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10 Best Brushes for Beagles: Our 2024 Beagle Brush Guide

Full of energy and curiosity, Beagles consistently rank as one of the most popular hounds for pets. These lovable little dogs have faces that can melt hearts, with floppy ears and large eyes that add character. Beagles are one of those breeds with an unmistakable and individual personality.

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Though quite trainable, Beagles are busy bodies. They need a pretty significant amount of daily exercise in order to stay happy and healthy, otherwise they’re susceptible to obesity and destructive behavior. Plus, you can’t simply leave your Beagle in a fenced backyard and call it good, as they are masters of escape who are bound to find a weak spot in the fence as soon as they catch a whiff of something interesting.

All of this is simply to say that as a Beagle owner, you’ve got to be committed to taking on a little bit of adventure, and time spent playing outdoors can lead to quite the dirty coat. This in conjunction with the fact that Beagles have thick, shiny double coats means that Beagles require more brushing than they may appear to.

Maybe the fact that you ought to be brushing your Beagle is news to you (it’s an easy mistake, those coats look awfully low maintenance), or maybe you already knew you should be brushing your dog but you aren’t sure how to go about it. Whatever camp you fall in, this guide will better equip you to properly groom your Beagle.

We’ll discuss different types of brushes that are good for this breed, and list our top brush picks. Read on for all the information you could need!

Different Types of Beagle Brushes

Wondering what type of brushes will best serve your Beagle? It may surprise you to learn that there are a lot of different brushes that can assist a Beagle coat to look its best. Here is what they are, and how they work.

  • Pin brush — Quite similar to your average human hair brush, pin brushes for dogs help clear out loose fur, dirt, and light tangles. This is not the most common brush type for Beagles, but can be very useful when you’re pressed for time as they’re very versatile.
  • Slicker brush — Comprised of a flat head filled with thin wire bristles, these brushes detangle, de-shed, and clean all at once. Slicker brushes are a favorite tool for grooming almost every breed as they check so many boxes at once. Some bristles are stiff while others are flexible. Because of the fact that Beagles have short coats which aren’t prone to tangles or mats, a slicker brush may not need to rank at the top of your list.
  • Comb — Another less commonly used tool for Beagles, combs for dogs are just like combs for humans, for the most part. They feature metal teeth that can be wide, fine, or medium, and assist with brushing out knots and giving fur a nice, uniform appearance. Some unusual combs are instead made of rubber or plastic; these focus more heavily on shedding prevention than detangling.
  • Bristle brush — Ideal for breeds with short, shiny coats, bristle brushes glide over the top coat to smooth fur and stimulate the even distribution of a dog’s natural oils. These oils being evenly spread gives Beagle coats the shiny, smooth appearance that they ought to have, so a bristle brush is an easy to use tool that every owner should have. Bristle brushes are a perfect way to round out your grooming routine after you’ve already worked on shedding concerns.
  • Undercoat rake — These brushes really do look like small rakes. They usually feature a single row of wide, dull teeth that reach into the undercoat and collect any loose or dead fur. Since the undercoat is the primary culprit for shedding, these rakes help reduce the amount of fur you’ll see in your home.
  • Shedding brush — Similar to undercoat rakes in that they cut down on shedding, these brushes are usually comprised of a row of fine metal teeth that trap loose fur near the topcoat. They can also be made of a rubber or plastic material that sticks to fur and feels like a massage for your Beagle.

Different Types of Beagle Coats

All Beagle coats feature two layers (a shiny, weather resistant top coat and a softer undercoat that assists with temperature regulation), and require the same grooming. The only division in terms of different Beagle coat types is the colors in which they come. There are many, many possible color combinations for Beagle coats, but here are the main colors that comprise those combinations.

  • Tan
  • White
  • Brown
  • Black
  • Lemon
  • Red
  • Blue
  • Fawn

Unlike many other breeds, there are lots of “accepted” Beagle color combinations, so don’t be alarmed if your dog prominently features a color that you don’t see listed here—it doesn’t mean they aren’t a purebred Beagle, if you got them from a breeder.

Your Beagle may be a combination of any number of these colors, but regardless of that, all of the grooming advice for Beagles remains consistent for every coat type.

Our Top Picks for Beagle Brushes

Now that we’re up to speed on the necessary background information, let’s dive into our top picks for Beagle brushes!

KONG Dog ZoomGroom Multi-Use Brush

Key Features:

  • Attracts loose fur to reduce shedding
  • Feels like a massage to your Beagle
  • Can be used on wet or dry fur
  • Promotes a healthy, shiny coat

Overall Best Brush for a Beagle — As a dog owner, you’re no doubt familiar with the KONG brand. They consistently release products that are simple but effective, and this brush is no different. To look at it, you might not guess this is a brush, but the rubbery material and smooth curves attract loose fur and stimulate oil production to leave your Beagle’s coat smooth and shiny.


