cozy spot, rather than taking space on the furniture and leaving dog hair behind. Since quality dog beds are built with plenty of cushions, it will also provide support for your dog’s entire body. Whether you have a growing puppy or a beautiful senior, a good dog bed will take the pressure off the bones and joints, eliminating pain and reducing the risk of injury.

5 Components to Look for in a Dog Bed

Choosing the dog bed for your canine pal can be as challenging as picking a mattress out for yourself. There are so many options! Considering the following components to break down your choices:

  1. Shape: Dog beds generally come in a circular or rectangular shape. Circular dog beds are perfect for pups who prefer to curl up while they sleep. Rectangular beds are better for dogs who like to sprawl out and stretch. If you plan to use your dog’s bed in their kennel, you will want to consider that when deciding on a shape. Ultimately you’ll want to choose a shape that will best accommodate your dog’s sleeping habits.
  2. Size: It’s important to buy an appropriately sized dog bed for your deserving pup. When purchasing a dog bed online you will be able to refer to a sizing chart or dimensions. Measure your pup while they are sleeping to determine who big of a bed you will need to purchase.
  3. Padding or foam type: Some dog beds are made with foam inserts, while others are stuffed with fluffy polyester fiber of sorts. Believe it or not, there are a few foam options to consider. Memory foam is one large piece of foam that will offer your dog comfort and support. Orthopedic foam is generally egg crate foam, which will conform better to your dog’s body. It also tends to be more breathable for dogs who get hot easily. The type of padding or foam you choose depends on your dog’s preferences and any health concerns that need to be accounted for.
  4. Durable materials: Some dogs like to sleep in their beds. Other dogs prefer to chew on them. Whichever category your pup falls into will be a determining factor when choosing the best dog bed. There are beds made out of durable, chew-proof material that will be difficult to rip or tear into. Other softer materials may shred easily. If you have a power chewer on your hands, you’ll absolutely want a durable dog bed, and sometimes that means spending a bit more money for quality. Several dog beds also come with a water-resistant underside which helps clean up accidents or messes.
  5. Style: There are a plethora of different style dog beds. Elevated, heated, mattress, bolstered – the possibilities are endless. Elevated cot-style dog beds are great for outdoor use, and pups who like to chew. Mattress-style beds are perfect for dogs who prefer to sleep sprawled out, or in their kennel. Bolstered dog beds are wonderful for pups who like to rest their neck and head while sleeping, or create a nest-like area.

Overall Best Dog Bed

PetFusion Ultimate Lounge With Solid Memory Foam Dog Bed

best dog bed

Key Benefits:

  • Available in four sizes, up to jumbo for giant dogs
  • Modern, stylish design
  • Orthopedic for premium joint support
  • Washable cover

This sleek, comfy dog bed takes the top spot on our list because it’s suitable for any size dog of any age. The orthopedic memory foam makes this PetFusion lounge great for elderly dogs who could use extra joint support. It even comes in a jumbo size to accommodate giant breed dogs, and pups who enjoy sprawling out during nap time. The small size has two inches of memory foam, the large and extra-large have four inches, and the jumbo bed has six inches for maximum comfort.

We like that this bed is equipped with supportive bolsters. Your pup will feel secure in their bed while being able to rest their neck and head as they see fit. The padded walls are filled with polyfill, so they will be extra cozy. The cover on this premium dog bed is removable and washable. It’s also tear-resistant for pups who like turning their bed into a chew toy. And for dogs who are prone to messes and accidents, the cover is also water-resistant. Ultimately, you cannot go wrong with this dog bed from PetFusion. It’s high-quality, comfortable and supportive for any dog.


  • Available in two colors and four sizes
  • Attractive design
  • Built with orthopedic memory foam
  • Removable, washable cover
  • Cover is tear and water-resistant


  • This dog bed is costly, but endless reviews from other pet parents would indicate that it’s worth the price!

K&H Pet Products Ortho Bolster Sleeper Pet Bed

Key Benefits:

  • Made with a washable, soft velvet cover
  • Bolsters are filled with polyfill made from recycled plastic bottles
  • Three-inch memory foam base
  • Luxurious look and feel

Runner-Up Best Dog Bed – K&H Pet Products makes some incredibly comfortable beds. We chose the Ortho Bolster Sleeper Pet Bed as our runner-up best dog bed. This luxurious bed is covered in upholstery-grade velvet and the sleeping surface is made from premium micro-fleece. Not only will your dog be sleeping on a soft, orthopedic surface, but they can also take advantage of the padded walls for additional head and neck support. The bolsters are filled with recycled polyfil, making this bed a great eco-friendly choice.

No matter what size bed you order, it will come with three inches of medical-grade memory foam. The design is easy for senior dogs to step in and out of, and it will offer your pup their own safe place to relax. This K&H Pet Products dog bed does come with a washable cover to make your pet parent life that much easier. You can buy this bed for your deserving pup in four sizes and two neutral colors.


