7 Best Large Dog Beds With Our 2024 Budget-Friendly Pick

Finding the right dog bed for your large pup can be a challenging task. Large dogs are more susceptible to hip dysplasia and other arthritic concerns, so it’s crucial that you offer them the most supportive place to sleep. But how do you possibly find a quality bed that will be big and tough enough for your large dog?

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We used our expertise, research and pet parent testimonials to bring you this helpful guide on how to choose the best large dog bed. We share tips and tricks for getting your dog to love their new bed, and offer seven phenomenal large dog bed recommendations.

5 Benefits of Using a Large Dog Bed

A dog bed is more than just a simple sleeping place for your canine pal. It’s more like your dog’s own slice of this world to relax and call their own. Let’s discuss other benefits of using a large dog bed:

  1. Supports your dog’s entire body: When you use an appropriately sized bed for your dog, it will support their whole body for maximum comfort. This is especially helpful if your dog has arthritis or other joint pain. And if you have a young dog, using a fitting bed can help avoid pressure points to prevent hip or joint issues in the future.
  2. Give your dog their own space: It’s important the dogs have their own personal space to relax and escape noise or stressful situations. A dog bed provides a place of familiarity that your dog will find comfort in.
  3. They make a good alternative to furniture: If for whatever reason you don’t want your pup on the furniture, a dog bed is a fantastic alternative. Your dog deserves to be comfortable at all times, too! That’s where a cozy bed comes in.
  4. You can get better sleep: Although we love having our dogs in bed with us, sometimes they may cause too many sleep disturbances. Buying your large dog their own bed will ensure that everyone is sleeping peacefully.
  5. Provides insulation: For dogs who get cold easily or for those freezing winter months, a good dog bed will provide warmth and insulation.

How to Get Your Dog to Like Their New Bed

You picked out the most perfect dog bed. You are so exciting about this cozy new spot for your dog. Then it arrives. With excitement, you lay the bed on the floor. Then, your dog just stares at it. Frustrating, right? Have no fear – here are some ways to get your dog to like their new bed:

  • Dogs use familiar scents to get comfortable with a new concept. Put one of your used t-shirts or your dog’s favorite blanket on their bed. A calming scent is encouraging for weary pups.
  • Encourage the use of your dog’s bed by treating your dog when they lay on it, or even sniff it. Rewarding that behavior will help reinforce it. You can also use your dog’s favorite toys if they are not food motivated.
  • If your dog has an old bed, try taking a blanket and placing it over that bed. Then, move the blanket to their new bed the next day. You can continue this pattern until your dog begins using their new bed more frequently. (The scent of the blanket is the reinforcing factor). Eventually you won’t even need the blanket on the new bed, unless your pup loves to sleep with it.

Overall, it’s important to reward your dog when they use their new bed. Positively reinforcing the use of it will teach your dog that their new bed is a great place to be!

6 Components to Look for in a Large Dog Bed

Dog beds have a surprising amount of features to consider when picking one out for your canine companion. Here are some of the important ones to look into:

  1. Sizing: A good large dog bed will be big enough to accommodate your dog without their feet or legs hanging over. We recommended getting a rough measurement of your dog in their typical sleeping position to determine what size will be best.
  2. Filling quality: Most of the large dog beds on our list are filled with memory foam of sorts. A high-quality foam should be able to support your dog’s weight without flattening. Since large dogs weigh more, you will need a sufficient amount of filling to avoid pancaking.
  3. Padded walls: Would your dog benefit from a mattress-style bed or one with bolsters? Bolster walls are great for head and neck support, and they offer a sense of security. But if your dog likes to sleep stretched out, a flat dog bed could be best.
  4. Chew-resistant material: If your dog loves to chew on their bed, you’ll probably want to consider a bed made from tear and chew-proof fabric. Tough material is also beneficial if your dog likes to scratch before they get into bed.
  5. Warranty: If your dog is an aggressive chewer or they have been known to quickly destroy their beds, you will want to buy a large dog bed that has a warranty. Many dog beds some with warranties of up to 120 days!
  6. Colors and design: Colorful and patterned dog beds are available for those pet parents who enjoy flawless interior décor. While some dog beds only come in neutral colors, others come in fashion-forward designs and bright colors.
Now we’ll share our suggestions for the best large dog beds so your pup can get to snoozing in luxury as soon as possible!

Overall Best Large Dog Bed

Big Barker Headrest Edition Pillow Top Orthopedic Dog Bed

Key Benefits:

  • Filled with orthopedic foam for full body support
  • 100% microfiber cover
  • Washable cover
  • Available in three large sizes and colors

We love this bed from Big Barker because it’s specifically designed for large dogs. Filled with premium orthopedic foam, this bed is sure to offer your dog full body support. The orthopedic qualities help reduce pain associated with arthritis or other joint issues. This large dog bed would also be helpful for pups who are recovering from surgery.

This Big Barker dog bed is equipped with a cozy head rest for additional neck support. The bed is covered in cozy microfiber. The cover can be completely removed and tossed in the washing machine for a quick cleaning. This high-quality large dog bed is made in the USA, and it will retain 90% of its shape to ensure you won’t need to purchase another bed due to this one flattening out.


  • Made specifically for large dogs
  • Great for arthritic dogs, or those recovering from surgery
  • Made in the USA
  • Removable, washable cover
  • Available in three sizes and colors


  • If your dog sheds a lot, their fur may end up stuck to the microfiber, but luckily the cover is washable!

