Embrace Dog Insurance Review

Your pet is part of your family, so planning for the worst can be tough. However, with the right plan in place, you can offer healing and support to your dog or cat without worrying about the final cost of the procedures.

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Pet insurance is quickly becoming a solution for handling those large unexpected medical bills. And with so many insurance companies offering solutions for wellness care also, you may find that you can afford to take care of your pet after all.

Insurance is challenging, but we’re here to help. Our research can help get you on the right track and on the right plan for your dog or cat. Let’s take a look at one option, Embrace, to see if it could be the right one for you.

Brand Overview

Embrace began as a business competition at Wharton Business School and rapidly evolved into the insurance offer we know today. They offered their first policy back in 2006 and partnered with the American Modern Insurance Group in 2012 to further their policy coverage and response times.

Embrace offers traditional style insurance and is BBB accredited with an A+ rating. Their policies provide a good balance of budgetary concerns with coverage details, and customers can add wellness options for full-scale coverage.

Embrace makes things easy to join and is a large insurance company offering policies to dog and cat owners. Exotic pet owners may have to wait a bit longer for theirs, but Embrace is continually evolving, so it may be coming at some point.

They’re regularly involved in their communities and consistently listed as some of the best places to work in their areas. They’re evolving their mobile offerings and trying to make the process more efficient.

They partner with other insurance providers to offer more comprehensive options and faster reimbursements. Their ability to cover a wide range of treatments, including some non-standard options, stems from these vital partnerships.

2024 Embrace Pet Insurance Review

People seem to like that they have flexible options plus wellness plans from Embrace. Mobile app capabilities also top the list. However, for some, the explanation of what’s covered is unclear and can lead to unexpected denials of reimbursement. This seems to be the most common type of complaint (reimbursement denials).


  • offers health pet discount
  • does not end coverage based on age
  • covers behavioral and alternative therapies


  • pets over 15 cannot join for comprehensive coverage
  • no options for exotic pets

What do customers like about Embrace?

“My dog, Molly, had elbow and shoulder problems. The recommended treatment was really cutting edge – Stem cell and bone marrow treatment on top of arthroscopic surgery to clean out her joint. These procedures were very expensive, and I did not know if insurance would cover it. So, I called Embrace. … and found out that Embrace actually covered it.”Matthew (Consumer Affairs)

“They have covered all my claims very quickly. Submitting a claim is a breeze online. Every time I have called I get a person on the phone almost immediately without wait. They are extremely helpful.”James (BBB)

“I have had Embrace pet insurance for over 10 years on my 3 pets. I’ve been fortunate I haven’t had to use it till last year. Our sweet Lilly had a sarcoma that would respond very well with radiation treatment. Because I had insurance there wasn’t a question of if but when can we start treatment. … The service is excellent! Caring, professional and quick to respond to questions”Susan (Consumer Advocate)

What do customers dislike about Embrace?

“They have a 15 business days waiting period for first-time claims, but for me has been a full month including weekends and haven’t heard from them . When I check my claim process it says IS PENDING FOR MEDICAL HISTORY since first week , contacted them a couple times but they have excuses for everything so I don’t need this.”Edwin (BBB)

“My puppy had a kennel cough prior to his bordetella vaccine, and prior to his coverage, which was obviously not covered. However, 5 months later, and after all vaccines, he developed another cough. He was diagnosed with a different problem than kennel cough, and was put on a different antibiotic. Embrace would not cover this because I was supposed to prove that it was unrelated to the cough 5 months prior.” Erica J. (Consumer Advocate)

How Does Embrace Pet Insurance Work?

Embrace uses a standard insurance rider for covering accidents and extensive out of pocket expenses. Their plans allow you to choose aspects of your coverage to help mitigate your monthly premium cost.

You must apply for a policy through an agent or the website. Once you do, you must take your pet for a physical exam to check for any pre-existing conditions that might be excluded from coverage. There is a 14 day waiting period from the time you start the policy to when it begins to take effect.

