Hartville Dog Insurance Review

Pets are part of the family. They offer us their time and energy with unconditional love, and the least we can do is promise to take care of them with the same energy. Along with food, toys, and a place to sleep, pet insurance can also be a necessity in your pet’s life.

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Pet veterinarian bills can add up quickly. If you’ve got insurance, you know that those bills won’t overwhelm you. They can offer peace of mind and allow you to plan better for the future. Hartville is one such option for pet insurance and might be one of the best choices you’ve ever made.

Let’s take a look at Hartville’s details to see if this company could be the right one. You have lots of things to consider, so let’s start untangling the plans and find out if it’s the best choice.

Hartville Overview

Hartville is part of the famous Crum and Forster insurance group. Crum and Forster began in 1997 and expanded to offer multiple pet insurance options, including Hartville. In 2006, Hartville began an underwriting partnership with the United States Fire Insurance company and was officially acquired by the group in 2017.

The group was one of the first to partner with the ASPCA, and while Hartville isn’t an official partner, it belongs to a group that’s been offering pet insurance for a long time. It’s recognized as having an extensive array of options and excellent customer service.

Crum and Forster has an A-plus rating with the Better Business Bureau and offers good reviews of both plans and customer service. Customers who belong to the group belong to a long tradition of pet plans and coverage.

2024 Hartville Pet Insurance Review

The company does have many positive reviews, but there are a few negatives. The company offers a wide range of options for different types of coverage, which allow you to balance your budget needs with your coverage needs.

They seem to have excellent customer service, but some clients felt they weren’t informed of some of the small details for pets with chronic issues and lost out on reimbursements for not having the right plan coverage. Pay attention to the fine details.


  • Variety of plan choices
  • No upper age restrictions
  • Fast, convenient app for managing the plan


  • Only covers cats and dogs
  • May have fine print about ongoing conditions
  • Fewer deductible choices

What do customers like about Hartville?

They seem to have an excellent customer service and reimbursement response.

“I am very happy with my Hartville Pet Health Insurance. When you call them with a question, everyone is extremely helpful and always asks about my Dog. I would highly recommend Hartville to all my friends.” Marie

“1st my dog Zeke fell then started limping. Then after taking medication, which didn’t help much, then a CT scan to determine what was going on, and then finally a shot in his elbow to fix the limp. After that he ended up with some type of infection. The bill was starting to run up a bit, but it was no problem in filing a claim and then having it paid in a timely manner.” Robert

“Hartville Pet Insurance has given me peace of mind for my two 1.5 yrs. old rambunctious pups. Claims are processed efficiently and accurately. With direct deposit, you receive your reimbursement within one or two days after the claim has been approved….” Michelle

What do customers dislike about Hartville?

Customers sometimes feel they don’t have all the details before signing up.

“I was never given an option to add continuing care. I also called around to other insurance companies and found they don’t pull this trick on their customers. Your company is shameful, taking advantage of customers with sick and dying pets.”HJ

“I insured my three cats. After filing my first two claims (one for $30 and one for $32), they denied the second claim because they connected an unrelated illness from over two months prior to one of the claims.” Kyle

How Does Hartville Pet Insurance Work?

Hartville has standard practices that they follow for the pet insurance world. They offer coverage for cats and dogs with a variety of choices that allow you to balance your monthly needs with your pet’s coverage needs.

Dog Insurance

Hartville offers insurance to dogs regardless of age and breed. Their most popular plan is Comprehensive Coverage, a plan that protects you against both accidents and illnesses, including hereditary conditions and chronic diseases.

First, you choose your plan and decide on your annual deductible. There are three different options, $100, $250, and $500. From there, you match your reimbursement percentage to your plan. Your choices are 90%, 80%, or 70% reimbursement of your paid vet bill.

The plans come with annual payout limits starting at just $5000, but you can increase that limit if your pet has multiple conditions. There’s also an option for unlimited yearly reimbursements for premium plans.

Accident Only

If your pet is young, you can decide if you only want catastrophic insurance. The Accident Only plan covers your expenses for injuries and emergency illness, including poisoning, but you won’t be eligible for coverage for hereditary conditions or chronic illnesses.

