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9 Best Brushes for Yorkies: Our 2024 Yorkie Brush Guide

If you don’t believe that big things come in small packages, you have never met a Yorkshire Terrier (Yorkie). These affectionate, sassy dogs perfectly exemplify what dog lovers know as the terrier attitude.

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Because they are small and full of personality, this toy breed is a favorite pet choice of city dwellers. They are well-suited to apartment living and slipping through busy foot traffic. Not to mention, Yorkies make shockingly good guard dogs for their size.

Take all of this and couple it with the fact that Yorkies are hypoallergenic and shed very little, and it’s not hard to see why this breed consistently ranks near the top of the favorites chart. However, this is not to say that Yorkies don’t require some upkeep.

With a few different coat types (all of which require pretty regular grooming), figuring out exactly how to care for your Yorkie’s coat can be a confusing process—that’s why we have created this guide. We will walk you through the Yorkie coat types, the common types of brushes used for them, and then give you our top picks for specific brushes.

Read on for everything you could need to know about buying a brush for your Yorkie!

Different Types of Yorkie Brushes

There are a few different types of brushes you will see on the market for Yorkies; the most useful types will vary slightly depending on your Yorkie’s coat, so it’s important to understand their function. Here are the brush types and what they do.

  • Slicker brush — One of the most popular brush types for this breed, slicker brushes consist of a wide head covered with thin wire bristles. These bristles can be stiff or flexible, and are especially good for working out knots and mats. Since Yorkie coats are more like human hair than regular fur, tangles are the biggest concern that Yorkie owners face. Many slicker brushes have angled teeth to prevent them raking against your Yorkie’s skin under their single layer coat.
  • Comb — Another important part of any Yorkie grooming routine, combs are great for making sure Yorkie coats stay smooth and clean. Dog combs aren’t all that much different from human ones, but they are generally made of metal. A comb for a Yorkie will need to be especially small since they are a toy breed, particularly if you are after a comb that you can use to brush out your dog’s facial hair.
  • Pin brush — Though not as commonly used for Yorkies as the first two types, pin brushes look just like human hair brushes. This is useful for Yorkies as their coats are quite similar to human hair, so these brushes are good for detangling and smoothing these dogs’ coats without ripping at their hair.
  • Bristle brush — Mostly made up of a head densely filled with pliable bristles, bristle brushes are an excellent way to end a Yorkie brushing routine. Though these brushes don’t do much in the way of removing mats or tangles, they are great for cleaning hair and adding a high degree of shine.
  • Shedding brush  — Though Yorkies do not shed very much or very often, they do lose hair much in the same way a person does. For Yorkie owners who are especially concerned about loose hair around the home, a shedding brush can eliminate the issue entirely. These brushes are usually made up of a head of fine teeth that gently work through the coat to collect loose fur, though some are made of rubber or silicone with duller nubs.
While shopping for a brush for your Yorkie, you will likely also encounter something called an undercoat rake. This is a great tool for many breeds, but Yorkies have only a single coat, so an undercoat rake can actually scrape against their skin.

Different Types of Yorkie Coats

Unlike many other breeds, the division between the different types of Yorkie coats is quite visually obvious, and you probably already know what they are, even if you don’t realize it. We’ll discuss these types, how they look, and the care they require now.

  • Puppy coat — Though they never grow to be all that large, Yorkie puppies can be spotted easily by their coats. When young, Yorkies’ coats have much more vibrant features (the blacks are darker and the tans are brighter). Puppy coats are also thicker and softer, as they’re meant to shield the young Yorkie from the world. These coats don’t need too much special care; weekly brushing with a comb or pin brush should suffice for this coat type.
  • Silky coat — This is the coat type you’ll see when a Yorkie competes in a dog show. Long, glossy, and straight, one look at this coat and you can see that it takes some serious upkeep. Slicker brushes, combs, pin brushes, and bristle brushes can all be utilized for this coat type, in order to maintain the texture and shine. Since long hair will be much more noticeable when shed, it’s not a bad idea to run a shedding brush through silky coats once in a while.
  • Wire/cotton coat — This coat type is shorter, more wavy, and can appear thicker. Unlike their silky coated counterparts, Yorkies with this type of coat will never have long hair. Because of the texture, this coat type is even more prone to matting, so it will be important that owners check their pups almost daily for developing tangles. A wire brush is a great first line of defence when brushing a Yorkie with a wire coat.

Our Top Picks for Yorkie Brushes

Now that we’ve discussed all the background information you need to know, let’s dive into our top picks for Yorkie brushes!

JW Pet Gripsoft Slicker Brush Soft Pin

Key Benefits:

  • Curved wire bristles prevent skin raking
  • Padded rubber handle makes the process comfortable for you
  • Small enough for all Yorkie sizes
  • Comfortably and gently removes mats and tangles

Overall Best Brush for a Yorkie —Regardless of coat type or lifestyle, this slicker brush will certainly enhance your Yorkie’s hair by helping to prevent mats, eliminate tangles, and restore the sleek shine Yorkies are known for. The bristles are specifically designed to protect dogs’ skin, and the comfortable handle will make the experience more enjoyable for you.


