7 Best Cat Brush (Grooming) Gloves: 2024 Top Rated Cat Hair Gloves

It’s important to regularly brush your cat’s hair in order to keep them healthy and looking their best. It’s no secret that some cats aren’t fond of traditional grooming brushes, but thankfully there’s an alternative.

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Cat brush gloves are an excellent tool for grooming your cat, as they offer a natural feel of petting while detangling and brushing their coat.

We have put together a comprehensive guide to choosing the best cat brush gloves for grooming your feline friend. We discuss the different types of glove options, while offering our recommendations. This article will offer in depth information for choosing the best grooming gloves for your situation, and we’re confident that our suggestions will help you start a relaxing brushing routine.

6 Benefits of Using Cat Brush Gloves

Many cats are weary of an abnormal object, such as a brush, touching their skin and fur. Luckily there is a more natural solution to grooming your cat. Here we dive into the benefits of using cat deshedding gloves:

  1. Avoid the fear of a brush: While all cats enjoy being petted at some point, not all cats will appreciate the use of a brush. In fact, some cats might express fear or stress when you attempt to brush them with an unfamiliar grooming tool. Using a glove as opposed to a brush offers a more natural brushing experience which imitates that of petting. You can avoid causing stress by using a cat grooming glove instead of a standard brush or comb.
  2. Give a deep massage: It’s much easier to deeply massage your cat’s skin and coat when you’re using a glove. You may be apprehensive when using a brush because you don’t want to hurt or irritate your cat’s skin. Using a glove will feel more natural and allow you to give your kitty a more effective brushing.
  3. Can be used wet or dry: All of the cat brush gloves on our list can be used to dry brush your cat or during bath time to give a deeper lather and cleansing.
  4. Gentle on your cat’s skin and coat: Cat brush gloves are generally made with soft rubber tips and nodules that will be gentle on your cat, even if they have sensitive skin.
  5. Naturally remove tangles and mats: Brushing gloves allow you to remove knots, tangles and mats in your cat’s fur with natural movement of your hands.
  6. Easy to clean: When you’re done petting your cat with your gloves, simply peel away the fur! Many cat deshedding gloves are also machine washable.

Mitt Style Glove vs. Finger Style Grooming Gloves

There are two different types of cat brush gloves – mitten style and a five finger design. Each has benefits, although your decision should really come down to preference.

A grooming mitt is nice because fur won’t get stuck between finger tips. You are able to remove hair and promote the spread of natural oils in one swipe of the mitt. Mitts are easy to clean because it is one solid unit and you can peel the hair away easily. Hair won’t clump up on one side of the mitt, as it may with finger gloves. Mitts are also more likely to fit large hands.

What’s beneficial about finger brush gloves is that you can massage deeply into crevices and remove hair that you may not be able to reach with a mitt. It will be easier to detangle your cat’s fur and remove knots if you’re using finger style brush gloves. Using a glove on each hand allows for proficient brushing or bathing. You can really each all angles of your cat to be sure they are getting a deep, thorough massage.

Whether you choose a grooming mitt or pair of gloves for brushing your cat comes down to your preference, and your cat’s! Luckily cat brush gloves are fairly inexpensive, so if one style doesn’t work to your expectations, you can try the other.

5 Components to Look for in Cat Deshedding Gloves

Cat brush gloves are sounding like a great option, right? Consider these components before choosing your first grooming mitt or pair of gloves:

  1. High-quality materials: Be careful with buying cheap gloves made from questionable plastic or rubber. You don’t want to purchase something created from materials that could be toxic to your cat.
  2. Nodule design: Cat brush mitts generally have one consistent nodule design. Finger style cat deshedding gloves often have a combination of different style rubber tips to offer detangling and massaging all in one motion. The design of the nodules comes down to preference.
  3. Size and fit: If you have very large hands, a mitt may fit you better. All of the gloves on our list of recommendations have adjustable wrist straps, so they will stay put while you’re brushing your cat.
  4. Wet or dry: Will you just be brushing your cat with the gloves or will you be bathing your cat with them also? You will want to purchase cat grooming gloves that will work while wet if you plan to use them during bath time.
  5. Multi-pet use: Most cat brush gloves can also be used on other household pets like guinea pigs and rabbits. Some are only recommended for cats and dogs based on materials used and design. Be sure to check the labeling to determine which pets your new gloves will be appropriate for.

Overall Best Cat Brush Gloves Reviews

HandsOn All-in-One Bathing and Grooming Gloves

Key Benefits:

  • Hair won’t stick to the gloves, even if they are wet
  • Combination of rubber nodules feel like a massage
  • Designed to stay put when wet or soapy
  • Won’t crack or tear

These multi-purpose grooming gloves will making brushing (and bathing) your cat a more enjoyable experience. The gloves feature a pattern of rubber nodules which feel like a massage when you’re brushing your cat. The nodules will also gently de-shed kitty’s skin and coat. Whether the gloves are dry from brushing or wet from a bath, hair won’t get stuck to them. These lightweight and durable cat grooming gloves will not crack or tear, and they are resistant to mildew.

The gloves fit snuggly with adjustable Velcro for a custom feel. You don’t have to worry about the gloves slipping around when they get wet, either. They will stay put, while your hands are staying clean! We chose these cat brush gloves from HandsOn because we really like the combination of rubber nodules which will promote bonding during a grooming session. These gloves are high quality and excellent for us on cats or dogs.


