7 Best Long Haired Cat Brushes With Our 2024 Budget-Friendly Pick

Long hair cats have beautiful, flawless coats that deserve the highest-quality maintenance. As if your long hair kitty wasn’t already royal enough, how about giving them the ultimate treatment in the name of grooming? A long hair cat brush will help nourish your kitty’s skin and coat while preventing mats, knots and tangles. Weekly brushing will have their fur looking shiny and glamorous.

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We’ve put together a helpful guide to brushing your long hair cat. We offer suggestions for handling matting of the fur, and offer 7 fantastic long hair cat brush recommendations! Let’s get started by hitting on some of the benefits of using a quality long hair cat brush.

5 Benefits of Using a Long Hair Cat Brush

Long hair cats are beautiful, but they require more frequent brushing and grooming than other cats. Luckily a long hair cat brush will help keep a furry mess under control. There are several benefits of using a brush for long hair cats:

  1. Keep their coat healthy: Long hair cats require extra care and grooming, and with that comes the need to minimize mats, tangles and knots. By brushing your long hair cat you are keeping their coat free of nasty matting. If you allow your cat’s hair to mat, it may become too difficult to groom in the future, and you may be required to cut or shave it. Regular brushing will help avoid that!
  2. Spread natural oils: When you massage your cat’s skin and coat with a brush, you are helping to stimulate the production of natural oils and further spread them throughout the coat. These oils are essential for keeping your cat’s skin and fur hydrated and healthy.
  3. Brushing stimulates blood flow: A brush massage will get your kitty’s blood circulating, which perpetuates overall body health.
  4. Less cleaning for cat parents: By brushing your long hair cat, you are catching unwanted hair in the brush instead of allowing it to become airborne throughout your home. Less fur on the floor and furniture means less cleaning for you!
  5. Allows you to see parasites and skin changes: Grooming your cat can be a nice bonding experience, and it will also allow you to view your cat’s skin and coat up closely. Focusing on brushing you cat will help you spot potential parasites in their fur or irritation and skin changes. If you do notice a potential health concern, be sure to see veterinary attention.

What should I do if my cat has mats in their fur?

The first course of action to tackle mats in your long hair cat’s fur is to gently attempt to remove them yourself. Specific matting brushes and picks can help with the process. (We have some recommendations on our list below). Don’t pull hard on your cat’s fur, as you don’t want to add stress to the situation. Remember that prevention is key – if you stay up on brushing your cat, you can avoid mats and severely tangled fur.

If you think the mats are much too tricky for a cat comb or brush to handle, consider taking your cat to a professional groomer or veterinarian. Sometimes mats can form on a cat’s back if they have difficulty grooming themselves. If this is the case with your cat, you may want to increase the frequency at which you brush your kitty. If you take your cat to the vet for help with mats, they may also be able to offer an appropriate grooming routine for your cat’s specific needs.

6 Components to Look for in a Long Hair Cat Brush

Brushing your cat’s hair will keep them healthy, happy and looking their finest. Consider these 5 components when deciding which brush will be best for the task:

  1. A sturdy blade or pins: If your long hair cat has coarse fur, it’s important that you choose a brush that is sturdy enough for the tasks. A stainless steel blade or flexible metal pins will be the best for the job.
  2. Handle comfort: Since it requires more time to brush a long hair cat, buying a brush that is comfortable for you to use is crucial. Many brushes are built with an ergonomic handle, and some have thumb rests and no-slip grips for extra control.
  3. Versatility: Some of our favorite long hair cat brushes are two sided. If may have dematting pins on one side and bristles on the other for adding shine and softness to the coat. A brush like this is good for any feline friend in your home.
  4. Mat and tangle remover: Some brushes are more helpful than others when it comes to removing mats, knots and tangles. Mat removers are smaller than a standard brush and they have a different pin design which is created to efficiently help the dematting process.
  5. Overall brush design: Brush design comes down to your preference, cat parents! Curved or straight handle? Thumb rest or curved blade edge? Choose what is going to be most comfortable for you. Remember that if you have a cat that requires substantial grooming, you will want an extra cozy grip or handle to reduce wrist fatigue.
  6. Self-cleaning: A self-cleaning brush is an attractive option for a cat parent who constantly battles endless amounts of fur. When you can easily clean a brush or it offers a self-cleaning mechanism, your brush will last longer and you will get your money’s worth!

It’s time to choose which long hair cat brush to go with! Here are 7 excellent recommendations for you.

Overall Best Long Hair Cat Brush

FURminator deShedding Edge Cat Brush

  • Available in long or short hair design
  • Designed especially for cats
  • Stainless steel edge gently reaches your cat’s undercoat
  • Comfortable, ergonomic handle

Brushing your cat’s long hair just got easier with this tool from FURminator. Designed specifically for use on cats, this brush comes equipped with a stainless steel blade edge. The edge will glide through kitty’s top coat and gently reach the undercoat to remove loose hair. You won’t have to worry about long pins or bristles irritating your cat’s skin.

The FURminator deshedding brush has a comfortable handle to allow for long hair grooming sessions. The ergonomic design helps reduce stress in your wrist. The brush has a curved edge as to conform to your kitty’s body structure. It’s important to thoroughly brush your cat’s long hair on every part of their body in order to prevent matting. This brush will make maintaining your cat’s long coat much easier and enjoyable.


