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Our 2023 BoxieCat Cat Litter Reviews and Coupons

When you invite people over to your home, you don’t want them knowing you have a cat because they smelled the litter box before they saw your precious fluffykins. One of the biggest downsides to owning a cat is that you have to have a litterbox, buy litter, and clean that litter out. The entire process can be extremely unpleasant. And if you pick the wrong litter for your cat, he can reject the tray and use a nice, cozy corner of your living room to do his business. Finding the right litter for your needs and using a formula that your cat will like is key to keeping your house clean, and your pet healthy.

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We don’t think the litterbox chore should make owning a cat less enjoyable. That’s why we’ve been busy finding and reviewing dozens of different cat litter brands. When you know the different types of litters on the market, how well the work, and what kind of value you can get for the price, you’ll be sure to pick a litter that’s going to work for you and your cat (and your wallet).

In this review, we’re going to cover BoxiePro, a high-tech litter from new-kid-on-the-block BoxieCat. We’ll go over how BoxiePro works, and why you might want to pick up a bag of it for the next time you need to refill the litter tray. We’ll also show you where to find coupons and discount deals on BoxiePro.

What are the different types of BoxiePro cat litters?

BoxiePro is a specific cat litter formula from BoxieCat, a new litter brand. BoxieCat litters are unique in that the company uses a subscription-based service for customers. Customers can set up an account with BoxieCat on their website, and the company will send a BoxieCat litter of the customer’s choosing at select intervals. No more running out to the store at midnight to grab a bag of last-minute cat litter! And, no more lugging heavy bags or boxes of cat litter from the store, to your car, and then into your house or apartment.

While BoxieCat subscription services made them a customer favorite, you can purchase BoxieCat litters and BoxiePro on other online marketplaces, including Amazon and Chewy, so you can try a bag of the litter without having to set up a recurring subscription service. You can also purchase BoxieCat litter straight from the company website without signing up for the subscription.

While this review will mainly focus on BoxiePro, we will show you what a few of the other BoxieCat litter formulas have to offer and what makes them so unique in the cat litter world.

BoxieCat BoxiePro Deep Clean Probiotic Litter

Cat owners everywhere know the pain and embarrassment of having their home smell like a litter tray even after they diligently clean the box. The thing about cat urine is that it is one of the most concentrated urines of any animal, so it smells incredibly strong and unpleasant.

That cute, furry housecat in your house, sleeping next to you, staring at you from your desk as you read this review, is descended from incredible desert cats like tigers, lions, panthers, and the like. Animals that originate in the desert need to have powerfully efficient metabolisms so that their bodies can pull every last drop of moisture from their food and drink. But that means their urine is highly concentrated and smelly.

On top of that, bacteria in feces and urine emit unpleasant odors when your cat uses a litter tray. Even using a highly-efficient, self-sifting tray that whisks away waste can still smell bad. It’s not your cat’s fault, your fault, or the litter tray’s fault that you can’t eliminate those nasty scents. The problem is usually in the litter itself. What sets the BoxiePro litter apart from other cat litters is that it is the first of its kind to use sophisticated, probiotic technology to eliminate odor-causing bacteria. All of the BoxieCat litters, including BoxiePro, use clay clumping materials to trap and lock away moisture.

What’s another major concern of cat owners? How many germs their cat is tracking through the house after using the litterbox. Cats do their business, and then they trample all through the home. Your cat probably sleeps on your bed, investigates the kitchen counter, or even saunters across the dining room table where you eat! Just imagining all of the germs that are getting tracked through the house is enough to give anyone nightmares. After all, cats often carry a parasite in their intestines, and breathing in litter dust, or ingesting germs and particles of litter can give that parasite to you or anyone else who is either visiting or living in the house with you.

BoxiePro does cat owners a huge favor in this regard. Their tagline itself says, “Cleaner Paws = Cleaner Home.” It’s an excellent marketing gimmick and not only that, but the BoxiePro and the BoxieCat litter line have won numerous awards and are have received dozens of endorsements from high-profile veterinarians talking about the benefits of the formula.

The probiotics in BoxiePro are beneficial bacteria that doesn’t smell or make people sick. Probiotics kill odor and disease-causing bacteria, preventing your cat from tracking germs throughout the house. BoxiePro Cat litter probiotics won’t just keep your home cleaner on a microscopic level. The probiotics in the formula will keep the house and the litter tray smelling fresher for longer than with the other leading cat litter brands.

