Our 2024 Weruva Cat Litter Reviews and Coupons

Have you ever gone to a person’s home and upon crossing the threshold, your nose immediately told you that there was a cat or two living inside? Everyone’s house has a unique smell, and we all get used to the odors, whether pleasant or not, that linger in our homes. But a household smell that you don’t even register may be overwhelming to guests. Cat urine and litterbox odors are the types of aromas that are incredibly powerful and unpleasant. Even if you diligently clean your cat’s litter tray, odors can linger, and sometimes, the quality of the cat litter is to blame.

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We’ve been busy collecting and creating reviews on some of the most popular cat litter brands and products in the world. Next up, we’re covering Weruva, one of the world’s only all-natural cat litter brands. Our 2024 Weruva cat litter review won’t just include the product’s odor-killing abilities. We’ll also let you know how well this cat litter does on price, absorbency, dust-friendliness, and more. After reading, you’ll also know where you can get a coupon for Weruva, so your cat can try it for below the regular retail costs. So, what exactly makes Weruva cat litter so different from the other cat litter products out there? Let’s find out.

What are the different types of Weruva cat litters?

Weruva makes one type of cat litter, and it is one of the only all-natural, eco-friendly, and biodegradable cat litters on the market. For people who want to lower their impact on the environment and support brands that use eco-friendly manufacturing processes, Weruva is the way to go. While most all-natural cat litters don’t do a very good job at absorption and odor-control, Weruva gets pretty good reviews on these fronts.

Also, a lot of other less-reputable cat litter brands market their products as “all-natural,” but they often have chemicals, perfumes, or other synthetic chemicals added to the mix. When Weruva says “all-natural,” they really mean it, so it’s not just a clever marketing gimmick. Below, we’ll explore in more detail exactly what type of natural ingredients are in the Weruva cat litter, and how these ingredients work to create a litter that’s absorbent and easy-to-clean.

Weruva Natural Quick Clumping Cat Litter

The Weruva brand is a company that is famous for creating pet care products that are fit for even human consumption. You won’t find artificial ingredients or harsh chemicals in a Weruva product, and their Weruva Natural Quick Clumping Cat Litter is no different in this regard. The chief, active ingredients in Weruva cat litter are Japanese cypress, or hinoki wood, and green tea.

What gives these two ingredients the ability to create a quick clumping cat litter? For one thing, hinoki wood is renowned in Japan for its durability and unmatched resistance to humidity. For centuries, hinoki wood has been used in construction for buildings, temples, and shrines. In particular, hinoki wood is used for hot tubs and other buildings where humidity would be a problem with different types of construction materials. The hinoki wood is resistant to humidity and excess moisture, and all of the issues that humidity can cause, like mold, and bacteria growth. If you’ve ever had the misfortune of dealing with a moldy basement or crawlspace, then you know just how smelly mold and excess moisture can be.

But wouldn’t using hinoki wood be considered environmentally unfriendly? Not when it’s used in Weruva products. Weruva does not harvest and cut down new trees to make their cat litter. Instead, they salvage hinoki wood as a by-product from other industries. Their sourcing process makes Weruva cat litter a sustainable and environmentally-friendly resource.

Another important point about the hinoki wood in Weruva litter is that even though the wood is salvaged as a by-product, the company inspects all of their sources to ensure the wood is free from added chemicals, pesticides, and varnishes. Weruva cat litter is guaranteed to be completely chemical-free and 100% sustainable. The cat litter is free of grains and free of clumping clays and silica gels, too.

The green tea in the Weruva cat litter is another critical ingredient because it contains an antioxidant compound called a catechin. Most teas contain catechins, but green tea possesses some of the highest levels of catechins out of any tea, and catechins naturally stop odor-causing bacteria from growing. These two ingredients, hinoki wood, and green tea, team up to destroy odor-causing bacteria.

What also makes Weruva cat litter unique is the look and smell of the fresh litter. The final product looks like large pellets, and the litter smells like green tea and cedar since hinoki wood is a part of the cedar family. Reviews on third party sites consistently state that this litter is one of the best-smelling litters on the market. It does not cover up cat urine smells with cheap, perfume scent. Weruva litter also stays smelling fresher for longer than rival clay clumping litters. If a fresh-smelling house is your primary concern, Weruva might be the answer to your prayers.

