6 Best Large Dog Crates (Kennels) 2024: Our 48 To 72 Inch Dog Crate Picks

Best Soft Crate

Frisco Indoor & Outdoor Soft

  • Budget-friendly crate
  • Easy fold and lightweight

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Best Overall

Frisco XX-Large Dog Crate

  • Two large doors
  • Adjustable handles
  • Affordable

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Runner Up

MidWest Solutions Series XX-Large

  • Strong and sturdy
  • Includes a divider panel

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Crate training your dog is incredibly important. Your dog’s crate should be a safe place where your pup can relax. Ultimately you want to teach your pup that their kennel is a positive place!

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Whether you’ve just adopted a puppy or you’re training a newly adopted dog, you’ll need to start by purchasing the best kennel for them.

When choosing a large dog crate, you’ll want to consider a variety of factors. When will the crate be used and where? Will it always stay at home? Will you travel with the crate or need to store it? Let’s start by discussing the three best types of dog crates for large dogs, then we’ll delve into our top 7 crate recommendations.

3 Main Types of Large Dog Crates

There are three main types of crates that will work best for large dogs. Below we list the pros and cons of each type.

Wire Dog Crates


  • Easy to assemble and collapse
  • Fold flat for convenient storage, whether in a home or while traveling
  • Decorative crate covers are available
  • Removable plastic bottom liner for easy cleaning
  • Affordable, and come in a variety of sizes


  • Not the best choice for pups who prefer a dark, enclosed space for their quiet time
  • Some wire crates will weaken against a strong dog who is determined to escape

Plastic Dog Crates


  • Offers a safe, enclosed place for your dog to relax
  • They come in a multitude of sizes
  • Lack of visibility creates a sense of security when traveling or during vet visits


  • The plastic may absorb odors if not cleaned immediately
  • More difficult to store due to their bulky size

Mesh or Portable Dog Crates


  • Excellent for sitting on the sidelines at dog sporting events
  • Easy to collapse for traveling and storage
  • Generally comfortable and offer a sense of security
  • Good option for outdoor activities like camping


  • More difficult to clean
  • If your dog has separation anxiety, they may chew or scratch through the fabric

How to Measure Your Dog for a Crate

When kennel training your dog, it’s important that you have the best size crate for your dog. You don’t want it to be too big whereas your pup can eliminate on one end of the kennel and sleep on the other. Although you do want to be sure that the crate is big enough for your dog to sit, turn around and lay down comfortably. The crate should be a few inches taller than your pet and a few inches longer to ensure your dog will always be cozy in their safe space.

Large dogs typically require a crate that is anywhere from 36” to 42” long. If you just adopted a puppy, you will want to consider how big they will become. You don’t want your crate to be too large for your puppy, but some of the options on are list are expandable to account for your growing puppy. To best determine which size will be best for your dog, measure them from the top of their head to the floor, then the base of his nose to the tip of his tail. This will give you a precise measurement so you can choose the best crate for your dog.

5 Components to Look for in a Dog Crate

Still undecided about which crate will be best for your large breed dog? Take a look at the components below to narrow down your decision:

  1. Material: As we discussed above, large dog crates are typically available in wire, plastic or mesh. The material you choose based on your situation and your dog’s preferences.
  2. Storage and travel: If you plan to use your dog’s crate in the car or you store it frequently, you’ll want to buy a wire or mesh crate that can fold down flat and easily be carried. Portable dog crates are super handy!
  3. Security: Wire and plastic crates generally come equipped with secure latching mechanisms for dogs who tend to escape. If your dog is an escape artist, you’ll want a crate that locks securely. While mesh kennels are good for dogs who like to thrust themselves at the side of the crate, zipper doors and windows can easily be chewed through.
  4. Furniture style: There are some snazzy dog crates that double as an end table or piece of furniture. While these crates are lovely, they also come with a hefty price tag.
  5. Ease of cleaning: Wire dog crates are probably the easiest to clean, followed by a plastic crate which can be hosed down and disinfected. Mesh crates can be more vulnerable to stains, but some portable crate covers are machine washable.

Overall Best Large Dog Crate

Frisco XX-Large Heavy Duty Dog Crate

Key Benefits:

  • Two large doors for convenient placement in your home
  • Adjustable handles for easy carrying
  • Divider panel to use as your puppy grows
  • Plastic base pan for comfort and simple cleaning

This large dog crate from Frisco is easy to assemble, move and carry. The construction is strong and durable to ensure that your dog will be safe at all times. The two doors each have double latches to keep your pup secure in the crate. The bottom pan sits in place for your dog’s comfort, then it can easily be removed for cleaning.

If you have a puppy who is growing, this Frisco large dog crate comes with a divider panel so you can increase the size of the kennel as they become bigger. We like that this Frisco large dog crate is appropriate for various situations, including traveling, riding in the car or camping. Wherever your canine companion is headed with you, this kennel will be a good choice. Ease of assembly, the double doors and simply carry design make this crate our top pick.


  • Several sizes available for growing dogs
  • Two secure latches on each of the doors
  • Divider panel expands the kennel when your pup is growing
  • Easy to assemble, carry and pack
  • Versatile design


  • These aren’t the most attractive crates, but you can purchase separate crate covers.

