Our 2024 sWheat Cat Litter Reviews and Coupons

Way back in the day, cats rarely occupied the house. There wasn’t a good answer to the “litter box” question. Unfortunately, cats either had to stay outside where it was dangerous, or they and their owners had to deal with less than pleasant materials in the litter tray. Before we got convenient and (relatively) sanitary clay clumping litters in the mid-1980s, cat owners had to use messy sand, shredded paper, or ashes for their cat’s litter material. But we’ve come a long way since then.

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In the 21st century, there are so many different cat litter materials you can use that are designed to be convenient, and odor and mess-free. But now that we don’t suffer from a lack of cat litter materials to choose from, we often have the opposite problem – analysis paralysis. What’s better, pellet or granule litter? What litters are safe for kittens? Are wood-based litters dusty? And why shouldn’t I just stick with a traditional clay clumping litter?

We’ve asked ourselves the same questions and more, which is why we’ve been hard at work gather reviews on the different types of cat litter brands and materials on the market today. We’ve covered all-natural litters, silica litters, clay litters, and everything in between. In today’s review, sWheat cat litter is the star of the show. We’ll go over the most popular sWheat litter brands, and what value you can expect to get for the price of a bag of sWheat. By the end of the review, you’ll know if this a good product to try for your cat, and where you can snag a bag of sWheat for a discounted price.

What are the different types of sWheat litters?

sWheat cat litter is a relatively new brand, and they don’t have too much in the way of choice. But that’s really not a problem. The brand creates high-quality, natural wheat litters that don’t rely on marketing gimmicks to get their point across. There are three sWheat litter products, and since they are all-natural clumping wheat, they are slightly higher-priced than a commercial brand clay litter. But are they worth the extra cost? Let’s find out.

sWheat Scoop Multi-Cat Natural Wheat Cat Litter

sWheat cat litters are all made out of natural, clumping wheat granules that look similar to bread or cookie crumbs. They are not soft litters but are small enough to feel similar to the consistency of dirt or sand, which is what cats tend to like the most. The texture of the litter means the products are unlikely to be rejected by most cats.

However, if you’re going to switch your cat from a clay clumping litter to an entirely new, wheat-based litter, we recommend transitioning the cat to a new product. This will prevent the cat from peeing outside of the litter tray because he is not used to the new wheat-based litter. We’ll go over how you can easily transition your cat later on in the review. For now, let’s delve into the technology of this sWheat cat litter.

sWheat litters, including this specific formula, are 100% free of silica, clays, and added chemicals. The litters from sWheat are vet recommended for kittens and cats who are recovering from surgery. Unlike traditional clay clumping litters, sWheat’s wheat-based granules are more absorbent, and keep the unsoiled litter particles staying fresher for longer. While you’ll pay more upfront for sWheat litter, the product will last longer than a comparable tray of clumping clay litter.

This litter from sWheat is made out of 100%, all-natural wheat and it’s suitable for multi-cat households. It’s also their most popular option, and it’s an improved version of the first cat litter they ever produced. The original formula was not very good at clumping, but this version of sWheat cat litter has much improved as far as absorbency and clumping go. The super-absorbent wheat does an excellent job of controlling and neutralizing odors, where moisture is quickly locked away into fast-drying wheat clumps.

A bonus for cat owners is that the litter is biodegradable, flushable, and free of fragrances. Fast-forming and fast-drying clumps also make clean up a snap. But please be aware that any non-clay clumping material will not be as hard as a clumping clay, and that’s just the way it is and isn’t necessarily a problem with the sWheat formulation.

What’s nice about this product from sWheat is that it is free of all those nasty chemical additives that are frequently found in most commercial cat litter products. The clumping wheat also does an excellent job at trapping moisture, and therefore, odor. Also, strong clumping action in the cat litter means less tracking and less dust. We do want to caution that all of the natural cat litters like sWheat will attract bugs if you do not store them properly. It’s also not a good idea to leave sWheat litters in a humid environment since the wheat will expand as it soaks up moisture. All in all, though, this litter from sWheat is a good product and has improved dramatically since their original debut.

sWheat Scoop Natural Fast-Clumping Wheat Cat Litter

While the litter above is suitable for multi-cat households, this litter from sWheat is designed for single cats only. It’s incredibly similar to the above sWheat cat litter, with the only notable difference being that the formula has been tweaked slightly so that the clumps are faster-forming. Also, granule sizes a little bit smaller and is probably why the litter can form clumps faster. Fussier cats may prefer a smaller granule size, too. A plus when it comes to fast-clumping litters is that they prevent odors from getting into the air and lingering, thereby reducing ammonia and waste smells since the granules trap the moisture quickly. The difference in odor control between this litter and the previous one is small but noticeable.

