7 Best Dog Nail Grinders With Our 2024 Budget-Friendly Pick

Trimming your dog’s nails with traditional clippers can be slightly terrifying. If you’ve had a bad experience with accidentally cutting your dog’s quick, we know that you are both nervous for the next session. Luckily there is a viable alternative to using regular nail cutters. Instead, you can trim your dog’s nails with a grinder.

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A dog nail grinder is worth trying if you and your dog aren’t fans of standard clippers. Although grinders are noisier and give off vibration, many pet parents prefer them to nail clippers. In this article we discuss why that is, and how using a grinder can benefit your dog. We also have 7 phenomenal dog nail grinder recommendations that we believe you’ll love.

5 Benefits of Using a Dog Nail Grinder

Nail clippers can be scary for dogs and their parents. A nail grinder is a great alternative, and below we list some other fantastic benefits.

  1. Helps reduce anxiety of the pet parent: Trimming your dog’s nails with traditional clippers can be a stressful task, because most dog parents are worried about accidentally cutting their dog’s quick. Cutting the quick can be painful, and cause more fear for your dog. The last thing we want to do is hurt our pups! Using a nail grinder instead of a clipper allows you to trim at your pace, and the likelihood of cutting your dog’s quick is significantly less.
  2. Also helps reduce fear in dogs: Like we stated in our first point, if you accidentally cut your dog’s quick once or twice, your pup can be traumatized. A nail grinder can help reduce that fear. And if you’re calmer, your dog will be also.
  3. Better for unsteady hands: Dog parents need to hold their hands entirely still when using standard clippers to cut their pup’s nails. A nail grinder is easier to use since you don’t need to make a precise cut in the nail.
  4. Reduces splintering: Clipping a dogs nails can cause splintering of the nail. The pressure of the clippers can cause your dog’s nails to crack and splinter. Using a grinder takes away the risk of pinching your dog’s quick and fracturing the nails.
  5. Produces smoother nails: A nail grinder is essentially filing your pup’s nails, so you will get smoother edges. After clipping nails, you may still need to use a nail grinder or file to smooth them out. A nail grinder is excellent because it trims and smooths nails!

What is a Dog Nail Grinder?

A dog nail grinder is a tool used for trimming a pup’s nails. It’s an alternative solution to using traditional nail clippers. Grinders are commonly referred to as “dremels,” although Dremel is indeed the brand name of a popular, high quality dog nail grinder. Sometimes groomers will ask if you want your dog’s nails trimmed with clippers or a dremel.

Instead of cutting the nails like clippers will, a nail grinder will shave down the nail via a high velocity grinding stone. Most dog nail grinders have a sandpaper-like covering for the grinder wheel, and they are generally easy to replace. If you’ve ever gotten your nails professionally done, technicians use a similar tool on humans. However, we strongly suggest only using a nail grinder specifically made for dogs when choosing to use one for your dog’s grooming needs.

5 Components to Look for in a Dog Nail Grinder

When picking out an appropriate nail grinder to trim your dog’s nails, you will want to first and foremost choose what’s going to be most comfortable and effective. Take a look at the components below to see what all of your options are:

  1. Grinding speed: A faster grinding dremel will trim a dog’s nails more quickly, but it may come along with more dust, noise or vibration. If you’re not sure what type of speed you need in a nail grinder for your dog, consider purchasing one that comes equipped with multiple speed settings.
  2. Wired or wireless: Dog nail grinders come corded or wireless. Then if you choose wireless, you need to decide if you want a rechargeable grinder or one that uses batteries. There’s also a great nail grinder on our list that is charged via USB. You never have to worry about charging a corded nail grinder, but the cord may get in the way when trimming your dog’s nails, especially if they are squirming.
  3. Protective grinding stone guard: Several of the dog nail grinders on our list come equipped with a plastic guard around the sanding drum. The cover keeps dust from flying up at your face and it also keeps objects from getting stuck in the high velocity grinder. The same cap guard can also help keep your dog’s nail in place for easier, non-slip trimming.
  4. Noise: A good dog nail grinder will inevitably make noise. We understand your dog may become fearful at the sound of the grinder, but there are options available which are specifically designed to be quieter.
  5. Other helpful features: Some dog nail dremels come with other built-in features like an LED light or multiple grinder sizes. If you have multiple size dogs, it may be useful to get a nail grinder which can accommodate different size sanding drums.

Overall Best Dog Nail Grinder

Dremel 7300-PT Dog Nail Grinder Kit

Key Benefits:

  • Rechargeable
  • Compatible with a variety of sanding drums
  • 2 speeds for your preferred velocity
  • Known to be the best pet nail grinder on the market

Dog nail grinders are often referred to as “dremels” because of this branded product. The Dremel nail grinder is said to be the most trusted one on the market. Needless to say, the Dremel 7300-PT is our top nail grinder pick. The rechargeable nail grinder is wireless so you don’t have to mess with cords, and you can trim your dog’s nails in the most comfortable position. Simply place the grinder on the charger when your nail trim session is complete. No more dealing with batteries!

The Dremel 7300-PT kit comes with everything you need to get started on your new nail trimming routine. The 60 grit sanding drum allows you to flawlessly trim your dog’s nails quickly. There are also two speeds so you can choose which ever is most comfortable and effective for you and your pup. If you have different sanding drums that you prefer using, they will most likely be compatible with this nail grinder.


  • Trusted product among pet groomers
  • 2 speeds allow you to grind the nails at your preferred pace
  • Rechargeable so you don’t have to worry about replacing batteries
  • Compatible with different types of sanding drums
  • Appropriate for use on dogs and cats


  • This is the most expensive nail grinder, but the cost appropriately reflects the quality.