The litter is also a lightweight litter, so you get more for less. While it will not form a hard ball or clump once moisture hits the product, it is considered a clumping litter. It is also low-tracking because the pellets will not get stuck and buried in the cat’s fur. Also, any pellets that do come out of the litter box are easy to clean. Weruva cat litter is also a dust-free product, and it’s healthy to use for cats with respiratory issues, and UTIs. We’ve also found reviews stating they’ve used the litter for other pets, including rabbits and have had success with the product.

Weruva Cat Litter Coupons

Weruva does not print coupons or even offer them online. But, you can get a bag of Weruva Litter for below retail price by visiting Chewy.com. Chewy is one of the world’s largest online pet supply stores, and they often have promos, coupons, and discounts on the products they stock, including Weruva.

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Next up, we’ll uncover some more details about Weruva cat litter, including what you can expect to pay, and how well the product absorbs and eliminates odors. After that, we’ll answer some of the most frequent Weruva questions from cat owners, including how to use the product, and how long a bag should last.

Weruva Cat Litter Review


There are dozens of name-brand cat litters you can buy, and all of them will belong to different pricing tiers. You can purchase cheap, economy-grade litters, mid-range products, and premium litters too. Weruva occupies the premium price range, so you will pay more for a bag of Weruva than you would for a cheaper clay-clumping litter. However, Weruva markets itself as a long-lasting cat litter. Even though you will pay more upfront, the litter will last longer than some of the other premium cat litters out there. Reviews across third-party sites consistently state that the product is truthful on this end and will last longer than other clumping cat litter brands.

You can expect to pay $24.99 for an 11.7 lb bag, and $13.06 for a 6.7 lb bag. Don’t forget to check out Chewy.com to get a discount on Weruva if you’re fixing to give it a try. Later on, in the FAQ section of the review, we’ll tell you how long a bag should last depending on how many cats you have.


This is the biggest downside to the Weruva cat litter product that we could find. Weruva cat later does clump, but if you’re used to clay clumping litters, you will be disappointed with Weruva litter. The litter will form a clump, but it’s not super hard and dry like a clay clumping litter. Sometimes urine will pool at the bottom of the tray if your cat does his business at the side or edge of the litterbox. You can stir the tray to prevent pooling, and it won’t affect how long the litter should last, or the smell.

Odor Control

Weruva cat litter is one of the best-smelling cat litters you can buy. All across third-party review sites, we’ve found people consistently saying that their house no longer smells like cat urine even if they go a day or two without scooping the litterbox. Many people also claim that they enjoy the smell of the fresh litter. You can’t go wrong with Weruva if you’re looking for an all-natural litter that is safe for humans and cats and is guaranteed to keep your home smelling fresher for longer.


Litters that use small and lightweight granules sizes will often get tracked all over the house. Your cat may kick up the granules and spill them outside of the tray if he is a digger. But what usually happens is the litter granules get stuck in the cat’s fur and fall out all over the house and on the furniture. That’s not a very pleasant thought, but it’s almost impossible to prevent tracking from happening with cat litter.

The good news about Weruva is it is a low-tracking litter. The pellets are too large to get caught in your cat’s fur, so the chances of you finding a stray litter pellet on the couch or in the bed are slim to none. But the pellets can end up outside of the litter box, especially if your cat has a habit of digging and kicking up litter. No cat litter is 100% non-tracking, but Weruva comes close.


Weruva cat litter is a dust-free brand, and reviewers find that the product gives off less dust than a typical clay cat litter. But, Weruva is made out of wood and tea. So, there is a bit of dust when you pour the litter in the tray. The small amount of dust in the product does help with absorption and odor control. It is all-natural too, so it’s not as unhealthy for cats to inhale as synthetic litter dust. But if your cat is sensitive to allergens or has a respiratory ailment, you might want to look for a dust-free plus hypoallergenic litter instead just to be on the safe side.

Contaminated litter dust is also unhealthy for humans to inhale, too. Cat feces can carry parasites that if inhaled, can be dangerous to people with compromised immune systems, women who are pregnant, and small children. Wear a mask to eliminate this risk when you change out the litter box, and always thoroughly wash your hands after cleaning up cat litter.


Most cat litters are not flushable, and Weruva is no different. Always dispose of Weruva in a trash receptacle, and do not try to flush it or rinse it out of the litter tray. Clumping cat litters like Weruva will ruin pipes and septic systems. Also, Weruva is not a good product to use for traction, like clay clumping litters. You also can’t use Weruva as a composting aid.


