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10 Best Limited Ingredient Dogs Treats in 2024

What you feed your dog with is just as influential as what you feed yourself with.  If you are wanting to give yourself more energy, boost your immune system or enhance digestion, you know that junk food is not the way forward.  This is exactly the same when it comes to your dog’s food, too. For a healthy, energetic and happy dog, you want to provide the best products and this includes their treats.  The comparison between dog food and human food is used here because it will help you to find the best treats to give to your dog. You wouldn’t want to spend your life eating artificial flavorings, enhancers, and fillers, so why should your dog?  Look for natural, wholesome ingredients to give your dog the best nutrition, purest energy and the perfect balance between protein, carbohydrates, and essential fats. If you’re wanting a happier and healthier dog, then natural, limited ingredient dog treats are the way forward.

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5 Benefits of Feeding Limited Ingredient Dog Treats

When deliberating whether or not to spend a little extra money and buy your dog some limited ingredient dog treats, it is good to keep in mind that there are some large benefits in doing so, for both your beloved pet and yourself.  To make you more aware of why limited ingredient dog treats are so beneficial, here’s a list of the top five reasons for trying limited ingredients treats:

  •   Increase the overall health of your dog through high nutritional value, lack of artificial enhancers, flavourings, and colouring, in turn boosting their heart health, immune system, and digestion;
  •   Reduce your worries regarding your dogs’ health and potential vet bills as your dog’s health increases;
  •   Enable your dog to enjoy treats even if they suffer from allergies, usually related to additives, because limited ingredient treats do not contain any additives as they are 100% natural and therefore the likelihood of any allergic reaction is minimal.  If your pet has a digestive problem with particular meats, you can even look for limited ingredient treats made from the more abstract meats, perhaps buffalo, boar or alligator;
  •   If the vet has asked you to watch the weight of your dog or to put your dog on a diet, limited ingredient treats still allow treats to be given as they are purely nutritional and therefore remain low calorie;
  •   As these treats are purely nutritional, they are perfect for puppy training as they enhance the immune system, digestive system, and heart health at the same time as using positive reinforcement for training without them gaining fat.

Overall Best Limited Ingredient Dog Treats in 2024

Tylee’s Human-Grade Chicken Jerky Dog Treats

Key Features:

  •   Treats made from the human grade meat which smell so good, you’ll never want to share them with your dog;
  •   Each treat contains 76% protein;
  •   Only 100% chicken breast is used and there are no chemicals, additives or preservatives to enhance these treats;
  •   These treats can be broken down easily into smaller sizes to enable one 8 ounce packet to go a lot further;
  •   Ideal for use as positive behaviour reinforcement treats.

Overall Limited Ingredient Treats for Dogs – If you are looking for the best available treats on the market for your dog enabling you to give your dog the same quality of produce as you would be able to eat yourself, then why not try the Tylee’s Chicken Jerky Dog Treats made from 100% chicken breast.  Only pure meat has been used to create these tasty dog chews for your much-loved pet, offering a low option in fat and calories, though temptingly tasty for your dog to always enjoy. Cut into thin slices and dried purely through a natural process, these high protein treats are ideal for any dog as they can be broken down if needs be.  This is great for training or if you are taking your dog somewhere that you know you will need to reward good behaviour for longer periods of time.

Watch your canine friend salivate as you go for these amazing smelling Tylee’s Chicken Jerky Dog Treats, which offer a 76% protein treat.  Remaining fresh for long periods of time thanks to the natural drying process, they will never be difficult for your dog to chew, even when your dog is older if it has dental issues.  These treats are ideally suited for dogs with any allergies or intolerances because they are free from grain, corn, wheat, and soy. You’ll be surprised what your dog will do and how well behaved it can be when it knows that these Tylee’s treats are its rewards.  At just 8 ounces per bag, you’ll never have to go anywhere without them ever again, which both you and your dog will be very pleased to know!


  •   Suitable for any size of dog;
  •   100% chicken breast;
  •   76% protein;
  •   Additive, chemical, and preservative free treats;
  •   Great for dogs with allergies or intolerances.


  •   Not suitable for puppies;
  •   Small, 8-ounce bag.

Natural Balance L.I.T Limited Ingredient Treats Sweet Potato & Venison Formula Dog Treats

Key Features:

  •   Perfect for dogs of any age and size;
  •   Made from lean venison and slow energy releasing sweet potatoes;
  •   Have many health benefits for your dog, including the promotion of eye health, sensitive stomachs, and allergies;
  •   Large, 14-ounce bag, with easy to transport sized, crunchy treats;
  •   These treats do not contain any corn, soy, wheat or grain, so are ideal for dog with intolerances and allergies.

Runner Up – The Natural Balance dog treats are suitable for dogs of any age, right through from new pups up to the older dogs.  This is because they do not contain any grain sources at all and therefore will not cause issues to the digestive system and no allergies will be encountered.  By limiting the volume of carbs and protein in these treats, the coat and skin of your dog will be enhanced which is why venison and sweet potato are the flavour of choice here.  Venison is one of the leanest meat sources around and sweet potatoes are slow release carbohydrates, so your dog will have greater energy for longer periods of time through a more controlled manner.

