7 Best Completely Washable Dog Beds: Our 2024 Picks

All dog parents can share a story about that time their pup tracked mud, dirt and debris into the house. Even if your pup is not a fan of venturing outside, nasty substances ending up on their bed is inevitable. You could bathe your dog every day, but dust, hair and bacteria will still find their way to your dog’s bed.

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When your dog’s bed is constantly exposed to the elements of everyday life, it will end up looking and smelling less than desirable. By using a washable dog bed, you are giving your pup a clean, cozy place to sleep without having to worry about manual labor in order to keep it in good shape. This helpful guide will assist you in finding the best washable dog bed for your canine buddy. We have 7 diverse recommendations that you (and your dog) will love!

5 Benefits of Using a Washable Dog Bed

We all know that dogs love to get dirty, and they don’t care how much their parents have to clean as long as they have fun! We love our pooches, but we don’t necessarily enjoy the mess they are capable of making. Luckily washable dog beds take a little less work out of our weekly cleaning routine. Here are some other benefits of using a washable dog bed:

  1. Convenient maintenance: The biggest benefit of using a washable bed is the ability to simply throw it in the washing machine! You can wash it if your pup has an accident, covers it with mud and dirt or if it just needs a regular cleaning.
  2. Longer lasting: Washable dog beds may last longer than others because you can keep them clean. Beds that can’t be washed will eventually end up too dirty or bacteria-ridden to keep.
  3. Great for outdoor or kennel use: Washable dog beds are great for use in a kennel or outside for sunbathing because you can put them in the washer if they become too dirty!
  4. Can often purchase a replacement cover: Often times you can purchase a replacement cover for your washable dog bed. This is a nice benefit in case the cover gets torn, too worn out or you just want a backup.
  5. Avoid an unsightly view: Wouldn’t you rather look at a cute, fashionable dog bed instead of one that’s stained and run down? No matter how much your dog uses their bed, a washable one will help keep it looking nice and clean!

Types of Washable Dog Beds

There are three main types of washable dog beds. These include:

  • Washable cover: Some dog beds are made with a soft piece of memory foam which comes equipped with a zipper cover. The cover can be removed and put in the washing machine for cleaning.
  • Entire bed is washable: Stuffed dog beds are often washable. Just throw the entire bed into the washing machine and watch it become fluffy and clean again!
  • Cot beds: Cot dog beds can be hosed down or wiped with a damp cloth, and sometimes they even come with removable bolster walls or a cover.
The type of washable dog bed that you purchase for your pooch will depend on your lifestyle and your pup’s sleeping habits. Let’s look a little further into other components to think about when purchasing a washable dog bed.

5 Components to Look for in a Washable Dog Bed

There are a ton of washable dog beds for you to consider, but look into these components when making your final decision:

  1. To cover or not to cover: There are beds which come equipped with a washable cover, and some allow you to put the entire bed into the washer. Both types of washable dog beds have their benefits, so it’s up to you to decide which you’d prefer.
  2. Material: Washable beds come in all sorts of materials including suede, faux fur, polyester and more. You may want to get a bed with a water-resistant material if your dog is prone to accidents or they enjoy splashing in water then climbing into bed.
  3. Outdoor beds: Any washable bed can be used outdoors since you can put it in the washing machine after use, but some beds are better for outside than others. If your pup enjoys using their bed outdoors, you may want a washable cot or bed with a protective bottom layer.
  4. Padded support walls: Many washable dog beds are built with padded walls, or bolsters. These offer support for your dog’s head, neck or silly sleeping positions. Padded walls also create a sense of security for dogs who like to feel protected.
  5. Size and shape: Before purchasing a washable dog bed, consider where your pup will be using it. In the kennel? For travel? At home in the same spot? Some beds may be too bulky for a kennel or traveling, while others are built for such circumstances. We have both types of beds on our list of recommendations.

So, here we go! Let’s talk about our favorite washable dog beds.

Overall Best Washable Dog Bed

PetFusion Ultimate Lounge With Solid Memory Foam Dog Bed

Key Benefits:

  • 4 inch memory foam base with machine washable cover
  • Anti-tear cover
  • Available in four sizes and two colors
  • Super comfy design

If you’re looking for a high-quality dog bed that offers extreme comfort and easy cleaning, we suggest this one from PetFusion. This ultimate lounge is available in four sizes to appropriately accommodate your deserving doggo. Four inches of memory foam offer incredible support and coziness for any dog, whether they are a puppy or senior. Supportive recycled polyfill bolsters allow your pup to rest comfortably in this simple, yet cushy bed.

The cover on this PetFusion bed is machine washable and tear-proof, and the twill fabric is gentle and soft on your pup’s skin. The outer cover is also water-resistant. We like that this bed is built to accommodate any dog. You can purchase it in a jumbo size for giant breed dogs, which has a six inch memory foam base as opposed to four. Overall, this washable dog bed is attractive for any home and comfy for any pup!


  • Memory foam base offers maximum comfort
  • Cover is water-resistant, tear-proof and machine washable
  • Side bolsters help create a snug resting experience
  • Available in four sizes
  • Attractive, modern design


  • A bit too bulky to fit into a kennel

Frisco Orthopedic Sherpa Cuddler & Cushion Dog Bed

Key Benefits:

  • Two piece bed with removable cushion
  • Available in three attractive prints
  • Foam base with bolster edges
  • Both pieces are filled with polyester fiber

Runner-Up Best Washable Dog Bed – Fashion meets function with this quality dog bed from Frisco. It will give your canine companion a super relaxing spot to get their beauty rest. The fluffy removable cushion is filled with polyester fiber and you can throw it in the washing machine when it endures too many dirty paws. The cushion has soft Sherpa on one side and a decorative design of your choice on the other.

