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10 Best Harnesses For Pugs: Our Walking, Hiking & No Pull Picks

With their short snouts, big eyes and huge personalities, Pugs are one of the most popular dog breeds. If you’re the proud owner of a Pug, you may be thinking about investing in a high-quality pug harness for your dog.

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Not sure where to start? We’re here to help. In this article, we’ll discuss everything that you need to know about pug harnesses – from popular harness types, to harness materials and the key attributes you should look for in a Pug harness. We’ll also answer some FAQs about harnesses, and provide you with a list of our top Pug harnesses. Read on, and get all the information you need to get a great harness for your Pug.

Popular Types of Pug Harnesses

There are a wide variety of different Pug harnesses on the market, but the most popular types of harnesses for Pugs mostly includes the following:

  • Vest harnesses – Vest harnesses are usually made of mesh, and are highly-recommended for smaller breeds. They are very comfortable, and secure using a rear buckle or strap, making them easy to put on and take off of your dog. However, they’re not usually recommended for heavy pullers.
  • Walking harnesses – Walking harnesses usually use a strap-based, step-through design because this is the easiest type of harness to put on and take off of your dog. This type of harness is designed specifically for everyday walks, and usually is very lightweight and minimally padded.
  • No-pull harnesses – No-pull harnesses have a front chest attachment ring for your lead, which helps you guide your dog and minimize pulling.
  • Hiking harnesses – Hiking harnesses need to be comfortable and padded, but lightweight enough for all-day wear. They also often incorporate reflective materials for low-light safety, as well as handles to help you control your dog.
  • Car harnesses – Car harnesses are built to allow you to tether your dog to a seat belt. This prevents your Pug from moving around too much, and keeps it safe during hard braking and car accidents.
Depending on your own particular needs, any of these harnesses may be a good option for you and your Pug, and you may even want to buy multiple harnesses for different situations.

Different Pug Harness Materials

Wondering what Pug harnesses are usually made of? Here are a few of the most commonly used materials.

  • Nylon – Nylon is very strong, water-resistant, easy to clean, and relatively soft, making it a great choice for dog harnesses. It’s the most popular material on the market for Pug harnesses.
  • Polyester – Polyester is similar to nylon and is also a synthetic fabric, but is more abrasion-resistant and water-resistant, though it’s usually a bit stiffer, compared to nylon.
  • Mesh – Mesh is usually made of nylon or polyester, and is made to be breathable and stretchable. It’s often incorporated into dog harness padding for ventilation.
  • Cotton – Cotton can be blended with nylon or polyester or used on its own. Cotton is a natural and organic material, so it’s a top choice for those who do not want their harness to use synthetic fabrics.
  • Leather – Leather is relatively expensive, heavy and high-maintenance, but it offers great durability and strength, so it’s commonly used in some high-end Pug harnesses.
  • Neoprene – Neoprene is a synthetic rubber, which is used to provide padding and comfort on many Pug harnesses.

While there are exceptions, most harnesses for Pugs are made out of one or more of these materials – so it’s a good idea to familiarize yourself with them, so that you can stay informed when shopping.

5 Key Components Of A Harness For A Pug

If you’re looking to purchase a Pug harness, here are the 5 key qualities you should look for when making a purchase.

  • Easy to clean – Pugs have a short, double coat and tend to shed a lot, so you should look for a dog harness that’s machine washable and easy to clean.
  • Minimizes pressure on throat – Pugs, like many small and toy breeds, are prone to tracheal collapse, so you should look for a harness that is padded and comfortable and distributes your dog’s weight away from its throat.
  • Breathable – Pugs have a short airway due to their shortened snouts, which makes it harder for them to pant and cool down. You should look for a breathable, ventilated harness, particularly if you walk your dog in hot weather.
  • No-pull features – Some Pugs can be stubborn pullers. A no-pull ring or a design that tightens when your dog pulls away can help discourage this behavior, making them useful training tools.
  • Handle/car tether – It’s important to keep your dog secured in your car, both to ensure distraction-free driving and safety for your pug if you get in an accident, or have to swerve or brake suddenly. Most harnesses with a handle can be used to attach your dog to a seat belt. Some harnesses are also purpose-built and crash rated for use with dogs – we recommend a purpose-built harness if you travel with your Pug regularly.

If you can find a Pug harness that meets these 5 requirements, you’ll be able to keep your Pug safe, happy and comfortable. So take another look at these key traits now, and make sure you find the right harness for your pup.

Our Picks For The Best Harness For A Pug

Ready to start shopping for a harness for your Pug? Below, we’ve put together a list of some of the best Pug harnesses on the market. We’ll discuss the key features, pros and cons, and details of each one, so that you can figure out which harness is right for your Pug. Read on below, and see your top options now!

