Our 2024 Feline Pine Cat Litter Reviews and Coupons

It’s a feeling a lot of cat owners understand: looking for a good cat litter for your furry friend can be a frustrating ordeal.

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Not just because these small creatures are notoriously picky when it comes to these kinds of things – Lord knows, they are. But there are so many options out there that it can be difficult for owners to find something that their pet will like and a brand that won’t necessarily break the bank.

We have a secret. If you choose a good cat litter, even your pet will know the difference, and you won’t come home one day to find a lot of mess around the house. Plus, a great cat litter can make your job of cleaning and maintaining the litter box a lot easier, so it’s in both your interests to do a bit of research until you find a bag that suits you.

Today, we’re talking about the Feline Pine Cat Litter, a natural alternative to the classic clay-based litters. Many cat owners are looking for these naturally-based litters to avoid letting their pet come into contact with a lot of chemicals other types of litter may hold. The Feline Pine Cat Litter is a great solution for that because it is made from natural pine. Here’s everything you need to know about it.

Different Types of Feline Pine Cat Litter

Feline Pine Cat Litter is a sustainable cat litter, so they do not cut down trees to make the pine pellets. They use kiln-dried shavings from lumber factories and create this high-quality product cat owners can purchase.

Feline Pine Cat Litter doesn’t bore anyone with countless types of litter to choose from. It concentrates its efforts into two different bags: Original and Scoop Clumping. Both of these products are similar in terms of composition and what they can offer, with their biggest differential being the maintenance process involved with each.

Below, we offer a review of each product, so that you can have a better understanding of what they are. Then, the article will continue with more detailed reviews about the key aspects of Feline Pine Cat Litter brand, which can help you decide if this is a good option for you and your cat.

Feline Pine Original Cat Litter

This is the brand’s classic type of cat litter, made 100% free of chemicals and perfect if you’re looking for a clumping litter for your cat. The clay-free formula means there’s no possibility of irritating dust being thrown into the air. So, if you or anyone in your household suffers from any allergies, the Feline Pine Original Cat Litter will not hurt you.

The litter comes in the form of pine pellets tightly pressed, creating smooth textures that don’t bother your cat’s paws to the touch. Its formula also guarantees liquid absorption, and the natural scents of pine greatly help with the odor control. Your cat is happy, and your home is left smelling fresh, even if your cat just went to the bathroom.

Feline Pine Scoop Clumping Cat Litter

Their other type of litter generally conveys the same properties as the previous one described: no chemicals, 100% made out of pine, great odor control.

The main difference with the Feline Pine Scoop Clumping Cat Litter is that it is, well, clumping, so it would mean you’ll have an easier time cleaning your kitty’s litter box. It’s made from pine dust, so even when you touch it, you can tell the consistency is a lot different from the Original Feline Pine – it’s smoother to the touch.

Plus, its formula includes additional natural oils preventing any dust from rising into the air every time you pour it into the litter box. And, the materials won’t get easily stuck to the cat’s paws and carried all through the house. This product might not be the best for very small kitties who are often tempted to ingest clumping cat litters. The Original one is more suitable for small cats.

Feline Pine Cat Litter Coupons

We get that buying a great litter for your cat can often take a toll on a budget, and it’s rare to see any major litter brand offering coupons or discounts for their products outside the normal Holiday sales – even those can be scarce in this business, honestly.

But you can occasionally find printable or online coupons for Feline Pine. When you do, we recommend using Chewy.com for buying your litter. It’s one of the best only pet stores around. Apart from being able to purchase Feline Pine Litter at a great price, you can browse around the store for snacks and toys too.

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Even if you don’t find Feline Pine Cat Litter coupons, you should know that Chewy has some of the most competitive prices on the market, and offers a lot of great deals on purchases, so keep a close eye on them if you’re looking for a bargain. Anything you choose to buy will be delivered straight to your door. So, if you want to stock up on litter, you can order several bags and not worry about how you’ll carry all of them home.

Feline Pine Cat Litter Reviews

Everyone knows cats hate change. It seems that even if you just move a potted plant to a different spot in your house, they may sometimes react to it and be unhappy you had the audacity to make any modifications to their space.

