Bravecto vs. Comfortis: 2024 Comparison and Key Differences

Fleas are tiny pests with thin, flat bodies that make them extremely hard to detect and near impossible to kill. Jumping from place to place, they live on our pets, irritating them with bites and causing intense scratching. What’s worse, once you spot one, more are sure to follow, leading to a future infestation.

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To keep fleas off of your pet and out of your home, an effective flea treatment is essential. Flea treatments come in a variety of different products. For convenience, oral chews work well, while topical products offer comprehensive coverage of many types of pests. Flea collars are also a great option for long-term protection.

Researching flea treatments is imperative when choosing the one that will be safest and most effective for your particular pup. With such a plethora of products to choose from, your choice may depend on ingredients, frequency of application, or your dog’s reaction to the product.

Keep reading to learn more about two specific products, Bravecto and Comfortis.

What to Look for in a Good Flea Treatment

The best flea treatment varies depending on you and your pet. Some dogs have allergies to certain ingredients and so cannot have contact with products that use them. Certain pets will dislike the feel of a topical product or the taste of a chewable. Factors like these, along with the ones that follow, influence which product will be best for your dog.

When you begin researching flea treatments, check to see which pests they repel or kill. Some products only work against fleas, while others will take care of ticks, as well. Broad-spectrum products will even prevent pests like mosquitoes, biting flies, and lice.

The type of product you choose will also depend on the daily life of your dog. For example, if your pup loves to swim, a chewable treatment may be best since it has no limitations with water like a topical or a collar. However, if your pet does not take chewables easily, a topical or collar may be more suitable.

How often the product needs to be administered is another crucial factor in selecting a flea treatment. Forgetful owners may prefer a collar that stays effective longer. Other owners might find comfort in applying a treatment every month, and so one of the monthly products would be better for them.

Different types of products will utilize different active ingredients. Even within a specific kind of treatment, like chews or topicals, ingredients will vary. The most important reason to check the ingredients of a product is to make sure your pet does not have a preexisting allergy to one or more of the ingredients.

Every treatment has positive and negative properties. Topical preventions defend against multiple pests but leave a greasy residue behind; chewable products are convenient but have more potential side effects; collars last longest yet have limits with water and can become damaged during rough play.

Choosing the best flea treatment for your pup requires keeping these issues in mind, and thinking about which products will be the safest and most effective for your individual pup. Consulting your veterinarian is another step to take to ensure the flea treatment is right for your pooch.

Bravecto and Comfortis Similarities

Although Bravecto and Comfortis are very different products, each suitable for different situations, they share a few significant similarities, as well.

Both products are available by prescription only, meaning a pet owner will need to purchase these products from their veterinarian or acquire a prescription from their vet in order to purchase Bravecto or Comfortis. Neither can be bought over-the-counter.

Bravecto and Comfortis both come in chewable form though the Bravecto chew has a softer, chewier texture than the more firm Comfortis chewable tablet. Because of this, they are each convenient to administer, with most dogs eating them up like treats. Despite this similarity, Bravecto is available as a topical solution in addition to a chew.

When using either the Bravecto chew or the Comfortis tablet, make sure to give it with food for best absorption and maximum effectiveness.

Both Bravecto and Comfortis work incredibly quickly to kill fleas even if Comfortis is slightly faster. In 30 minutes, Comfortis starts killing fleas, eradicating 100% of them within four hours of application. Bravecto also works rapidly, beginning to kill fleas within two hours after administration.

Bravecto and Comfortis Differences

Even though Bravecto and Comfortis have certain qualities in common, they also differ significantly in many ways, making them useful for separate circumstances, owners, and, most importantly, pets.

One of the critical differences between Bravecto and Comfortis is the length of efficacy. Comfortis remains effective for 30 days, which means it needs to be administered every month. Bravecto, however, provides an entire 12 weeks of protection and needs to be given every three months.

Bravecto is a more flexible product than Comfortis, which comes in only one form, a beef-flavored chewable tablet. On the other hand, Bravecto is available as both a chewable and a topical solution. In this way, a concerned pet owner can choose the form preferred by their specific pet and still receive 12 weeks of protection.

Bravecto and Comfortis differ in their ability to defend against multiple pests. Comfortis is specifically designed to protect against and kill fleas only, whereas Bravecto kills four kinds of ticks, as well as fleas. After a dose, Bravecto kills black-legged or deer ticks, American dog ticks, and brown dog ticks for 12 weeks, and lone star ticks for eight weeks.

Although the active ingredients in Bravecto and Comfortis are both considered insecticides, they are different from each other. Spinosad is the active ingredient in Comfortis, while Bravecto uses fluralaner. As part of an FDA study, fluralaner is among several FDA-approved medications that can cause neurological side effects, like seizures.

Adverse reactions like those observed in the FDA study are rare side effects that occur infrequently. These products, including Bravecto, have been safely used in the majority of dogs who take these medications and do not experience these side effects. Talk to your veterinarian to discuss your pet’s specific needs in more detail.

