Our 2023 Jonny Cat Cat Litter Reviews and Coupons

What’s the best part about owning a cat? Well, it’s hard to choose just one. From their soft, cuddly fur, to their ability to lower blood pressure, cats make excellent pets. Despite their reputation as being aloof, cats are loyal and sensitive animals, and they’re actually one of the most popular pets in the U.S., second only to freshwater fish. Although cats are one of the most low-maintenance pets you can share your home with, cleaning and filling the litter box can be quite a chore.

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Before the 1980s, you’d have been hard-pressed to find many cats living indoors. There weren’t any effective cat litter products on the market. Owners would often resort to filling a roasting pan with sand, fireplace ashes, or scraps of old newspaper for litter trays. In the mid-1980s, clumping clay litter was discovered by accident. But it made cat owners’ lives much easier and cleaner, and pet cats were able to reap the benefits of being able to live inside and avoid parasites, and attacks from other animals.

Cat litter products have come a long way since the 1980’s first generation of clumping clay litters. Cats and their owners now have access to a wide variety of litter products, including clumping clay, silica crystal litters, and a huge selection of all-natural litter materials. Gone are the days of fireplace ashes in the roasting pan, and good riddance!

Today, we’ll be reviewing Jonny Cat cat litters, a small brand of no-fuss products. By the end of the review, you’ll know what different types of cat litter you can purchase from Jonny Cat, how well they clump, if they are good at odor control, and more. Toward the end of the review, we’ll offer a brief FAQ, so you’ll know if Jonny cat is the right litter for you and your pet. Plus, we’ll show you where to get a coupon for Jonny Cat.

What are the different types of Jonny Cat cat litters?

Jonny Cat isn’t a large, commercial brand. They are a smaller company that only has three different cat litters on offer. The products from Jonny Cat are of the clumping clay variety. If you’re looking for a standard, effective clumping clay litter, this is a good brand to look into. Cat owners whose pets have special needs or respiratory issues should explore litter products that aren’t made of clumping clay.

The Jonny Cat brand is straightforward about what they use in their products, which is primarily clay. Some of Jonny Cat, cat litters will use plant extracts for additional odor control. The straightforwardness and lack of “gimmicks” with Jonny Cat mean you’re getting exactly what the bag says is in the litter. Plus, minimalist litters like Jonny Cat are less likely to give people who are sensitive to fragrances reactions when pouring or scooping the litter. A lack of strong aromas also reduces the risk of cats rejecting the litter. You can purchase Jonny Cat litters in either clumping or non-clumping varieties.

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When it comes to clay litters, the vast majority of companies focus on the clumping variety. That leaves a huge swath of the market unsatisfied and underwhelmed with the selections available. While Jonny cat does have clumping clay litters available, the company focuses on the odor control and absorption abilities of their non-clumping varieties. Many cat owners do not want to deal with manually scooping out clay litter clumps, and would prefer to simply dispose of an entire litter tray once the product is used up.

Fortunately, the Jonny Cat brand is one of the few reputable cat litter companies that has aggressively focused and refined their non-clumping clay litter products. Even though their non-clumping clays don’t form hard, dry clusters of waste to lock in moisture and odors, they still do an excellent job of odor and moisture control. However, if you want to use a clumping clay litter, our first product review from Jonny cat has retained this feature.

Jonny Cat Complete Multi-Cat Clay Cat Litter

This litter product from Jonny Cat is effective for multiple cat households, and it is of the clumping clay variety. Jonny Cat has included a patented ammonia-fighting technology in the formula, so ammonia odors are eliminated without the use of harsh chemicals. Deodorizers work quickly to eliminate fecal odors and other waste scents, replacing them with a clean, refreshing smell that is suitable for high-traffic litter trays.

The product is scented and is a low-dust, low tracking litter. The product uses heavier clay granules that are also larger than the average clumping clay litter on the market. If you have issues with tracked litter, this product from Jonny Cat might eliminate renegade granules from finding their way around your home. Cats with sensitive paws or who have recently had surgery should not use this litter since the granules are large and heavy. The product does a pretty decent job at odor control and clumping. People who are sensitive to any added fragrances should avoid this option and instead look into the unscented Jonny Cat litter below.

Jonny Cat Fragrance-Free Cat Litter

If you aren’t a fan of scented cat litters, this no-nonsense, non-clumping clay litter from Jonny Cat might be the ticket. The product is 100% free of added, synthetic chemicals and fragrances. For sensitive kitties and humans, this litter will not trigger allergies, and it’s also a low-dust formula too. The granules are lighter weight than the first Jonny Cat option we listed. Smaller, unscented granules also lessen the chances of your cat rejecting the litter.