The same goes for litter. The worst part is that if your kitty dislikes the litter, they will really let you know it. But if you do a little bit of research into the properties and characteristics of the litter, you can effectively find something that your cat won’t mind – and possibly even love, at least at some point.

Here are our reviews for the Feline Pine Cat litter, based on several different characteristics you may be considering.


One of the first things you may be wondering about this product is the price. Natural cat litters are generally a lot more expensive than clay-based one, because of their manufacturing process and ingredients. We all know a lot of these chemicals found in many cat litters can often bring down the prices quite a lot.

But believe it or not, the Feline Pine Cat Litters won’t completely destroy your home budget. In fact, the prices are very accessible. A 40 lb bag of Original Feline Pine Litter costs around $18, which can be enough for even a few months if you only have one cat. A 7lb bag is designed to last approximately one month for one cat. More cats may need a larger amount of litter, but it’s still a pretty good deal.

The clumping litters are a bit more expensive than the Original version, but if you want to try it, you’ll only be spending 1-2 dollars more, so the difference is virtually unnoticeable. Plus, if you shop from Chewy.com you can even lower these prices with their special promos or free shipping for larger orders.

Overall, Feline Pine Cat Litter is a great natural litter solution that won’t cost you very much to adopt.

Winner: The Feline Pine Original litter, though the differences are really, really small.


Another thing to consider is the cat litter power of absorption. Good brands shouldn’t leave you with pools of liquids at the bottom of the box, and unfortunately, naturally-based litters can’t offer the same level of absorption like clay or silica-based brand. Though even for the latter, the absorption power greatly depends on the quality of the litter you choose. Bad clay or silica litters will still have the same problems with absorbing liquids.

But the Feline Pine litters are different from other natural-based litters because they are made from completely dehydrated pine fibers, which act like tiny sponges that rapidly absorb liquids. Wheat or paper litters cannot compete in this department. With Feline Pine, you won’t have to worry much about absorption.

Winner: Both products offer very good absorption, though the Original might be the frontrunner because the pellets can be quicker to absorb moisture than the dust.

Odor Control

Feline Pine Cat Litter has a natural fresh odor of pine you can sense right from the moment you open a bag. No added fragrance means you don’t have to worry about your cat having negative reactions to the smell, and its strong scent offers natural odor control, thus leaving your house smelling fresh and clean.

The highly absorbent pine shavings bind directly to ammonia odors and contain them, so these smells won’t travel around your home and bother anyone’s noses. Of course, you still need to keep an eye on the litter box and clean it regularly, but if you have a good maintenance routine, unpleasant odors won’t be an issue with this litter.

Tie: both products come with the same fresh scent of pine.


One of the worst sights in the cat owner’s life is a trail of litter all around the house left every time the kitty goes to the bathroom. A lot of cat litter can stick to the paws, and the pet carries these substances all over it goes – floors, furniture, and even your bed.

Cats hate this feeling as well. Have you ever tried to put a hat on your cat’s head to see how it reacts? Well, granules of litter stuck to the paws aren’t great either. The pellets in the Feline Pine Cat Litter won’t stick to the cat’s little paws as easily. Nobody can guarantee a completely track-free litter, and you know that when a kitty wants to make a mess, it will find a way, but this litter lowers the amount of tracking significantly from other brands.

Winner: The Original formula comes in larger pellets, so it has fewer chances of tracking then the Clumping one.

Dust Friendly

Most cat owners know the sight of that cloud of dust that rises up every time they pour fresh litter into the box. These dust particles can be damaging for the pet, who will breathe it in every time they’ll go in the box, but for the owner as well.

If you or your pet or you have any allergies, Feline Pine Cat Litter can be a great option for both of you, because the formula has mineral oil in its composition for dust control. Nobody in your home will be inhaling any toxic dust with this litter.

Tie: Both the Original and Compiling Feline Pine litters have oils that keep dust distribution to a minimum.


In terms of flushability, the Feline Pine Cat Litters aren’t exactly designed with this purpose in mind. The pine pellets can expand because of moisture and cause clogs in your drainage system, creating a lot more problems. So, if you’re looking for a flushable litter, unfortunately, Feline Pine Cat Litter isn’t the best option.

