Our 2023 Okocat Cat Litter Review and Coupons

When you’re on the hunt for a new cat litter, you want one that’s going to do an excellent job of clumping, and trapping odors and bacteria. It’d be nice too if it was low tracking and kept the litter in the tray where it belongs. If eco-friendliness is vital for you also, then you’ll want a litter that is biodegradable and has a small carbon footprint. Oh, and it’d be ideal if your cat found it satisfactory, too.

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As a cat owner, you know that you have the best pet in the world. But cleaning out that litter box is a huge downer. But filling the tray with a high-quality litter can make this chore less unpleasant than it already is. That’s why we’ve been hard at work gathering reviews of different brands of cat litter, both well-established and new. In this review, we’ll cover Okocat litter, a premium litter that has cat owners everywhere singing its praises.

Okocat is a premium cat litter. If you’ve tried high-end cat litters before, then you’re familiar with how they often cost four times the price of a mid-range or economy product. That’s not so with Okocat. It’s a premium cat litter, without the premium price tag. But will it work for you and your cat?

Our 2023 Okocat review will cover how well this litter controls odors if it tracks, and how much dust you can expect to deal with when you fill up the litter tray with Okocat. We’ll also show you where you can get a discount for a box of Okocat.

What are the different types of Okocat cat litter?

If you and your cat only want to use premium litters, paying the higher prices for these types of products can significantly increase the amount of money you spend over the lifetime of your cat. Okocat solves this problem by giving you a high-quality litter for much less than the leading, premium cat litter competitors. Despite the lower cost, Okocat is a high-quality, wood cat litter. Next up, we’ll go over the different types of Okocat cat litter so you have a better idea of what they can do to make your life easier.

Okocat Natural Wood Pine Cat Litter

This Okocat cat litter uses pine as the active ingredient. Pine gives the litter the ability for fully neutralize and control ammonia odors with natural wood ingredients. Pine is an antimicrobial material that neutralizes odors by killing the bacteria that causes them. The pine is safe for cats and humans and gets rid of the strong and unpleasant ammonia smell that often lingers in and around the litter box when you use a non-neutralizing litter. The litter is made out of cracked pine and put into pellets. Even though it is a wood-based litter, the pellets are not hard, and your cat should find them soft enough to use the litter box comfortably. Comfortable litter means your cat is less likely to reject the material and pee outside of the litter tray. You can even transition otherwise picky cats to this litter with a low chance of rejection.

Pine pellets are also incredibly absorbent and are 99% dust-free, and safe for sensitive cats and humans who are allergy-prone. What we have noticed on third-party review sites is that the litter does not provide very effective clumping action. But, it is the cheapest of the Okocat products. The more expensive options below offer superior clumping action along with effective odor control, too.

Okocat Natural Wood Clumping Litter

This natural wood clumping litter from Okocat is not made from a specific wood like pine in the litter listed above. The material used in this litter is obtained from sustainable wood sources, or sawdust, so it’s an eco-friendly option. The wood litter is incredibly absorbent and is free from harmful chemicals and additives. Even though the litter comes from sawdust, it’s a dust-free product.

The litter also clumps better than the previous option, but it does offer advanced antimicrobial properties. However, the clumping action in this wood-based litter is good enough that clean up is easy and the clumps won’t break apart when you need to scoop and refill the tray. As far as odor-control goes, this litter’s clumping action works hard to trap moisture and odors for up to seven days. Even though this natural clumping litter is a bit on the pricier side, it’s a more economical option because it is so absorbent and does an excellent job of keeping the tray smelling cleaner for longer.

Okocat Natural Long Hair Breeds Cat Litter

Do you have a long haired cat? Cuddling with a super soft, long-haired cat is one of the unique joys of being a cat owner. That is until you find litter pellets in the cat’s fur. Yuck! If you own a long-haired cat, then you know how frustrating it is trying to keep clumping clay and other litter products out of their coat. Plus, your cat does not like having litter particles stuck to his fur. Thankfully, there are cat litters on the market that are made specifically for long-haired cats, and this cat litter from Okocat does a great job of cutting down on tracking.