Annual deductible options range from $100 to $1000, and co-pays after the deductible is met are 10%, 20%, or 30%. The payout is based on your vet bill and covers a percentage of the cost. This allows you to choose a plan that fits into your budget while still protecting you from massive emergencies.

Annual limits on payouts are commonly $2000, $5000, $10,000, or $15,000, but there is some discrepancy in online resources about those numbers. It’s best to check directly with the agent. There is no option for unlimited limits, but with a blend of these factors, you can choose a plan that will cover what you need and keep your pets protected.

Embrace offers only comprehensive insurance unless your pet is over 14. At that age, you have the option of purchasing an accident only option. The plans allow you to customize your care for your companion.

  • Embrace Wellness: You can choose a tier of annual reimbursement for your pet’s preventative care. Your choices are $250, $450, or $650 with procedures covered 100% up to that point. It includes things like essential vet check-ups, flea and tick treatments, and teeth cleanings.
  • Catastrophic Insurance: This plan is a low-cost alternative and covers costs associated with significant medical emergencies. It has a high deductible but could keep you from having to pay thousands of dollars out of pocket.
  • Accident coverage: For pets enrolling at age 15 for the first time or with extensive pre-existing conditions, this is the option. It covers catastrophic events.
  • Dental Insurance: Embrace covers dental issues up to $1000, and dental care is covered up to your policy limit.

You’ll have to call an agent or get a quote online to get a full range of prices and eligibilities. The coverage ranges, and you do get a lot of smart choices for how to plan your monthly premium.

Embrace has an age limit for new clients, but they do not kick your pet off comprehensive coverage due to age. As long as your pet is signed up for a comprehensive plan before the age of 15, the coverage will continue throughout your pet’s life. That’s an awesome option for this particular insurance company.

Cats are also covered, but exotic pets aren’t. The best way to get your coverage is to go through the website for an initial quote, but if your pet has special considerations, the company is easy to talk to and is always willing to answer questions to find the right plan option.

Embrace Pricing Details

Let’s take a look at what this might cost you per month. You do have a lot of choices, and that can help ensure that your premium and your coverage costs work well for you. Getting a quote online is the best way to get started with this.

How much does it cost per month for their best plan?

Some of their best plans can run from $75 to $100 per month, excluding wellness options. Adding on the wellness plan will add more to this per month. Their “best” plans can depend a lot on your pet’s health, your location, and the terms of the policy you decide to purchase.

Are there any coupons, deals, or incentives to sign up?

Embrace does offer a multiple pet discount but you’ll have to speak to an agent to get that sorted out. Once you’re signed up, Embrace has a healthy pet discount on your deductible. For each year that you don’t submit a claim, you receive a $50 discount on your deductible each year. This is one of the only companies to offer this.

What’s the deductible? Is it annual or per visit?

Deductibles vary based on your choice and are met annually. You can choose from a range of deductibles from $100 to $1000 to cover your needs and plan your budget for premiums.

Do you have to pay a co-pay, or are claims covered 100%?

You choose your co-pay from a range of options – 10%, 20%, or 30%. Once your deductible is met, your co-pay is based on a percentage of the price of the service offered at your vet.

Will the rates go up over time?

Rates do not go up over time, although you may find that your needs change, and you have to adjust your premium. Talk to an agent for more details about what might happen when you’re changing plans.

Embrace Coverage Details

Let’s take a look at what Embrace covers as far as emergency procedures and some standard preventative care. The coverage is the same regardless of plan, but the amounts you can be reimbursed will differ depending on the plan you choose. Here’s what to expect.

Does it cover regular vet office visits and routine check-ups or only unexpected emergencies?

The comprehensive insurance plan covers only emergencies and medical procedures that don’t qualify as routine. The Wellness add-on allows you to be reimbursed for preventive care up to a certain amount of your choosing within the tiered options.

Does it cover dental and teeth cleaning?

the Wellness option does cover dental cleanings up to your maximum yearly amount, and comprehensive medical insurance covers any trauma or mouth injuries associated with an emergency.

Does it cover hip dysplasia?