Kurgo Tru-Fit Smart Harness with Steel Nesting Buckles Enhanced Strength

Key Features:

  • Crash-test rated for dogs up to 75 lbs
  • Strong metal hardware and nylon straps
  • Padded chest for comfort
  • Simple to adjust for a perfect fit

Best Overall – This harness from Kurgo is inspired by climbing harnesses, and it uses durable steel nesting buckles which are solid and easy to adjust, as well as strong nylon straps that provide a secure hold, and 5-way adjustability for your Pug. In addition, it features a front no-pull ring as well as a rear harness attachment ring for versatility, and it also includes a strap and seat belt tether for use in the car. The padded, ventilated chest piece is comfortable, and helps distribute your dog’s weight evenly when it pulls.


  • Extremely durable
  • Easy to adjust for a perfect fit
  • Car safe


  • Relatively heavy
  • Straps are stiff
  • Run slightly small

Chai’s Choice 3M Reflective Dog Harness  

Key Features:

  • Front and rear lead attachment rings
  • Lightweight design
  • Plastic buckles for easy placement, removal
  • Four-way adjustability

Runner Up – If you are interested in a more lightweight harness with plenty of padding, this harness from Chai’s Choice is the best option. It’s built with a generously-padded chest and back piece, connected by strong nylon straps with 3M reflective material. This harness also features a front no-pull ring and a rear lead attachment ring, as well as plastic easy-clip buckles to help you put the harness on and take it off of your dog. A rear handle lets you control your dog easily, and also can be used to tether your dog to a seat belt.


  • 3M reflective material for low-light safety
  • Very light and easy to adjust
  • Plenty of padding, ventilation


  • Not crash-test rated
  • Chest strap is difficult to adjust properly
  • May loosen slightly on longer walks

Frisco Small Breed Soft Vest Dog Harness

Key Features:

  • Simple mesh, vest-style design
  • Ventilated and perfect for hot weather walks
  • Reflective trim for safety
  • Comes in 5 sizes for a good fit

Most Affordable Pick – If you’re looking for a comfortable, affordable harness, this small dog harness from Frisco is a great choice. It’s a lightweight, ventilated and stretchy mesh-style harness, which secures over your Pug’s back using a velcro strap and a plastic buckle. Two strong metal rings are secured to the rear of the harness, allowing for easy lead attachment. The mesh fabric is strong yet flexible, and won’t constrict your dog, or place excessive pressure on the neck.


  • Extremely comfortable
  • Fast-release buckle for easy placement, removal
  • Does not place pressure or strain on neck


  • Will not help control pulling
  • Limited adjustability
  • Rear lead attachment point is too big for some lead clips

Kurgo Go-Tech Adventure Dog Harness with Seatbelt Loop

Key Features:

  • Heavily padded for comfort
  • Heavy-duty metal and nylon construction
  • Reflective tabs for safety
  • Rear handle for dog control, use with seatbelts

Best Hiking Harness – If you like to take your Pug on adventures, this harness from Kurgo is a great option. It’s built to be lightweight and comfortable enough for all-day wear, but also to be durable, long-lasting, and easy to clean. A padded neck, back and chest piece provides plenty of protection, while strong metal hardware and nylon straps keep the harness in place, and four adjustment points make it easy to get the perfect fit for your Pug. The harness can also be used to attach to a seat belt, using the included carabiner and strap.


  • Comfortable enough for all-day wear
  • Great weight distribution
  • Heavy-duty, climbing harness-inspired design


  • Not crash-test rated
  • Neck is not adjustable
  • Relatively difficult to put on, take off

Harness Lead Dog Harness

Key Features:

  • All-in-one harness and lead
  • Easy to wash
  • Adjustable to fit Pugs of any size
  • Helps discourage pulling

No Escape Harness Lead – If you have trouble keeping your Pug inside a harness, or haven’t quite been able to find a harness that fits your dog perfectly, this harness lead is a great option. It uses a metal clip and rubber stoppers to wrap around your dog’s chest, back and belly, holding it securely in place. When properly adjusted, it’s impossible for your dog to slip away. In addition, the harness is built to tighten gently when your dog pulls, and relax when it stops pulling. This helps discourage bad leash behavior.


  • Totally escape-proof
  • Rated for 3,700 lbs tensile strength
  • No sharp buckles or stiff straps


  • Relatively short lead
  • Initial adjustment/setup is difficult
  • Lacks padding

PetSafe Easy Walk Dog Harness

Key Features:

  • Plastic buckle for fast placement, removal
  • Front no-pull ring
  • Simple to adjust for a custom fit
  • Soft, light straps

Best Walking Harness – If you are interested in a simple, easy-to-use walking harness, this product from PetSafe is a great choice. It uses a strap-based, step-through design and is built with soft nylon and durable metal and plastic hardware. With four adjustment points, it’s easy to get the right fit for your Pug. A front no-pull ring helps you control your dog on walks, and the design sits on your dog’s chest, belly and back, preventing strain on its throat and neck.