  • Costs less than $7
  • Extremely comfortable for your dog
  • Alleviates two main Beagle pain points


  • Will not reach the undercoat
  • Cannot help with removing dirt or debris

Furbliss Multi-Use Deshedding and Massaging Short Hair Dog Brush

Key Features:

  • Made of medical grade silicone that clings to hair
  • Soft, rounded teeth maintain comfort
  • Designed to feel more like a massage than a brush
  • Works on both wet and dry fur

Best Shedding Brush for Beagles — This unusual shedding brush doesn’t look much like a brush at all, but it certainly functions as one. The material clings to loose fur as you run it through your dog’s coat, and because of the design it will feel like a massage for your Beagle. The rounded teeth should also help with picking up dirt and debris, without causing your pup any discomfort.


  • Designed like a massage tool
  • Material works well for picking up hair
  • Made specifically for short haired dogs


  • Difficult to hold on to as you use
  • Will not remove undercoat very well

Paws & Pals Dog and Cat Deshedding Tool

Key Features:

  • Single row of fine metal teeth
  • Reduces both shedding and odor
  • Handle designed for maximum comfort
  • Also helps stimulate skin to produce oil

Best Deshedding Tool for Beagles — This shedding tool works by snagging onto loose fur as you run it through your Beagle’s coat. Not only can it cut back on the amount of fur you see around your home, but it will also help keep unpleasant animal odors at bay and promote a shiny coat when used regularly.


  • Versatile tool that does more than collect loose fur
  • Shallow teeth are good for short coats
  • Designed to be gentle on skin


  • Teeth may pull at fur
  • Blade of teeth sometimes falls out of handle

Safari Single Row Undercoat Rake

Key Features:

  • One row of wide, metal teeth
  • Teeth are rounded at the ends to prevent scraping
  • Curved handle gives you control and comfort
  • Effectively clears out loose undercoat

Best Undercoat Rake for Beagles — One of the greatest lines of defense against shedding, undercoat rakes clear out loose fur from the soft insulating area of your Beagle’s coat. This one features tapered teeth that work to catch every loose strand from the area before they have an opportunity to spread around your home.


  • Effective at removing loose undercoat fur
  • Tapered teeth target every strand
  • Rounded edges should keep your dog’s skin safe


  • More effective for dogs with long hair
  • May not hold on to retrieved hair well

Pet Republique Self-Cleaning Slicker Brush

Key Features:

  • Retractable bristles for easy cleaning
  • Not too large for a Beagle
  • Cleans fur and minimizes shedding
  • Flexible wire bristles

Best Slicker Brush for Beagles — Though their short, smooth coats won’t often tangle (unless they’ve collected a burr or some other debris during an outdoor adventure), Beagles can still benefit greatly from a good slicker brush. The fine wire bristles help eliminate extra shedding and keep fur clean, plus the self-cleaning function saves you from any finger pricks.


  • Self-cleaning button increases your comfort level
  • Compact size is great for smaller dogs like Beagles
  • Cleans and thins fur at once


  • Beagles don’t really experience mats or tangles
  • Bristles may prick Beagles’ skin with too much pressure

FURminator Curry Comb for Dogs

Key Features:

  • Specifically made for short and medium coats
  • Unusual shape allows for easy gripping
  • Dull, rubber teeth ensure comfort
  • Anti-microbial plastic promotes a healthy coat

Best Comb for Beagles — Though quite a departure from the average comb, this item couldn’t be more well-suited for Beagle coats. The rubber teeth are perfect for combing out and unifying short, slick coats, and they also help promote a higher level of shine and softness. The unusual design makes it easy for you to hang on to this comb as you use it.


  • Rubber teeth clean, unify, and trap fur
  • Promotes a shiny, healthy coat
  • Costs less than $5.50


  • Will not reach the undercoat
  • Cannot help remove stuck on debris

Hartz Groomer’s Best Combo Dog Brush

Key Features:

  • Double sided brush head
  • Equipped with both pins and bristles
  • Safety tipped pins protect skin
  • Costs less than $6.50

Best Pin Brush for Beagles — More than your average pin brush, this one features bristles on the reverse side of the head. Since Beagles have short, shiny coats, bristles are an excellent tool to keep them looking their best by smoothing the fur and distributing natural oils. The safety tips on the pin side ensure that your pup won’t feel any discomfort as you brush out their coat.


  • Features bristles as well as pins
  • Cleans and softens Beagle coats
  • Cost effective


  • Rubber backing tends to detach
  • Safety tips sometimes pop off

3 More Top Rated Beagle Brushes

If you’re not quite sold on any of the brushes we have listed so far, that’s no problem! Here are 3 more top rated brushes for you to peruse.

FURminator deShedding Edge Dog Brush

Key Features:

  • Single row of fine metal teeth
  • Reduces shedding up to 90%
  • Easy to remove fur from blade
  • Skin guards keep your pup safe

This shedding brush advertises the ability to reduce shedding up to 90%, and it’s positive reviews back up that claim. The final metal teeth run through the fur, collecting any loose strands along the way. The skin guard edges protect your Beagle from any discomfort as you thin out their coat.