  • Flexible, curved bristles help eliminate tangles
  • Small enough for a Yorkie
  • Costs less than $4


  • May still cause discomfort if too much pressure is applied
  • Not effective at picking up loose hair

FURminator deShedding Edge Dog Brush

Key Benefits:

  • Comes in 3 sizing options
  • Both short hair and long hair styles available
  • Should reduce shedding almost completely in Yorkies
  • Fine, metal teeth collect loose fur

Best Shedding Brush for Yorkies —Though shedding isn’t a huge concern for Yorkies, they will still lose hair like any other living being whose coat regenerate regularly. This shedding brush will help eliminate shedding from your home completely when used regularly by collecting loose fur in its fine metal teeth.


  • Sizes and styles available for all Yorkie coat types
  • Skin guard edges protect skin
  • Curved to conform to your dog’s shape


  • May not be necessary for many Yorkies
  • Hair can be difficult to remove from the brush

Dakpets FURblaster Deshedding & Light Trimming Tool

Key Benefits:

  • Removable stainless steel brush head
  • Fine teeth clear out loose fur
  • Light trimming possible with teeth edges
  • Versatile enough to use on any size dog and any coat type

Best Deshedding Tool for Yorkies — While shedding may not be high on your list of concerns as a Yorkie owner, this tool does more than just prevent stray hair from littering your home. The teeth can also serve as a light trimming tool to help thin out mats and tangles, while still collecting any loose hair along the way.


  • Works as a light trimmer as well as deshedding tool
  • Rounded teeth should maintain your dog’s comfort
  • Highly effective at removing any loose hair


  • Shedding is not a major issue for Yorkies
  • Trimming feature takes several attempts to work

Andis Premium Large Firm Pet Slicker Brush

Key Benefits:

  • Curved wire bristles meant to move through tangles easily
  • Wide brush head to maximize space covered
  • Removes dirt and debris in addition to mats
  • Soft grip handle makes brushing comfortable for you

Best Slicker Brush for Yorkies —Slicker brushes are a crucial tool for keeping Yorkie coats looking their best. This one features a broad brush head full of curved, fine wire bristles to move through any type of Yorkie coat, removing mats, tangles, and dirt along the way. The soft handle ensures that the brushing process won’t leave you with an aching hand or wrist.


  • Excellent brush type for all Yorkie coats
  • Many wire bristles to ensure tangles are eliminated
  • Cost effective option


  • May be a little too large for some Yorkies
  • Pins may prick your pup’s skin

Andis Steel Pet Comb

Key Benefits:

  • 7.5 inches made entirely of steel
  • Wide and fine teeth
  • Will work for any size dog
  • Untangles, cleans, and smooths hair

Best Comb for Yorkies —Combs are another tool every Yorkie owner should have at their immediate disposal. This one is made entirely of metal, so there is no concern over teeth snapping off in especially tough mats. The varying teeth sizes make this a versatile comb, capable of assisting in every stage of the grooming process.


  • Sturdy construction
  • Assists with almost every phase of the brushing process
  • 94% rate of recommendation


  • Teeth do not rotate
  • Requires several strokes to remove tangles

Hartz Groomer’s Best Combo Dog Brush

Key Benefits:

  • Double-sided brush head does double the work
  • Features both pins and bristles
  • Safety tips on pin side ensure safety
  • Bristles will promote a smooth, silky coat

Best Pin Brush for Yorkies —Not only is this a great pin brush, but it’s also a great bristle brush. Pins covered with safety tips on one side work through lighter knots and add uniformity, the bristles on the other side help spread natural oils and promote silkiness.


  • Double sides add value
  • Costs less than $6.50
  • Both pins and bristles are useful for Yorkie coats


  • Rubber backing may fall off
  • Head might be too large for some Yorkies

3 More Top Rated Yorkie Brushes

Not sure you’ve found the right brush for your pup yet? Don’t worry, we’ve listed 3 more great brushes for Yorkies here!

Li’l Pals Double-Sided Dog Comb

Key Benefits:

  • Fine teeth on one side, wide teeth on the other
  • Metal teeth with comfortable handle
  • 1.75 inch comb is perfect for toy breeds like Yorkies
  • Can be used on sensitive areas like the face

This comb was made for toy breeds, and you’ll see why when you use it for your Yorkie. The small head makes it easier for you to comb out tender areas on your pup with a greater degree of control, and the varying teeth size allows you to detangle, smooth, and add uniformity all with one tool.


  • Double-sided to keep comb length short
  • Small enough for even a Yorkie
  • Costs less than $10


  • May feel too narrow to some owners
  • Short teeth may not penetrate through thicker coats

ConairPRO Pet-It Boar Bristle Brush

Key Benefits:

  • Contains both synthetic and natural bristles
  • Fits in your hand for gentle brushing
  • Helps distribute oils to add shine
  • Gives hair a smooth, silky appearance

Bristle brushes can really add a degree of beauty to a Yorkie’s coat. This one will fit in the palm of your hand, so you can smooth and add shine to your Yorkie’s hair without them feeling like you’re doing anything more than petting them.


