Pet’s Best Dog Insurance Review

Trying to make the best financial decisions you can while ensuring your best friend has proper care? It can be tough. There are options out there, including savings accounts, but one choice you could make is investing in a pet insurance plan to help you get through the difficult times. Insurance can be challenging, but we’re here to help you sort through all the details.

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Pet’s Best is a pet insurance company specializing in dogs and cats. They offer medical and wellness options and could be a great way to ensure you can financially carry the cost of caring for your beloved companion. Let’s take a look.

Brand Overview

Pet’s best hasn’t been around very long, but the founders certainly have. They’re veterinarians themselves, and have the knowledge and experience to help put together plans that can help solve your pressing issues at a price you can afford.

Pet’s Best was founded in 2005 by Dr. Jack Stephens, a veterinarian who wanted to bring the best care to dogs and cats through one of the first large pet insurance companies in North America. He believed that better access to affordable medical care could help families plan their future with their dog or cat.

He was deeply affected by having to euthanize pets whose owners weren’t able to cover the cost of diagnosis and treatment. He wanted to bring the assurance of medical insurance to the pet world for the first time. He started his first insurance company in 1981 but later teamed up with Greg McDonald to found Pet’s Best.

Pet’s Best was one of the first companies to get involved with electronic filing and claims payouts. They’ve recently partnered with Care Credit to help make paying for your pet’s care even more accessible. They have an A+ rating with the Better Business Bureau and are consistently involved in their community.

Pet’s Best is a large insurance company with lots of ways to customize what you need for your dog or cat. They can help you balance your coverage needs with a monthly cost that falls within your budget. They also offer Wellness riders to help ensure your pet’s preventative care needs are met.

2024 Pet’s Best Pet Insurance Review

Pet’s Best is a large insurer specializing in dog and cat care. They offer a range of plans to accommodate the pet owner, but as with all insurance companies, there are some complaints about slow payouts or denied claims.


  • good blend of coverage options
  • no age restrictions
  • fast reimbursement most of the time


  • no options for pets besides dogs and cats
  • cannot purchase Wellness plans separately

What do customers like about Pet’s Best?

“I have had Pets Best insurance since 2012, and I have had zero issues. Yes, sometimes the claim processing is a little slow, but I always get an email telling me that. Everything I thought should be covered has been, and things I know are not covered have not been, but I know all this because I read my policy.”Dwayne D. (BBB)

“I have 4 dogs covered by Pet’s Best. In the 6 years I’ve had this coverage this was the first year I had to file claims for 2 different dogs. All claims were paid out fairly and in a reasonable amount of time. One of my latest claims for my dog that was diagnosed with cancer took a couple days longer because vet records were requested.” kpmann75071 (Consumer Advocate)

“I’m very pleased with PetsBest! I recently purchased a policy for my new rescue dog one week after adopting him. I took the Best Wellness option because a wellness benefit is important to me, and this one has a good return on premium if you’re going to do all the things you should for your pet anyway.”Shannon B. (Consumer Advocates)

What do customers dislike about Pet’s Best?

“I have an indoor cat. I took her for a wellness check. She was fine, she just had a small ear infection. The total cost was $240 with her shots and medicine. Well, I submitted my claim, thinking I would get at least half back through pets best. I get an email stating it would take 5 days to process, well a month later and countless hours of sending paperwork and making calls to my vet then relaying info back to pets best, I still haven’t received a dime!”Anonymous (BBB)

“All the online rumors about this company are true! Total scam! They blame pre-existing conditions for any expensive claims, but pay out on the small claims. Don’t waste your money. Save $50-100 a month and put it in the bank, then the money will be there when you need it.”Greg P. (Consumer Advocates)

How Does Pet’s Best Pet Insurance Work?

Pet’s Best offers plans for both dogs and cats. They have a Major Medical option that allows pets to undergo emergency and out of the ordinary procedures at any vet’s office and receive reimbursement up to $5000 per calendar year for all their plans except Elite (unlimited).