For the price, this unscented litter from Jonny Cat is an effective product that can make cat owners’ lives easier. Instead of sifting around the litter tray searching for clumps, you can let this product sit for several days in the tray before emptying the litter box. The product does a good job at odor control until you’re ready to change out the tray. The litter is a bit more expensive than the product we listed above, but it’s not as pricey as an all-natural litter. The litter is also unlikely to track everywhere, so your carpets will stay much cleaner when using Jonny Cat.

Jonny Cat Original Scented Cat Litter

Jonny Cat Original Scented Cat Litter is a non-clumping clay litter that is highly absorbent, and also works hard to eliminate scents while producing a refreshing fragrance to keep the house smelling cleaner for longer. The clay helps lock in odor-causing moisture while using similar patented odor-control technology that is present in the first option of Jonny Cat that we reviewed.

The only difference between the two products is this one is non-clumping, while the first option uses a clumping clay action to lock away moisture. This product has a similar fragrance to the Complete Multi-Cat Litter. Again, we recommend that people and cats who are sensitive to scents should stick with a fragrance-free option. The product is low-dust, low-tracking, and is super convenient for people who do not want to waste time scooping out clumps of waste.

We’ve found reviews from customers across a variety of third-party sites stating that this litter will last up to a week in the tray, even if multiple cats are using the litter tray. It’s low-maintenance and does an excellent job at odor-control. We’ve found that it’s a little on the pricey side for a non-clumping litter, but you get a good value for your money,  in that the product does exactly what it says it will do on the packaging.

Jonny Cat Cat Litter Coupons

It’s not easy to find Jonny Cat specific coupons or promotional codes. We’ve never seen a Jonny Cat litter coupon either printed or online. Instead, we recommend looking at an online pet supply store to see if you can get a bag of Jonny Cat cat litter for a discount. We’ve found Chewy.com to be the most convenient and reputable online pet supply store for trying new pet products.

If you head on over to Chewy.com, you’ll find tons of coupons and discount codes for a variety of products. You can even get up to 30% off on your first order on Chewy. If you think Jonny Cat is the right litter for your pet, please check out Chewy.com and get a bag of the product for a fraction of the retail cost.

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Johnny Cat Cat Litter Reviews

Still not convinced? Don’t worry. We’re going to break down several more components about Jonny Cat brand in more detail. By the end of the review, you’ll have a better idea of how well this product controls for odors, clumps, and if it’s a good price for the value. Finally, we’ll wrap up the review with a detailed FAQ on Jonny Cat litters and how to use them.


Jonny Cat cat litters occupy the low-end and mid-range retail prices for cat litter. You won’t pay a huge premium to try Jonny Cat since it is a relatively mid-range, no-fuss product. If you want just a plain, yet effective clumping or non-clumping clay litter, Jonny Cat will give you a good value for the price.

Jonny Cat Original Scented litter is the least expensive, with a twenty-pound bag costing less than ten dollars. The Multi-Cat Complete and the Fragrance-Free litter cost between nine and ten dollars for a twenty-pound bag.


Jonny Cat cat litters that are non-clumping do an excellent job of absorbing odors and moisture. They do not lock away moisture into hard clumps, which can be a nice, low-maintenance feature for cat owners who do not like the idea of scooping out a litter tray. However, the clumping cat litter from Jonny Cat does a decent job of forming hard, dry clumps that are easy to scoop. All three products won’t stick to the bottom of the litter tray, or pool moisture, either, which is a nice product feature. If you’re looking for a high-tech non-clumping litter that won’t make a mess of the bottom of the litter tray, Jonny Cat is an excellent product to try.


The clumping Jonny Cat cat litter does a good job of locking away moisture and odor. All three Jonny Cat products have no complaints about the odor control that we could find. The added fragrances can be a bit much for some people, but the Fragrance-Free Jonny Cat does a great job at eliminating odors without adding additional smells to the mix that may irritate sensitive cats and their owners.


Jonny Cat uses larger, heavier granules than most clumping and non-clumping clay cat litters. If you have a long-haired cat or a cat that likes to dig, then you know just how much of a problem most lightweight, fine-granule cat litters can be. The smaller the granule, the more likely it will end up in your cat’s fur, or sticking to their paws. When your cat cleans himself, the granules will either end up all through your house or in his stomach. Fortunately, the Jonny Cat products do a decent job of minimizing tracked litter throughout the house. For longhaired cats, Jonny Cat clay litters are a good product to keep their fur clean and granule-free.