If your dog develops hip dysplasia once your plan is already in place, it will cover the costs associated with its diagnosis and treatment. In even includes some alternative therapies that seem to help. Check your policy for a full breakdown of what is covered.

Does it cover spaying and neutering?

Certain Wellness coverage can reimburse you for the cost of spaying and neutering your pet. However, accident coverage does not. Speak with your agent if you are covering a puppy or kitten to find out your options.

Does it cover pre-existing conditions?

The plan doesn’t cover pre-existing conditions. You are required to have a vet check-up to sign up for a policy, and that will outline anything that could be considered a pre-existing condition. Once you’ve begun coverage, your pet is covered for any new diagnoses.

Does it cover cancer?

It does cover cancer provided that the cancer is a new diagnosis. Coverage plans can be quite generous with yearly caps, so talk to your agent about your options if your pet is diagnosed with cancer while covered by Embrace.

Does it cover prescription medications?

It does offer prescription medication coverage using the same reimbursement method as with services and procedures. You must submit all the proper paperwork.

What else does it cover?

It covers most standard catastrophic events and procedures:

  • accidents
  • cancer
  • illness
  • breed-specific hereditary issues
  • behavioral therapies
  • certain alternative therapies
  • emergency care
  • specialist testing
  • dental diseases
  • prosthetics and mobility
  • prescription drugs

What else does it NOT cover?

Some things are not included in the plan:

  • breeding, whelping, or pregnancy
  • routine medical care (without the Wellness rider)
  • DNA testing
  • avian flu
  • injuries caused by intentional abuse or fighting
  • pre-existing conditions
  • cosmetic procedures

Are there any restrictions on breed-specific conditions or age?

There are no breed restrictions. Dogs 15 and older are only eligible for accident coverage when it’s a new plan. If your dog is covered with a comprehensive plan before the age of 15, that coverage continues throughout its lifetime with no restrictions or dropped coverage.

Is there a waiting period? How soon can I start using the insurance after I sign up?

The waiting period is 14 days from acceptance. Once the waiting period is over, you are free to begin using your insurance to submit claims for procedures that happen after. There is a two day emergency waiting period for reimbursements.

Is it easy to cancel if I change my mind?

It is easy to cancel. Once you decide that Embrace isn’t for you, you simply talk to an agent to cancel your plan. Claims and premiums that are pending will depend on the circumstances and timing of the cancellation.

How does Embrace compare to other pet insurance companies?

Embrace is an ultra-fast reimbursement model with riders that take care of things like behavioral therapies and alternative therapies. It’s one of the largest pet insurance organizations around, and with partnerships with leading insurance carriers, it’s reliable and effective.

Would you recommend this pet insurance company for dogs?

It’s an excellent option for dog owners because you have the option of behavioral therapies for your pet and other great coverage under the comprehensive plan. Once you start, your pet is on for life with no age restrictions (provided you begin before the age of 15).

What about coverage for other animals?

There’s no option for other animals this time, so it’s best to look elsewhere. Keep an eye on Embrace for future coverage of animals besides dogs and cats, however. The company is always expanding their coverage options.

Do they offer coverage for cats?

They do offer insurance for cats, and it works very similarly as it does to their dog coverage. Cats under the age of 15 are eligible for comprehensive coverage, and wellness plans can help with preventative care costs. Cat insurance isn’t quite the same as dog insurance, but you should still consider it for your cat’s care.

Do they offer coverage for horses, birds, reptiles, and other exotic animals?

They do not offer care for other types of animals. Embrace is continually evolving, so it’s always possible that they will in the future, but as of right now, that isn’t possible. Consider Embrace only if you have a cat or a dog.

Embrace pet insurance can offer a trustworthy and reliable way to mitigate costs either for emergencies or pet wellness. They provide customizable plans based on your budget, pet, and location and have a multi-pet discount to help cut costs even further.

If you have a healthy pet, it can be very good for your premiums because of the healthy pet discount. You can shave off a few dollars, all while having peace of mind that your pet is taken care of. It’s an excellent option for standard care for cats or dogs, so be sure to check it out and stop worrying about the future.

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