Pet’s Best Major Medical operates a lot like a personal insurance plan. When you call to get a quote, you’ll choose things like your deductible, reimbursement level, and your annual coverage limits.

Deductibles range from $50 to $1000, and reimbursements are given at the 70%, 80%, or 90% level. Two annual cap options, $5000 or unlimited also happen. Premiums begin at around $9 for the highest deductible and lowest percentage and go up from there, depending on your choices, your pet, and your location.

Going through the quote process can help you get the right plan for your budget. Be sure to read your policy carefully to understand what is reimbursed and how it works. It seems to be complicated and causes complaints when policy owners don’t fully understand the benefits.

Once you purchase a plan, you have the option of adding on a wellness rider for preventative care and necessary maintenance. You cannot buy the wellness coverage without an existing, traditional insurance plan. Here are your two options:

  • Basic Wellness – covers primary preventative care, including parasite control, vaccinations, wellness exams, and a variety of preventative care tests through a fixed reimbursement amount.
  • Essential Wellness – adds everything above with some higher fixed compensations along with spay/neuter services and dental cleanings.

Alternative therapies aren’t covered, except for acupuncture when done by a veterinarian and cold laser therapy. They have no age restrictions and cover hereditary diseases but not pre-existing conditions. If your pet has had the condition for 18 months before the start of the policy or during the waiting period, it’s considered pre-existing.

Because they offer a reimbursement stye insurance, you can choose any vet you like, regardless of whether they work with insurance. It’s easy to file claims through your account on their website, and some of the reimbursements don’t need medical records. They’re relatively quick as far as insurance, but be sure to read your policy for what’s actually covered.

Once you sign up, there’s a waiting period of about 14 days before the plan goes into effect. For emergencies, this waiting period is just three days, but a pre-existing condition could affect the outcome of the reimbursement.

You don’t have to work with a vet that takes Pet’s Best or worry that your vet won’t take pet insurance. The reimbursement system is typically quick and offers you the chance to stay with your veterinarian and still receive compensation.

Pet’s Best Pricing Details

Here’s what to expect once you decide to go with Pet’s Best. Their plans are highly affordable, but quickly increase as you choose more comprehensive coverage. However, they do offer a good mix of options that will allow you to budget your needs with coverage options. Plus, the Wellness option could save you even more money.

How much does it cost per month for their best plan?

Their comprehensive plans can quickly run you in the $75-$100 dollar range for significant medical and complete wellness. When you discuss your plans with an agent, you can choose aspects of the plan, such as deductibles, reimbursement percentage, and annual caps to mitigate the cost. Wellness is an additional expense of up to $26 per month.

Are there any coupons, deals, or incentives to sign up?

At the moment, Pet’s Best doesn’t have any coupons or incentives for signing up. You may be able to discuss small discounts with your agent to mitigate the cost, but overall, the choice of plans makes it an affordable option.

What’s the deductible? Is it annual or per visit?

Deductibles are annual limits on your out of pocket expenses, and you can choose $50, $100, $200, $250, $500, $1000. The choices that you make determine your monthly cost, so this is an excellent way to make sure you have what you need a price you can afford each month.

Do you have to pay a co-pay, or are claims covered 100%?

The plan provides a fixed amount of reimbursements for preventative care. You pay 100% and submit a claim to Pet’s Best. That way, you don’t have to worry about providing a co-pay or if your veterinarian works with insurance.

Will the rates go up over time?

Rates may go up over time, but you shouldn’t see a rate increase for filing claims. As your dog or cat’s needs change, you may find that your services have to change as well. This could cause a difference in premium costs.

Pet’s Best Coverage Details

Pet’s Best covers only dogs and cats and their standard procedures. It’s not going to help with alternative therapies or pre-existing conditions. Your pet won’t be denied coverage outright with a pre-existing condition, but it could be difficult to get reimbursed if things seem related to that condition.

Does it cover regular vet office visits and routine check-ups or only unexpected emergencies?

The plan only covers preventative care procedures if you add on the optional Wellness rider to your existing medical plan. You cannot purchase those separately. This is sometimes a complaint among those who would like to purchase one or the other.