This litter is also a little bit cheaper than the first option, but remember – it’s only suitable for a single cat’s use. The product is biodegradable, flushable, and free of synthetic additives. The only issues we could find, and they were few and far between at that, were that this litter tracks a bit more easily than the other sWheat litter.

This litter form sWheat is cheaper than the one above. But, we think the more expensive litter will give greater value for your money since it is designed for multiple cats. But by all means, this isn’t a bad litter, per se.

sWheat Scoop Premium+ Natural Clumping Wheat Cat Litter

This litter from sWheat is recommended for multiple cat households. It’s also marketed as a higher-end product and uses a slightly different technology in the formula than the other two litters. But the litter is still biodegradable, flushable, and all-natural. In some respects, the higher price tag is justified.

The product offers advanced clumping action and will neutralize odors effectively like the previous two sWheat litters. The clumps formed with this litter are harder and dry faster than the other two litters, so smells a trapped better and cleaning is easy. Superior clumping action also means less litter gets tracked outside of the box.

What makes this litter so different from the other two is that it includes natural plant extracts in the formula. These all-natural herbs give the litter even better odor control than the other two formulas. It’s an unscented litter, so the extracts don’t “cover-up” the smells, but eliminate them on a molecular level.

We’ve come across multiple reviews on third-party sites that notice a positive difference in odor control with this litter versus the previous two products. The odor elimination and clumping action with this product are good enough that it is highly rated among multiple cat households. But we did come across a few downsides to using this sWheat Scoop litter.

First of all, reviews across a range of sites have found the litter to be too dusty, but not dusty enough that it offset the additional odor control benefits. If you or your cat aren’t particularly dust-sensitive, this product might be a good choice if you’re in the market for a litter that does a superior job at odor control.

sWheat Scoop Cat Litter Coupons

There are few options for finding sWheat Scoop cat litter coupons. You can join the sWheat Scoop newsletter, where they often give their subscribers codes to promotional discounts and the like. But if you need to get a new bag of cat litter now, it’s not like you can wait. Cat litter isn’t something you should skimp on or try to substitute with something weird like fireplace ashes.

What to do? Well, we’ve found that Chewy.com is an excellent place to look for discount codes and coupons. Chewy is the world’s largest online pet supply store. They are highly reputable and offer a huge selection of any pet supplies you could possibly need. If you head on over to Chewy.com, you can find sWheat cat litters for up to 30% off, plus additional free shipping options.

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sWheat Scoop Cat Litter Reviews

Next, we’ll go into more detail about certain aspects of the sWheat cat litter brand. Do you get good value for your money? And how eco-friendly is the product? Toward the end of the article, we’ll offer a brief FAQ so you’ll have an excellent idea of whether or not this is the cat litter product for you and your pet. Finally, we’ll provide our sWheat review bottom line.


So let’s be honest here – sWheat is not a cheap brand. As is the case with most all-natural cat litters, these premium cat litters come with a higher price tag. But on that end, you get a quality cat litter that provides superior odor control and offers added convenience since it is flushable and compostable. Also, you’re getting an eco-friendly cat litter. In general, we think sWheat isn’t too expensive for the value you’re getting, but your budget may disagree.


As far as clumping and absorption go, both the Premium+ formula and the Multi-Cat litter get great reviews for absorption. Cat owners have found that the clumps that form with these two sWheat products are large, hard, and dry quickly, making clean up easy and giving them more bang for their buck. We found, oddly enough, that the clumps that form with these litters can become so large and heavy that they need to be broken up or soaked before flushing. More on that later.

The bad news is, the fast-clumping litter gets less than favorable reviews for absorption. Although the clumping action is quicker than the Multi-Cat sWheat litter, the clumps weren’t as strong.