  • FURminator is a trusted brand in the pet grooming industry
  • Available for different size cats with unique lengths of fur
  • Comfortable, ergonomic handle reduces wrist fatigue
  • Won’t irritate your cat’s skin
  • Designed specifically for us on cats


  • More pricey than other options

JW Pet Double Sided Cat Brush

Key Benefits:

  • Pin brush to reduce tangles and matting
  • Bristle brush to increase shine and softness of the coat
  • Easy to use
  • Cost-effective

Runner-Up Best Long Hair Cat Brush: This brush is excellent for long hair cats because you can use it to detangle their fur then use the bristle side to add luster and softness to their coat. The innovative 2-in-1 design is convenient and makes grooming your long hair cat easier. Tease through mats and knots using the pin side of the brush first. The bristle side will then offer a beautiful finishing touch.

We like this brush because it’s affordable and comfortable to use. The grip handle allows you to easily groom your cat with control. Save yourself time and money by using one tool to do it all! Your kitty will walk away from your grooming session looking spectacular and sassy!


  • Affordable
  • Innovative 2-in-1 design to save time and money
  • Easy to use
  • Comfortable handle for better control of brushing


  • May not be as easy to clean as a straight edge brush or self-cleaning brush

Four Paws Ultimate Touch Gentle Slicker Wire Cat Brush

Key Benefits:

  • Affordable for any budget
  • Flexible soft wire pins
  • Suitable for all lengths of fur
  • No-slip handle for comfortable brushing

Best Budget-Friendly Long Hair Cat Brush: Although this slicker brush for long hair cats is fairly standard, it will get the job done well, and for a great price! This brush will effectively remove mats, tangles and excess fur from your cat’s coat. The wire pins are flexible, so they won’t irritate your kitty’s delicate skin. Brushing your long hair cat with this gentle slicker wire brush from Four Paws will leave their coat feeling soft and looking healthy.


  • Cost-effective for any budget
  • Slicker pins are flexible to avoid irritating the skin
  • Recommended for cats with any length of hair
  • Comfortable, no-slip handle grip


  • May be more difficult to brush hard-to-reach areas of fur

More Top Long Hair Cat Brush Picks

Hertzko Long Blade Cat Dematting Comb

Long hair cats frequently battle matting of their fur. This long blade dematting comb from Hertzko is an excellent high-quality tool that till remove mats, knots and tangles from your kitty’s long coat. The stainless steel blades are rust resistant and sharp enough to work through mats and knots without pulling out hair. The comb has a comfortable grip with thumb rest for controlled and efficient combing. We like that this dematting comb is strong enough to handle grooming of even the longest and thickest coats.

Four Paws Ultimate Touch Instant Mat & Tangle Remover

Another excellent tool for removing mats and tangles is this brush from Four Paws. It’s smaller than a traditional brush to allow for dematting your cat’s coat in the smallest of crevices. Double row pins help combat tough mats and knots in your long hair cat’s fur. This de-tangler would also be excellent for kitties with curly hair. It’s groomer recommended and comes highly rated by parents of Maine Coon cats and other long hair breeds.

Hertzko 2-in-1 Cat Grooming Tool

If you have a long hair cat who sheds a lot, you will love this brush from Hertzko. It has a deshedding blade which will allow you to brush excess fur out from your cat’s top and undercoats. It will also help remove skin flakes, dander and head fur. Then you can use the comb side of the brush to help move tangle, mats and stubborn knots, and help stimulate blood circulation. We like that the brush has a flexible neck so it will contour your pet’s body and minimize potential skin irritation.

CHI Dual Sided Pin & Bristle Cat Brush

This brush for long hair cats is dual sided. One side has pins with nylon tips for the comfortable removal of mats and tangles. Bristles on the other side will add shine and softness to your cat’s top coat, and remove loose fur from the undercoat. Nylon tips on the pins make sure that even cats with sensitive skin don’t become irritated from the brushing. The grip of the handle is designed to fit well in your handle for controlled grooming without causing wrist fatigue. This CHI cat brush also has Ionic Technology to reduce static in kitty’s hair.

Frequently Asked Questions

  • How often do you brush a long haired cat? – Cats with long hair should ideally be brushed about three times per week. You may be able to get away with brushing them just once a week depending on the state of their coat. However, to ensure less matting and tangles in their fur, the more often you brush them, the better!
  • Do long hair cats need to be brushed? – It’s important to brush long hair cats to avoid their fur becoming matted. Mats, tangles and knots in the hair can end up causing pain and be extremely difficult to groom if left unchecked. Although cats have a meticulous self-maintenance routine, you should brush your long hair cat to ensure their fur is always staying in order.
  • What kind of brush is best for cats? – The best brush for your cat comes down to many factors. Some of these factors may include sensitivities to certain materials, the length of hair, if they have a curly or thick coat, etc. The recommendations in this article will certainly be excellent for cats with long hair! We also have other articles that offer helpful cat brush suggestions for unique scenarios.


Long hair cats have glorious coats that deserve to be shiny, healthy and free of knots. A weekly grooming routine with one of our recommended long hair cat brushes will no doubt keep your kitty looking and feeling their very best!

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