Does it cover dental and teeth cleaning?

The traditional plan does not cover dental, but if you purchase the Essential Wellness option, Pet’s Best will reimburse you a portion of the cost for dental cleanings and preventative care. Mouth related injuries themselves are covered under Major Medical.

Does it cover hip dysplasia?

If your dog develops hip dysplasia before you purchase your plan or during the waiting period, it will be considered a pre-existing condition. However, hereditary and chronic diagnoses are covered if they happen after you’ve had your insurance plan.

Does it cover spaying and neutering?

The Essential Wellness plan covers spay/neuter services. You need to add this rider onto an existing Major Medical plan at a cost of around $26 per month.

Does it cover pre-existing conditions?

Pre-existing conditions are not covered, but hereditary diseases are. Your dog or cat must be free of symptoms for the illness for up to 18 months before the policy, including the waiting period. Once your policy is in place, future diagnosis of hereditary and chronic conditions are covered.

You won’t be denied coverage, but any claims you make related to the pre-existing condition will be rejected.

Does it cover cancer?

It does cover cancer provided the diagnosis comes after the policy has already been in effect, and it’s not considered a pre-existing condition. All chronic diseases are included in the same manner.

Does it cover prescription medications?

It does cover prescription medications in the Major Medical policy but with the same reimbursement style of coverage. You’ll have to pay for your medications out of pocket and then submit a reimbursement claim.

What else does it cover?

Most of the major medical procedures are covered under the plan:

  • surgery
  • rehabilitation
  • outpatient care
  • medical imaging
  • specialists
  • dental trauma
  • foreign object ingestion
  • euthanasia (for humane reasons)
  • cold laser therapy
  • coverage while traveling to Canada, the United States, and Puerto Rico

What else does it NOT cover?

  • pre-existing conditions
  • holistic therapies
  • herbal therapies
  • burial and cremation
  • dietary supplements or special diet foods
  • organ transplants
  • stem cell therapies

Are there any restrictions on breed-specific conditions or age?

There are no restrictions based on age, but your pet must be a minimum of seven weeks to sign up for the first time.

Is there a waiting period? How soon can I start using the insurance after I sign up?

The plan does have a waiting period. Once you enroll, standard procedures require a 14 day waiting period while an emergency requires three days. Once this period has passed, you are free to submit claims as needed.

Is it easy to cancel if I change my mind?

It is easy to end your coverage if you change your mind. The plan offers a 30-day “look around,” which is similar to a money-back guarantee. If you decide within this time frame that Pet’s Best isn’t what you want, you can cancel your policy with no charges. If you’ve already submitted for reimbursements, they will not be paid to you.

How does Pet’s Best compare to other pet insurance companies?

It does have some more affordable options with plenty of ways to balance your coverage needs with your budget. It’s also typically one of the fastest reimbursements, with many claims taking just a week or possibly less from the time you submit the required paperwork.

Would you recommend this pet insurance company for dogs?

It offers a blend of plans that balance your dog’s needs with your budget. Pet’s Best could be an excellent way to keep some of those costs out of your pocket without having to pay a lot during the month. We do recommend this insurance.

What about coverage for other animals?

Pet’s Best doesn’t have the option for other types of animals in their insurance at this time. It’s best to look elsewhere for that.

Do they offer coverage for cats?

They do offer coverage for cats at a similar tier and pricing structure as dogs. Choose your deductible, your reimbursement percentage, and your annual coverage cap. It can be tough knowing what kind of insurance to get for your cat when everything seems geared towards dogs, but never forget that you do have options.

Do they offer coverage for horses, birds, reptiles, and other exotic animals?

They do not cover animals outside of dogs and cats, so it’s best to consider other options if you need a full range of animal services.

Pet’s Best is an affordable option for dogs and cats to have preventative care and insurance against emergencies. It’s customizable to balance your pet’s needs with your budget and offers the chance to get reimbursed for services without having to find a new veterinarian. Plan well, and keep your pet healthy.

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