Nom Nom vs. Ollie: Who Wins This Fresh Pet Food Match-Up?

Our Winner: Nom Nom

Though both Nom Nom and Ollie offer premium-quality freshly made food for dogs, Nom Nom is our top pick. Both options use wholesome natural ingredients and real animal proteins, but Nom Nom is the more affordable of the two and we simply love the convenience of pre-portioned daily packages. 

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You’ve heard of meal kits like Blue Apron and Home Chef, but did you know similar products exist for your pet? Fresh dog food is becoming increasingly popular and companies like Nom Nom and Ollie make it easy to feed your dog the highest quality food nature has to offer.

There are many different fresh dog food subscriptions out there, but some are better than others. Read on to see what we have to say about Nom Nom versus Ollie.

Nom Nom vs. Ollie Comparison Chart

When choosing your dog’s diet, it’s important to consider more than just the price. There’s nothing wrong with sticking to your budget, but you should make an effort to choose the highest quality dog food you can consistently afford. If you’re trying to pick between Nom Nom and Ollie, you’ll find everything you need to know below but here’s a quick comparison chart to get you started:

 IngredientsVarietyExperienceCostExtrasOur Winner
Nom Nom5/54/55/54/54/5X
Our WinnerOllieNom NomNom NomNom NomOllie

Now that you have a preview of these two fresh dog food delivery companies, you’re probably wondering how they compare. Read on to see a detailed comparison of the two brands as a whole and to see how they stack up in five different categories.

Overview of the Brands

In terms of fresh dog food, Nom Nom and Ollie are very similar. Both brands use freshly made ingredients and cook their products at low temperatures to preserve nutritional integrity. Nom Nom and Ollie walk you through the process of creating a profile for your pet online and provide you with detailed recommendations and a customized meal plan.

Here are some of the details you need to know to choose between Nom Nom and Ollie:

The Ingredients

When evaluating the quality of any dog food formula or brand, the first thing you want to look at is the ingredients list. It’s essential to choose a recipe rich in protein, ideally with an animal source of protein listed as the first ingredient. Both Nom Nom dog food and Ollie dog food are made with real animal proteins and other whole-food ingredients.

Nom Nom

Nom Nom offers four different fresh dog food formulas made with real animal proteins including beef, chicken, pork, and turkey. All but the turkey recipe are grain-free – the Turkey Fare formula contains brown rice. The chicken and pork recipes are made with a single source of protein (and a single protein ingredient) but the beef and turkey recipes contain a secondary source, eggs. Every recipe is completed and balanced according to AAFCO requirements and is free from by-products and artificial additives.


Ollie offers four fresh dog food recipes made with premium proteins including beef, chicken, turkey, and lamb. All four recipes are grain-free and made with superfood ingredients like spinach, kale, and chia seed. The calorie content of these recipes varies a little more than Nom Nom’s, but that isn’t a major concern since Ollie provides detailed feeding instructions. Every recipe is completed and balanced according to AAFCO requirements and is free from by-products, fillers, and artificial additives.

Our Winner: Ollie

Both Nom Nom and Ollie offer four fresh dog food recipes with similar proteins. All eight recipes feature real animal protein as the first ingredient, but Ollie wins out because their recipes are all single-source and contain more than one protein ingredient. Two of Nom Nom’s recipes contain eggs as a supplemental protein but the other two contain only a single protein ingredient. We do, however, like that Nom Nom offers a grain-inclusive recipe in their Turkey Fare. 

Recipe Variety

When choosing a dog food brand, many dog owners consider recipe variety an important factor. Offering a number of different recipes enables you to choose the one that best suits your dog’s preferences or dietary requirements. It also gives you the option to include greater variety in your dog’s diet if you follow a rotational diet.

Nom Nom

Recipe Name% Protein% Fat% Fiber% MoistureKcal/kg
Beef Mash1051731,239
Chicken Cuisine8.561771,255
Pork Potluck852751,246
Turkey Fare1151701,479


Recipe Name% Protein% Fat% Fiber% MoistureKcal/kg

Our Winner: Nom Nom 

Both Ollie and Nom Nom offer the same number of fresh dog food recipes. The only difference is that Ollie offers lamb as a fourth protein while Nom Nom offers pork. We are slightly in favor of Nom Nom in this regard, simply because lamb is a more common dog food allergen than pork. 

How it Works

Like most fresh dog food subscription services, both Nom Nom and Ollie deliver fresh dog food right to your door. The subscription process is similar, but there are a few differences in customer experience that may make your decision for you.

Nom Nom

To sign up for a Nom Nom subscription, you simply provide details about your dog’s age, weight, breed, and activity level then choose up to 4 of the available recipes. Nom Nom takes this information to calculate your dog’s daily calorie requirements, then sends you pre-portioned packages of fresh food. The food arrives frozen in freeze-friendly packages. You can change or skip a delivery from your online account but must contact Nom Nom directly to cancel your subscription.


Like Nom Nom, Ollie walks you through the process to create a detailed profile for your pet then provides personalized meal plan recommendations. Ollie tells you exactly how many calories your dog needs and provides a special scoop to help with measuring, but they don’t portion out the meals for you. The food arrives frozen in freeze-friendly packages. You can change or skip a delivery from your online account but must contact Ollie directly to cancel your subscription.

Our Winner: Nom Nom

Both Nom Nom and Ollie are easy to use and we love that both walk you through the process of creating a customized meal plan for your dog. In the end, we chose Nom Nom because they take the extra step of portioning out your dog’s food into individual packets for a day’s worth of calorie, making feeding easy.

