7 Best Cat Shedding Brushes With Our 2024 Budget-Friendly Pick

Are allergies flaring up? Tufts of hair floating across your living room floor? Is there a spot on the couch which would clearly indicate your cat sleeps there? You may have come to this article if there’s a shedding problem in your home! Cats are beautiful and graceful, but sometimes they come with a little more hair than we’d like to clean up.

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Luckily there is a solution for cat parents like you! A cat shedding brush will help reduce or eliminate the amount of hair your cat sheds. But there are several other benefits as well! Let’s start by jumping into what those benefits include, then we’ll share our top 7 best cat shedding brush recommendations.

5 Benefits of Using a Cat Shedding Brush

De-shedding brushes offer more than the ability to help your cat’s natural shedding process. They come along with several other fantastic benefits that make a cat shedding brush worth the purchase:

  1. Helps the natural shedding process without the extra mess: A cat shedding brush will help collect dead fur that your cat is shedding. Instead of the excess hair ending up on your clothes, furniture, and floor, you will catch it in your brush during a weekly grooming routine.
  2. And less mess means less cleaning: Would you rather spend a few minutes a week brushing your cat, or a much longer time period trying to clean up cat hair all over your home? Brushing is much more efficient!
  3. Stimulates blood circulation: When you brush your cat, you are encouraging blood circulation, which keeps your cat’s skin and coat healthy.
  4. Keep your cat from getting matted fur: Long hair cats need to be brushed frequently so their fur doesn’t become matted and tangled. Establishing a brushing routine a few times a week will keep your long hair kitty’s fur soft and healthy. This also makes bath time easier!
  5. Keeps allergies at bay: If you have a human in your home who is allergic to the family cat, grooming kitty with a cat shedding brush will help reduce and eliminate dander and allergens.

The Importance of Brushing Your Cat’s Hair

Cats are mostly self-sufficient when it comes to self-grooming. Much of a cat’s day is spent on this important process, but it’s extremely beneficial to lend a helping hand on a weekly basis. Brushing your cat can help:

  • Stimulate the production of natural oils in the fur which helps keep it healthy and hydrated.
  • Remove dirt, dander, debris and dead hair.
  • Distribute your cat’s saliva throughout their coat to aid in the process of thermoregulation.
  • Remove knots and tangles.
  • Reduce shedding.
  • Reduce the number of hairballs your cat gets annually.
Senior, diabetic and unhealthy cats may have a difficult time keeping up with their typical daily maintenance routine. It’s crucial that you have a good cat brush to assist dogs who need a little extra help. Remember that your cat will be elderly at one point, so now’s a good time to start them on a brushing regimen!

5 Components to Look for in a Cat Shedding Brush

Not all shedding brushes are the same and offer the same type of grooming experience. Take a look at these components when choosing the best brush for your cat:

  1. Combing material: Most shedding brushes for cats are made with stainless steel blades or pins. This material will most effectively get mats and tangles out of cat fur, while combing away dead hair. However, you can purchase brushes made from rubber and other materials.
  2. Shape of the pins: Metal pins on a cat shedding brush may be straight, curved and/or rounded at the ends. The shape you choose depends on your preferences and the cat’s needs.
  3. Handle and design: If you have a long hair cat or cats that will require substantial brushing, you’ll want to choose a shedding brush that has a comfortable, ergonomic handle. Many grooming brushes for cats are specifically designed to be used for a long period of time without causing fatigue.
  4. Multi-pet use: If you also have dogs in your home, you may want to purchase a shedding brush that can be used for multiple species. Choosing a versatile brush will simply save you money.
  5. Length of pins: If your cat has a thin coat and short hair, a shedding brush with a short blade or short pins could be your best option. Longer hair cats may require a brush with longer pins to effectively reach all of their fur. You don’t want to risk irritating your kitty’s skin.

It’s time to talk about our favorite cat shedding brushes! Allow us to share our top 7 brush recommendations.

Overall Best Cat Shedding Brush

FURminator deShedding Edge Cat Brush

Key Benefits:

  • Available in different sizes
  • Trusted grooming tool brand
  • Reaches the undercoat without irritating your cat’s skin
  • Known for its shed reduction capabilities

FURminator is one of the most trusted brands in the pet grooming industry. This brush designed with de-shedding properties comes in a variety of sizes so you can choose the appropriate one for your kitty. A contoured, stainless steel edge will gently remove loose fur from your cat’s topcoat and undercoat without scraping or irritating the skin. The curved edge also helps you reach every part of your cat’s body for effective brushing.

This cat shedding brush is strongly recommended by cat parents everywhere. It’s safe to use and easy to handle by way of the comfortable ergonomic grip. Your hand and wrist won’t become fatigued during weekly brushing. This cat brush was designed by a groomer so you know that it will be effective, comfortable to use and high-quality. We like that you can use this shedding brush for cats with long or short hair.

K9konnection FURbeast Dog & Cat Deshedding Tool

Key Benefits:

  • Multifunctional grooming tool
  • Removes tangles and prevents knots
  • Works as a massage tool to increase blood circulation
  • Great for cats with sensitive skin

Runner-Up Best Cat Shedding Brush: This cat shedding brush with a stainless steel blade will reduce shedding, remove tangles and de-mat your kitty’s delicate fur. The blade gently removes dead and loose fur without tugging on the skin or undercoat. It offers a feeling of massage, which circulates the blood to help perpetuate your cat’s health.