  • Small enough to feel like a massage rather than a brushing session
  • Works for both long and short/curly hair
  • Easy to grip as you brush


  • Can be difficult to remove loose hair from the bristles
  • Grip may feel rough for larger hands

Andis Premium Large Pin Pet Brush

Key Benefits:

  • Classic pin brush with sturdy design
  • Safety tipped pins protect Yorkie skin
  • Spreads oils evenly through Yorkie coats
  • Helps promote cleanliness and shine

Don’t be fooled by the simplicity of this brush, it can perform impressively for your Yorkie. Since their coats are so hair-like, it makes sense that pin brushes are such a popular choice for this breed. This one features a sturdy design with safety-tipped pins so your Yorkie’s skin won’t be damaged despite their lack of undercoat.


  • Effective for Yorkie coats specifically
  • Costs only $8.50
  • Sturdy and safe design promotes shine and smoothness


  • May be too large for Yorkies
  • Rubber backing can detach

6 Tips for Brushing Your Yorkie

If you feel a little out of your element when thinking about brushing your Yorkie, you’re not alone. Here are a few simple tips to simplify the process!

  • Consider your Yorkie’s coat type — Your grooming routine will change depending on which coat type your Yorkie has. Though more prone to matting, wire/cotton coats are simpler to brush than silky ones, which must be meticulously worked through in sections. For wire coat pups, focus on mats and run a brush through their problem areas every few days. Silky coats will not mat as quickly, but will lose their shine and uniformity, so they will need careful combing, and attention with a bristle brush.
  • Take it slow — No matter which type of coat your Yorkie has, it will appreciate you taking the brushing process slowly. Trying to quickly rip through your pup’s hair will result in discomfort for them, and frustration for you (since this method is not as effective as brushing more slowly). Take a breath and slow down while brushing—your Yorkie will be thankful, and you’ll find you have a calmer, better-groomed dog at the end of the process.
  • Use more than one brush — Though it doesn’t present the same problem points as most other breeds’ coats, Yorkie hair has its own distinct set of difficulties, and they can’t be solved with just one brush. Think about the specific issues you have noticed with your dog’s coat (does it tangle quickly? Look frizzy and dull?) and use this guide to decide which brush type will best remedy them.
  • Be gentle while brushing — This tip goes hand in hand with our advice to take it slow while brushing. Especially for silky coated Yorkies, gentleness is important to ensure  that brushing is not painful. Think about how you would brush your own hair and apply the same kind of motion and pressure to brushing your Yorkie’s. These big personality dogs will let you know if they don’t like something, so it’s best to avoid that negative interaction entirely.
  • Reward your Yorkie — The surest way to get your feisty terrier to sit still for grooming sessions is to offer them a reward once it’s over. A special treat or favorite activity are great ways to signal to your Yorkie that brushing is actually a positive thing; eventually, they’ll pick up on the fact that it pays to allow the brushing.
  • Establish a routine — Much like people, dogs thrive on routine. Try to work brushing into a routine you’ve already established. For example, if you go to the dog park and the farmer’s market every weekend, try to work brushing in between the two activities. This will help your Yorkie pick up on the fact that grooming is going to happen at a particular time recurrently, and will encourage them to accept that fact without too much protest.

FAQs Regarding Brushes for Yorkies

Have some lingering questions related to brushes for Yorkies? No problem! We’ve answered a few of the most commonly asked questions on the subject here.

  • Do Yorkies shed? Yes, but barely. Yorkies do not blow their coats like many other breeds, but they will lose hair like a person does. If shedding is a particular concern for you, simply use a shedding brush on your Yorkie once a week and it should take care of any loose hair that would otherwise wind up around your home.
  • Are Yorkies hypoallergenic? Yep! For the most part anyway. Lots of experts feel that no dog is truly hypoallergenic, but since Yorkies shed so little, their natural allergens have very little risk of causing irritation. Regular brushing can also help with this aspect of Yorkie grooming, as it will virtually eliminate shedding.
  • What kind of brush is best for a Yorkie? This depends to a degree on which type of coat your Yorkie has, but as a general rule, a slicker brush or comb will be the most effective brush types for a Yorkie. Both of these types help work out mats and tangles; they also help with removing dirt and debris. This is not to say that a pin brush or bristle brush couldn’t be a great choice for your pup as well.
  • How often does a Yorkie need to be groomed? Most Yorkies should be brushed once a week at minimum, but a couple of times a week would be better. If your dog is particularly prone to mats, or you would really like to keep their coat looking smooth and silky, aim for 2-3 times a week.


Yorkies are a big personality breed. They are affectionate and brave, and they add light and levity to their owners’ lives. This toy breed can also be one of the most attractive types of dogs when properly groomed.

Who wouldn’t want to help their Yorkie look as good as possible? Shop this guide to find the best brush for your individualistic pup!

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