But does the BoxiePro Litter clump? With other brands, sometimes you end up sacrificing clumping action for a fresher smell, softer granules, or heavier granules for low-tracking and dust. But BoxiePro clay clumping litter still clumps decently enough. The only issue we’ve found with the BoxiePro formula is that the clumping action isn’t quite as strong as the litter product from BoxieCat we will cover below. Don’t get us wrong here – BoxiePro still clumps.

What some reviewers on third-party sites have found is that BoxiePro does an excellent job at odor elimination and cutting down on tracking and bacteria spread. But if the cat is a digger, clumps may not hold their shape as well as the other leading brands. But if your cat is a “go and squat” critter, the clumps should hold up well as long as you clean the box slowly.

Another issue many cat owners have is their cats will reject litters, especially inferior brands. Usually, the granule size of the litter is to blame for this behavior. Large, hard granules can be tough on the cat’s sensitive paws and cause him to reject the product. But BoxiePro cat litter uses a soft granule that your cat is unlikely to reject. For cat owners concerned about smells and bacteria getting out of the litter box, BoxiePro litters are a great choice.

BoxieCat Extra Strength Scent Free Clumping Clay Cat Litter

This litter from the BoxieCat brand won the Cat Fancy Editors’ Choice Award and has with numerous veterinary recommendations under its belt. The litter uses BoxieCat’s proprietary probiotic formula to cut down on odors and germ tracking throughout the house. It’s a good product to use for multi-cat households, and it is scent-free. This litter does a better job of forming hard clumps than the BoxiePro litter. Clay clumping litters like BoxieCat that form hard clumps that dry quickly make the litter box much easier to clean. This litter is also low-dust and low tracking. The granule sizes are small, and the granules are soft, so they will not irritate your cat’s paws.

BoxieCat Gently Scented Premium Clumping Clay Cat Litter

This formula from BoxieCat does not contain the proprietary probiotic formula. However, it does a decent job of clumping, and it’s also 99% dust-free, does an excellent job of eliminating odors, and also is a low-tracking cat litter. As far as scents go, this cat litter will remove the odors and leaves behind a fresh, clean scent that isn’t overpowering. Sometimes, inferior scented cat litters just smell like cat pee was mixed with cheap perfume. You won’t have that problem with this cat litter from BoxieCat.

BoxiePro Cat Litter Coupons

BoxieCat doesn’t print coupons for their products. If you want to try a bag of BoxiePro cat litter, you’ll have to look at a third-party website that offers promotions and discounts for orders. is one of the world’s biggest and most extensive online pet supply stores. Chewy frequently offers discounts, promos, and coupons on a wide range of products and also orders.

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Up next, we’re going to go over several different components of the BoxiePro cat litter. We’ll go over the price versus value, the litter absorbency rate, how well it locks away odors, and if this product will do what it says it’s supposed to do.

BoxiePro Cat Litter Reviews


Like all products, there are several different tiers of prices and value. You’ve got your choice of economy tiers, mid-level product ranges, and also premium lines, and cat litters are no different. The BoxieCat brand is an exclusively premium product line, so you can expect to pay premium prices when you pick up a bag of this stuff straight from their website. Remember to check out first if you want to sample a bag of BoxiePro before committing to a subscription service.

On the company website, you can get BoxiePro cat litter in either a 16 lb bag or a 28 lb bag for $21.99 and $30.99, respectively. So, it’s a bit higher-priced than even similar premium cat litter brands like Dr. Elsey’s. The price is the biggest complaint we find on other review sites, but the complainer reviews usually state that the litter does one of the best jobs at odor control, so there’s that. If you have a compromised immune system or have little children or a pregnant woman in the house, purchasing a bacteria-killing cat litter like BoxiePro is probably worth the higher cost.


Besides price, absorption is the other issue with this cat litter. It’s not that the litter doesn’t clump or absorb – it does. But, the clumps that form with this litter are not as hard and sturdy as some of the other cat litter brands, like Frisco or Arm and Hammer. If your cat’s a digger, you might also have issues with the clumping action. However, having a cat that digs around in bacteria-killing, probiotic litter might be worth sacrificing the absorption.

Odor Control

Hands-down, BoxiePro and the other BoxieCat litters are some of the best odor-killing litters you can find. Across multiple third-party sites, this litter does exactly what the marketing says – it eliminates odors. While most cat litters have some kind of technology in the formula to eliminate odors, this cat litter actually murders the odor-causing bacteria on a molecular level. When you go with BoxiePro, you’re not just getting a litter that is guaranteed to give you a fresher-smelling house. You’re also getting a litter that will kill bacteria, so the house not only smells clean, it is clean.


