How To Stop Dog Shedding – 12 Tips and tricks for a hair free home

We love our dogs, but we aren’t crazy in love with their hairs on our clothes, furniture, and carpets. Generally speaking, all dogs shed, the difference is that the Poodle will shed a few hairs during the year compared to a Siberian Husky who will shed a ton.

That means that some breeds are extreme shredders and if not groomed properly will fill your home with hairs. Furthermore, dogs shed during the spring and fall, but dogs that live inside can shed during the whole year.

Luckily there is a number of ways on how to stop a dog from shedding and keep your home hair free. Moreover, this is especially important if you or one of your family members suffer from allergies.

To be completely honest with you, even if you follow these tricks your dog will continue to shed but will do so minimally. If his shedding isn’t a symptom of a bigger health problem, you will notice a lot less of his hairs floating around the house.

How To Stop A Dog From Shedding?

In order to make your home and clothes hair free, you will have to tackle the shedding problem from several fronts. In some cases a poor nutrition can be a cause for extreme shedding, thus a high-quality diet can put a stop to it. In other cases, loss of hair can be a sign of underlying issue so a trip to the vet will be necessary.

Why Dogs Shed?

In order to learn how to get a dog to stop shedding you need to learn why they shed in the first place. Shedding is a normal occurrence for all dogs, still, if you think that your dog sheds more than other same breed dogs, you should take him to the vet.

Dogs Shed To Grow New Fur

Just like people, dogs have hair that constantly grows. Just like your hair falls more during some periods, your pup will lose his. So, a dog will shed old and damaged hair in order to support the growth of the healthy new one. This is a normal turnaround and results in a glossy, soft, and healthy looking coat.

Dogs Shed When Seasons Change

Most breeds will only shed during the shedding season and lose great amounts of fur during this period. Most owners have a problem with during this period since a dog can lose so much fur, that you expect him to go bald. Of course, this never happens, and during spring shedding a dog will lose his winter coat in order to be better acclimated for warmer weather. This means that double coated breeds will shed large patches of their undercoat. During the fall, dogs will lose their summer coats in order to let the new hairs to grow. Hence their double coat will grow back making them ready for winter again.


All dogs are different, and like we said, some breeds will lose only a few hairs while others will shed a ton. If you don’t want to deal with loose hair around your home research the breeds that don’t shed a lot. On the other hand, if you already have a big shedder on your hands we will tell you how to stop a dog from shedding so much. Double coated breeds like Husky, Chow Chow, German Shepherd, and others are the ones that shed profusely.

What Are The Best Grooming Tools For Shedding?

When it comes to loose hair nothing helps better than regular grooming. But if you want to learn how to make a dog stop shedding you will have to use the right grooming tool.

De-Shedding Tools

1. De-Shedding Tools

Are a necessity if you are looking for a way on how to stop a dog from shedding. Most of them are so efficient that they guaranty reducing shedding up to 90%. These tools are designed to remove the hairs straight out of the undercoat where is the biggest concentration of loose hairs. The great thing about de-shedding tools is that they can be used for a variety of coat types, leaving your pup’s fur healthy and glossy.

Curry Combs

2. Curry Combs

Are rubberized dog grooming tools that have dual properties. They remove loose hair and give your pup a massage, thus stimulating the oil distribution and hair growth. If you are wondering how to stop shedding in a short haired dog, wonder no more since the curry brush is a solution. You can also use it while bathing your pup and remove even more loose hairs.

Slicker Brush

3. Slicker Brush

This type of grooming tool can be used on a variety of different coat types. It contains wire shaped pins that penetrate into the thick and double coats and remove loose hairs. This brush works also great for tangles and will make the coat shiny and minimize the shedding. For the best results, you can use for regular grooming and daily during the shedding season for the best results.

Shedding Blade

4. Shedding Blade

This kind of dog grooming tool has a loop band with small jagged teeth on one side. It removes loose hair from the undercoat without damaging the outer layer of hair. If you wonder how to stop dog hair shedding just get one of these and comb your dog regularly. On the other hand, if you own a long-haired dog, shedding blade is not recommended since it can pull on hairs.

Glove Brushes

5. Glove Brushes

Are getting popular since they give you an opportunity to massage your pup, and give him a nice rub. They work best for short-haired dogs, and will also remove dirt. Glove brush can be a great solution if you have a dog who hates being brushed since he will get the feeling of being petted. In the peak of shedding season use this brush every day in order to remove all the loose hairs.

12 Tips And Tricks On How To Stop Dog Shedding

Now when you know what causes excessive shedding and what are the grooming tools you need it’s time to tell you how to stop dog shedding. There are many effective ways to do it at home you just have to do it regularly.
And if nothing works you can take your pup to the groomer to have his coat shortened. This way you will remove lots of hairs, and support a healthy growth.

Regular Brushing

1. Regular Brushing

We know that this sounds obvious, but this is one of the best ways to remove loose hair and keep your home clean. Regular brushing needs to be a part of grooming routine and has many health benefits. Besides removing loose hair, you will distribute natural skin oils thus making the coat softer and shinier. Furthermore, you will prevent the development of mats and tangles that can lead to skin infections. During the shedding season, some dogs need to be brushed once a day, or even twice in one day. For the best results use a brush that is specially made for your pup’s type of coat. For thick and double coats use a de-shedding tool that will remove loose hair straight from the undercoat and prevent them from falling on your floors. Brush thick coated dogs against the grain and outward, and all other breeds in the direction of the hair growth.