The foam base of this Frisco dog bed provides excellent support for every dog. The bolster edges make a great head rest and give a feeling of security. This bed is a fantastic place for your dog to slumber during any time of day, and it’s also easy for dog parents to throw in the washing machine for a touch up. We love this Frisco machine washable dog bed as an addition to any home. Your dog will love their new tranquil sleeping spot.


  • Two piece bed is fashionable and modern yet soft and cozy
  • Foam base with secure bolster edges for support and comfort
  • Available in three prints and three sizes


  • The X-large dog bed is 32”, which may not be big enough for giant breed dogs

FurHaven NAP Ultra Plush Deluxe Memory Foam Dog Bed

Key Benefits:

  • Extremely affordable
  • Available in a jumbo size for the largest breeds
  • Memory foam covered in soft faux fur
  • Bed contours to your dog’s body

Best Budget-Friendly Washable Dog Bed – This washable dog bed is simple but a wonderful choice for a senior pet who may appreciate the step-on design, or for putting in a kennel. It’s available in three sizes, including jumbo, which is very cost-effective. A bed for your giant or senior dog doesn’t need to cost a fortune, and that’s part of the appeal of this FurHaven bed.

This washable dog bed is made with a memory foam base covered by a super soft faux fur as well as oxford polycanvas. The memory foam will contour your dog’s body while offering support for aching joints. The bed is lightweight so it can easily be moved around your home, put in your pup’s kennel for superior comfort or used for camping and traveling. You can purchase the FurHaven washable dog bed in three different colors and sizes.


  • Great for travel, camping, the kennel or anywhere in your home
  • Memory foam design is helpful for senior dogs
  • Available in a variety of sizes and colors
  • Great price for any budget


  • Probably not the best choice for a dog who is prone to chewing on their bed

More Top Washable Dog Beds

K&H Pet Products Original Bolster Dog Cot

This is a cot style bed that you can wipe down with a damp cloth for daily cleaning. You can also put the removable cover in the washing machine when it’s time for a deep cleanse. This cot from K&H Pet Products is an excellent outdoor solution for your dog to enjoy time in the sun. The durability also makes this washable bed a great option for camping, the beach or other outdoor activities. Although this dog cot requires some assembly, you won’t need any tools to put it together. We like that the center of this cot is mesh for breathability and sides are bolstered for premium comfort.

HappyCare Textiles Reversible Rectangle Quilted Dog Bed

This cozy, innovative dog bed is made for dogs weighing 25lbs or less. The reversible design allows for warm napping on the soft polyester side during the winter and cooler naps on the smooth, quilted side during the summer. This washable bed provides plenty of fluffy filling for a cozy sleeping experience. This dog bed is comfortable and comes with a price tag of only $20. When you’re ready to wash the bed, just throw it in the washing machine, and the bed will be like new in no time.

K&H Pet Products Bolster Couch Pet Bed

This nice looking couch bed is made from delightful ultra-luxe microsuede which is sure to give your dog the royal bedtime they deserve. The inside cushion of the bed is eco-friendly, as it’s made from recycled bottles. The bed cover and bolster liner can both be removed to be cleaned in your washing machine. Even the cushion can be machine washed! We like that your pup can easily step onto this bed while also being surrounded by the raised bolster for additional security and support. This modern, washable dog bed comes in two different colors and sizes.

Frisco Tufted Lounger Square Dog Bed

For those large puppers who enjoy a flat bed with plenty of room to sprawl out, we suggest this washable tufted bed from Frisco. The modern design boasts an attractive gray chenille jacquard fabric. It’s filled with polyester fiber filling for superior comfort. We like that this big bed has a handle on the side for easy carrying. The cover of this bed is machine washable so you never have to worry about your wet or dirty pup getting cozy on it.

Frequently Asked Questions

  • How do I clean a dirty dog bed? – If you have a washable dog bed, the tag will offer precise cleaning instructions. Every bed is built differently, so they require a different washing process. If your dog’s bed no longer has the tag on it, check the manufacturer’s website for further details or assistance. It’s important to follow directions so your dog’s bed comes out of the washing machine in one piece!
  • How often should I wash my dog’s bed? – You should wash your dog’s bed as often as you see fit. If it’s constantly getting dirty and wet, you’ll need to wash it a couple of times a week. A general rule of thumb is to wash your dog’s bed every 1-2 weeks depending on their usage and activity level. Obviously you will need to wash your dog’s bed the more often they use it. Also, if your dog’s bed reeks, it’s time for a wash!
  • Can you machine wash a dog bed? – You can machine wash a dog bed according to the manufacturer’s instructions. If the tag says not to machine wash it, then it’s best not to do so. We only recommend cleaning your dog’s bed in a washing machine if the manufacturer has deemed it appropriate.


Washable dog beds are incredibly easy to clean and maintain. They will last longer and continue smelling and looking fresh and clean as long as you keep up with regular washes. Buying a high-quality, washable dog bed will save you money in the end because you most likely won’t have to consistently replace the bed. Even investing a little bit more money into a nicer bed will pay off in the end because you won’t likely need to replace it due to stains or smells. Your dog will enjoy a clean, soft bed, and you will love not having a stinky, unsightly dog bed laying around your home.

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