Tracking is a huge downside to living with a cat. There is nothing pleasant about finding litter granules all over the house, or in your cat’s fur when you pick her up for a cuddle. BoxiePro cat litter is very effective at cutting down on litter tracking. While BoxiePro kills bacteria in order to keep your home cleaner, it keeps your cat cleaner too by making sure that the litter stays in the box and doesn’t get stuck to her fur.


Many clay-clumping litters create a lot of dust either when you pour it into the tray or when your cat goes in to use the tray. The problem with dusty, soiled litters is two-fold. For one thing, dust from contaminated litter can carry parasites that are harmful to humans, especially young children, pregnant women, and people with weak immune systems. Also, dusty litter can irritate sensitive cats with allergies, or worsen a respiratory condition if your cat is sick. Even if your cat is healthy, getting a dust-free litter is an excellent idea to prevent allergies and further contamination from soiled litter. The BoxiePro litter is 99% dust-free, so it’s a good choice in this regard. However, it is not a hypoallergenic formula. BoxieCat Extra Strength litter is hypoallergenic.


All of the BoxieCat litters, including BoxiePro, are clumping clay litters. The clumping clay is what gives the litter that clumping action that makes clean up a breeze. Any clay clumping cat litter is 100% NOT flushable. Always throw cat litter into a trash bag and dispose of it properly. Flushing a clay clumping litter like BoxiePro will ruin the plumbing and leave you to deal with a backed-up sewer line and a massive repair bill.


If you must have an eco-friendly litter, you best look elsewhere. Any clay clumping litter like BoxiePro and the other BoxieCat litters are not eco-friendly. Clumping clays that are used in cat litters are extracted from the earth via a process of strip mining, which causes pollution and other issues with the environment. Silica gel litters and litters that use all-natural ingredients like grass, pine, or corn might be a better choice for you if eco-friendliness is important.

A BoxiePro Cat Litter FAQ

  • Is BoxiePro biodegradable? – No, it is not. Clay clumping cat litters do not break down for many years. Once you throw away a clay clumping litter, it will go straight to a landfill. Silica gel litters and litters that use pine, corn, or grass are biodegradable. Silica gel cat litters will go to a landfill, but they biodegrade rather quickly. Cat litters made from the other biodegradable materials can be used for compost.
  • Does BoxiePro come in a resealable bag? – The 16 lb BoxiePro litter comes in a resealable bag. The 28 lb BoxiePro litter has a convenient, perforated pour spout on the bag that should make pouring easier and less messy. But we did find a few reviews that said the BoxiePro bags sometimes get holes in them and leak.  We also recommend using a different apparatus to store and pour your litter if you have a bad back or knees. Storing your litter in a container with a scooping device can make refilling the tray a lot easier and safer on the joints and will reduce spillage.
  • Does the BoxiePro cat litter contain silica? – Silica gel crystals are often used in cat litters and are absorbent and biodegradable. BoxiePro and the other BoxieCat litters are all clay clumping litters, and they do not contain silica.
  • Is BoxiePro safe for kittens? – BoxiePro is safe for cats three months and older. For kittens, it is recommended that cat owners use a kitten-specific formula. Clay litters can upset a kitten’s stomach if they clean the granules from their paws. Sometimes, clay litter granules are too small and hard for the kitten, and they have an easier time house-training with a pellet-based litter.
  • Can you use BoxiePro litter in a mechanical litter box? – Yes, all of the BoxieCat and BoxiePro litters are safe to use in a mechanical litter box.

What’s our BoxiePro cat litter bottom line?

If you’re sick of dealing with odors from the litter box, BoxiePro cat litter is a great choice when it comes to odor elimination. It is one of the most effective cat litters on the market for odor control. If you have a compromised immune system, are a pregnant woman, or have small children in the house, BoxiePro will keep your home clean and free of parasites and bacteria that get tracked all over the house on your cat’s paws every time they use the litterbox. The subscription service is also a nice touch and is super convenient if you’re busy and can’t always remember to pick up cat litter before you need to change the litter box.

BoxiePro is good for multicat households and is safe for mechanical litter trays, too. But the only downsides are that it’s a litter pricey, and it doesn’t clump as hard as some of the other leading brands. If you want to give this litter a try, don’t forget to check out and use one of their coupons for BoxiePro cat litter.

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