Best Brush for A Pitbull

9 Best Brushes for Pitbulls: Our 2024 Pitbull Brush Guide

Pitbulls have suffered a character assassination by virtue of irresponsible owners and dubious beginnings as a breed, but in reality these dogs are incredibly gentle and nurturing when properly socialized and trained.

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Pitbulls are more of a group rather than a breed, as they are actually a combination of many different bulldogs and terriers that make up the “bully” breeds. At this point, these breeds’ individual characteristics have become so diluted within the pitbull umbrella that their combined aesthetic is easily recognizable as belong to Pitbulls.

Pitbulls were originally bred as fighting dogs, and so a vicious nature was encouraged in early iterations of the breed. This has been the largest contributing factor to Pitbulls’ bad reputation in the public consciousness. However, kind owners who do the work to socialize their Pitbulls wind up with incredibly loving and loyal companions.

Though they have short, slick coats with only one layer, Pitbulls do require some work to properly groom. If you have a Pitbull but you aren’t sure of the tools you need to properly do the job, this guide is for you!

We’ll go over the types of brushes you will encounter on your hunt for the right one, and how they serve to help Pitbull coats, then we’ll reveal our top picks for Pitbull brushes. Keep reading for all the information you could need before purchasing a brush for your Pitbull!

Different Types of Pitbull Brushes

  • Shedding brush — Pitbulls shed more than you would anticipate just by looking at them. Shedding brushes are specifically designed to collect loose fur before it falls from your dog’s body. They usually come equipped with a set of fine metal teeth that gently rake up dead fur. Some shedding brushes are made of rubber or silicone, and this type is especially good for a Pitbull’s short, stiff coat.
  • Slicker brush — These brushes are defined by a wide head of fine wire bristles. These bristles may be flexible or stiff. Slicker brushes are primarily used for detangling, which is not a concern for Pitbulls, so this is one of the less popular brush types for this breed.
  • Bristle brush — These are far and away the most common brush for Pitbulls. With the bristles usually made of nylon, these brushes are great for gently cleaning short coats and adding some shine. Bristle brushes will also help clean your Pitbull’s coat, and make it extra smooth.
  • Pin brush — This is another less commonly used brush type for Pitbulls, as one of the primary functions of a pin brush is to detangle. Pin brushes are also useful for cleaning and adding uniformity to a coat, though, which is why they are sometimes used for Pitbulls.
You may come across a few other types of brushes while shopping for one for your Pitbull, particularly combs and undercoat rakes. Though these are great options for many breeds, Pitbulls do not have long enough hair to necessitate a comb, and they do not have undercoats at all. For this reason, you should focus on the brush types we have listed above.

Different Types of Pitbull Coats

All Pitbull coats are quite similar; the different “types” arise from which breed primarily comprises their lineage (since Pitbulls are essentially a composite of many breeds). We’ll discuss the 4 most common bully breeds here, and describe their coats.

  • American Pit Bull Terrier — These dogs have short, firm coats that sit tightly against their bodies. Their fur is a single layer, and should shine when properly cared for. These pups can come in almost any color, and usually have multiple colors within one coat.
  • American Staffordshire Terrier — This breed looks remarkably like the American Pit Bull Terrier, and their coats are virtually identical. These dogs, too, have short, stiff, smooth coats. Regular brushing is necessary to keep this fur clean, to prevent shedding, and to distribute that dog’s natural oils evenly to promote shine.
  • Staffordshire Bull Terrier — Much smaller than the first two bully breeds, Staffordshire Bull Terriers have the same short, smooth coat as their other Pitbull counterparts, though slightly less stiff. Caring for this coat will take the same kind of work as the first two.
  • American Bully — Like the first three bully breeds, this one usually has a short, stiff coat. The American Bully’s fur can also be wavy, or a bit smoother than the first three types. Though all bully breeds are quite muscular for their size, this one is especially so. Like the others, this coat will require regular attention with a few different types of brushes.

Regardless of which type of Pitbull you have, their coats should all be very similar. Some physical markers can differentiate Pitbulls with different breed heritages, but coat is generally not one of them, so there are no real special considerations to keep in mind when you are shopping for a brush for your Pitbull.

Our Top Picks for Pitbull Brushes

Hopefully, you have gained some new insight into Pitbulls on whole, and into your specific pup. Now that you know what you should be looking for and why we’ll dive into our top picks for Pitbull brushes!

HandsOn All-In-One Bathing & Grooming Gloves

Key benefits:

  • Two gloves for double the brushing power
  • Varying sizes of rubber teeth
  • Gloves come in 5 sizes
  • Work for both wet and dry fur

Overall Best Brush for a Pitbull – Our absolute favorite brush for Pitbulls is a little unorthodox: it is actually a set of gloves. They are mesh on the back with rubber palms containing many dull teeth. These teeth smooth and clean your Pitbull’s fur as you pet them. The gloves can also be used during back time to ensure your pup gets a thorough clean. This system will help your sensitive dog feel comfortable while being groomed.


