5 Best Dog Brushes for Bulldogs in 2024

Bulldogs are a relatively friendly breed that enjoys casual home or apartment living. While they’re excellent choices for novice owners and quite affectionate to both family and strangers, they do have a few characteristics that make brushing them essential.

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First, they have short and relatively sharp hairs that grow quickly. However, they also shed moderately, which means it’s fairly easy for them to cover sofas or blankets in their hair. This means that they need steady upkeep in order to maintain their best appearance in your household.

Second, Bulldogs do not tolerate most changes in temperature. They don’t like heat, cold, or humidity, which is why so many of them are indoor dogs outside of a short daily walk. Too many changes in their fur make it difficult for them to regulate their body temperature, so gentle brushing and combing will help ensure they stay as happy as can be.

Finally, most Bulldogs are difficult to train compared to many other breeds despite their sociable nature. They’re passive enough to accept most brushing without issue, but if they get stubborn about it, they won’t back down or listen to commands very easily. As such, it’s best to moderate your approach to brushing sessions carefully.

Different Types of Bulldog Brushes

Bulldogs have several different options when it comes to brushes and combs, but ultimately, most focus on smoothing and maintaining their short hairs.

Pin brushes are particularly popular because they can help gently massage a Bulldog’s skin under its short fur. They aren’t prone to many tangles because the hairs aren’t long enough to get twisted, but the way pins can gently nudge things back into position tends to make brushing them much easier.

Bristle brushes are arguably more useful than pin brushes because they specialize in sweeping away dirt and debris. Bulldogs enjoy being low to the ground and may roll over or even plop down on the dirt while they’re resting outside, so brushes that can get right to the base of their hair to clean it out are excellent options.

Slicker brushes are good for removing both loose hairs and dirt, which make them ideal options for Bulldogs. Note that even if they don’t go outside much, they may lie down or slide over dirt and debris on your carpet or floors, so they can still get dirty. Brushes that help remove this dirt are always useful, particularly because they’re more prone to skin irritations.

Shedding combs use a combination of short and long teeth to loosen fur around the undercoat, then pull it away from the body. This isn’t as important for Bulldogs thanks to their naturally shorter hairs, but shedding combs can be useful if your pup is changing their coats to prepare for a different season.

Massaging combs play a slightly different role. While many of them can still nudge loose fur off of your dog’s coat, they also work to massage the skin and stimulate the release of oils. These oils are what give dog fur a naturally shiny appearance, and as a bonus, this feels good enough to promote a bond between you.

Different Types of Bulldog Coats

Unlike some breeds, Bulldogs do not have a significant number of differences in their coats. Their hairs are almost uniformly short and smooth, especially when well-brushed, so you don’t need to spend too much time evaluating that.

However, there are some differences in colors, and these can significantly affect your dog’s overall appearance. Most people prefer red brindle, then other brindles, then white and other solid colors because these indicate generally good breeding.

Bulldog colorings vary quite distinctly throughout the breed, from solid colors all the way across to pale front halves with colored rear halves. As far as grooming goes, the main distinction is that pale colors show dirt and debris much better, so they’ll need more care to keep looking their best. This is particularly true if your Bulldog enjoys playing in grass or dirt.

The other major note is the distinctive wrinkles in their skin. These wrinkles form distinct valleys that can trap moisture and breed bacteria, which is a significant issue for a breed already prone to problems caused by obesity. Accordingly, grooming a Bulldog’s coat requires washing their wrinkles, not just brushing their fur until it’s smooth.

As friendly, passive dogs, Bulldogs tolerate most brushings and cleanings without fuss. The occasional treat or scratch can encourage this behavior. However, they can be hard to train, so don’t expect them to learn any tricks that make brushing easier.

Our Top Picks For Bulldog Brushes

Safari Bamboo Pin & Bristle Brush

Best Overall

Safari’s bamboo pin & bristle brush is an excellent choice for Bulldogs because of its flexibility. This brush contains gentle pins on one side that are good for undoing the rare tangles and massaging the skin, as well as bristles on the other side that can help sweep away dirt and debris.

However, what sets this brush apart from the competition is its use of bamboo over artificial materials for the handle. That makes it more environmentally-friendly, and we always enjoy encouraging that when possible in pet products.

This brush is a little on the small side, but that’s a positive when working with Bulldogs because it makes it much easier to control the brush and move it exactly where you want to go.

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Master Grooming Tools Ergonomic Soft Slicker

Master Grooming Tools offers a variety of outstanding grooming tools, but this ergonomic slicker is easily one of their best products. The handle uses molded, double-coated rubber for easy gripping while the particularly thin pins support gentle and efficient grooming on your pet.

Thin slickers like this one help dogs who have delicate skin or a tendency to itch, and they’re better than most of the alternatives for dogs who don’t have thick undercoats. Despite the thin nature of the pins, they’re still durable enough to help untangle the occasional matted mess, and the soft grip is ideal for a brush you’ll use a lot.


  • Thinner pins than many other slicker brushes
  • Lightweight design is easy to hold and use for extended periods
  • The durable handle can hold up to regular use


  • Doesn’t help with massaging the skin
  • Slightly odd shape makes it harder to carry around

Safari Short Hair Shedding Dog Comb

Safari is easily one of the most popular manufacturers for dog grooming tools, and it shows in their product line. This shedding comb focuses on addressing the Bulldog’s tendency to lose loose hairs throughout the year, and it’s an excellent followup to brushing with bristles to remove any dirt and debris.

