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7 Best Slow Feeder Cat Bowl With Our 2024 Budget-Friendly Pick

If you’ve been noticing that your cat frequently vomits after eating their meals, they may be battling a common syndrome frequently referred to as “scarf and barf.” This happens when a cat eats too quickly, causing their body to immediately reject food. Thankfully there is a way to slow down your kitty’s eating habits – a slow feeder cat bowl.

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Here we will highlight all of the great benefits of using a slow feeder cat bowl, as well as the health risks associated with fast eating in cats. You’ll learn how important it is that your cat slows down when eating, and we share our top slow feeder cat bowls to help your cat enjoy their meals again.

5 Benefits of Using a Slow Feed Cat Bowl

It’s important for animals to eat slowly, but it’s especially crucial for cats. Using a slow eating cat bowl can prevent “scarf and barf” syndrome, and they offer several other notable benefits:

  1. Slow down eating to minimize vomiting: Cats often regurgitate their food because they eat too quickly. Using a slow feed cat bowl will slow your cat down when they eat, reducing or eliminating vomiting after mealtime.
  2. Cats will/may feel fuller more quickly: A cat bowl to slow down eating may help your cat feel fuller more quickly. This can help prevent cat obesity, or even help your cat lose weight. If your cat is feeling full, they are less likely to overeat.
  3. Provide mental stimulation: Slow feeder cat bowls are an excellent source of mental stimulation. For those hot summer months or freezing winter when your cat may become sluggish, a slow feeder can help put some pep back into your cat’s step.
  4. Reduce boredom for indoor cats: To keep life exciting for your indoor cat, a slow feeder bowl can be an additional source of fun. Interactive toys help reduce boredom in cats, and a slow feer cat bowl will do the same.
  5. Promotes healthy digestion: When your cat is eating slowly, they are properly digesting food, rather than risking vomiting. Healthy digestion also means that nutrients are being more effectively absorbed in their system.

Health Risks Associated With Fast Eating in Cats

Cats are natural hunters, so when we place down a decorative bowl of food for our cats, we are actually doing them a disservice. Not only is eating from a dish or bowl boring for a cat, but it can also cause some health concerns if they eat too quickly. These include:

  • Gagging, choking or vomiting
  • Gas and stomach discomfort
  • Obesity
  • Stress and grogginess
A cat’s stomach is only the size of a ping pong ball, and ideally they should only be eating 1 cup of food per day on average. This is why is so important to ensure that your cat is eating slowly. Unfortunately most cats are known for eating excessively quickly, and that’s where a slow feed cat bowl comes in handy.

5 Components to Look for in a Slow Feeder Cat Bowl

Ready to choose a fun cat food bowl for slow eating bowl for your feline friend? There are a ton of great options to choose from, so consider the following components when picking one out:

  1. Type of food to be used: Does your cat eat kibble, wet food or both? Most slow eating cat bowls are only equipped to be used with kibble, but there are options available for wet food. We have a wet food slow feeder mat on our list of recommendations.
  2. Size and food capacity: If you have multiple cats who will be using the slow feed bowl, you’ll want to consider purchasing a large one that can accommodate multiple kitties. You will also want to make note of the food capacity, especially if you have a large feline crew.
  3. Cleaning and maintenance: Many cat slow feeder bowls are dishwasher safe, but some do require a hand wash. If super easy cleaning is important to you as a cat parent, you’ll want to buy a slow feeder that is dishwasher safe.
  4. Design: Slow feeders for cats come in a multitude of designs, from mats to bowls to trees. The design you choose will depend on your cat’s personality and how they prefer to play and eat. If you have a cat with limited mobility, you may want to stick with a mat or bowl design.
  5. Material: It would seem that a majority of cat slow feeds are made from plastic. If you are buying a plastic feeder for your cat, just make sure it’s BPA-free and non-toxic. Other materials used in slow feeder cat bowls are rubber and ceramic.

Overall Best Slow Feeder Cat Bowl in 2024

Northmate Catch Interactive Cat Feeder

Key Benefits:

  • Large, mat-sized surface area
  • Dishwasher safe
  • Anti-slip feet to keep feeder in place
  • Great for multi-cat homes

Overall Best Slow Feeder Cat Bowl – This slow eating from Northmate is designed to stimulate your cat’s natural hunting instincts by using their paws to grab food. You can scatter as much food as necessary across this mat-sized interactive slow feeder, and more than one cat can use it at a time. Your cat will need to push and catch food throughout the rounded nodules, which will significantly decrease the rate at which they eat.

The Northmate Catch Interactive Cat Feeder comes in one size, but it’s suitable for cats of all ages and breeds. It comes equipped with four anti-slip feet to ensure that the slow feeder stays in place. This interactive cat feeder is made of hard phthalate-free plastic and it’s suitable for cleaning in the dishwasher. Since this feeder is so durable, it’ll be appropriate for indoor or outdoor use.


  • Multiple cats can use it at once
  • Dishwasher safe
  • Made from durable plastic which is appropriate for indoor or outdoor use
  • Large surface area


  • If your cat refuses to use their paws to eat, this may not be the best slow feeder for them.

Catit Senses 2.0 Food Tree Cat Feeder

Key Benefits:

  • 3 unique size settings to accommodate different kibble sizes
  • Round base doubles as a no-spill dish
  • Easy to take apart and clean
  • Encourages your cat to “hunt” for their meal

Runner-Up Best Slow Feeder Cat Bowl – This slow feed for cats is unique because it forces your cat to truly work for their meal. Your kitty will need to forage for their food by pawing the side openings starting at the top of the tree. They will have to continue to paw the kibble down to the bottom level of the tree, where it will end up in the no-spill dish. The entire process encourages hunting instinct and mental stimulation, while offering a delicious reward.