Bravecto and Comfortis Pricing Comparison

Bravecto, either the chew or topical solution, is sold in five sizes based on your pet’s weight. Both the chew and the topical are sold in boxes of one dose since it lasts for three months. The price for one dose is the same for all five weight ranges; however, the topical solution is slightly less expensive than the chew.

Comfortis is also available in five sizes based on your pup’s weight. It is sold in six-dose boxes, and the price increases slightly as the weight increases.

Based on these prices, Comfortis is the more economical product even though it is more expensive upfront. Since a single box of Comfortis lasts for six months, whereas a box of Bravecto lasts for three, it seems more costly at first. However, per dose, Comfortis costs roughly $17 while Bravecto costs $54, making Comfortis vastly more economical over time.

Our Review of Bravecto and Comfortis

Bravecto is a flexible flea and tick prevention product that comes as a great tasting chew or a topical solution. It protects against and kills fleas and ticks for 12 weeks, making it one of the longer-lasting flea treatments available. While it is a bit more expensive, it is a very effective, veterinarian-recommended product.

Comfortis is a beef-flavored chewable tablet used for preventing and killing fleas. It works almost instantaneously, beginning to kill fleas 30 minutes after administration. Comfortis must be given every 30 days to remain effective and is a very affordable product.

Selecting a product between these two choices is a challenge since both receive high customer ratings and frequent recommendations from veterinarians. Bravecto, both chew and topical, and Comfortis consistently earn 4.5 to 5-star ratings from consumers who appreciate their outstanding efficacy and convenience.

However, Bravecto lands just ahead of Comfortis for a few specific reasons.

Bravecto promises protection against ticks, as well as fleas, providing more comprehensive pest protection. Even though it is more expensive, its ease of use, as either a chew or a topical, and especially its long-lasting 12-week defense, make it stand out. Bravecto also benefits from veterinarian recommendations and stellar customer reviews.

Flea Treatment FAQs

How Safe Are Flea Treatments?

Most flea treatments have a wide margin of safety. As with any treatment or medication, side effects may occur, but these are rare and infrequent. The majority of dogs treated with products like Bravecto and Comfortis will not experience any adverse reactions.

Nevertheless, to make sure your pup is safe, make sure to check the ingredients for any existing allergies your pet has. You should also administer the treatment during a time when you will be near your pet for a few hours afterward so that you can monitor your dog for any immediate negative reactions.

Typical side effects of flea treatments include vomiting, diarrhea, skin irritation, lethargy, and decreased appetite. Some treatments may also cause neurological symptoms like tremors or seizures. Contact your veterinarian if you notice any signs of an adverse reaction.

How Quickly Do Flea Treatments Work?

The speed with which a flea treatment will begin working depends on the specific product, although most begin working within hours after a dose. Comfortis may have the quickest efficacy as it starts killing fleas 30 minutes after administering.

Due to advances in pet health care, many flea treatments promise a near-complete eradication of all fleas on your dog 12 hours after a dose. Keep in mind that in order to maintain a flea-free pet and home, flea treatment should be used year-round on all of your furry friends.

What Should You Do If Your Dog Takes Other Medications?

Many flea treatments are safe for any pet, even if they are already on a different medication. However, you should never start a treatment or administer a dose without consulting your veterinarian. This is especially true in cases of neurological disorders such as seizures, which will influence the flea treatment safest for your pup.


Bravecto is a unique flea and tick treatment that is available in two forms: a tasty chew or a topical solution. It provides a full 12 weeks of protection from both fleas and ticks and begins working just hours after a dose. Even though it is more expensive than Comfortis, it guarantees excellent protection and long-lasting efficacy.

Comfortis, a chewable tablet, defends against fleas only. It must be given once every month for effective protection and begins killing fleas 30 minutes after a dose. Because of this, it is perfect for treating flea infestations. In addition, Comfortis is an economical choice that delivers great protection at an affordable price.

Bravecto and Comfortis are both great products that promise complete flea protection for your pup. Bravecto provides a defense against ticks, too, helping to guard your dog against Lyme disease. Both products work well for flea infestations, as each of them begins working quickly after administering a dose.

Although Bravecto is more expensive per dose than Comfortis, it offers more comprehensive protection against fleas and ticks. Available as a chew or a topical solution, Bravecto offers two great options for shielding your dog from pests. Bravecto routinely receives excellent ratings from customers and is recommended by veterinarians.

Also, Bravecto’s 12-week protection is one of the longest lasting of any flea treatment, needing to be administered every three months. Overall, Bravecto’s long-term efficacy, complete flea and tick coverage, and flexibility as a chew or topical make it a better choice than Comfortis.

Always discuss new treatments and medications with your veterinarian. Your vet will help you determine which flea treatment will be safest and most effective for your pet.

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