  • Comfortable for your Pitbull
  • Good size range to ensure proper fit
  • Versatile product


  • May be difficult to clean hair out of gloves
  • Rubber is somewhat stiff

Furbliss Multi-Use Deshedding and Massaging Short Hair Dog Brush

Key benefits:

  • Made of flexible silicone
  • Traps loose fur in its rounded teeth
  • Can remove fur from furniture
  • Soothing for your dog

Best Shedding Brush for Pitbulls – Another unconventional design, this shedding brush is made entirely of medical grade silicone, so it is soft and flexible. The design means that brushing feels like a massage to your Pitbull, though in reality, you will be eliminating all of the loose fur that would otherwise wind up scattered around your home.


  • Soothing for your Pitbull
  • Especially effective for short, single layer coats
  • Can be used on wet or dry fur


  • Difficult to hold on to
  • Can be hard to remove fur from the teeth

FurryFido Pet Deshedding Tool & Grooming Brush

Key benefits:

  • Short, fine teeth with a smooth wood handle
  • Durable steel blades
  • Not too long for short Pitbull coats
  • Effectively weeds out loose fur

Best Deshedding Tool for Pitbulls – This deshedding tool features and incredibly simple but effective design. With a large, smooth wooden handle, you can easily grasp this tool and run the short teeth through you Pitbull’s coat. Whatever loose or dead fur is lurking in there will be pushed out.


  • Should not cause your dog any discomfort
  • Easy to hold and use
  • Durable materials


  • Does not collect fur in the teeth, just pushes it out
  • May not be all that necessary for dogs without undercoats

Andis Premium Large Firm Pet Slicker Brush

Key benefits:

  • Wide brush head covers large area at once
  • Removes any dirt and debris stuck in a coat
  • Sturdy construction
  • Very lightweight

Best Slicker Brush for Pitbulls -Though slicker brushes are not the most useful item in the grooming world for Pitbulls, they are excellent at removing dirt and debris that is stuck in your pup’s fur. Since Pitbull coats aren’t prone to tangles, this large brush is ideal to cover expansive areas of the coat at once.


  • Covers a good amount of fur at once
  • Excellent for cleaning out dirt and debris
  • Will penetrate stiff Pitbull coats


  • Not all that necessary for Pitbulls
  • Metal bristles may hurt your dog’s skin

Hartz Groomer’s Best Combo Dog Brush

Key benefits:

  • Dual-sided head maximizes value
  • Includes both pins and nylon bristles
  • Costs less than $6.50
  • Recommended by 95% of reviewers

Best Pin Brush for Pitbulls -This is no ordinary pin brush; with pins on one side and bristles on the other, this brush is perfectly suited for Pitbull coats. The pins will clean dirt and loosen dead fur, then bristles will collect that fur and leave the coat smooth and shiny. Plus, the safety tipped pins ensure that your Pitbull won’t feel any discomfort, despite their thinner coats.


  • Bristles add a great deal of value for Pitbulls
  • Very cost effective
  • Safety-tipped pins ensure comfort


  • Rubber backing may separate on pin side over time
  • Bristles start out quite stiff

4 More Top Rated Brushes for Pitbulls

That’s a rundown of our absolute favorites, but there are plenty of more great brushes available that users love! Here are 4 more options for you to check out.

FURminator deShedding Edge Dog Brush

Key benefits:

  • 3 sizing options for any Pitbull variation
  • Short hairstyle available
  • Can reduce shedding by 90%
  • Skin guards protect short haired pups

If you’re an experienced owner, you know that Pitbulls shed more than you would guess by looking at them. That’s where brushes like this one come into play. Many shedding brushes focus specifically on long-haired dogs with undercoats, but this one has multiple sizes and even a short hair option to ensure effectiveness for your Pitbull.


  • Short hair option means it will work for your dog
  • High rate of effectiveness
  • Designed by a groomer


  • Teeth may scrape your Pitbull’s skin
  • Hair can get caught in the brush

Andis Premium Large Pin Pet Brush

Key benefits:

  • Classic pin brush design
  • Intended to stimulate the skin to produce natural oils
  • Safety-tipped pins promote comfort
  • Costs just $8.50

Though this pin brush comes without the nylon bristle double-side of our top pick, it is a great classic option (particularly for those who already have a bristle brush). The safety tips ensure that the pins won’t dig into your Pitbull’s skin, and the design should help you achieve a shiny coat for your pup by stimulating their skin to produce oil.


  • Great for adding cleanliness and uniformity
  • Will also help with getting out dead fur to prevent shedding
  • Safety tips provide comfort


  • May not be that useful if your Pitbull doesn’t go outside often
  • Rubber backing tends to come apart

ConairPRO Pet-It Boar Bristle Brush

Key benefits:

  • Simple design allows you to pet your Pitbull as you brush them
  • 50% boar hair and 50% synthetic bristles
  • Smooths and cleans hair
  • Helps distribute your dog’s natural oils evenly

This brush comforts your dog as it works since it will feel to them like you are simply petting them. The design fits easily in your palm and is incredibly easy to use. It will leave your Pitbull with shiny, smooth hair that is free of any dirt or debris.