How Much It Costs

You shouldn’t be surprised to find that fresh dog food is more expensive than kibble – it all comes down to the ingredients. Fresh food companies tend to user higher quality ingredients and usually prepare their food in smaller batches. Here’s what you need to know about the cost of Nom Nom vs Ollie.

Nom Nom

Nom Nom costs an average of $3 to $10 per day, depending on the size of your dog. Small dogs under 10 pounds cost as little as $21 per week while larger dogs 50 to 70 pounds may cost around $70 per week. For our 30-pound test dog, the weekly price of Nom Nom was about $35. Nom Nom offers a variety pack for you to sample a small 150g portion of all four recipes for just $15.


The cost to feed your dog Ollie dog food ranges depending on his size. On average, you can expect to spend about $3 to $6 per pound for Ollie fresh dog food. For our 30-pound test dog, the weekly price of Ollie was about $48.

Our Winner: Nom Nom

You’ll definitely pay more for fresh dog food than you would for kibble, but not all fresh food for dogs is expensive. Nom Nom wins over Ollie for being the more affordable option, costing about $13 less per week for a 30-pound dog. Both companies offer up to 50% off your first order. 

Extra Offerings

Though our focus here is on fresh dog food, it’s also worth considering what extras each company has to offer. Both Nom Nom and Ollie offer a limited selection of add-ons like treats.

Nom Nom

Nom Nom offers a limited collection of dog treats which changes with the season. Their Beef Jerky and Chicken Jerky treats are available year-round, and they sometimes offer seasonal selections like Pork and Pumpkin Strips. Nom Nom doesn’t provide nutritional info for their treats on the website.


Ollie offers four different dog treats including three protein-focused recipes and one made from sweet potato. All four recipes are made with no grains, gluten, or soy.

Here’s an overview of the four recipes:
Product Name% Protein% Fat% Fiber% MoistureKcal/Piece
Savory Beef Strips75412053
Sweet Potato Slices8292510
Tasty Chicken Strips72512054
Trusty Turkey Strips78311843

Our Winner: Ollie 

Both Nom Nom and Ollie offer additional products aside from their fresh dog food recipes, but Ollie has a larger selection. We also like that Ollie provides ingredient and nutrition information for these snacks.

Pros and Cons for Ollie vs. Nom Nom

By now you have a pretty good understanding of Nom Nom and Ollie as separate fresh dog food companies, but how are you going to make your decision? If you haven’t already decided, it may help to take it down to the details – here’s a summary of pros and cons for each brand to help you decide:

Pros for Nom Nom:

  • Freshly made dog food made with premium ingredients
  • Food cooked at low temperatures and packaged to maintain freshness
  • Individually portioned according to your dog’s calorie needs

Cons for Nom Nom:

  • May cost more than the average kibble, depending on your dog’s size
  • Limited number of choices for dogs with allergies to common proteins

Pros for Ollie:

  • Made with fresh, human-grade ingredients and no by-products
  • Food is cooked in small batches at low temperatures to preserve nutrients
  • Personalized meal plans for dogs with regular monthly deliveries

Cons for Ollie:

  • Costs more than the average dry food, depending on dog’s size
  • Limited number of protein choices for dogs with allergies to common proteins
  • Meals are not individually portioned according to dog’s calorie needs

The Final Word

Overall, we have no major complaints with either Nom Nom or Ollie. In the end, however, Nom Nom won our top pick by a narrow margin of 22/25 versus 21/25 total points. Ollie was our preference in terms of ingredients and extra offerings, but Nom Nom won out in customer experience and price. Both brands were similar in recipe variety, but Nom Nom was our pick for offering pork versus lamb.
In the end, what really matters is feeding your dog a high-quality diet made from wholesome ingredients. If either Nom Nom or Ollie is within your budget, we can happily recommend both!

Frequently Asked Questions

Is fresh dog food worth the price?

Fresh dog food generally offers higher nutritional quality than dry food. The better your dog’s diet, the better his health will be. It may cost more to buy a better quality food in the short-term, but if your dog stays healthier throughout his life it could save you a lot of money on vet bills in the long-term.

What are the benefits of fresh dog food delivery?

If you’re going to feed your dog fresh dog food, a subscription service like Nom Nom or Ollie makes it easy. Not only is your dog’s meal plan going to be personalized, but you’ll receive regular deliveries, so you never run out of dog food. You may also receive discounts for automatic delivery.

How do Nom Nom and Ollie know how much food to send?

Nom Nom and Ollie gather important details about your dog’s age, weight, and activity level to determine his daily calorie needs. They may also ask questions about your dog’s spay/neuter status as well as health issues, dietary preferences, and whether he needs to gain, lose, or maintain weight. Using these calculations, the company determines how much food to send based on the calories per kilogram each recipe contains.

Can I change or cancel my subscription at any time?

Both Nom Nom and Ollie allow you to create an account online where you can view and change your subscription. You can change or skip deliveries through your account, though you may need to contact the customer care team directly to cancel your subscription.

Can I try a sample of Nom Nom or Ollie?

Neither Nom Nom nor Ollie offer free samples of their products, but you can purchase a sample pack of 150g portions of all four recipes from Nom Nom for $15. Both Nom Nom and Ollie allow you to choose between one and four of their recipes with each delivery, however, so you can simply choose to divide your first order. Both companies offer discounts up to 50% off your first box too.

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