  • Can be used for wet or dry grooming your cat
  • Rubber nodule pattern feels like a massage
  • Resistant to cracks, tears and mildew
  • Hair won’t stick to the gloves
  • Won’t easily slip off your hands


  • Not machine washable
  • Only available in black

Pat Your Pet Enhanced Five Finger Grooming Gloves

Key Benefits:

  • Bristles detangle fur
  • Works on all hair lengths
  • Adjustable wrist strap
  • Peel the hair off the glove when you’re done

Runner-Up Best Cat Grooming Glove: This pair of cat brush gloves is similar to our top pick in design and style. While these gloves are slightly less expensive, other cat parents say that they aren’t as effective in keeping all excess hair on the glove. It has an adjustable wrist strap so the gloves will fit nicely. These gloves run small, so you will want to order one size bigger than what you’re used to.

The Pat Your Pet cat brushing gloves have rubber bristles on the fingers which help to detangle fur and remove excess hair. The rounded nubs on the palm of the glove will give a nice massage during brush time, which promotes bonding and a positive grooming experience. You can brush hard-to-reach places with these innovative gloves, while getting your cat’s blood circulating for nourishing their skin and coat. These gloves work well for basic brushing and bath time.


  • Gloves can be used to bathe or brush your cat
  • Can be used on cats, dogs, rabbits, horses and other pets
  • Adjustable wrist strap for a better fit
  • Simply peel the hair off the gloves when you’re done


  • Reviews from other cat parents suggest that the gloves run small and not all of the loose hair sticks to the glove.

Dakpets FURblaster Dog & Cat Grooming Glove

Key Benefits:

  • Fits all size hands
  • Adjustable Velcro strap
  • Made from durable mesh and padding
  • Simply peel the hair away when you’re done

Best Budget-Friendly Cat Brush Gloves: The FURblaster cat deshedding glove is designed to gently remove excess hair under dry or wet conditions. You can use the glove on all coat types, as the rubber tips will trap hair and massage your pets fur no matter what length their hair is. The rubber glove surface is easy to wipe clean after giving your cat a bath or brushing session.

This cat brush glove is not a pair like the other two top choices – it’s one glove. It’s made from durable mesh and has an adjustable wrist fastener. Effortlessly brush your cat with this affordable FURblaster glove that is also high-quality and comes highly recommended from other cat parents. You can also use this glove for grooming dogs and other pets in your household. When you’re done, simply peel the hair off and discard it as necessary.


  • Budget-friendly
  • Comfortable glove made out of durable mesh
  • Peel away fur when you’re done brushing
  • Can be used on any household pet


  • This is just one glove – not a pair.
  • Mitten design (as opposed to fingertip gloves) may not be as efficient in hard to reach areas
  • Right-handed glove may not be optimal for left-handed cat parents

More Cat Brush Gloves Top Picks

Mr. Peanut’s Right-Handed Grooming Glove Pet Brush

This cat brush glove from Mr. Peanut’s is similar to our budget-friendly pick. It’s a right-handed mitten, so if you’re left handed that’s something to keep in mind. Like other gloves, this one has rounded silicone tips to gently massage your cat’s skin and coat while removing dead fur. This glove is perfect for daily brushing of your cat or other household pets. We like this glove because it’s machine washable for convenient maintenance! Unfortunately there is not a left-handed version of this cat brush glove.

Pet Thunder Better Petter Cat Gentle Grooming Mitt

If you’re looking for a super affordable grooming glove for cats, this one from Pet Thunder is only $5! The glove is designed to effectively massage your cat while removing excess fur from their under and top coat. It has a wrist fastener so you can adjust it to fit your hand. Pet Thunder cat brush glove has soft rubber tips that can be used to brush or bathe your cat. When you’re done, wash it in cold water in your washing machine then lay out to dry. This glove is for use on your right hand.

Mr. Peanut’s Hand Gloves Grooming & Deshedding Aid

Here is another great glove option from Mr. Peanut’s, but this is a pair of gloves! These gloves are pretty basic, but they are affordable and will get the job done. Rubber tips gentle brush your cat’s hair while getting their blood circulating and removing dead skin and fur. The wrists on each glove are adjustable for a custom fit. You can use these cat brushing gloves on dry or wet fur.

Four Paws Magic Coat Deluxe Love Glove With Tender Tips for Cats

This is the only glove on our list of cat brushes with metal pins. The metal pins have soft tips that allow you to penetrate even the thickest of coats. The neoprene glove will eliminate mats, soften fur and remove dead skin and hair. You can even use this glove on furniture or clothing! This glove from Four Paws is only recommended for cats and dogs. In our opinion, it would be an excellent choice for cats with long hair. Plus, it’s super affordable!

Frequently Asked Questions

  • Should I use gloves or a mitt for brushing my cat? – The decisions is yours. Whether you choose a mitt style brush or a pair of gloves, it really comes down to your personal preference, and that of your cat. Your kitty may be okay being pet with a pair of gloves, but the sight of a large mitt is worrisome. Cat brush gloves are fairly inexpensive, so if one style doesn’t work, you can try a different option.
  • What is the best grooming glove for cats? – Our top recommendation is the pair HandsOn All-in-One deshedding and grooming gloves. The gloves offer a combination of rubber nodules that will help massage and deep clean your cat’s skin and coat. We like that hair won’t stick to the gloves, even if they are wet.
  • How often should I brush my cat? – It’s recommended that you brush your cat at least once a week to encourage blood circulation and the natural spread of oils in your cat’s fur. Long haired cats may need more frequent brushing.


Good quality cat brush gloves are generally cost effective and make a phenomenal alternative to standard grooming brushes. There’s no need to subject your skittish cat to a regular brush when you can use cat brush gloves instead! Just be weary off buying super cheap gloves from places like discount stores. Certain plastics or rubber can be toxic to pets. Your cat’s safety and health should always be a priority.

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