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8 Best Dog Treat Jar, Container and Canisters in 2024

Most dog owners like having a tasty treat handy to reward – or just spoil – their furry friends. At the same time, the packaging of the dog treats sold by major pet food brands is rarely suitable for long-term storage. The solution is to store the treats for your pet in a dedicated jar, sealing in freshness while avoiding mess and odors – and keeping pests away.

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Having a “special” dog treat jar that conveniently stores your furry friend’s favorite snacks is a great idea. Just the sight of it will fill your dog with pure joy and excitement, and the sound of you opening the jar will quickly become one of their absolute favorite sounds in the world.

With so many storage solutions available on the market, it is too easy to feel overwhelmed and just tempted to buy the first one that catches your eye! 

Yet knowing the key points to look for in your dog treat jar can help you avoid disappointment and pick a product that is just right – while meeting your pet’s need for a steady supply of healthy, fresh treats.
At the same time, you need a dog treat jar that YOU will love using! It can be surprising what difference something that you use every day can make to your life…and most of us want that difference to be positive! So, what pet treat storage solutions are out there?

Different Types of Dog Treats Jars

The most commonly used dog treat jars are:

  • Ceramic Dog Treat Jars. Durable and sturdy, ceramic dog treat jars are a great option for storing your pup’s snacks. Ceramic can be oven-fired to prevent breakage and chipping. Ceramic dog treat jars often boast stylish, unique designs (many are hand-crafted). These jars convey substance, style, and attention to detail – more often than not you will want to proudly display a ceramic dog treat jar, rather than have it hidden in one of your household cabinets. Overall, ceramic dog treat jars tend to be a bit pricier than plastic treat storage solutions – but if you like to proudly display your pet treats, the price difference will be well worth it.
  • Plastic Dog Treat Jars. Plastic dog treat jars are light-weight and usually come in a variety of sizes. Plastic pet treat storage solutions often feature clever, space-efficient design solutions, and will easily fit most of your household cabinets. Plastic dog treat jars also tend to be competitively priced. It is a good idea to always make sure that your furry friend’s plastic dog treat jar does not contain any harmful chemicals – look for treat jars made of PVA-free, BPA-free, and phthalate-free plastic.
  • Aluminum Dog Treat Jars. Aluminum dog treat jars are always popular, as they are both durable and light. These jars come in a variety of designs, from functional to sophisticated. They tend to be more expensive than ceramic or plastic dog treat jars. Aluminum is a 100% recyclable material. Some specialists argue that stainless steel can be a better choice for pet food storage than aluminum, as there have been concerns about dog’s bodies possibly absorbing too much aluminum from the environment (although the main sources of concern are vaccinations and environmental exposure, not pet food or treat jars).
  • Airtight Dog Treat Jars. Airtight dog treat jars can be made of a variety of materials. They usually feature a fitted lid with silicone gasket seal or have some other – sometimes quite innovative – ways of making sure the dog treat jar is airtight. The airtight pet treat jars are great for preserving the freshness of your dog’s treats, while making sure that moisture and pests are locked out. If you are considering purchasing an airtight jar, try to pick one that does the job yet is easy enough for you to open and close.
  • DIY Dog Treat Jars. This option may sound appealing – its advantages are obvious.  You would usually just recycle some household items to make your own DIY dog treat jar. At the same time, you will still need to put some time, effort and thinking into the process if you want the end result to be worth your while. You want your dog treat jar to keep those tasty morsels fresh, so you will need to use a container or jar with a tightly closing lid. You also want your dog treat storage solution to be reasonably long lasting, so you do not have to worry about replacing it too often – yet it needs to be easy to use and store away. Last but not least, consider aesthetic appeal… will your DIY dog treat jar be something that will make you proud of your creativity – or will it make you shudder every time you see it? If you decide to brave it and go DIY, do not overlook important bits and compromise on your pet’s health. Make sure that any plastic you are using is food grade, free from BPA, phthalates, and other harmful chemicals. Do not use old pet food cans, as they can leak chemicals (like aluminum) into your furry friend’s treats.

When it comes to quality, design, and competitive pricing, the dog treat jars and containers listed below check most boxes.

Overall Best Jar for Dog Treats in 2024

PetRageous Designs Vintage Pet Treat Jar, 9-in tall

Key Features:

  1. Oven-fired ceramic – resists fading and chipping.
  2. Features airtight lid for preserving freshness.
  3. Hand-crafted – which means that each jar is unique.
  4. Features design that coordinates with the PetRageous Vintage Bowls.
  5. Easy to clean – dishwasher safe.

Overall Best Jar for Dog Treats – This vintage style, tastefully designed, hand-painted ceramic dog treat jar is an absolute gem. PetRageous Designs Vintage Pet Treat Jar features generous dimensions (9 inches tall; 5 inches in diameter), and an airtight seal so the treats for your dog always stay fresh and delicious!

The style of PetRageous Designs Vintage Pet Treat Jar will easily match a variety of kitchen designs, from classic to modern and contemporary. Your pet is also sure to instantly recognize this distinct treat jar and get excited – the second they see it!


  1. Unique and stylish – looks great!
  2. Made out of high-quality ceramic.
  3. Oven-fired – durable and chip-resistant.
  4. The airtight lid keeps your dog’s treats fresh.
  5. Great value for money.


