6 Best Cat Litter for Multiple Cats With Our 2024 Budget-Friendly Pick

Cats are like potato chips – you can’t have just one! While a home with multiple cats is most likely a fun, entertaining one, it can also be messy and smelly. Thankfully there are a plethora of cat litters available that work well to combat messes and odors created by multiple cats.

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If you are the parent to multiple cats, you will understand the need for a cat litter that can handle the chaos which happens around the litter boxes. To keep your cats healthy, your home smelling fresh and cleanup time stress-free, we suggest purchasing a cat litter that is specifically designed for multi-cat use. In this article we provide information on what components make a good litter for multiple cats, and we share our top multi-cat litter recommendations.

4 Benefits of Using a Multi-Cat Litter

There’s never a dull moment when you have multiple cats romping around. While kitties are full of personality, the litter boxes will also stay full when you have more than one cat. Using a multi-cat litter will help keep the situation under control. Here are some benefits to using a litter designed for multiple cats.

  1. Odor control: Multi-cat litters are formulated to handle constant, intense smells. When you have multiple cats, odor control is absolutely imperative. Because of this, you will see a majority of multi-cat litters focused on odor control. Many cat litter brands have their own unique odor blocking technology.
  2. Clumping action: Some of the best cat litter to use in a multi-cat home will have quick, effective clumping action. Since you have to clean litter boxes more frequently with more than one cat, a clumping litter helps save time and makes cleanup easier. Non-clumping multi-cat litters are available, though, if that is your preference.
  3. Convenience: When your hands are full with a frenzy of felines, you want a litter that will make your cat parent life a bit easier. Using a multi-cat litter is convenient because it will most likely suit the needs of all your cats, while being easy to clean and maintain.
  4. Good for mechanical litter boxes: Multi-cat households often take advantage of mechanical litter box technology. Many of the best multi-cat litters will be appropriately created for mechanical and sifting litter boxes.

It’s time to explore what exactly makes a litter good for multiple cats.

What exactly is a multi-cat litter?

Cat litter formulated for use by multiple cats is generally strong than standard litter. Quality multi-cat litters are built with the toughest odor control properties. Litter for multiple cats is typically clumping, because it can be quickly scooped and disposed of every day.

While you can absolutely use traditional litter for your feline family, multi-cat litter is designed to be stronger in terms of odor control and clumping. Sometimes the litter may have additional benefits like baking soda for odor neutralization, or a scent for continual freshness. Basically, multi-cat litters are made with the idea that you have more than one cat using a litter box, and that requires special care.

There’s no rule stating that you need to use a multi-cat litter if you have several kitties. There’s also no reason why you can’t use a multi-cat litter if you have one cat! Multi-cat litter is simply designed to be stronger for odor and clumping. Below we discuss the specific components to look for when making a decision on which multi-cat litter to buy.

6 Components to Look for in a Multi-Cat Litter

We know how important it is that you choose a litter that all of your kitties will like! When making your final decision, consider the following components:

  1. Low tracking: Litter tracking throughout the home is definitely an issue when you have multiple cats. Some multi-cat litters are created with low tracking properties. Low tracking litter may be comprised of larger grains or pellets.
  2. Eco-friendly: If saving the planet is on your priority list, you’ll want to choose an environmentally-friendly cat litter. These litters are made from natural materials and are biodegradable.
  3. Clumping: A majority of multi-cat litters will be formulated for clumping, but non-clumping options are available, and can be rather beneficial for moisture absorption. Clumping litter can be preferred for parents of multiple cats because it’s easier to scoop and maintain.
  4. Scented: If you want an added hint of freshness to your cat’s litter box space, consider purchasing a scented multi-cat litter. However, if any of your cats suffer from asthma or allergies, you’ll want to avoid a scented litter.
  5. Low dust: Dusty cat litters are never healthy for a cat. A good multi-cat litter will be low dust or 99.9% dust-free. This is especially important if any of your cats have allergies or asthma.
  6. Weight: It’s absolutely no fun when you struggle to carry bulky cat litter into your home. Lightweight cat litter options are available for multiple cats, and they can weigh up to 50% less than standard weight litters!

It’s time to take a look at the litters we suggest for multi-cat homes.

Best Litter for Multiple Cats

Dr. Elsey’s Precious Cat Attract Cat Litter

Key Benefits:

  • Herbal scent
  • 99% dust free
  • Hard clumping
  • Veterinarian formulated

Overall Best Multi Cat Litter Dr. Elsey’s Precious Cat Attract Cat Litter is our top pick for multi-cat households because it’s formulated by a veterinarian for premium absorption and odor control. Since it’s a clumping litter, your kitty’s box will be easy to clean and maintain on a daily basis. It is also dust free, so if there’s a sensitive cat in your crew, you don’t need to worry about their allergies or asthma.

Dr. Elsey’s cat litter is specifically created to help attract kittens and cats to the litter box. This litter is formulated with a blend of natural herbs which can help a kitten who is litter box training, or an adult who has strayed away from the box. The granule size and texture will help to solve litter box problems, and it means a gentle feeling on your cat’s paws.