The cat’s long, thick fur is ideal for trapping particles, pellets, and litter dust. .When your cat leaves the litter tray, not only will he get litter particles all over the floor surrounding the tray, he will also track those litter particles all through the house, and on your furniture. Okocat can solve this problem that’s been plaguing long-haired cats by making the pellets in the litter heavier and bigger. While no litter is 100% non-tracking, this litter will eliminate a lot of the tracking you’d get with inferior products. Although the pellets are bigger and heavier than the pellets in the other Okocat products, they are still soft enough that your cat is unlikely to reject them.

But anytime you switch a cat to a new litter product, and there is a chance they will reject the litter if you don’t make an effort to transition them to the new product. We’ll go over how you can best do that later in the review. But for now, this Okocat long-haired cat litter is super absorbent and good at odor control, too.

Okocat Paper Dust-free Litter

While the majority of Okocat’s cat litter lineup is made of wood-based litters, this one is a paper litter that is marketed as a dust-free option. While the other litters from Okocat that we’ve listed are low-dust, this one is specifically designed for cats with respiratory issues or severe allergies.

The dust-free paper litter comes in a pellet form and is a non-clumping litter. Cats that have recently been declawed or who are sensitive to hard litters might find this litter suitable. The pellets are softer than most pellet wood-based litters. Also, the pellets are low tracking and lightweight.

Okocat Super Soft Clumping Wood Cat Litter

If you have a cat that’s a little picky about their litter, or can’t handle hard pellets or clay granules, this might be the right Okocat product for you. The litter is designed for fussy cats, declawed cats, and kittens how need softer litter. This Okocat litter uses smaller, softer pellets, while the standard Okocat products and the long-haired Okocat litter are made with larger pellets. If you have a cat that is used to clay litters, this is a great product to transition them to, because the pellets are small enough that they resemble clay granules.

Besides the size and texture difference, there isn’t anything different about this particular Okocat product. It is good at odor control and clumping and is also super absorbent. The clumps that form maintain their integrity as you clean the tray, making clean up a breeze. The only issue some people might have with the litter is that it tracks more than the other products since the pellets are small and light. Overall though, it’s still not a high-tracking product. You can eliminate tracking further by putting a litter-trapping mat down outside of the litterbox.

Okocat Cat Litter Coupons

It’s almost impossible to find Okocat cat litter coupons, and the brand is not known for printing coupons or putting them on their website. But you can still find ways to save on a box of Okocat cat litter. Chewy.com, the world’s largest online pet supply store, offers frequent promotional codes and discounts that you can use when you purchase a box of Okocat for the first time.

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Next, up on the agenda, we’ll go over different aspects of the Okocat brand, such as the price of the litters, how well they control for odors, and if they are eco-friendly or not. We’ll also provide an Okocat FAQ toward the end of the review so you can learn more about this cat litter brand.

Okocat Cat Litter Reviews


What we’ve found is that while Okocat litters are little more expensive than clay clumping litters, they are super absorbent and that tends to bring the price down considerably. Each pound of Okocat will typically last longer than a pound of lower-cost clay clumping litter. Despite being more expensive, Okocat is a more economical cat litter option. However, the pine cat litter is the least absorbent, so you may not get as much of a benefit here if you go with that particular Okocat product.


All of the Okocat cat litters, except for the pine one, offer superior absorption. Okocat is so absorbent compared to other leading competitors that you will end up saving more on the cost per unit. Plus, an incredibly absorbent cat litter like this one will save you time on cleaning the litter tray.

Odor Control

Every single one of the Okocat cat litters, including the pine one, offer excellent odor control. The natural pine Okocat cat litter provides superior odor neutralization too since it kills bacteria on contact.


Okocat is a low-tracking cat litter, but the soft clumping litter may stray a bit more outside of the litter box than the other products. However, the long-haired cat litter does a great job of eliminating tracking. Even if you don’t have a long-haired cat, this litter will work wonders to keep the litter pellets where they belong – in the tray. No one likes stepping on stray litter, whether it’s clean or not. Okocat cat litters are a good choice if you can’t stand picking up stray litter particles.


Litter dust can be a huge problem for both humans and cats. Cat litter that is dusty or breaks apart into small particles can irritate a cat’s sensitive respiratory system. Dusty litters that don’t clump or absorb very well can also cause the cat to become dirty and contract a UTI or kidney infection.