Elite Field 3-Door Folding Soft-Sided Dog Crate

Key Benefits:

  • Available in a variety of colors
  • Cover and mat are machine washable
  • Comes with a carrying case
  • Three mesh doors so your dog can enter and exist however is comfortable

Runner-Up Best Large Dog Crate – This large dog crate is an excellent soft-sided option. The design is attractive and functional. There are three zippered doors which safely lock and allow your pup to enter the crate from any direction. The mesh doors allow air and sunlight to enter the crate, while offering good visibility. If you’re concerned about keeping the crate clean, you can easily remove it for convenient machine washing.

This crate from Elite Field is lightweight, easy to assemble and effortless to carry via a carrying case. The crate is available in a variety of sizes and colors so you can choose what works best for you and your pup. The outlining of this 3-door dog crate is made from steel tubing so it will be sturdy for your enthusiastic pooch. The cover is a blend of polyester and hex mesh fabric, and there is also a comfortable fleece bed included in your purchase.


  • Attractive and portable design
  • Available in a variety of sizes and colors
  • Cover and fleece bed can be cleaned in the washing machine
  • Three mesh doors for convenient placement of the crate


  • If you have a dog who chews when they are anxious and separated from you, this crate may not be the best choice.

Firstrax Petnation Port-A-Crate E Series Indoor & Outdoor Pet Home

Key Benefits:

  • Cost-effective
  • Folds flat for storage and carrying
  • Water resistant base
  • Steel frame with reinforced zipper doors

Best Budget-Friendly Large Dog Crate – This portable dog crate sets up easily and takes only seconds to disassemble for your next adventure. Not only is this large dog crate affordable but it’s great for your home, travel or using at dog sport events. Front and side entry doors make it easy for your dog to come and go from the crate as they please. The placement of the doors also allows you to place the kennel where you see fit.

We like that this crate is lightweight and durable. While the frame is made of steel, ventilated mesh panels and a water resistant base make it an overall great value. The design is adorable, with a bone shaped window, and the corners are rounded for a contemporary look. The rounded corners are also beneficial when using this crate in your vehicle. This large crate from Firstrax is extremely versatile and budget-friendly.


  • Excellent for traveling
  • Attractive and innovative design
  • Folds flat for storage and travel


  • Some dog parents had issues with their dogs clawing at the front mesh door and ripping it.

More Top Large Dog Crate Picks

Merry Products Wooden Decorative Dog Crate

If you’re looking for a more decorative dog crate for your home we like this wooden option from Merry Products. Don’t be fooled by the snazzy design of this crate – it will accommodate dogs up to 100lbs! It is a fully functional wire dog crate that can double as an accent piece or side table. The wood panels even detach so you can carry the crate anywhere! This decorative large dog crate is aesthetically pleasing and portable like other crates, but that is reflected in the price tag. However, this is our favorite budget-friendly furniture kennel.

Petmate Vari Dog Kennel

Some dogs prefer dark places to help them feel safe and secure. This large dog crate from Petmate will act as a cozy place for your pup to rest and sleep. It doesn’t offer as much light as wire crates, but some dogs thrive in this sort of containment. The sides and back are ventilated and the front door securely latches shut. This kennel is easy to clean, and it meets USDA requirements for traveling with your puppy pal.

MidWest Solutions Series XX-Large

This large dog crate is similar to our top pick, but this one only has one door. It is available in up to 54” for giant breed dogs. The metal structure will hold up against large dogs who may attempt to escape the kennel. The crate folds down in seconds for convenient storage and it boasts a handle for easy carrying. The MidWest iCrate has a safe bolt latch on the door, and it comes equipped with a removable plastic floor pan which is easy to clean.

Frisco Indoor & Outdoor Soft Dog Crate

Another budget-friendly large dog crate is this soft-sided one from Frisco. If you’re frequently on the go with your pooch or you’re outside a lot for dog sports, this crate from Frisco is an excellent affordable option. The easy fold and lightweight design makes this crate perfect for traveling, camping or keeping inside your home. It has three zipper doors, a sturdy frame and rounded corners to protect your vehicle and home.

Frequently Asked Questions

  • How much does a large dog crate cost? – Large dog crates typically run from about $40-$200. Cost varies based on size, style and material. Luckily there is a quality option for every budget!
  • How do I know what size crate to get my dog? – You will want to start by measuring your dog. Measure them from the top of their head to their paws, then from the tip of their nose to the tip of their tail. You want to make sure your dog can stand, sit and lay down comfortable in their crate at all times. With that in mind, choose a crate that can accommodate your dog’s measurements.
  • What size dog fits in a 48” crate? – Large dogs weighing anywhere from 70-90lbs will most likely be comfortable in a 48” dog crate. Examples of breeds that may be appropriate for this range include Golden Retrievers, Dalmatians or Border Collies.


When choosing a dog crate for your large dog, start by deciding which material will be best for your pup – wire, plastic or mesh. Then you can measure your pup and choose a crate based on their size and your needs. Crate types don’t differ much other than their main design and construction. No matter what type of budget you’re on, you can find a large dog crate that will be excellent for your situation. Remember to keep your proof of purchase in case you need to return the crate for a different size or style.

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