  • Comfortable for both you and your pup
  • Perfect for keeping short Pitbull hair smooth
  • Cleans any dirt or debris


  • Small brush means less area covered
  • Plastic back of brush may hurt hand to hold

Andis Fine Tooth Deshedding Dog Rake

Key benefits:

  • Close knit, fine teeth pick up loose fur
  • Greatly reduces shedding
  • Sturdy, compact design
  • Works for any coat length

Though more suited for dogs with an undercoat, this brush will help reduce shedding in single coat pups like Pitbulls, too. The fine teeth will work through your dog’s stiff coat meticulously, picking up any stray fur along the way.


  • Fine teeth will leave no fur behind
  • Curved, stainless steel teeth ensure quality
  • Should glide through short, stiff coats


  • Teeth may irritate Pitbull skin
  • Since they have no undercoat, Pitbulls may not need this tool

6 Tips for Brushing your Pitbull

Finding a brush may seem like a feat on its own, but the true work begins after the brush arrives. Here are 6 tips to help make the process of brushing your Pitbull easier and more enjoyable!

  • Don’t overdo it — Your Pitbull does not need to be brushed all that often for all too long. Because they have relatively thin single layer coats, over-brushing your Pitbull can spell discomfort for them, particularly if you aren’t using an especially comfortable brush. Pick one day a week that you brush your dog, and dedicate 10 minutes to it—that should be plenty!
  • Be gentle — This goes hand in hand with our first moderation tip. When you do embark on brushing sessions, try to bear in mind that your Pitbull has a very thin layer of protection between the brush and its skin. Try running the brush across your own arm; if it hurts, reduce the pressure until it doesn’t, and use that same amount of gusto when brushing your dog. Good brushes are designed to be effective without you having to press too hard.
  • Prioritize bristle brushes — The most useful brush for a Pitbull will always be a bristle brush, just by virtue of their short, stiff coats. Bristle brushes are the best option for adding smoothness and shine while evenly distributing natural oils, and they can even help pick up dirt and loose hair, too. If you just don’t have the energy to complete a multi-brush grooming session, skip the rest and reach for a bristle brush.
  • Offer your Pitbull some love while brushing — As you probably well know, Pitbulls are sensitive and loving companions. Brushing is probably not their favorite activity, but continuous affection from you (in the form of kind words and gentle touches) will help quiet any uneasiness your dog is feeling. If your dog is comfortable, they are more likely to be compliant, and the brushing will go faster.
  • Wipe them down before brushing — Pitbulls do not need to be bathed frequently (they can go up to 6 months without needing a bath), but many brushes that are well-suited to Pitbull coats can be used on wet fur, so why not freshen your pup up a little? Taking a few minutes to wipe your Pitbull down with a wet cloth will make for a cleaner looking coat following brushing.
  • Reward your dog after brushing — Any dog that obediently sits through a grooming session deserves a little something special afterward. Let them know that you appreciate their behavior by giving your dog a special treat, taking them to their favorite park, or engaging in some dedicated play time after the brushing session is over.

FAQs Regarding Brushes for Pitbulls

It’s possible that you didn’t know you would need to brush your Pitbull when you first got them, so you’re still scratching your head over a few things related to Pitbull brushes. That’s okay! We have answered four frequently asked questions related to brushes for Pitbulls to help clear things up.

  • What type of brush is best for Pitbulls? A bristle brush. If you only have one brush in your grooming arsenal for your Pitbull, make sure it’s a bristle brush. This type of brush smooths short, stiff coats while also promoting cleanliness and silkiness. Deshedding brushes are pin brushes are also great tools, they are just not quite as useful for Pitbulls as a bristle brush.
  • How often should my Pitbull be bathed? Not very often. Pitbull coats have natural oils that help protect them; these oils are disturbed by bathing, so it should not be done all that frequently. If your dog spends a lot of time outside, once a month is probably appropriate. If your pup is more of an indoor dog, you can go up to 6 months without washing them. More important (and useful) than baths for Pitbulls is frequent brushing, which will keep them clean and attractive.
  • Do Pitbulls shed? Yes—more than you might imagine. Though their coats are short and they do not have an undercoat, Pitbulls shed pretty regularly. Plus, since their fur is short, it has a tendency to cling to anything and everything. The best way to combat this is to get ahead of the curve and brush your dog frequently to collect any loose fur.
  • Is brushing necessary for a Pitbull? Definitely. Though Pitbulls are not prone to tangles and mats, their fur can get dull without frequent brushing, and they will also begin to shed quite a bit. Try to brush your Pitbull once a week to give them a lustrous coat and to minimize the dog hair around your home.

Hopefully, these answers have shed a little bit of light on your lingering curiosities related to Pitbull brushes, and you’re feeling ready to begin the process of shopping for one!


Probably the most misunderstood dog, Pitbulls suffer constant scrutiny. Those who take the time to get to know them know that Pitbulls can be the sweetest and most nurturing companions possible, so long as their owners put in the necessary work.

Along with proper training, it takes proper grooming to have the best life with your Pitbull. Don’t let this practice fall by the wayside because of their short coats—Pitbulls need brushed relatively often. We hope this guide has helped you learn a thing or two, and that you will shop our top picks when you’re ready to buy the best possible brush for your Pitbull!

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