  • Contains an herbal attractant
  • Great for mechanical litter boxes
  • Dust free
  • Perfect for litter box training
  • Maximum odor control


  • Not eco-friendly

World’s Best Cat Litter Scoopable Multiple Cat Clumping Formula

Key Benefits:

  • Environmentally-friendly
  • Made from compressed corn
  • Great for cats with allergies
  • Forms tight clumps for less wasted litter

Runner-Up Best Multi Cat Litter: World’s Best cat litters are a great eco-friendly choice. We particularly like this formula for multi-cat households. The litter is made from compressed corn which will absorb liquid on contact, creating tight clumps to trap odors. The corn formula is silica free and fantastic for kitties with allergy sensitivities and respiratory problems.

This World’s Best cat litter is biodegradable and flushable via septic or sewer system! Ease of disposal is a nice benefit, especially when you have several feline friends to clean up after. We recommend this cat litter because it naturally neutralizes even the toughest odors, a must-have for parents of multiple cats. We appreciate that World’s Best cat litters are pet and planet friendly! You can use this litter in sifting or mechanical litter boxes.


  • Flushable
  • Corn formula is super absorbent
  • Good for allergy sensitive households
  • Tight clumps naturally control odor
  • Less litter wasted via the hard clumping action


  • Not recommended for cats with long hair

Frisco Unscented Odor Defense Clumping Cat Litter

Key Benefits:

  • Fights odor-causing ammonia with patented technology
  • Fast-forming clumps for easy cleanup
  • No fragrances, dyes or perfumes
  • Tiny granules are gentle on paws

Best Budget-Friendly Litter for Multiple Cats: Odor defense is most likely a priority if you have multiple cats. This Frisco litter is our favorite budget-friendly option for multi-cat homes. It works around the clock to control odors without any added chemicals or fragrances. This litter is unscented, so your sensitive kitties will love it! Plus, the low dust formula will help keep your cats healthy and the box area clean.

This Frisco cat litter has quick clumping action so moisture and odor are absorbed immediately. This will help keep any unwanted odors from lingering outside the litter box. Cat parents can use this litter in a mechanical box, and it’s extremely easy to scoop on a daily basis. Less litter is used per clump, helping you save money – a definite perk if you have multiple cats!


  • Cost effective
  • Quick clumping
  • Naturally neutralizes odors
  • No added chemicals or dyes
  • Great for mechanical litter boxes


  • Not eco-friendly

3 More Best Kitty Litters for Multiple Cats

Fresh Step Multi-Cat Scoopable Clumping Cat Litter

Fresh Step and Febreze come together to create a powerful, odor fighting cat litter for multi-cat households. The ClumpLock technology destroy odors on contact while forming tight, scoopable clumps. The Febreze helps eliminate any lingering odors rather than simply masking them, so your cat’s litter box will always be smelling fresh. This cost effective litter is great for homes with multiple cats because of its premium odor fighting elements.

Naturally Fresh Walnut-Based Multi-Cat Quick-Clumping Cat Litter

Looking for an eco-friendly, natural litter for your felines? We like this walnut-based litter from Naturally Fresh. The blend of fibrous materials in walnut shells neutralize odors effectively, sometimes better than other pine, clay or wheat litters. This walnut-based litter is dust free and low tracking. It’s also super soft for the most delicate paws. We like that Naturally Fresh cat litters are completely biodegradable, great for mechanical litter boxes, and offer superior odor absorbency for multi-cat households.

Tidy Cats Lightweight Glad Tough Odor Solutions Clumping Cat Litter

Glade has partnered with Tidy Cats to bring cat parents a lightweight yet powerful clumping cat litter, purrfect for multi-cat homes. Clay cat litter can be heavy, but this formula weighs 50% less, a massive benefit for moving and pouring the litter. Not only will this litter form tight clumps when they absorb liquid, but it will also keep odors trapped. Scooping and cleaning with this cat litter is easy. Plus, with the Glade Tough Odor Solutions, your house will stay smelling fresh, even with an entire kitty crew to keep track of.

Frequently Asked Questions

  • Do I have to use a multi-cat litter if I have more than one cat? – Of course not! You can use a traditional litter in all of your cats’ litter boxes, but multi-cat litters are designed with strength to stand up against unpleasant odors and frequent use. Multi-cat litters are created with premium odor control and clumping action.
  • How many litter boxes do I need if I have multiple cats? – A general rule of thumb is one litter box per cat. For example, if you have five cats, it’s suggested you have five total litter boxes. Seek veterinary attention if one of your cats starts eliminating outside their litter box.
  • How often should I change my cat’s litter? – With multiple cats it’s imperative that you scoop the litter boxes at least once a day. You should completely change out the litter every week to two weeks. Non-clumping litter will need to be cleaned and changed more frequently.
  • Can multiple cats use the same litter box? – If you have more than one cat you will want to have one litter box per cat. However, you will find that cats have their “favorite” litter box, or two. It’s okay for cats to use the same litter box if they choose, but you want to have one box per cat either way. It’s important that cats have the option to use a separate litter box from another cat in the family.


It’s easy to grow your kitty family, but it can be difficult to maintain a clean, fresh household with several cats running around. A cat litter built for multiple cats will help keep odors and messes under control. It’s no surprise that you will need to clean up more frequently with multiple cats, but a multi-cat litter can at least keep unpleasant odors at bay in the meantime.

To keep all of the humans and cats in your home safe, it’s important to have your cats’ litter boxes in a well-ventilated area. This will help everyone avoid toxic inhalation. When you clean and scoop your cat’s litter box, always wash your hands thoroughly after the process to avoid spreading harmful bacteria found in cat feces.

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