Using this product properly on a Bulldog requires extra practice and skill compares to many other brushes, since you generally need to use it at the correct angle for the best results. You may want to get this as a supplement for another brush, rather than treating it as a primary brush in its own right, but it’s still an outstanding product in its own right.


  • Ideal for dealing with loose hairs
  • Combo of short and long teeth make it easier to glide through loosened fur
  • Particularly useful when Bulldogs are shedding a lot


  • Somewhat harder to use than other brushes
  • Less effective the shorter hairs get, so some Bulldogs may not need this

Four Paws Magic Coat Grooming Kit

The Four Paws Magic Coat Grooming Kit is a set of three different dog brushes, and that alone makes it instantly better than most of the competition. The first brush is useful for removing shed fur, the second brush helps massage the skin to release oils, while the final brush helps polish their fur to a shine by sweeping away debris and spreading the oils.

Each of these brushes comes in an easy-to-hold round shape. The main drawback is that making the most of this product requires going over your dog’s coat three times, which is more than some people want to do every day.


  • The flexible kit can deal with almost any issue in their fur
  • More options than any other brush on this list
  • It has a competitive price


  • No handles, so you may need to stretch a little more to use them
  • They do not have an ergonomic design

Frisco Combo Brush

Frisco’s combo brush is an alternative to our #1 choice, and it’s a fundamentally similar product. Like the Safari combo, this product comes with pins on one side and bristles on the other. The pins on this brush are a little thicker and use permanent rounded tips instead of the more-popular coated pins, while the bristles are a standard design.

The other main difference in this product is the handle, which is a plastic base with a rubber grip. This holds onto the skin a little better than our #1 product, so it’s a great alternative if you have difficulty gripping smoother surfaces.


  • No risk of the pins losing their covering
  • The reliable and time-tested design is good for Bulldogs
  • It’s easier to grip than many other combo brushes


  • Not as environmentally-friendly as our top pick
  • Not usable in the bath

6 Tips for Brushing Your Bulldog

Here are some quick tips for brushing your Bulldog:

  • Clean their wrinkles first. Bulldogs are prone to collecting moisture in their wrinkles, especially when they drool, and cleaning their wrinkles first helps minimize the impact of that.
  • Get rid of the tangles when you start using your brush. Smoothing out their coat by removing tangles and matted areas is key to keeping your Bulldog as clean, happy, and healthy as possible.
  • Brush debris away after loosening the tangles. Without tangles to catch dirt, brushing them clean is significantly more effective.
  • Bathe them as necessary. Most Bulldogs need baths every 2-4 weeks, and they shouldn’t go longer than six weeks without one.
  • Visually inspect the areas you brush. Sometimes dirt, skin flakes, and other debris can stubbornly cling to your dog when you’re cleaning them. Visual inspections help mitigate these risks.
  • Make it part of your routine. Bulldogs are amicable and friendly, so if they expect brushings, they’re far less likely to resist them. This is particularly true if you give them plenty of care and affection during each brushing session.

Frequently Asked Questions

Here are some of the most common questions people have about brushing a Bulldog.

How Often Should I Brush My Bulldog?

Daily is best, mainly because Bulldogs shed a lot despite their short hairs, and leaving them alone for too long can quickly lead to hairs floating all over your house. Daily brushing with an emphasis on removing shed hairs mitigates this risk.

How Easy Is It To Brush A Bulldog?

Brushing Bulldogs is extremely easy. They have short hair with a pronounced tendency to remain straight unless jostled into a mess by rubbing against something, so they don’t develop too many tangles. A few quick strokes in each area is usually enough to keep them looking great.

What Should I Do If My Bulldog Is Hard To Reach?

Bulldogs are squat, so if you’re having trouble bending down to brush them, consider buying and using a grooming table. These elevate your dog several feet and can make the entire process significantly easier.

What’s The Safest Material To Use?

All proper pet brushes are safe as long as you don’t wear them down too much, but Bulldogs don’t have a lot of extra hair to ward off scratches and sharper parts. If you’re concerned about that, look for a rubber or plastic brush (including bristle brushes), rather than a firmer metal choice.

How Long Does It Take To Brush A Bulldog?

That depends on the tools and techniques you use to take care of them. In most cases, brushing sessions take less than 30 minutes, and it could be significantly less if you’re used to it. The main factor that increases the time is the need to clean their wrinkles carefully.


By now, you know much more about the different types of brushes that can work for Bulldogs and how you can use them to provide gentle and consistent care. Most Bulldogs do particularly well with a two-step process of removing any tangles in their fur, then brushing out the dirt and debris before it has a chance to accumulate.

You can make this easier by using the right shampoo and conditioner during their baths. Be sure to use the right water temperature when you’re bathing them because they don’t like water that’s too warm or too cold, just as they don’t like indoor temperatures that are too bad.

If you want to make brushings easier, make sure you clean the floors and surfaces of your house. The short fur on a Bulldog’s hide can pick up any debris they sit or lie on, so preventing dirt from being there to start with is one of the best ways of keeping your pup’s coat clean.

All of the products reviewed above are great choices for any Bulldog, and they’ll address almost any need. However, dogs do have individual preferences, so don’t be afraid to experiment with different types of brushes and find out what they like the most.

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