  • Very easy to put on, take off
  • Reduces strain on throat
  • Available in 9 sizes


  • Lacks padding
  • Won’t hold up to constant pulling
  • Can’t be used in the car

4 More Top Rated Harnesses

Haven’t had enough? The above harnesses are our top picks based on testing and reviews, but they’re not the only great harnesses on the market. Below, we’ve put together a few other harnesses that didn’t quite make our list of top harnesses – but may still be a great option for you and your Pug! Take a look now.

Puppia Soft Dog Harness

This harness from Puppia uses an over-the-head design that secures gently around the rear of your dog’s body with a plastic buckle. The rear straps are adjustable to ensure a perfect fit, and that your Pug can’t slip out of the harness. It’s made of a flexible soft mesh, which helps minimize strain when your dog pulls, spreading it over the chest. A rear lead attachment ring provides a solid hold and allows you to control your Pug effectively, and the quick-release buckle makes it easy to put this harness on, and take it off.

Pawtitas Reflective Padded Dog Harness

If you are looking for a heavily padded harness for a Pug with back issues or other joint problems, we would highly recommend this product from Pawtitas. It’s made with a blend of polyester and neoprene, ensuring the straps conform perfectly to your dog’s body. In addition, the reflective material helps keep you and your dog safe in low-light conditions, and the durable rear ring allows you to keep your dog under control with your favorite lead. The chest is heavily padded and ventilated, reducing strain on your Pug’s neck, and the straps are easy to adjust for a perfect fit.

PetSafe 3 in 1 Dog Harness

This harness is designed to be used as a traditional harness with the rear clip, a no-pull harness with the front ring, and a car harness with the rear handle, which allows you to easily tether your dog to a seatbelt. It’s also built with reflective nylon stitching for low-light safety, and utilizes neoprene strap padding to keep your Pug comfortable and secure. It also has numerous adjustment points to help you get a perfect fit. However, it is a bit complicated to put onto your Pug for the first time, due to its six-strap design.

Solvit Deluxe Car Safety Dog Harness

If you want a purpose-built car harness for your dog, this product from Solvit is an excellent choice. It’s DOT approved for use as a car safety restraint, and has a tensile strength of over 3,000 lbs. The high-quality nylon material is padded and ventilated to keep your dog safe and comfortable, and the rear handles can also be used to attach a leash, and walk your dog when you reach your destination.

The Top 5 FAQs About Pug Harnesses

If you’re shopping for a Pug harness and still have some questions about the process – and harnesses in general – we’re here to help. Take a look at these common Pug harness FAQs.

  1. What size harness should I get for my Pug? – Pugs usually reach a size of between 14-20 lbs, so small or extra-small harness is usually the right choice. However, each harness manufacturer sizes their harnesses differently. To make sure you choose the right harness size for your Pug, you need to measure your dog. Measure its neck at the base, where it’s the thickest, using a flexible tape measure. Then, repeat this process at the broadest part of its ribcage. These two measurements are commonly used when sizing harnesses, so make sure to consult a sizing chart while you shop, so that you choose the right harness for your Pug.
  2. Should I get a harness even if my Pug doesn’t pull? Yes. Even if your Pug doesn’t pull, a harness can help you control your dog in emergency situations, and it also protects your dog’s airway. Collars can choke your dog if it pulls or if you accidentally jerk the leash – and in small dogs like Pugs, this can cause damage to the neck and throat.
  3. Do collars really cause respiratory problems for Pugs? It depends on your dog. The thing about dog collars is that they place a lot of pressure on the throat and airway, especially if you accidentally tug or jerk on the collar, or if your dog suddenly lunges away from you. If your dog is properly leash trained, it’s fine to walk it with a collar. However, due to the weaker airway of Pugs and other toy breeds, a sudden jerk of the collar always has the potential to cause respiratory damage. For this reason, a harness is a good way to protect your Pug, and give you peace of mind by minimizing the risk of throat and airway damage.
  4. Will a no-pull harness stop my pug from pulling? The answer is yes… and no. No-pull harnesses either use a ring on the chest to help you redirect your dog to your side, or they constrict your dog when it pulls, which discourages pulling. However, a no-pull harness alone won’t stop your dog from pulling. You need to properly leash train your dog to mitigate its tendency to pull. If you don’t do so, a harness can actually encourage pulling, because your dog will be able to pull harder, compared to wearing a collar alone.
  5. How can I make sure my Pug doesn’t escape its harness? The #1 thing you need to do is make sure your Pug’s harness fits properly. You should only be able to fit two fingers inside the straps at the tightest point of the harness. If your dog’s harness is too loose, it may be able to pull out of the straps and escape. Too tight, and your dog will be uncomfortable and the harness may cut into its skin.

We hope these answers have been helpful. If you need more information about harnesses, leash training, and other such topics, we recommend consulting with a dog trainer or animal behaviorist – or doing some more online research!


We hope the above guide has been comprehensive, informative, and helpful. By now, you should have all of the information that you need to buy a great harness for your Pug. So take another look at our top picks for Pug harnesses now, and think about your needs and the needs of your dog. Once you do, you’re sure to pick out the perfect harness for your pup – so start shopping right away.

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