8 Best Waterless Cat Shampoos With Our 2024 Budget-Friendly Pick

Not all cats will tolerate a bath time in a tub full of water, and not all cat parents can fathom the thought. While some cat breeds are uniquely fond of water, and even swimming (imagine that!), chances are that the idea of subjecting your cat to bath time sounds fairly grueling.

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Luckily there are alternatives to a bath with water and traditional shampoo. If your cat needs assistance in the grooming department, or they have especially dry or itchy skin, it may be important for you to help bathe them. Using a waterless cat shampoo is a fantastic way to clean your kitty and moisturize their skin without the stress of putting your cat in a tub of water…or a tub of terror…whichever term is more appropriate for your feline friend.

In this helpful article, we discuss the benefits of using a waterless cat shampoo to bathe your cat. We look further into the components that make up a good waterless cat shampoo, then we have an excellent list of recommendations for you!

5 Benefits of Using a Waterless Cat Shampoo

If your cat hates water or the idea of giving your cat a bath sounds incredibly horrifying, a waterless shampoo is probably an attractive concept. Here are some great benefits of using a waterless cat shampoo:

  1. You get to bathe your cat without the “water” part: Let’s be honest – just the thought of subjecting your cat to even the smallest amount of water sends chills down your spine. Most cats don’t like water. That’s just a fact. By using a waterless shampoo, you completely bypass the actual “bath” time.
  2. Saves time: Most waterless cat shampoos can be used to clean your cat in about a minute or so. They are a big time saver!
  3. Great for on-the-go: If you travel with your cat (maybe you have a show cat) waterless shampoo is easy to throw in your bag and use whenever necessary.
  4. Appropriate for other animals: Many waterless cat shampoos work well for dogs and other small animals. If your dog needs a quick spot cleaning, bust out your waterless cat shampoo to do the trick!
  5. Address a variety of skin conditions: There are plenty of waterless cat shampoo options. They often address different types of skin conditions. Most of them moisturize your cat’s skin and leave their coat looking shiny and beautiful.

Can waterless cat shampoo completely replace a regular water bath?

Waterless cat shampoo is ideal for freshening up your kitty, giving their coat a clean shine and scent, and moisturizing their skin. There are some situations, however, when a bath will waterless cat shampoo may not be sufficient for your cat’s needs.

If your cat has a more serious skin condition, parasites or they had a run in with a skunk or toxic chemical, you will need to bathe them with water and a regular cat shampoo. Waterless cat shampoos are really meant for touch up maintenance, hydrating dry skin or sprucing them up for a cat show or event.

Waterless cat shampoos are also great for soothing itchy skin and irritation caused by allergies or a bite. Some shampoos are medicated and will help control parasites and other severe skin conditions when used in conjunction with regular bath time and other treatments.

5 Components to Look for in a Waterless Cat Shampoo

There are a multitude of fantastic waterless cat shampoos to choose from. Narrow down your options by considering the following components:

  1. Truly waterless: Most waterless cat shampoos don’t require any sort of water usage, but some do call for you to wet down your cat with a damp towel first. The instructions on the bottle of waterless shampoo will tell you if this step is required or not.
  2. Age appropriateness: Some waterless shampoos aren’t recommended for kittens under a certain age. Labeling on the shampoo will tell you if it’s safe to use for your cat’s life stage.
  3. Active ingredients: If your cat has particularly dry or itchy skin, look for natural ingredients such as oatmeal, aloe vera, or avocado oil. All of these ingredients will soothe and moisturize your cat’s skin.
  4. Fragrance: A majority of waterless cat shampoos are not scented, but some have a natural fragrance. If the shampoo contains essential oils, it may have a natural scent. Other waterless shampoos are created with a calming fragrance to help reduce your cat’s stress.
  5. Shampoo consistency: Some waterless shampoos are sprays, while others come in the form of a mousse or foam. The consistency of your waterless cat shampoo simply depends on personal preference. Foam or mousse may be easier to massage into your cat’s skin, while a spray is easy to evenly distribute.

Overall Best Waterless Cat Shampoo

Vet’s Best Waterless Cat Bath

Key Benefits:

  • No-rinse foam shampoo
  • Leave-in formula
  • Calming fragrance
  • Contains natural ingredients such as aloe vera and oatmeal

Vet’s Best waterless cat shampoo moisturizes your cat’s skin and fur while soothing and relieving any itching or irritation. It is formulated with a blend of natural ingredients which includes aloe vera, oatmeal, vitamin E and neem oil. This waterless cat shampoo emits a relaxing, calming fragrance in case your kitty is stressed out.

This foam, waterless cat shampoo is easy to use and massage into your cat’s fur and skin. The leave-in formula is safe for flea and tick topical treatments. Vet’s Best is a quick, convenient and cost-effective option for keeping your cat clean and healthy without having to wet your cat or rinse them off.


  • No rinsing or wetting down necessary
  • Leave-in formula
  • Calming scent
  • Contains natural ingredients for moisturizing
  • Won’t affect flea and tick treatment


  • Not recommended for kittens under 12 weeks of age

Bodhi Dog Waterless Lemongrass Dry Shampoo

Key Benefits:

  • Can be used for cats, dogs and small animals
  • No water needed
  • Hypoallergenic
  • Lemongrass scent

Runner-Up Best Waterless Cat Shampoo: This waterless cat shampoo is plant-based, alcohol free and non-toxic. It’s hypoallergenic, so you can use it on pets that may have allergies or sensitive skin. All you have to do is spray the shampoo on your cat, let it stand for one minute, then fluff them with a towel. You can also brush your cat after using this Bodhi Dog waterless shampoo to help restore their coat’s shine and luster.

