Best Cat Collars with A Bell

7 Best Cat Collars with a Bell Including Our Breakaway Pick

Adding a bell to your cat’s collar isn’t just to make your cat look cute. It is actually a functional benefit that can help to protect your cat and the wildlife around your home. If you don’t want your cat to kill other critters, this is one of the best and easiest solutions available.

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5 Benefits of Using a Cat Bell Collar

Why use a cat bell collar? These reasons are why many do so:

  • They alert you of where the cat is in your home.
  • If your cat gets outdoors, it can help you find them.
  • Cat bells also warn wildlife that the cat is nearby, potentially limiting the number of kills your cat has.
  • Bells can also be a fashion accessory, especially with bows and beautiful designs on the collar.
  • A cat bell collar can keep your cat protected from threats outdoors, too, by giving you a way to locate your animal quickly.

Different Types of Cat Collars with Bells

Several types of cat collars exist. Any of them can work well. Consider these styles when choosing:

  • Breakaway collars; ideal investments because they help a cat to break away from branches or other hazards they may get caught on
  • Bowtie collars, with bows and bells, they can be a very cute addition
  • Adjustable collars; easy to fit snuggly onto the cat’s neck to keep the collar in place.

To help you make a decision about the best overall cat collars with a bell, check out these recommendations. Any of these can help you to keep your pet safe.

Overall Best Cat Collars With Bells

Red Dingo Reflective Cat Collar


  • Nylon webbing
  • Stainless steel K-ring to allow ID tags
  • Wildlife safety bell to warn animals
  • Easy, quick-release safety feature
  • Abrasion-resistant ribbon

Overall Best Cat Bell Collar – The Red Dingo Reflective Cat Collar is designed for the cat that likes adventure. The bell on this cat collar is more than just cute. It is designed to warn small animals and birds that the cat is approaching. There is also a stainless steel K-ring attached to allow users to add ID tags (or other tags) to the collar.

A key feature is the Red Dingo Reflective Cat Collar’s fish clip safety design. This fish-shaped clip allows for the collar to break away if the cat gets caught on a fence, a tree branch, or anything else, preventing any risk of injury or chocking. It’s also designed to be more comfortable than other products with its nylon webbing design and abrasion-resistant features. This may help minimize the number of times the cat tries to remove it.


  • Designed to be highly durable and weather resistant
  • Features safety bell to warn birds and other animals of the cat’s presence
  • Washable design
  • Features a quick-release feature to prevent the cat from getting caught on fences or branches
  • Comfort design to minimize any irritation near the skin
  • Adjustable band from 8 to 13 inches and ½ inch wide


  • May not fit all cats
  • Some cats may be able to remove it

Necoichi Daruma Charm Cat Collar


  • Made with kimono-grade chirimen rayon fabric
  • Breakaway design
  • Hand-made design
  • Daruma pendant for good luck
  • Simple bell design

Best Bow Tie Cat Collar with Bell – For those who love their cats a bit more than average, the Necoichi Daruma Charm Cat Collar has some key features to make it a must-have. The design features a daruma pendant, which is a type of Japanese good luck charm. It is also made using kimono-quality chirimen rayon fabric, which ensures the collar is very soft and pliable, unlike most nylon-style cat collars. It features a soft bell in the design. The fabric is durable enough for everyday use and can be wiped clean with a damp towel as needed.

The Necoichi Daruma Charm Cat Collar also has a breakaway clip to ensure the cat does not get caught while climbing a fence or tree. It is also adjustable to fit the cat’s neck comfortably but snuggly. It is designed by artisans and, because they are handmade, each one is a bit different. All feature a charming bow-design with various artistic colors and patterns.


  • Sturdy fabric that’s very comfortable
  • Traditional Japanese pendant may provide good luck for your pet
  • The breakaway design ensures the pet doesn’t get caught
  • Adjustable design to fit most pets
  • Hand-made by artisans, making each one unique
  • Durable design


  • Charms cannot be removed
  • Not machine washable

Safe Cat Adjustable Breakaway Cat Collar


  • Reliable breakaway design
  • Safety bell
  • Adjustable collar to fit most cats with up to a 12-inch neck
  • Measures 3/8 of an inch
  • No-snag nylon design
  • Choose from various colors

Best Breakaway Cat Collar – As one of the best breakaway cat collars, the Safe Cat Adjustable Breakaway Cat Collar is an excellent choice for those who have an adventurous animal. It breaks away rather easily to ensure the cat doesn’t get caught on tree branches or other lines. However, it does remain on the cat properly if fitted snugly to their neck. The Safe Cat Adjustable Breakaway Cat Collar also includes a safety bell to help warn other animals that the cat is present while outdoors.