Older pets may require comprehensive coverage. Still, if you need a budget option for your dog that helps prevent you from having to stomach considerable expenses in case of that emergency, this could be a good option.

Wellness and Preventative Care

Once you’ve chosen your insurance plan, you have the choice to add on preventative care riders. Preventative care still provides reimbursements, but it operates outside your chosen deductible and reimbursement choice.

Each routine care procedure receives a set reimbursement amount back once you’ve paid your bills. The wellness option is not available as a stand alone product, but it is part of both dog and cat insurance plans.


Your insurance plan doesn’t require a compatible veterinarian or emergency hospital. The entire plan works on a reimbursement method, which allows you to keep your veterinarian. Once you pay yoru bill, submit your claim and any other required paperwork. Your reimbursement is mailed or direct deposited according to your particular plan’s details.

Cat Insurance

Cat insurance works on the same method as dog insurance. You choose your reimbursement amount, your annual deductible, and your annual reimbursement cap amount. You can add on wellness options and decide if you’re doing only accident coverage or accident and illness.

The reimbursement amounts are the same as the dog insurance, 90%, 80%, or 70%, and the reimbursement amounts. The method of reimbursement also depends on your plan, and keep in mind that the wellness rider falls outside those plan details.

Hartville Pricing Details

Hartville gives you the chance to balance your monthly budget for premiums with your coverage desires. Make sure you understand your plan details to get a better idea of your pricing, but here’s an idea of what to expect.

How much does it cost per month for their best plan?

Their best plan includes the lowest copay and deductible amount with an unlimited annual reimbursement cap and the wellness rider. Depending on your area and your pet’s age, it could cost you over $100 easily.

Keep in mind that you can always balance this cost by making different choices about your plans based on various factors. The company has good options for your budget.

Are there any coupons, deals, or incentives to sign up?

The plan does offer a multipet discount if you sign up at the same time. It doesn’t have any active coupons, but you should talk to an agent or request a quote to see what’s available in your area specifically.

What’s the deductible? Is it annual or per visit?

The deductible is annual and has three different options, $100, $250, and $500. Those choices allow you to balance your premium needs with your coverage choices.

Do you have to pay a copay, or are claims covered 100%?

Once you’ve met your deductible, you’re responsible for a small percentage of the remaining bill. The most affordable plans only cover 70% of your remaining bill after your yearly deductible while more expensive options cover up to 90% of your bill. This doesn’t count wellness riders, which reimburse based on a fixed amount.

Will the rates go up over time?

As your pets age, their care may become more involved. Your premium may become more expensive, but you should read the details on your plans to find out how that happens.

Also, insurance companies sometimes make changes to underwriters or partners, and as leadership changes, policies can change as well. You should be notified if there’s a change.

Hartville Coverage Details

Hartville offers coverage for a variety of illnesses and accidents, depending on plan details. You also have options to cover wellness procedures with a separate plan. Let’s take a look at what you might be able to expect from your chosen plan.

Does it cover regular vet office visits and routine check-ups or only unexpected emergencies?

Pet insurance is only for unexpected emergencies and illnesses. It doesn’t cover the cost of routine procedures. You can choose to have a wellness rider for your plan that will reimburse a set amount for things like vet visits and dental cleanings, as well as anything else that falls under routine care.

Does it cover dental and teeth cleaning?

Hartville insurance plans don’t cover the cost of regular dental cleanings, but it will cover emergency dental care or chronic dental issues. If you want routine dental care reimbursements, you’ll need the wellness rider to cover regular care.

Does it cover hip dysplasia?

If your pet doesn’t have a diagnosis or symptoms already, the Accident and Illness options will cover chronic and hereditary conditions. Your pet must get a clean bill of health and wait out the waiting period before being eligible for coverage for these conditions.

Does it cover spaying and neutering?

The insurance plans don’t cover that, but the wellness option will cover routine care. Spaying and neutering aren’t emergencies and are part of your dog or cat’s routine and maintenance care.

Does it cover pre-existing conditions?