  1. The color can differ slightly from jar to jar, as each PetRageous Designs Vintage Pet Treat Jar is hand-made.
  2. As this dog treat jar features a tight seal to keep your dog’s snacks extra fresh, some effort is required to open and close the jar.

Van Ness Treat Me Pet Treat Container, 2-lb

Key features:

  1. Ergonomically designed, easy to use, convenient pet treat container.
  2. Sized for easy storage and stackable; fits most household cabinets.
  3. Made of BPA-free plastic.
  4. Features a seal to keep your pet’s treats fresh.
  5. Dishwasher safe.
  6. Competitively priced.

Best Container for Dog Treats – The clever design of Van Ness Treat Me Pet Treat Container ensures that your dog’s treats are sealed in for extra freshness – yet can be easily dispensed straight out of the container. Ideal for practical dog owners that are after functional, space-efficient solutions, this pet treat container easily fits into almost any household cabinet.

The lid on this pet treat container is fitted in a way that will have most inquisitive of pets puzzled when trying to figure out how to open it – ensuring that you, not your pets, are in charge when it comes to dispensing their treats!


  1. Strong and sturdy.
  2. The snap shut lid seals in freshness and is hard for pets to figure out.
  3. Convenient size, space-efficient design.
  4. Can be used on the go (kept in a car or taken to camping trips).
  5. Easy to clean.
  6. Great value for money.


  1. Some owners might prefer using bigger sized containers for storing their dog treats.
  2. Design is more functional than visually appealing.

Fringe Studio “Good Doggie” Ceramic Dog Treat Jar, Grey

Key features:

  1. Stylish contemporary design.
  2. Proudly features the phrase “good doggie” on a light bone-shaped background.
  3. Made of high quality ceramic.
  4. Features a wooden lid with a silicone gasket seal.
  5. Dishwasher safe (except for the wooden lid).
  6. Generous sizing (6.5 inches high; 4.5 inches in diameter).

Best Ceramic Dog Treat Jar – Fringe Studio “Good Doggie” Ceramic Dog Treat Jar is simply adorable. Its distinct design will ensure that your furry friend is VERY excited when they spot this treat jar. The stylish wooden lid seals the jar tightly to keep your pet’s treats extra fresh.

If you have an enthusiastic preschooler or two around, this dog treat jar is a must-have! The words “good doggie” on a bone-shaped background can become part of their childhood memories that they will cherish forever.


  1. Durable and sturdy.
  2. Stylish design; this dog treat jar can be proudly displayed.
  3. Silicone gasket seal keeps your pup’s treats fresh.
  4. Dishwasher safe.
  5. Children are sure to love it!


  1. Wooden lid is not dishwasher safe.
  2. Lid does not have a handle, which can make this jar harder to open for some people.

OXO Pet POP Food Storage Container

Key features:

  1. Clever design – stackable and space-efficient; easily fits most household cabinets.
  2. Generous sizing – 6.25 x 6.25 x 12.5 inches; holds up to 23.2 cups of dry food.
  3. Boasts a unique one-push button mechanism that creates an airtight seal to lock freshness in.
  4. The push button can also be used as the lid’s handle (when the seal is released).
  5. Made of PVA-free, BPA-free, and phthalate-free plastic.
  6. Ergonomic design allows easy scooping and pouring.
  7. Dishwasher safe – easy to clean.

Best Airtight Dog Treat Container – OXO Pet POP Food Storage Container is great if you prefer your pet treats neatly stored away in your household cabinet. This container features a clever one-push button mechanism that creates an airtight seal locking freshness and aroma in – while keeping pests and moisture out. When the seal is released, the push button on top of the lid serves as the lid’s handle – a thoughtful and convenient feature! OXO Pet POP Food Storage Container is made of PVA-free, BPA-free, and phthalate-free plastic, ensuring that your furry friend’s health is never compromised!

OXO Pet POP Food Storage Container features rounded corners for easy pouring.  If you prefer using scoops – or just your hands – to dispense your dog treats, the wide opening of this container provides easy access.


  1. Space-efficient and stackable.
  2. Light-weight yet strong.
  3. Generous sizing.
  4. Airtight mechanism easily engaged by using a one-push button.
  5. Made of plastic that is free from harmful chemicals.
  6. Easy to use and clean.


  1. Design favors functionality over appearance.
  2. Innovative design and quality also mean that this container is slightly more expensive than what you would usually pay for a plastic dog treat container.

4 More Top Rated Dog Treat Containers:


The dog treat jars, containers and canisters come in different sizes and styles. These products are usually made of ceramic, plastic, aluminum, or stainless steel. The best dog treat jar for you is likely to be the one that suits your lifestyle without breaking your budget. No matter what dog treat jar you choose, never compromise on health and safety of your pet, and remember about the importance of keeping your whole household healthy and pest free. A dedicated, well-designed dog treat jar or container eliminates the need to fiddle with zip-locks of the dog treat packets (that never seem to work the way they are supposed to). Instead, enjoy the peace of mind that comes with knowing that every time you reach for a treat to give to your dog, it is going to be as fresh and delicious as your furry friend expects – and deserves – it to be.

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