Don’t worry about your cat knocking over this feeder tree, as the bottom base acts as a stabilizer. And your cat can’t cheat by taking all of the kibble from the top of tree – a narrow hole prevents your kitty from doing so. This Catit Senses 2.0 Food Tree Cat Feeder can be adjusted via 3 settings to appropriately house the size kibble that your cats eat. For cats who eat too quickly, this slow feeder cat tree is a fun, interactive option.


  • Satisfies hunting and foraging instinct
  • 3 size settings to accommodate uniquely-sized kibble
  • Can be used in conjunction with other Catit products


  • Must be hand-washed
  • May not be ideal for cats with limited mobility

Pioneer Pet Plastic Portion Control Food Dish

Key Benefits:

  • Funnel shaped bowl is easy to fill
  • Rubber feet keep the dish in place
  • Dishwasher safe
  • Veterinarian recommended

Best Budget-Friendly Slow Feeder Cat Bowl – This slow feeder cat bowl from Pioneer Pet boasts a rather simple design, but it promotes portion control and stimulates your cat’s mind. Your kitty will have to work for every bit of kibble by pawing for it.  Cats have natural hunting instincts, and this slow eating cat bowl allows your cat to “hunt” for their food via several openings.

The Pioneer Pet Plastic Portion Control Food Dish is easy to load with food through the funnel shaped top. Rubber feet will keep the bowl in place as your cat works to fetch their food. The slow feeder is also dishwasher safe. We love how affordable this slow eating cat bowl is, making it cost-effective to purchase more than one if necessary!


  • Simple design that is easy to set up and clean
  • Provides mental stimulation, as your cat will need to “hunt” for their kibble
  • Dishwasher safe
  • Rubber feet keep the bowl in place


  • Some cat parents report that kibble may become stuck in the center of the bowl, as it is fairly large.

4 More Top Slow Feed Cat Bowls

Hyper Pet Lickimat Cat Feeding Plate

We like the Hyper Pet Lickimat because it is suitable for both dry and wet cat food. The mat has small, raised nodules that you can spread wet food over to create an exciting meal time experience. You can even put the mat in the freezer so your cat can have a longer-lasting treat. The raised patterns on this slow feeder cat mat also promote good oral health. The nodules stimulate gums and scrape bacteria from the tongue, supporting fresh breath and healthy teeth. The Hyper Pet Lickimat is also appropriate for dogs, or other pets who would enjoy using this type of slow feeder.

Doc & Phoebe’s Cat Co. Indoor Hunting Cat Feeder Kit

Ditch the bowl entirely and allow your feline hunter to search for their meals as if they are in the wild with this indoor hunting cat feeder kit. This veterinarian-designed slow feeding system is incredibly innovative. It comes with 3 interactive mouse-shaped feeders that allow cats to hunt for their meals. Each feeder is made with plastic and fabric to allow your cat to grab and claw at their “prey.” To use this slow eating kit, simply fill the mice with the correct portions of food, then hide them around your home. The plastic portion of these feeders is BPA-free and machine washable, while the fabric can be cleaned in your washing machine.

Trixie Activity Strategy Game Tunnel Feeder Cat Toy

The Trixie cat slow feeder is a challenging game that rewards your cat for opening various compartments. As they explore this slow feeder, your cat will find the kibble dispersed among different tunnels. All you have to do is pour kibble or treats into the top of the feeder, close the lid and let your cat enjoy! This slow feed cat bowl has non-slip rubber feet to keep it in place during mealtime, and it’s dishwasher safe for convenient cleaning.

PetSafe SlimCat Interactive Cat Feeder

For cats who could stand to lose a pound or two, this PetSafe slow feeder will dispense kibble or treats while your cat works to move the ball around. Cat parents can adjust the amount of kibble that dispenses from the ball as your cat bats and pounces at it. This benefit is particularly helpful for overweight cats. The PetSafe SlimCat Interactive Cat Feeder is also wonderful who cats who suffer from anxiety or behavioral problems. The toy will provide endless mental stimulation to keep your cat busy and focused. This cat slow feeder holds 2/3 cup of dry food at a time, and it is dishwasher safe.


  • How can I get my cat to slow down eating wet food? While most cat slow feeders are made for treats and kibble, there are mats that accommodate wet food. You can purchase lickable mats which allow you to spread wet food across a nodule design, and they can even be frozen for a longer lasting mealtime experience.
  • Are slow feeders good for cats? Since cats are excessively quick eaters. Slow feeders are good for cats because they slow the eating down. When your cat eats slowly, they properly digest food and absorb all essential nutrients. Slow feeders also prevent “scarf and barf” syndrome, which is when cats eat too quickly and immediately vomit.
  • Why is my cat throwing up undigested food? Cats throw up their food immediately after eating if they have eaten too fast. A cat’s esophagus is horizontal rather than vertical, so eating slowly will help prevent vomiting after eating.


Slow feeder cat bowls are a fun, exciting tool to help your cat properly eat and digest their meals. We’re confident that you’ll find a great option on our list for your beloved feline. If a slow feeder cat bowl isn’t enough to keep your cat from consistently vomiting, we recommend seeking veterinary attention.

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