Wahl Ultimate Corded Pet Nail Grinder

Key Benefits:

  • Comes with large and small sanding drums and wheels
  • Quiet and lightweight
  • Kit comes in a storage case
  • Variable grinding speeds

Runner-Up Best Quiet Dog Nail Grinder – This professional-grade wired nail grinder will make trimming your dog’s nails effortless. This grinder is particularly lightweight, helping reduce fatigue when trimming your pup’s nails. It also has finger grips to ensure maximum comfort and grip. Furthermore, other pet parents have stated that this nail grinder is quieter than others, which will be a great benefit for your anxious dog.

The Wahl nail grinder works via a 5 foot cord. The kit comes with two size grinding wheels which have corresponding sanding drums. It also comes in a durable carrying case, so you can take the kit with you on travels. Variable speeds of this Wahl dog nail grinder allows you to routinely trim up your pup’s nails with whichever velocity you prefer. We like that this nail grinder can be used to trim up the claws of dogs, cats, birds and other small animals.


  • Accommodates two sizes of sanding drums
  • Quieter than traditional nail grinders
  • Comes in a case for easy storage
  • Multiple grinding speeds


  • This grinder is corded, which can potentially be a nuisance.

FURminator Nail Grinder for Dogs

Key Benefits:

  • Wireless
  • Grinds at two speeds
  • Equipped with an LED light to help visibility
  • FURminator is a trusted pet grooming brand

Best Budget-Friendly Dog Nail Grinder – The FURminator dog nail grinder is a great, affordable option. It is wireless for easy maneuverability, and comes with AA batteries. (You may want to stock up on batteries if you choose this nail grinder). This nail grinder works at two speeds, and it comes with a super handy LED light equipped for increased visibility. The light also helps you see where your dog’s quick is so you don’t trim to closely.

We like that the FURminator nail grinder comes with a guard so hair, clothing or other items don’t get stuck in the grinder. The guard also prevents you and your dog from constantly inhaling dust. It’s appropriate for cats and dogs, allowing you to comfortability trim all of your pet’s nails. Sanding drums for the FURminator dog nail grinder are cost-effective and easy to replace.


  • Affordable for any pet parent’s budget
  • Cordless
  • LED light for increased visibility
  • Has a grinder guard for additional safety


  • Other pet parents have shared that the lower setting on this grinder is best for cats, as it’s not powerful enough to grind a dog’s tough nails.
  • It can be inconvenient when you need to replace the batteries.

More Top Dog Nail Grinders

ConairPRO Professional Dog Nail Grinder

This electric nail grinder is powerful and reliable. The lightweight grinder is corded, and has a quiet motor for those extra skittish pups. It comes equipped with a nail grinder guard to keep dust contained. This ConairPRO dog nail grinder is compact so you can conveniently store it or pack it up for travel. The stone and sander attachments on this nail grinder are interchangeable. Unfortunately this nail grinder only has one speed and it’s safest for use on dogs only.

Wahl Premium Pet Nail Filer

The Wahl Premium dog nail grinder is battery operated, and it works best on cats and small or medium size dogs. Two speeds are available up to 10,000 RPM to best suit your needs. The sanding drum is small and the kit comes with six additional drum replacements. There’s a storage case included in this dog nail grinding kit so you can keep track of your sanding drums and batteries. It will also keep the grinder secure when not in use.

Hertzko Electronic Dog Nail Grinder With USB Charger

For pet parents who like the convenience of modern technology, this portable dog nail grinder is rechargeable via a USB port. This nail grinder has an innovative grinding stone cover which opens in three different sizes to best accommodate any size dog. For large dogs, simply remove the cover. This Hertzko nail grinder is designed to be quiet in order to ease stress of your dog. We like that this grinder has a guard that opens to fit your dog’s nail size, and it also charges via USB, giving an entirely different portability option for those who need it.

Andis 2-Speed Pet Nail Grinder

This nail grinder from Andis is lightweight and powerful enough to trim even the toughest nails of large breed dogs. It’s capable of grinding at two speeds – 7,000 or 12,000 RPM. This dog nail grinder comes in an ergonomic shape to fit nicely in your hand while preventing wrist fatigue. This nail trimming tool doesn’t have a grinding guard, but the two speed options will allow you to go at a pace that is comfortable for you. The Andis 2-Speed dog nail grinder comes in a convenient carrying case with additional sanding drums and wheels.

Frequently Asked Questions

  • Are nail grinders safe for dogs? – Yes! Grinders are great for trimming up a dog’s nails. They reduce the risk of cutting the quick, which is especially helpful for dogs with dark nails. The friction of a grinder can cause a burning sensation, so don’t hold the grinder on your dog’s nail for more than 2 seconds or so.
  • Do nail grinders for dogs work? – While using a grinder may not be as quick as using standard clippers, they are entirely effective in nicely trimming up your dog’s nails. They will create smooth edges, and allow you to more precisely control how short you trim the nails.
  • How often should you grind your dog’s nails? – It’s important to keep a regular nail trimming routine as to avoid the nails getting too long and causing discomfort. Every dog’s nails grow at a different pace. If your pup’s paws are clicking on the floor, it’s time to consider a nail trim. A good rule of thumb is to grind your dog’s nails at least once a month, but trims may need to be more frequent if your dog’s nails grow quickly.


Trimming your dog’s nails doesn’t have to be painful and torturous. Using a nail grinder can make the stressful experience much easier and efficient. We are confident that on

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