It’s designed to be comfortable for the cat, too. It features a no-snag nylon material that helps the cat to feel comfortable. It’s durable enough to withstand the adventurous lifestyle of a cat. The bell is removable for those who do not want to hear it in the home. The Safe Cat Adjustable Breakaway Cat Collar is also available in numerous colors and is competitively priced to fit most needs.


  • Excellent breakaway feature to keep pets safe
  • Usable on most pets with a neck between 8 and 12 inches
  • Safety bell for other animals
  • Numerous colors to choose from
  • Comfortable material


  • No clip to hold a leash or tags
  • Needs to be fitted well to stay on

5 More Top Rated Cat Bell Collars

To give you a few more options, consider these additional cat bell collars that may fit your feline’s needs:

Catit Nylon Adjustable Cat Collar


  • Lightweight nylon material
  • Safety bell to protect wildlife
  • D-ring to allow for ID tags or a leash
  • Metal tongue bucket to ensure security
  • Simple, fashionable style

For those looking for a simple, but effective cat collar with a bell, the Catit Nylon Adjustable Cat Collar is a good overall choice. It is inexpensive and available in several colors, all of which are rather fashionable. The collar is made of a nylon material that’s adjustable by pulling the tabs. It also features a metal tongue tab, which works to keep the collar in place and prevents the cat from wiggling out of it.

The Catit Nylon Adjustable Cat Collar also has a small bell that is just loud enough to provide birds and smaller animals with a warning that the cat is around. It’s not too loud, though, to be annoying at home. The collar also has a D-ring attachment, which lets you add an ID tag for the cat or a leash for walking. It’s a sound, simple collar that does a good job.


  • Durable design using a nylon collar
  • Collar is adjustable to create a snug fit
  • Bell is small and easy enough to hear
  • Add ID tags or a leash as needed
  • Basic, easy-to-use style


  • No breakaway collar feature
  • Simple design with basic features

Blueberry Pet The Beloved Cat Collar with a Bell & Flower


  • High-density polyester material design
  • Comes in a pack of two
  • Several color options to choose from
  • Safety bell for wildlife included
  • Features pearl-like attachment on the center of the flower

The Beloved Cat Collar with a Bell & Flower by Blueberry Pet is a fashionable statement for any pet. The product includes two collars, each of a different color. All have a simple flower design with a faux pearl in the center (the manufacturer states this is securely glued into place to limit any risks). It’s made of a premium-quality high-density polyester that adds to the strength of the collar, but it remains rather soft and pliable to be comfortable.

The collar also has a bell on it to warn birds and other small animals that the cat is in the area. It’s a soft bell that’s not overly loud. In addition, the collar also includes a breakaway clip design. This can help prevent choking or the cat getting caught on a branch. This easy-to-use style is an excellent choice for those who want a belled collar with a bit of flare.


  • Attractive, fun-loving design
  • Soft and strong material that’s comfortable for the pet
  • Purchase includes two collars
  • Safety feature with the bell ensures birds can get away
  • Breakaway feature to ensure the cat doesn’t get caught


  • Small pieces, though glued securely to avoid falling off
  • No area to hold ID tags or to leash

Red Dingo Classic Cat Collar


  • Nylon webbing design for durability
  • Abrasion-resistant ribbon for comfort
  • K-Ring to allow ID tag attachment or leash
  • Safety bell to warn wildlife
  • Quick-release feature
  • Machine washable
  • Fits cats with a neck up to 13 inches

A comfortable, basic option, the Red Dingo Classic Cat Collar is a good collar choice for most outdoor cats. It is lightweight and easy to fit on your cat. It’s important to adjust it properly to ensure a snug fit so it remains in place securely. The material is comfortable but durable enough to stand the test of time. It also features an abrasion resistant ribbon design that helps ensure it doesn’t bother the cat or become damaged.