An anti-slip handle and thumb grip allow cat parents to hold this brush comfortably and without strain. The blade can be easily removed for sanitizing. It also comes with a lifetime guarantee, which is helpful for anyone’s budget and peace of mind. The K9konnection de-shedding cat brush is reliable, effective safe for use on any cat.


  • Easy to clean
  • Removes tangles and mats, as well as loose, dead fur
  • A short, stainless steel blade is easy on your cat’s delicate coat
  • Massages the skin for helpful blood circulation


  • Not curved, so it may be more difficult to brush hard-to-reach spots

Paws & Pals Cat Deshedding Tool

Key Benefits:

  • Excellent for feline and canine friends
  • Short bladed to brush undercoat without harming the skin
  • Easy to use and clean
  • Affordable for any budget

Best Budget-Friendly Cat Shedding Brush: This Paws & Pals budget-friendly cat shedding brush works much like the others on our list. It has a short stainless steel blade which will rid your cat’s coat of excess fur, dead hair, debris, and dandruff. The blade will brush into your cat’s undercoat without scratching and irritating their skin. Brushing your cat with this de-shedding tool will help reduce odor and shedding while stimulating the production of essential, natural oils on their coat.

We like that this deshedding cat brush is affordable and will work for both cats and dogs. It comes equipped with a comfortable handle so your hand won’t become tired or sore when brushing your cat. The blade is easy to remove for sanitizing. Overall, the brush will be effective for a cat with any length of fur.


  • Budget-friendly
  • Simple, effective design
  • Works for cats and dogs
  • Removes excess fur, dead hair, debris, dirt, skin flakes and more


  • Doesn’t have a curved design

4 More Cat Shedding Brush Top Picks

Andis Premium Deshedding Pet Tool

This premium de-shedding tool will efficiently remove extra fur from your kitty’s coat gently and safely. The curved teeth are designed to remove loose hair from your cat’s top and undercoat without scraping or irritating the skin. This brush is especially lightweight to prevent fatigue when brushing your cat. Andis makes trusted grooming tools for humans, and their pet products are just as reliable! This Andis cat shedding brush is said to reduce shedding by up to 90%.

JW Pet Cat Deshedding Tool

The design of this cat shedding brush is similar to our Andis recommendation, but this one is more affordable. A soft, non-slip grip will make brushing comfortable for you as you remove debris and loose fur by way of the stainless steel blades. A hook feature on the blades helps to de-tangle fur and remove mats. Your cat’s fur will be shiny and soft after using this JW Pet grooming tool, and they will be shedding a lot less!

Safari Shedding Cat Comb

Reduce shedding and keep your cat’s coat looking shiny with this Safari Shedding Cat Comb. Multi-layer metal teeth will remove loose fur and debris from your cat’s top and undercoat. The sturdy teeth are rounded at the ends as to avoid irritating your cat’s skin. This cat shedding comb is great for both long and short hair cats.

K9konnection 2 in 1 Pin and Rubber Cat Hair Remover Brush

Another shedding brush from K9konnection makes our list! One side of the brush is designed to gently groom your kitty and help with the deshedding process. The rounded metal bristles remove dead and loose fur down to your cat’s undercoat. The flip side of the brush is rubber so you can remove hair from clothing and furniture! This cat shedding brush is versatile and extremely functional. It’s shaped like a general human brush, making it comfortable and easy to use on a frequent basis.

Mr. Peanut’s Hand Gloves Grooming and Deshedding Aid

Some cats are unsure about that weird grooming tool that you’re attempting to touch them with. But what about some de-shedding gloves?! These make an excellent alternative to a traditional brush. The soft, rubber tips on the palms of the gloves will do everything that a brush will. You can use these grooming gloves on any animal with long, short or wet hair! A benefit of this shedding aid is that you can get in crevices that a brush may not reach. The gloves are adjustable to fit most hands, and when you’re done using them just wash them off and let them air dry.

Frequently Asked Questions

  • Does brushing a cat make it shed more? – Brushing your cat helps remove loose, excess and dead hair from their top and undercoats. Brushing helps keep your cat’s coat healthy, and cats with healthier coats are likely to shed less. Long story short, brushing a cat will not make it shed more.
  • How often should you brush a cat? – You should brush your cat once or twice weekly. Cat with long hair, senior cats or kitties who have physical ailments may need more frequent daily brushing.
  • How can I reduce my cat’s shedding? – Brushing your cat on a regular basis will help reduce the amount that they shed. Routine baths with cat shampoo can also be a massive help. If your cat is losing hair at an alarming rate or it’s falling out in bunches, seek veterinary care, as there could be a much more serious health concern.


Dealing with a shedding cat can be frustrating, but a good brush will help reduce that stress. Clear up your allergies and your home by purchasing a high-quality de-shedding brush. When you maintain a consistent grooming and brushing routine with your cat, shedding can be decreased by up to 90%! Brushing your cat will also keeping their skin and coats healthy and hydrated. You can also be on the lookout for parasites or skin problems. Brushing your cat is important, and using a shedding brush will effectively get the task done.

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