Furthermore, some cats can carry parasites that are harmless to them, but dangerous for humans with weakened immune systems. These parasites can be carried inside soiled litter dust and particles. If inhaled, a human can become sick. It’s, therefore, a good idea to pick a litter that is dust-friendly for both you and your cat’s health. Fortunately, Okocat is a very low-dust litter, so you won’t have this issue if you use it for your cat’s litter box.


One of the nicest things about the Okocat litter is that it is a flushable litter, so it’s incredibly convenient and extra sanitary for cat owners. Every cat litter from Okocat has this feature. The litters are flushable because they are made out of 100% natural wood that is free of added chemicals and other synthetic materials that can otherwise ruin pipes and plumbing fixtures. Once you get to experience the convenience of flushable cat litter, you might never go back to clay clumping litters that have to go in a trash bin.


Okocat cat litters are eco-friendly for several reasons. First of all, clumping clay litters use ecologically harmful strip mining processes to pull the clay from the ground. And, clay clumping litters will sit in a landfill for up to a million years before they break down. Wood-based litters from Okocat use renewable resources to manufacture their product. The litter is also compostable — more on that next.

Okocat Cat Litter FAQs

  • Is Okocat cat litter biodegradable? – Yes, it is, and there is a certain way you would use Okocat litter for composting. First, you would scoop the soiled litter clumps from the litter tray, and flush them. Because of the consistency and size of the Okocat wood pellets, it’s best to use a wide scoop since the pellets are large. You would flush the soiled litter down the toilet. All leftover, unsoiled litter can be composted. If you were to compost any dirty litter, it’s best to leave the compost to sit for at least six months, so it is sanitary enough to use in a vegetable garden.
  • Does Okocat come in a resealable bag? – No, instead it comes in a 100% biodegradable box. The box is also fashioned with a handy pour spout, so it is easy to fill the litter tray without spilling any of the wood pellets.
  • Does Okocat have silica in it? – No, Okocat is 100% free from clays, silica, and any synthetic chemicals or additives. It is a natural, wood-based litter that is extremely safe for cats and kittens, and pets with respiratory or UTI infections.
  • Is Okocat safe for kittens? – The Okocat soft clumping litter is safe for kittens. Cats who are picky about litter may also benefit from soft clumping litter, too.
  • How much lighter is Okocat than other clay litters? – If you have problems carrying and storing heavy bags or boxes of clay litter, you’ll want to try something lighter like a pellet litter. Okocat is about 60% lighter than an equivalent clay litter, and seven pounds of Okocat is equal to 20 pounds of clay litter.
  • Can you use Okocat in a self-sifting or mechanical tray? – Most of the Okocat litters will not work in a mechanical tray because the litters are clumping cat litters. Non-clumping litters are best for automatic litter trays and boxes, so you could potentially put the paper non-clumping Okocat litter in a mechanical tray. But it’s best to check with the manufacturer first.
  • How can you transition a cat to new wood-based litter? – If your cat isn’t used to pellet litters, it’s a good idea to transition the cat to a new litter slowly. Putting brand new litter into the cat’s tray can cause him to reject the product. The last thing you want is for your cat to pee somewhere on the carpet.
    The best way to transition the cat to a new litter is to fill his litter tray with half of the old litter, and half of the new litter. As he uses the tray, scoop out the soiled litter, and refill the tray with some of the new litter. By the end of the week, the majority of the tray should be comprised of the new wood pellets. Then, it is safe to empty the tray and refill it with all new pellet litter. Transitioning the cat to new litter will also give you the chance to pick up any issues the cat may be having with the new product. So, it’s ideal if you purchase a new litter product before you run out of your old clay or silica crystal litter.


Overall, we think Okocat litter is an excellent brand to try for your adult cat, kitten, or recently declawed cat. If eco-friendliness is important to you, this litter will deliver. Although it is a little bit pricier than other litter brands, it’s still less expensive than most of the wood-based, natural litters that you can find. Okocat is a good litter if you’re looking for something soft, absorbent, and low-tracking.

If you want to transition your cat to this new wood-based pellet litter, make sure you snag a box of Okocat before you run out of the old stuff first. Remember to head on over to Chewy.com, the world’s largest online pet supply store, to find a box of Okocat for a discounted price.

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