High-Quality Diet

2. High-Quality Diet

In some cases, a dog may shed because he isn’t ingesting all the right nutrients. If this is a case a simple change of diet will help with the excessive shedding. Look for foods that have meat listed as the main ingredient, and contains healthy levels of fat and carbohydrates. Also, check the amounts of vitamins and minerals since their deficiency can cause health problems and hair loss. It is important that the food contains flaxseed, fish oil, or olive oil since they are the sources of omega 3 fatty acids. They support healthy skin and coat and will prevent the hair from shedding.

Olive Oil

3. Olive Oil

Do you want to know how to stop a dog from shedding with olive oil? Olive oil is healthy, popular and effective home remedy for dog shedding. By simply adding one tablespoon of olive oil per 10 pounds of body weight to your pup’s food, you can put a stop to excessive hair loss. Olive oil is healthy and will support great looking skin and coat, reduce dandruff and shedding. Still, you should talk with your vet and see if he thinks that your pup can benefit from this course of action.

Regular Baths

4. Regular Baths

Keeping your dog clean and smelling great has a positive impact on his overall health. In most cases, dogs can be bathed once a month, and more often if necessary. When it comes to shedding, bathing is a great way to remove all the loose hair and prevent them from flying around the house. You can also use a grooming glove or curry brush to stimulate the skin and remove even more hairs during bathing.

Coconut Oil

5. Coconut Oil

Coconut oil has a number of health benefits, and we will tell you how to stop a dog shedding with a home remedy. And this is a great natural solution for all of you who don’t want to expose your pup to harsh chemicals. To begin with, add one tablespoon of coconut oil to your dog’s food, and don’t expect to see the results overnight. In time you will notice that your dog’s coat is healthier and that the shedding is reduced. Moreover, coconut oil will soothe irritated skin, heal wounds and cuts, help with flea bites, and prevent the development of dry and flaky skin. It also has antibacterial and antifungal properties so it is a good natural cure for skin infections.

Provide Fresh Water

6. Provide Fresh Water

Lack of water can lead to dehydration which leads to dry and flaky skin that is prone to shedding. In order to prevent this from happening, supply your pup with unlimited access to fresh water. If your dog doesn’t drink enough during the day, you can increase his water intake by adding canned food to his diet. Compared to 10% moisture found in kibble, canned food contains 78% which will keep your pup and his skin hydrated.

Add Supplements

7. Add Supplements

If your dog refuses to eat food with added olive or coconut oil, you can buy omega or vitamin E supplements. Since we already said that omega fatty acids support healthy skin, now we will tell you how to stop your dog from shedding with vitamin E. Vitamin E is used to treat dry skin, and as you know dry skin is one of the main reasons for shedding. You can apply vitamin E oil to your pup’s skin, add it to the water during bathing, or give a vitamin E pill. All of these are easy to find, and it is up to you to choose which approach works best for you and your dog. However, we advise you to talk with your vet prior to giving any supplements to your dog. He will be able to tell you which supplements to give and the right dosage for your dog.

Be Aware Of Allergies

8. Be Aware Of Allergies

Dogs can get allergies just like us, the only difference is that they absorb allergens through their skin. The symptoms of allergies are itching, constant scratching, and licking which can lead to excessive shedding. If your dog starts shedding out of ordinary and he is also itchy, he may have allergies. If you suspect that this is the case with your pup take him to the vet. Your vet will run some tests to determine what is causing the allergies and will advise you on the course of treatment. Once the culprit is identified and the treatment begins your dog will stop shedding.

Use A Blow Dry

9. Use A Blow Dry

Once you bath your dog, if he isn’t afraid, use a hair drier to get his coat dry. Always use the lowest setting or if possible don’t turn the heat setting on. To help loosen and remove as much hair as possible, brush your dog while you are blow drying his coat. You will be surprised to see the amount of loose hair still present on your dog after the bath. After the dog is dry, use an appropriate brush for his type of coat and brush him again for even better results.

Check For Fleas And Other Parasites

10. Check For Fleas And Other Parasites

Fleas are nasty blood-sucking parasites that cause extreme scratching and damage to the skin. And from so much mechanical damage your pup may start shedding. It is important to administer topical flea treatment regularly to prevent them from infesting your dog. So if your pup’s scratches like crazy and leaves hairs all around the house, check him for fleas. If he is in fact infected, there is a variety of natural and chemical flea treatments that will help you get rid of them. However don’t forget to treat your home as well, to prevent the fleas getting on your dog once again. Once all the fleas are killed your pup will stop shedding, and we advise that you invest in a proper flea protection.

Regular Vacuuming

11. Regular Vacuuming

Regular vacuuming will keep your home hair free, while you apply some of the previously listed tricks to keep your dog from shedding. Still, some dogs will allow and enjoy being vacuumed, so you can try it on your pup. We recommend that you use a strong vacuum cleaner that will be able to pull the hairs out of the carpets before they sink in. And during the shedding season, you will probably have to vacuum every day to keep your home clean. If you don’t have carpets getting rid of all that loose hair can be done just with the wet mop. However, an occasional vacuuming is in order to keep your home in the perfect state.

Cover Your Furniture

12. Cover Your Furniture

You can invest in a nice looking upholstery to protect your furniture from all the loose hair. Upholstery is a magnet for dog hair, and it will save you the trouble of removing it from your sofa. Throwing some fancy looking blankets can be another solution on how to stop my dog from shedding all over a brand new sofa. Once you removed all the loose hair from your dog, you can just throw the blankets into the washing machine.


All dogs shed, however, some do it in greater amounts and some shed just a few hairs during the whole year. However in some cases, shedding can be associated with an underlying health problem, so you should take your dog to the vet just in case.

We hope that you find our tips on how to stop a dog from shedding useful and that you will try at least one of them. During the shedding season we recommend bathing and brushing your dog regularly, and a proper de-shedding tool will make your life so much easier.


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