Suitable treats to be given to any size of dogs, these tasty, nutritious and crunchy rewards will have your dog behaving wonderfully always.  Rest assured that as you reward your dog for good behaviour, you are also enhancing its overall health due to the makeup of these treats: Canola Oil for the healthiest type of fat, mixed tocopherols to promote eye health, and free from corn, wheat, soy and grain to avoid any allergic reaction complications or digestive problems, ideal for dogs with sensitive stomachs.  This 14-ounce bag of Natural Balance limited ingredient dog treats is ideal for keeping hidden away in any cupboard at home and treats are of the size which can easily be stored in a pocket for use on the go.


  •   Assist the overall health of your dog;
  •   Available in large bags to last you that bit longer;
  •   Easy size and shape of biscuit to transport;
  •   Suitable for any age, size, and breed of dog;
  •   Slow release carb source helps your dog to keep going all day.


  •   If you have two different breeds or sizes of dog, you are advised to get the different sized bags of treats – the 8-ounce bag for the smaller dog breeds and the 14-ounce bag for all other sizes of dog – this could get rather pricey.

American Journey Salmon & Sweet Potato Recipe Limited Ingredient Dog Treats

Key Features:

  •   Oven baked treats for a good crunch and reduced fat;
  •   High protein meat source combined with slow release carbs keep your dog happy all day;
  •   Contain no artificial elements, and are also free from soy, corn, and wheat;
  •   Beneficial to dogs with sensitive stomachs or digestive issues;
  •   Large, 14-ounce bag of dog treats.

Best Value – Looking for the best value for money dog treats created with limited ingredients?  Then why not take a look at the American Journey limited ingredient dog treats at a really impressive price for one of the larger sizes of bag on the market?  At 14 ounces, the American Journey dog treats have a great amount of treat within them made from oven baked salmon, cooked in such a way as to reduce the fat content of the only animal protein source contained within these treats.  They have great crunch, do not have any risk of salmon bones and have been mixed with many different types of vegetables to boost the immune and digestive systems of your four-legged friend.

If you are on a budget or like value for money, but still want to provide your dog with the best treats possible, then you would be silly not to look into purchasing the American Journey treats.  If you have a dog which either refuses to eat chicken or has an intolerance / allergy to corn, wheat or soy, then these are the best treats for you to try as American Journey biscuits never contain any of these foods, nor do they have any artificial food sources within them.  For the best biscuits on a budget made from tasty ingredients, packed with flavour and great for all-round health, these treats will always leave your dog hot on your heels and ready for more.


  •   Cost effective, but healthy for your dog;
  •   Ideal for dogs with allergies, intolerances or sensitivities;
  •   Get the protein and benefits of high quality, oven baked salmon, without the risk of bones;
  •   Oven baked to reduce the fat content and to give extra crunch;
  •   Deliciously tasty and moreish, enticing your dog to behave in order to receive another treat.


  •   Advised for adult dogs only;
  •   A large volume of treats, so need decanting from original packet to be taken on walks;
  •   For some dogs, these treats are too large in their individual size.

6 More Top Rated Dog Treats that are Limited Ingredient

To find out more about alternative dog treats created from limited ingredients, you can take a look at the following products which are loved by many dog owners for very specific reasons, as stated below:

PureBites Chicken Breast Freeze-Dried Raw Dog Treats

High in protein, these freeze-dry slices of nothing but chicken are ideal for dogs requiring protein and little else;

Wholesome Pride Pet Treats

For nutrition, chewy and slow releasing energy, try these dried sweet potato dog treats either as a holistic health booster or as a way to lessen the teething process in a young pup;

Life Essentials Wild Alaskan Salmon Freeze-Dried Dog Treats

High in protein but remaining low in saturated fat and calories, these organic treats are great for even the fussiest of pets, as they can be moistened with warm water or kept in their original state as a crunchy treat;

Bones & Chews All-Natural Beef Recipe Freeze-Dried Dog Treats

Big on flavor but small on price, these dog treats are great for any size of dog and contain the same nutritional value as if they were actually eating Roast Beef;

Blue Buffalo Basics Limited Ingredient Formula Biscuits Salmon & Potato Dog Treats

Salmon is a great meat source, packed with protein and very rarely influencing the digestive system.  These treats promote digestion, the immune system, and skin health, and even help to keep your dog’s breath smelling fresh;

The Honest Kitchen Beans Ocean Chews Cod Fish Skins Dehydrated Dog Treats

A healthier alternative for large dogs than chewing on rawhide, these treats are ideal for dogs who need a longer lasting treat to satisfy them or if they need some help with their dental hygiene.


There is a perfectly suited dog treated for every dog, no matter whether they are fussy eaters, have allergies or if they require chews for specific health boosting reasons.  Before choosing a dog treat, work out what it is that would most benefit your dog and make sure that the treat of choice is the best possible example of this.

Limited ingredient dog treats are ideal for dogs with allergies or intolerances because they never contain soy, wheat or corn, and there are some brands that guarantee they never use other products commonly associated with digestive issues in dogs, like chicken.  Be sure to check that you are buying the purest of treats and tastiest goodies available on the market, and your dog will always be ready for more!

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