Snoozer Pet Products Luxury Overstuffed Dog Sofa

Key Benefits:

  • Overstuffed for superior comfort
  • Attractive, stylish design suitable for any home
  • Removable cover for easy maintenance
  • Padded walls for additional support and security

Runner-Up Best Large Dog Bed: Your pampered pup could use their very own sofa, right? This large, overstuffed dog bed is excellent for any dog who would appreciate relaxing in their own cozy space. This sofa from Snoozer Pet Products is stuffed with polyester fill and covered in a fashionable microsuede fabric. For simple cleaning, simply take the bed cover off and throw in the washing machine.

This large dog bed looks like a real sofa, with padded walls to give your dog the ability to sleep how they’d like. Whether they want to read their head or put their tired paws up, the bolsters give additional support that your dogs will love. This luxurious large dog bed comes available in multiple warm colors and sizes. And if you’re tempted to relax on this sofa bed with your dog, don’t you worry. We won’t judge you.


  • Modern sofa design suitable for any home
  • Cover is removable and washable
  • Bolster walls for additional support and comfort
  • Soft microsuede fabric


  • Dog parent report that the main cushion is not washable, with the other parts are.

FurHaven Plush & Suede Orthopedic Sofa Dog Bed

Key Benefits:

  • Cost-effective
  • Plush faux fur is soft and cozy
  • Orthopedic support for pups with joint pain
  • Entire cover is machine washable

Best Budget-Friendly Large Dog Bed: For a more budget-friendly sofa dog bed, we recommend this one from FurHaven. This large dog bed is filled with egg-crate foam, so it’ll contour to your dog’s body shape, helping to reduce arthritic pain. The bed is covered in a faux fur material, which is completely machine washable. The underside of this bed is water-resistant, so if your pup is prone to accidents or making a mess it can be easily cleaned.

Three sides of this large dog bed have padded walls to accommodate the many sleeping positions of your pup. Having one completely open side helps dogs who may have joint pain, so they can easily step in and out of their bed. The FurHaven large sofa dog bed is available in four sizes and colors to suit your preferences. For a large yet luxurious dog bed on a budget, this one is worth considering!


  • Budget-friendly
  • Can accommodate large and giant breed dogs
  • Cover is removable and washable
  • Egg-crate foam offers orthopedic support
  • Available in four colors and four sizes


  • Not suitable for dogs who enjoy chewing on their bed

More Top Large Dog Beds

Snoozer Pet Products Microsuede Cozy Cave Dog bed

For those large dogs who may enjoy burrowing in a cave-like place, we recommend this bed from Snoozer Pet Products. The hooded design is intended to offer security and privacy for those pups who prefer a hideaway. The soft Sherpa lining is cozy and soft, and entire bed is machine washable. The bed is hand-sewn in the USA with upholstery-grade fabrics. Whether your dog wants to burrow or lay on top, this large dog bed is sure to offer superior comfort.

PetFusion Ultimate Lounge With Solid Memory Foam Dog Bed

For those dogs who prefer laying in the lap of luxury, this PetFusion ultimate lounge is worth a second look! This large, modern dog bed is filled with orthopedic memory foam, great for those pups who may be experiencing joint pain. The three bolstered sides are filled with recycled polyfill for superior comfort and support. And if you have a heavy chewer, the cover of this bed is water and chew-resistant! The durable cotton and polyester cover is also machine washable! We love the look of this bed, as it’s stylish and contemporary, perfect for the modern pet parent.

K&H Pet Products Original Bolster Dog Cot

If your large dog has long hair or tends to run warm in terms of body temperature, you may want to consider an elevated dog cot. This one from K&H Pet Products has a mesh center for ultimate breathability. But comfort isn’t compromised with this large cot – bolstered edges ensure that your dog still has comfortable head and neck support. This large dog bed would be great for use outdoors, whether you’re camping or in the backyard. The K&H dog cot is fairly inexpensive and easily transportable.

Brindle Waterproof Memory Foam Dog Bed

Your pup may prefer a simpler dog bed, where they can sprawl out for ultimate relaxation. In that case, we suggest this large Brindle dog bed. It’s filled with two inches of high-density support foam as well as two inches of memory foam. The comfortable foam will cradle your dog’s body for joint support while they sleep. We like that this bed has a waterproof layer which helps protect the foam from accidents or messes. The large Brindle dog bed comes in three trendy colors.

Frequently Asked Questions

  • What is a good fabric for a dog bed? – The best fabric for your dog’s bed will be based on a variety of factors. If your dog likes to chew their bed, a heavy-duty nylon or canvas would be best. Fleece, microfiber or microsuede are common fabrics used on dog beds. If you have a dog who runs cold or hot, you’ll want to take that into consideration when choosing a fabric. And if you plan to use the bed outdoors, it’s best to pick a fabric that will be waterproof and resistant to mildew.
  • What size bed does a large dog need? – The size bed that your large dog will need depends on their favorite sleeping position. To determine the best size, measure your dog while they sleep and compare that to the sizing chart for the particular dog bed that you’re interested in. If your dog sleeps curled up, they may be able to use a smaller bed than if they slept sprawled out.
  • Are elevated dog beds better? – Elevated dog beds are great for pups who will benefit from the air flow circulation and breathability. They are also great for outdoor use, whether you’re lounging in the backyard or going camping.


Your dog deserves to rest peacefully and comfortably every night. A good large dog bed will help make sure that your dog is getting the best sleep possible, so they can continue to live a healthy, active life.

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