This collar features a wildlife safety bell to warn animals of the cat’s presence, but it is small enough to make it suitable for indoor use. There’s also a quick-release fish clip. This clip helps to allow the collar to break away if there is slight amounts of tension, such as from a tree branch, which will help your cat prevent injury while on adventures. It allows for ID attachments and can accommodate a small leash as needed.


  • Wildlife safety bell is loud enough to provide a good warning
  • Stainless steel K-ring makes it easy to add on a leash or ID tags
  • Quick-release feature to keeps the pet protected from branches or fences
  • Machine washable for longer use
  • Adjustable band for good fit
  • Material is durable but comfortable for most cats


  • Bell isn’t removable for indoor use
  • One size option may not fit all cats

Necoichi Chirimen Fireworks Cat Collar


  • Kimono-grade fabric that’s soft and quite comfortable
  • Breakaway clip design for safety
  • Adjustable fit to meet most animal’s needs
  • Handmade design
  • Gold kitty charm with a bell inside of it
  • Durable and brightly colored

For those seeking a pretty cat collar with a bell, the Necoichi Chirimen Fireworks Cat Collar is a sound choice. It offers bright colors and a beautiful design all on handmade, Kimono-grade fabric. The cat collar is durable and soft to the touch, keeping any cat looking stylish and yet comfortable.

The Necoichi Chirimen Fireworks Cat Collar offers several key features. First, the bell is located within a kitty charm, offering a softer sound and a more beautiful look. The collar can fit cats with a neck up to 13 inches and is easy to adjust. It also includes a breakaway feature that makes it possible for the cat to simply flee if he or she gets caught on a tree branch or other hazard. For those looking for a pretty collar that is handmade and well-made, this piece works well.


  • Fun, bright colors and designs
  • Made in Tokyo, Japan by artisans to create a truly handmade feel
  • Features chirimen cotton, the same as used in kimonos, for softness
  • Breakaway clip included for protection
  • Bell is inside a charm making it ideal for indoor use


  • Bell may be too quiet to warn wildlife
  • Harder to clean

Li’l Pals Elasticized Safety Kitten Collar


  • Elastic-style collar for a stretchy fit
  • Adjustable to fit most cat’s necks
  • Reflective strands within the collar to help it stand out at night
  • Safety bell in place
  • Durable design with a woven material

For those who have a cat that likes to be outdoors at night, the Li’l Pals Elasticized Safety Kitten Collar may be a good choice. This cat collar has reflective strands of material blended into the design to help make it easier to see. It also features a safety bell that’s loud enough to warn birds and small critters that the cat is nearby, minimizing their ability to kill.

This particular collar is also designed to be comfortable. It has an elastic, woven design that allows for the collar to be easily fitted onto the cat. The Li’l Pals Elasticized Safety Kitten Collar is very easy to adjust in size and creates a snug fit. It doesn’t have a breakaway feature, but it will pull off if the collar gets caught.


  • Easily fits over the cat’s head and the woven design creates a snug fit
  • Will not allow the cat to get caught due to the pull-off design
  • Reflective strands meshed into the material of the collar help provide some protection at night
  • Adjustable, comfortable fit for most cats
  • Safety bell offers a strong warning for small animals nearby


  • Crafty cats may be able to pull out of it
  • No claps for attaching an ID tag or leash


  • Should I Put a Bell on My Cat’s Collar? Placing a bell on the cat’s collar creates a warning tool for other animals. If your cat spends a lot of time tracking birds, rodents, or other small creatures, this bell warns those animals of the cat’s presence, giving them time to get away.
  • Why Do Cats Wear Bells on Their Collars? Most often, the bell is designed to provide a warning for other critters in the area that the cat is present. Some owners just like to know where the cat is in the home, too, making this a good option for those who have just indoor cats. Other owners, just like the sound of the bell.
  • Do Bells on Cat Collars Work? They are a simple tool that works pretty effectively. It is important to consider the size and style of the bell. Those located inside of plastic or another charm may be harder to hear, making them less of a warning for animals outdoors.
  • Is it Cruel to Put a Bell on a Cat’s Collar? Cats have an instinct to hunt and kill, and many people want to deter that behavior. It isn’t cruel, but some cats do not like to wear collars. They will try to remove it in many cases.


All of these belled collars can work well for those who want to reduce the amount of dead birds or critters on their doorstep. They’re all great products, and they’re all more than worthy of your consideration.

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