  • Accommodates all size dogs
  • Premium, soft material
  • Washable cover
  • Memory foam base for superior comfort and support
  • Bolster walls provide security and luxury


  • Not the best dog bed for heavy chewers

FurHaven Plush & Suede Orthopedic Sofa Dog Bed

Key Benefits:

  • Four warm colors available to suit your home décor
  • Contains egg crate foam for maximum airflow and comfort
  • Three bolster sides for support
  • Poly-canvas underside of the bed is water-resistant

Budget-Friendly Best Dog Bed – Like the other dog beds on our list, this one from FurHaven is suitable for dogs of all sizes – it just comes at a lesser cost! The bed may be budget-friendly, but that doesn’t mean your pup will be missing out on comfort or support. The FurHaven sofa dog bed is built with three bolstered sides, so even elderly pets can walk on and off the bed easily. The padded walls provide security and an element of coziness to your dog’s nap time.

We like that this dog bed contains egg crate foam, which will conform to your dog’s body to provide relief from aching joints. The foam also eliminates pressure points while your dog sleeps. Egg crate foam allows for better airflow and breathability in the case that your pup runs hot. This orthopedic sofa bed comes equipped with a removable cover that can be regularly washed. The underside of the cover is water-resistant in the case of accidents, but it won’t be resistant to aggressive chewers.


  • Cost-effective for any budget
  • Available in multiple colors and sizes
  • Underside of the bed is water-resistant
  • Contains egg crate foam for joint support and breathability
  • Machine washable cover


  • May not stand up to a dog who likes to consistently dig at their bed or chew on it

More Top Rated Best Dog Beds

Frisco Rectangular Bolster Pet Bed

If you’re looking for an inexpensive yet highly rated dog bed, this one from Frisco is an excellent solution. It’s an ultra-plush bed stuffed with polyester fiber. Cushioned sides create a feeling of safety and allow your dog to nest if they choose. The outer fabric of this Frisco dog bed is soft suede, which is available in two warm, solid colors. When the bed gets dirty, simply throw the entire unit into the washing machine!

K&H Pet Products Original Bolster Dog Cot

For dogs who tend to chew up their beds, a cost style option may be your best bet. Cot dog beds tend to be chew-proof, and they are excellent for airflow and outdoor use. We like this cot bed because it has bolstered sides so comfort and support aren’t compromised. The mesh center allows for breathability whether your pup is relaxing indoors or outside in the sun. The budget-friendly K&H Pet Product dog cot is easy to assemble and disassemble for travel or storage.

Big Barker Headrest Edition Pillow Top Orthopedic Dog Bed

This dog bed from Big Barker is specifically designed for large, senior and arthritic dogs. It is handcrafted with orthopedic memory foam to help alleviate joint pain. Over time, the memory foam will retain 90% of its shape, rather than flattening with extended use. It’s calibrated for even the largest of dogs who may be battling arthritis or recovering from an operation. The cover is made from 100% super-soft microfiber, and it is machine washable. This durable bed is handcrafted in the USA.

Frisco Round Bolster Pet Bed

For dogs who prefer to curl up during bedtime, we suggest giving this round bolster bed from Frisco a try. It’s a budget-friendly dog bed that will keep your pup cozy and warm during their daily naps. The bed is plush and soft, and it’s surrounded by bolstered cushioning for those dogs who like to nest or sleep with a head and neck support. This dog bed comes in three sizes and two neutral colors. It’s entirely machine washable for regular maintenance or in the case of an accident.

Frequently Asked Questions

  • What material is best for dog beds? – There is not one specific dog bed material that’s going to be “better” than all the others. The material that you choose should be based on a variety of factors. Do you want it to be machine washable? Is your dog a chewer or digger? Would your dog benefit from a warmer material or one that will keep your dog cool? Every material has its pros and cons, and you’ll want to pick one based on your specific needs.
  • What is the best dog bed for older dogs? – For older dogs, we recommend a dog bed with memory foam or orthopedic foam. Orthopedic foam is a superior choice for arthritic dogs because it conforms to your dog’s body and relieves pressure points. You also want a bed that will be easy for your dog to walk in and out of. Each of the top three dog beds on our list would be exceptional for senior pups.
  • Are elevated dog beds better? – Elevated or cot-style dog beds are great for dogs who run hot and need more airflow and breathability. They are also better for moderate to heavy chewers. Since elevated dog beds can typically be wiped down easily for cleaning, they are also the best choice for outdoor use.


If you have a dog, they need a bed – and a cozy one, at that! We’re confident that all of our fantastic dog bed recommendations will give your pup a safe haven where they can get the most comfortable sleep possible.

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