Tie: Neither product is recommended for flushing.


Everything about this litter scream eco-friendly. First, the pine pellets aren’t made from trees cut down for this purpose. The company works together with the lumber industry and takes any residual material from there, process it and creates its litter.

Plus, all the extra ingredients it uses to get the final product are completely natural. This is a brand that values sustainability during all the stages of production.

Tie: Both the Original and Clumping Feline Pine litters are eco-friendly products.

Feline Pine Cat Litter FAQs

  • Is It Pellet or Clumping? – The Original Feline Pine Cat Litter comes in pellet form, approximately 3/16 of an inch in diameter and with various lengths up to roughly ½ of an inch. However, the pellets can break down into sawdust when they get wet.
    The Feline Pine Scoop Clumping Cat Litter is made from pine dust, so it’s texture is a lot more smooth than the original version.
  • Which One Should I Buy? – Both the Original and Clumping products are very similar, the biggest of their differences being the texture of the litter. The Original litter comes in the form of pellets, so cleaning up might not be as easy as with the Clumping one, where you can easily dispose of the waste.
    In the end, it’s up to your personal preferences of which kind you think is better suited for you and your cat.
  • Is Feline Pine Cat Litter Biodegradable? – Because it is made from wood, the Feline Pine Cat Litter is completely biodegradable so you won’t have to worry about harming the environment when using it. You can even compost it, but it is not recommended to flush, whether you purchase the original pellet type or the clumping litter.
  • Does Feline Pine Cat Litter Home in Resealable Bags? – The packages are not resealable, so it’s better to store the Feline Pine Cat Litter in a cool and dry environment, as the moisture can damage the product. You can switch the content of a bag in another resealable packaging for better storage.
  • Does Feline Pine Cat Litter Contain Silica? – Feline Pine Cat litter is made 100% out of pine. The formula can also contain natural oils that help with keeping dusting at bay but does not have any traces of Silica.
  • Is Feline Pine Cat Litter Kitten Friendly? – Yes. Its natural ingredients make Feline Pine Cat Litter a non-toxic product so you can use it for kittens as well. It is recommended to opt for the original pellet litter, as the Feline Pine Clumping can be more easily ingested by the kitten.
    Its composition also makes this litter a safe choice for cats with respiratory problems, allergies, or even cats who have just gone through surgery.
  • My Cat Isn’t Getting Used to the litter. What Can I Do? – Particularly if your cat is used to unscented litter, it’s possible they will be put off the Feline Pine Cat Litter at first. To avoid this, you should try and make a slow transition from the regular cat litter to the Feline Pine. First, pour only one inch of the new litter, and add the usual one on top of it, without mixing. Your cat will mix the litter on their own.
    Then, you can slowly reduce the amount of your former litter, and grow the amount of Feline Pine, until the transition is complete. These small steps will help your cat get used to the new smells and textures of the litter, and you won’t have to worry about any messes or rejection.
  • Will My Cat Be Allergic to Feline Pine? – Normally, the Feline Pine Cat Litter should not cause your cat any allergies. However, just like with humans, every cat is different, and nobody can guarantee a 100% risk-free litter. If you use this litter and see your cat has a negative reaction to it, please consult a vet immediately to see if your cat is allergic to the pine.

Our Conclusion

All cat owners want what’s best for their pet. That can be anything from making sure they are loved, have a safe space filled with toys, healthy food, and high-quality litter. For the latter, many pet owners can struggle to find the right one, either because their furry friends are extremely picky, or they just don’t know where to start.

Hopefully, this review can help you during this process. The Feline Pine Cat Litter is far from the perfect litter, but it is a very good option if you’re looking for a natural and biodegradable litter for your kitty.

We kindly recommend you try it out and see how your cat reacts to it. If you make the transition gradually, there’s really a very slim chance the cat won’t enjoy the new litter. The fresh smell of pine can make the entire home smell like a forest, and the composition of the litter can keep the unpleasant scents at bay. You won’t even know when your cat uses the bathroom.

Remember to check out the Feline Pine Cat Litter on Chewy.com, and take advantage of the great promotions and discounts the pet store has to offer. It’s truly one of the best decisions you can make for your cat, and yourself!

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