  • Extremely highly rated
  • Very effective at shedding reduction and prevention
  • Safe for your pup’s skin


  • Does not reach the undercoat
  • More effective for long haired dogs

Andis Premium Large Firm Pet Slicker Brush

Key Features:

  • Large, wide brush head
  • Dense crop of stiff wire bristles
  • Solid construction for long term use
  • Removes tangles, loose fur, and dirt

Another great slicker brush, this one features a larger brush head than many others like it. The stiff wire bristles will glide through your Beagle’s short coat and pick up anything unnecessary along the way. From dirt to debris to loose fur, this brush will take care of it.


  • Gives a thoroughly clean coat
  • High quality construction
  • Costs less than $8.50


  • May be too large for most Beagles
  • Could be uncomfortable for your dog’s skin

Andis Premium Large Pin Pet Brush

Key Features:

  • Tried and true pin brush design
  • Pins not too densely packed
  • Safety tips offer skin protection
  • Rubber backed design is comfortable for you Beagle

Why fix what’s not broken? This pin brush may look ordinary, but don’t be underwhelmed by that fact. There’s a reason that this style of brush is so prolific: it’s effective. The widely spaced pins will gently clean your Beagle’s coat and help with oil distribution to maximize shine.


  • Classic, effective design
  • Affordable price
  • Cleans Beagles’ fur while restoring shine


  • Safety tips may pop off
  • Not effective at reducing shedding

6 Tips for Brushing your Beagle

Chances are, brushing your Beagle will feel a little unnatural at first, particularly if you don’t have a lot of experience brushing short haired dogs. Here are six tips to make the brushing experience better for both you and your dog.

  • Offer a distraction — Beagles need something to do almost all the time, or they simply can’t stand it. Offer them some sort of distraction as you brush, like a bone or a puzzle. Something fragrant will be the best way to keep these nosey pups occupied as you take care of the grooming, as they are very driven by their senses of smell.
  • Reward your Beagle with play — There are few things Beagles love more than concentrated play time, which is why that’s one of the best rewards you can offer. Follow up brushing sessions with some outdoor play time in which you stay actively engaged with your dog. This will positively reinforce the brushing experience for your fun-loving Beagle, and you may find that over time they don’t require as much coaxing to stay still while you work on their coats.
  • Use more than one brush — Though their coats look low maintenance (and they are in many ways), the difficulties posed by Beagles’ fur can’t often be addressed with just one tool. For example, you may need to use both a shedding brush and a bristle brush to adequately combat shedding as well as encourage the shiny coat owners love so much. If you aren’t interested in doing a lot of digging to find one magic brush that checks all of your boxes, take the easy way out and buy a few different high quality brushes.
  • Keep it short and sweet — Brushing sessions do not need to be long and drawn out, particularly for high energy dogs who have a hard time sitting still. Even at their high shedding times of year, a Beagle brushing session should not need to take more than five minutes to complete. If you have reached this threshold and find that your dog is thoroughly groomed, try taking a break and coming back to the brushing later.
  • Work with your Beagle’s fur — Unlike dogs with long, human-like hair, Beagle fur has a definite will of its own. Do not try to turn your Beagle’s coat into something it’s not, but work with its natural qualities. This is why bristle brushes and other items that encourage oil production are so important, as they help enhance a shine that your dog’s fur already has on its own.
  • Keep comfort in mind — Though they do have a double coat, Beagles are still short haired dogs who are liable to feel some pain while you brush if you apply too much pressure or use the wrong tool. Test a brush on your own arm before using it to groom your Beagle; this will give you and idea of how lightly you’ll need to tread in order to ensure comfort.

FAQs Regarding Brushes for Beagles

It’s normal to be left with questions about how to properly brush your Beagle. Here are answers to a few of the most common FAQs on the subject!

  • Do Beagles Shed? Yep! More than you might imagine. They have a double coat, which means that they shed their undercoats twice a year when the seasons change. However, you can expect a relatively stable amount of shedding from your Beagle year round. There are a number of tools you can use to combat the shedding, like a shedding brush or undercoat rake.
  • Should I brush my Beagle? Definitely! There are plenty of reasons to brush your Beagle strictly from a hygiene standpoint, like shedding reduction and oil production. Beyond those obvious points, though, brushing your Beagle will encourage them to practice patience with which they are not naturally endowed, and can actually serve as a bonding experience between the two of you.
  • What type of brush is best for a Beagle? This depends largely on which areas of Beagle grooming you’re most concerned with. Want to keep shedding down to an absolute minimum? Use a shedding brush. More concerned about maintaining a high level of smoothness and shine in your dog’s coat? A bristle brush may be your best bet. Consider what functions you want a brush to perform, then consult this guide to find the right type.


It’s obvious to Beagle owners why this breed is so popular; their loyal but curious attitudes make them some of the best companions you can find. Not to mention those adorable ears and eyes. Though Beagle coats are relatively low maintenance, they do take a little work in order to look and feel their best.

Your Beagle deserves the very best, and it’s within your power to give it to them. Give this guide a thorough read and decide which brush will best serve the needs of your furry friend!

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