Odor Control

As far as odor control goes, both Premium+ and the Multi-Cat sWheat formulas get good reviews. We’ve found review after review singing the praises of sWheat odor control for the Premium+ and Multi-Cat litters, but the fast-clumping formula had some room for improvement here. As a cat owner, you know how embarrassing it can be when guests come over, and they smell your cat before they see him. Even if you religiously clean and scoop the litter tray, your cleaning abilities won’t make for poor-quality litters. If you want visitors to come to your house and not know you have a cat unless he makes an appearance, the sWheat Premium+  and Multi-Cat litters can help you here.


Each of the three sWheat litters gets decent reviews for tracking. But you may find that a lightweight litter formula, like wheat, tracks more than heavier clay granules. The sWheat wheat granules are more likely to get stuck in kitty’s fur than a heavier pellet or clay granule, so be aware that tracking can be an issue with sWheat. This is especially true if you have a long-haired cat, in which case a heavier pellet-based litter might be a better option for you.


sWheat litters are 99% dust-free, but they will give off more of a dusty quality than a pellet-based natural litter. That being said, sWheat litters are still low-dust, and vets recommend the litter for cats recovering from surgery or who are dust-sensitive. Multi-Cat gets the best reviews for dust, followed by the fast-clumping formula and finally, Premium+.


Rejoice, because all three of these litters are flushable and super convenient. We’ll tell you a bit more about how to flush these litters in the FAQ section next.


All sWheat litters are eco-friendly. They are free of added chemicals, harsh manufacturing processes, and they won’t take millions of years to biodegrade in a landfill. If you want a litter that will lower your carbon footprint, sWheat litters are a good choice.

sWheat Litter FAQs

  • Are sWheat litters biodegradable? – Yes, you can compost sWheat litter after you scoop and flush the waste. But wait at least six months before adding the sWheat compost to a vegetable garden. Composting the litter is more environmentally friendly than putting it in a plastic bag and then the trash. If you must throw the sWheat litter into the trash, dispose of it in a paper bag so it will biodegrade and is more environmentally friendly.
  • How do you flush sWheat litters? – It’s best to scoop the waste, then let it sit in the toilet bowl for about twenty minutes until the larger clumps break down. You might need to break the clusters in the litter tray before scooping and throwing them into the toilet. sWheat litters are highly absorbent and form large, hard clumps that can clog a toilet if they are too big. Please be aware that it is against the law to flush any cat litter in the state of California. If you have an older plumbing system, you may want to avoid flushing sWheat litter.
  • How do you transition a cat to new litter? – If your cat is used to a clay clumping litter or a pellet-based litter, you’ll want to make sure to transition him to the new sWheat litter. It’s not a good idea to refill his litter tray with an all-new formula that he is not used to using.
    First, you’ll want to fill the litter tray with half of the cat’s old litter, and half of the new sWheat litter. Throughout the week, scoop out the waste, and add some of the new litter to the tray. By the end of the week, empty the tray and fill it with all new litter. This should prevent the cat from rejecting the litter because he isn’t used to the new sWheat consistency.
  • Do sWheat cat litters come in resealable bags? – sWheat litters come in convenient, resealable bags with Ziploc technology. We do want you to be aware that sWheat is an all-natural product that will attract bugs if not stored properly. Also, sWheat will pull moisture from the air, and should not be stored in a humid environment. If you’re storing sWheat for a long time, you’ll want to keep it in a plastic container in a cool, dry place.
  • Is sWheat safe for kittens? – Yes, you can use sWheat litter in a litter tray for kittens.
  • Do sWheat litters contain silica? – No, all sWheat litter products are free of silica dust, gels, and crystals. sWheat litters are 100% all-natural wheat granules and do not contain clays or other additives.
  • Are the sWheat litters soft? – No, we’ve found that the sWheat litter granules are a harder consistency than other all-natural granule products.

What’s our sWheat cat litter review bottom line?

Overall, we think sWheat is a great cat litter to use if you want something for superior odor control that is good for the environment. Although it comes with a heftier price tag than a traditional clumping cat litter, the litter does a great job of absorbing odors, trapping smells, and it’s safe for your cat. The convenience of being able to flush the soiled litter is also a big plus. What we’d like readers to know is that all three of the sWheat litters are good products, but Premium+ and Multi-Cat outperform the fast-clumping formula on several fronts.

Do you think sWheat litters are the right product for you and your cat? Please remember to check out Chewy.com and get a bag of sWheat for up to 30% off the regular retail price.

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