Jonny Cat cat litters are clay litters. As such, there is a little bit of dust that the products are going to emit. But as far as clay litters go, Jonny Cat is a low-dust litter. We’ve found consumer reviews stating that the litter is dusty when you first pour it form the bag. Otherwise, the litter does not give off much dust when your cat uses it. Cats that don’t have respiratory issues or dust allergies won’t have a problem with Jonny Cat cat litters. However, we would recommend that cats with respiratory issues should steer clear of any clay litter since they naturally emit some dust.


If you want a super convenient flushable litter, Jonny Cat is not the product for you. Any clay litter, no matter if it is a clumping or non-clumping variety, should be flushed. Flushing a clumping clay litter will ruin pipes and cause an expensive plumbing issue for your home. If you want a flushable litter, Garfield is one brand you can try. The good news is, Jonny Cat non-clumping litters are almost as convenient as a flushable litter. You don’t have to scoop. If you purchase proprietary Jonny Cat litter tray liners too, you can simply pull up the liner and conveniently throw the entire contents of the tray straight into the trash.


Clay litters, if they clump or not, are not the most eco-friendly of litter options. The clay that’s used in litters like Jonny Cat is often obtained via a process of strip mining, which is a high-pollution industry. If lowering your carbon footprint is important to you, we recommend checking out an all-natural, and biodegradable cat litter product like Weruva or Garfield.

Jonny Cat Cat Litter FAQs

  • Are Jonny Cat cat litters biodegradable? – Unfortunately, Jonny Cat cat litters are not biodegradable options. They are clay litters, which can take thousands of years to biodegrade. If the thought of adding to your carbon footprint with cat litter is a terrible prospect to you, you’ll need to consider using a natural pine, corn, or wheat cat litter that’s biodegradable. Please keep in mind though that these options are often more expensive than clay litters, but they are safer for the environment.
  • Do Jonny Cat cat litters use synthetic chemicals in their products? – No, the added scents in Jonny Cat are derived from natural plant extracts.
  • Do Jonny Cat cat litters contain silica? – No, these litter products contain all-natural plant extracts and clumping or non-clumping clay. They are free of silica, and other added, harsh chemicals and synthetic materials.
  • Do Jonny Cat cat litters come in resealable bags? – No, they do not come in resealable bags. We recommended using a large plastic tote to store your cat litter. You can purchase an inexpensive scoop or use an old cup to scoop out the new litter and refill the litter tray. This will also make pouring and refilling less messy and more convenient. Unlike other natural cat litters, clay litters like Jonny Cat will last a long time, and you can store them for months at a time without worrying about contamination from bugs or humidity. Just be sure to store the litter in a cool, dry place, and you should be able to stock up on the product easily.
  • Is Jonny Cat cat litter safe for kittens? – The larger, heavier granules present in the scented litter and the Mult-Cat litter are too large and hard for kittens to handle. The Fragrance-Free Jonny Cat litter is a good option for kittens three months and older since the granules are smaller and softer than the other two options. We recommended using a pellet-based litter formulated explicitly for kittens for younger cats. We also do not recommend using Jonny Cat if your cat has recently been declawed, or is recovering from surgery.
  • How can I easily dispose of Jonny Cat cat litter? – Non-clumping formulas are a convenient option for people who do not or cannot scoop clumping cat litter. One of the easiest ways to dispose of the non-clumping Jonny Cat formulas is to use a litter box or litter tray liner. Once the box is used up, usually within one week, you can pull up and tie the liner and toss the bag into the trash. It’s much easier than scooping and also eliminates the chances for creating a mess that can often happen with scoopable litters. Plus, you don’t have to bother with scraping and washing out the bottom of the litter tray.

What’s our Jonny Cat cat litter bottom line?

Overall, we think Jonny Cat cat litters are good products to use if you want a no-bells-and-whistles, plain clumping or non-clumping cat litter product for your pet. Jonny Cat gets excellent reviews for odor control, absorption, and low-dust and low-tracking abilities. If you have a cat that’s been declawed or has recently had surgery, or you and your cat are sensitive to fragrances, you’ll want to try a different product. But if you think Jonny Cat cat litters are right for you and your cat, don’t forget to visit Chewy.com. You can try a bag of Jonny Cat cat litter for a fraction of the price and have it delivered straight to your door.

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