We like that you can use this waterless shampoo on any of your pets. It’s a professional-quality spray which offers a pleasant lemongrass fragrance. If you have a sensitive kitty, we highly recommend considering this waterless shampoo. Although it’s a bit pricier than some other options, you are paying for quality and convenience since you can use it on all of your pets.


  • Can be used on cats, dogs, horses, small animals, puppies and kittens
  • Great for cats with allergies
  • No water necessary
  • Delightful lemongrass scent


  • More expensive than other options

Burt’s Bees Waterless Shampoo for Cats

Key Benefits:

  • No rinsing necessary
  • Contains apple and honey to nourish skin and coat
  • Trusted brand
  • Cost-effective

Best Budget-Friendly Waterless Cat Shampoo: Burt’s Bees waterless cat shampoo is made with gentle ingredients that will moisturize your cat’s skin while naturally cleansing their fur. Simple ingredients work to create this pH balanced cat shampoo. Apple helps to nourish your cat’s skin and coat, while honey restores natural shine to your kitty’s fur. This waterless cat shampoo is made cruelty-free, and it doesn’t contain any sulfates or colorants.

Burt’s Bees makes several other dependable products for pets, and we are confident that this waterless cat shampoo is no exception! We like that it’s safe to use on cats of all ages, including kittens. It’s a non-toxic shampoo, so your cat will be safe to continue their self-cleaning routine after using this product.


  • Safe for kittens
  • Contains natural ingredients to soothe your cat’s skin
  • Helps with dander and dry, flaky skin
  • Budget-friendly
  • Made cruelty-free


  • Some customers report that the spray bottle was finicky

5 More Top Waterless Cat Shampoo Picks

Pet Head Fizzy Kitty Mousse Cleaner

This waterless cat shampoo from Pet Head offers more of a foamy consistency, rather than a spray. Massage it into your cat’s fur, fluff them with a towel, then run a brush through their fur for the best results. The formula is eco-friendly, pH balanced and free of parabens and sulfate. Pet Head waterless cat shampoo is made in the USA and offers a lovely strawberry lemonade scent.

Ark Naturals Don’t Worry Don’t Rinse Me Waterless Cat Shampoo

Ark Naturals waterless pet shampoo uses natural botanical ingredients to clean and moisturize your cat’s skin and coat. All you have to do is pump the foam into your hand, massage it into your cat’s coat, and you’re done! No towel drying or patting necessary. Some of the ingredients in this waterless cat shampoo include cedarwood, balsam, rosemary and orange oils. Ark Naturals is made in the USA and it’s safe for use on both cats and dogs.

TropiClean Waterless Dander Reducing Cat Shampoo

This TropiClean waterless cat shampoo is specifically formulated to help reduce dander. It’s made with oatmeal and cucumber extracts for revitalizing your cat’s skin and fur. This waterless cat shampoo contains a gentle coconut cleanser which emits a light yet tropical scent. TropiClean waterless cat shampoo is meant for use on adult cats only. Customers report seeing a significant decrease in dander after using this fantastic shampoo.

NaturVet Pet Organics Fast Bath for Cats

NaturVet waterless cat shampoo allows you to give your kitty a quick bath that won’t skimp on the benefits of using a quality shampoo. This shampoo will deodorize your cat without the use of chemicals. Simply spray the shampoo onto your kitty and towel dry for maximum effect. NaturVet waterless cat shampoo spray has a light fragrance that will leave your cat smelling fresh.

Nootie Soft Lilly Passion Waterless Foaming Shampoo

This foaming waterless shampoo is appropriate for cats of all ages. It’s hypoallergenic, so cats will allergies won’t mind being cleaned with this formula. Freshen up your cat’s coat with this gentle waterless shampoo, and they will have a soft, silky coat afterwards. You can also use this waterless shampoo for canine companions in your household. If your cat has dander or sheds a lot, this Nootie foaming shampoo will help control it.

Frequently Asked Questions

  • Can I clean my cat’s fur without water? – Absolutely! Brushing your cat weekly, or on a regular basis, will help promote healthy skin and fur. Using a waterless cat shampoo will then assist in the cleansing process as well as moisturize and hydrate your kitty’s delicate skin. Cleansing wipes may also be helpful, but they won’t be as effective as cat shampoo in terms of deeply penetrating skin for moisturizing and revitalizing it.
  • Is waterless cat shampoo good for cats? – Waterless cat shampoo acts as a natural moisturizer and cleanser. It will soothe dry and itchy skin, while hydrating it to avoid further dryness and irritation. Make sure you purchase one of the waterless cat shampoos on our list, because they are non-toxic and safe for cats! You want to avoid buying a waterless cat shampoo which has soap or potentially harmful ingredients.
  • Does dry human shampoo work on cats? – We never recommend using a human shampoo on cats. Regular shampoo is pH balanced for humans, which may cause it to dry out or damage your cat’s fragile, thin skin. Waterless cat shampoos are specifically formulated to meet the needs of a cat’s unique skin and coat.


Hopefully “bath time” doesn’t seem as daunting of a task now that you are better acquainted with waterless cat shampoos. More serious skin conditions may need the help of a traditional bath and shampoo, but waterless shampoos are fantastic for simple cleansing and moisturizing of skin.

Choosing the best waterless cat shampoo comes down to preference. Whether you use a spray, foam or mousse is completely up to you. If you still aren’t sure which waterless cat shampoo to use, we suggest consulting your veterinarian. They will have the best recommendation to fit your specific needs.

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