No insurance company covers pre-existing conditions for pets. Your pet must have a veterinarian check-up and wait 14 days for symptoms. If a symptom is present during any part of that, it’s considered pre-existing and not covered. Bilateral conditions are also not covered.

Some conditions that are “curable” can become eligible for coverage, but you must wait a certain amount of time, and your pet must remain symptom-free. Check your plan details or talk to an agent about the fine print for curable pre-existing conditions.

Does it cover cancer?

If your dog or cat receives a cancer diagnosis after the initial waiting period, and it’s not considered pre-existing, Accident and Illness coverage will reimburse you for cancer diagnosis, treatments, and maintenance. If it’s considered pre-existing, your pet is not eligible for reimbursements related to cancer.

Does it cover prescription medications?

It will cover nonroutine prescriptions. Accident and Illness covers prescriptions for chronic illnesses. Wellness coverage will reimburse for some routine medicines such as flea and tick treatments.

What else does it cover?

  • Emergency care
  • Injuries
  • Accidental ingesting
  • Diagnostics
  • Prescriptions
  • Some alternative treatments
  • Cancer
  • Chronic conditions
  • Hereditary conditions
  • Behavioral issues and care

What else does it NOT cover?

  • Routine care
  • Breeding
  • Pregnancy
  • Whelping
  • Elective procedures
  • Injuries from abuse or dog-fighting

Are there any restrictions on breed-specific conditions or age?

It has no breed or age restrictions, but your pet must be at least eight weeks to sign up initially. Your pet will never lose coverage because of age, and it’s possible to begin new policies even with senior pets.

Is there a waiting period? How soon can I start using the insurance after I sign up?

Once you’ve gotten your pet checked by a vet for any symptoms or pre-existing conditions, there is a 14 day waiting period for both accidents and illness. Your pet cannot display any symptoms during this waiting period either, or conditions will fall under pre-existing.

Is it easy to cancel if I change my mind?

You have 30 days from the start of the policy to decide that it isn’t right for you to receive a refund of your premium. If you’ve already submitted a claim, there may be restrictions for cancellations and refunds. Pay attention to the details when you sign up for full disclosure and policies.

How does Hartville compare to other pet insurance companies?

Hartville offers a wide variety of policy coverage and ways to balance your premium with your coverage needs. It’s backed by a large insurance group and has clear policy statements. If you have a dog or a cat, this could be an excellent policy to get to cover a range of scenarios.

Would you recommend this pet insurance company for dogs?

Their dog coverage is comprehensive and easy to sign up for. It offers plenty of coverage choices and good options for things like deductibles and reimbursement percentages. It doesn’t have as many choices as some out there, but it will provide you with plenty to choose to get the job done.

What about coverage for other animals?

Hartville doesn’t offer coverage for any other animals besides dogs or cats. You’ll have to look elsewhere or possibly to another partner in the insurance group to cover different types of animals.

Do they offer coverage for cats?

They do offer cat coverage. It has the same options as the dog insurance coverage to help you balance your pet’s coverage needs. You can choose your reimbursement percentage, your deductible, and your reimbursement cap to get started.

Cats need coverage as well because they’re just as prone to injuries and chronic conditions as their dog counterparts. It can be challenging to choose the best insurance for your cat while everyone is talking about dogs, but it’s a big part of caring for your feline. Get all the information you can to make the right choice.

Do they offer coverage for horses, birds, reptiles, and other exotic animals?

Hartville doesn’t offer coverage for any animals besides dogs and cats, but their ASPCA partners under Crum and Forster do have some other options. They aren’t the same company and don’t have the same plans, but you wouldn’t have to go far to expand your coverage options. In fact, Crum and Forster were some of the first ones to offer a stand-alone insurance plan for horses.

Choosing the right insurance for your pet can be challenging. There are a lot of details that go into making those decisions, but fortunately, Hartville offers a range of options that allow you to balance your premium budget with your coverage needs.

The addition of a wellness rider for those who need more coverage and the choice to have a wellness rider could help bring your care costs well under control. Luckily, the plan gives you plenty of choices, and it doesn’t matter how old your pet is before you begin coverage.

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