Weruva is one of the most eco-friendly cat litter products on the market. In fact, the entire brand is eco-friendly and takes sustainability seriously in their manufacturing processes. The hinoki wood in the cat litter is a by-product, so buying Weruva doesn’t mean you’re contributing to the murder of innocent trees. All hinoki wood in the litter is obtained from other sources, which the Weruva company thoroughly vets before putting the wood into their litter. You can rest assured that the wood is free from harsh chemicals, dyes, and varnishes so your cat won’t be exposed to harmful chemicals when he uses the litterbox.

A Weruva Cat Litter FAQ

  • Is Weruva cat litter biodegradable? – Weruva cat litter is a biodegradable litter, unlike most clumping clay cat litters.
  • Does Weruva cat litter come in a resealable bag? – Yes, both the 11.7 lb bag and the 6.7 lb bag are resealable. The bags are also heavy-duty, so you won’t have to worry about them becoming punctured and leaking litter. Weruva is also lightweight so it will be easier for you to carry and pour than a heavier clay clumping litter.
  • Does Weruva cat litter contain silica? – No, there is only one Weruva litter, and it does not contain any silica gels or silica crystals. It is also free of clays, grains, and synthetic chemicals and perfumes.
  • Is Weruva safe for kittens? – Yes, Weruva is a pellet-based litter, and it is safe for kittens. If you have a cat that is younger than three months old, using a pellet-based litter like Weruva is recommended. Clay clumping litters and silica crystal litters can hurt young cats and also prevent them from getting familiar with using a litter box.
  • Can you use Weruva in a multi-cat household? – Yes, Weruva is a good choice of litter if you have several cats.
  • How do you use Weruva cat litter? – You’ll want to pour between two and four inches of Weruva litter into the tray. The more cats you have, the more Weruva you’ll need. It’s recommended that you scoop the litter once per day for one cat, and more if you have several cats. After you scoop the tray, you’ll need to refill it to the two to four-inch level. As long as there is enough litter in the tray, the litter should do its job of clumping, locking away moisture, and eliminating odors.
  • How long will Weruva cat litter last? – It depends on how many cats you have and the size of the bag you get. A 6.7 lb bag will last one cat about 30 days. For two cats, it will last about 15 days. And for three cats, the smaller bag will last about 10 days. An 11.7 lb bag will last a single cat about 50 days, two cats 25 days, and three cats 17 days. These timeframes are approximate, and it will depend on your cat and how often you’re able to scoop the box. Frequent cleaning and scooping will help the tray last longer and keep your home smelling fresh, too.
  • How can I make sure my cat won’t reject a pellet litter like Weruva? – If your cat is used to clay granule litter or silica crystal litters, he might not like it if you switch him to a full tray of Weruva without warning. While most cats will take to Weruva immediately, some fussier pets may need a little more transition time to get used to using a pellet-based litter like Weruva.
    What you can do to prevent the cat from rejecting Weruva is sprinkle a thin layer of Weruva on top of the old litter that he is used to having in the tray. Once he uses the tray with a Weruva layer for a couple of days, you can slowly replace the litter with more Weruva. After about a week to ten days, you can completely switch out the tray and refill it with all Weruva, and most cats will take to that just fine.

What’s our final review for Weruva cat litter?

We think Weruva is an excellent choice if environmental sustainability is important to you, and if you want to make sure your home always smells clean, fresh, and cat-free. Most all-natural cat litters do not do a very good job of eliminating odors, or clumping. While Weruva cat litter will not form super hard, dry clumps like clay litters, and it is still easier to clean than pine or corn-based natural litter. Despite its all-natural materials, Weruva is a durable litter, which is a nice feature when you consider how difficult non-clumping natural litters are to clean.

Weruva also consistently polls well with cat owners when it comes to smell, dust, and tracking. When you use Weruva, your house will stay smelling cleaner for longer, and you won’t find a bunch of tiny cat litter granules peppering your floors and furniture. The company also has an excellent reputation for using sustainable business practices and creating products that are safe for the environment, humans, and pets too.

We also think that Weruva is a healthier choice for cats too since it is free of synthetic chemicals and other industrial ingredients. If you’re on the same page as us about Weruva cat litter, please head on over to Chewy and get a bag of Weruva for below retail price.

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