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7 Best Dog Bike Trailer With Our 2024 Budget-Friendly Pick

Many humans love biking as a hobby or means of transportation. If you’re a fan of regular bike rides, you can include your best fur bud on all of your biking adventures. Not only are dog bike trailers a terrific way for your dog to tagalong on rides, but they also allow senior or injured pups to get out of the house and into the world again.

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If you own a bike and you’re ready to get your dog into their very own seat, take a look at the list of bike trailer recommendations we’ve put together. There are a multitude of features and benefits to consider, but we’ve done all of the research for you so you can stop reading and start biking!

5 Benefits of Using a Dog Bike Trailer

Purchasing a dog bike trailer is a great investment if you own a bike and consistently ride it. Using a bike trailer for your pup is a fun, safe way for them to stay included in your lifestyle. Below we highlight some of the other benefits of using a dog bike trailer:

  1. Your dog can safely accompany you on a bike ride: Some dogs enjoy running next to their bike-riding owners, but it’s not always the safest option. If you’re a human who frequently rides a bike and you want your pup to accompany you, a bike trailer is your answer. Your dog will happily ride behind you and they won’t tire out over extended distances.
  2. Great for senior dogs: If your pup is in their golden years, they may not be able to keep up during your bike rides anymore. A dog bike trailer allows you to bring along your canine companion even if they’ve slowed down.
  3. Get your injured dog out for an adventure: Many dog parents will experience their pup suffering an injury at some point. Using a dog bike trailer allows you to get your pup out and about even if they are recovering from an injury. Your dog can relax in comfort while being able to still join you on outings.
  4. Bike trailers are often multi-use: Many dog bike trailers convert into pet strollers, cargo carries or hiking trailers. They are incredibly versatile for a variety of outdoor excursions. You will most likely need to purchase separate accessories or kits to use the trailer as a stroller.
  5. Keep your dog contained in unknown places: If you are biking into uncharted territory with your dog, you may not know what to expect. A dog trailer will keep your pup safe and contained while you do your exploring.

Tips for Taking Successful Bike Ride With Your Dog Trailer

Pulling a dog bike trailer behind you can take some getting used to. Use these tips to ensure a fun, safe ride for you and your pup!

  • When you first test out your new dog bike trailer, take it slow and ride on a smooth surface. This will help you get used to the weight of the trailer and how it feels.
  • Slow down when making turns to avoid the trailer tipping over. You most likely aren’t biking in a triathlon with your dog in a trailer, so just take it slow! No sense in risking injury.
  • Give yourself plenty of time to stop to that your bike trailer doesn’t come to a screeching halt. The trailer could hit the bike with force or topple over.
  • Always secure your pup in the trailer. Your dog’s safety should always be priority, so buckle them into the trailer with a harness and leash.
  • Start with slow bike rides so your dog can get used to relaxing in the trailer. It’s probably not a good idea to take your dog on a 16 mile ride if they’ve never even sat in the bike trailer before.

Next we’ll walk you through some components to look for when deciding which dog bike trailer to purchase.

7 Components to Look for in a Dog Bike Trailer

When you’re searching for a deluxe dog bike trailer to suit your pampered pooch, consider all of these important components:

  1. Compatibility with your bicycle: Many dog bike trailers claim to universally fit all bikes, but that statement is a stretch. Before purchasing a dog bike trailer, verify that it will fit the bike you own.
  2. Doors: Most dog bike trailers come equipped with a rear door as the main point of entry for your pup. Some also have a front door. The number of doors necessary on a bike trailer simply comes down to your preference.
  3. Wheels: Air-filled wheels are generally going to be better for dog bike trailers than plastic wheels. Inflatable wheels will allow for a smoother ride on rougher terrain.
  4. Weight capacity: If you have a large dog over 50lbs, be sure that the dog bike trailer you’re considering has enough weight capacity. Some bike trailers can only accommodate dogs up to 50lbs or so.
  5. Weather covers: Weather-resistant covers are helpful if you live in a climate where it may rain without warning. While some bike trailers can’t be completely covered, many are equipped with water-resistant front flaps to keep your pup dry.
  6. Folding frame: If you are short on storage space or you plan to travel often with your bike trailer, we suggest purchasing one that can easily collapse or fold.
  7. Additional features: There are some premium dog bike trailers that come equipped with a variety of helpful features. These include a stroller conversion, removable floor, washable cushion, reflectors and safety flag.

Overall Best Dog Bike Trailer

Solvit HoundAbout II Aluminum Bicycle Trailer

Key Benefits:

  • Easy access for your dog to step in and out
  • Extra-large wheelbase for stability
  • Oversized sun roof
  • Folds down quickly for transport and storage

We love the Solvit HoundAbout II bike trailer because of its innovative design and stability. A wide wheelbase provides a lower center of gravity, allowing your pup to ride smoothly behind your bicycle. The trailer is easy for your dog to step into, as it has a low entrance design. This feature makes the trailer a good option for senior dogs. Your pup will enter the trailer through the rear door, then they can stick their head out and enjoy fresh air via the oversized sun roof.

This Solvit bike trailer is appropriate for moderate off-roading, as the 20 inch air-filled tires offer a smooth ride. The trailer comes equipped with a safety leash to ensure your dog remains secure. It also has a removable, washable cushion for premium comfort. A special feature of this bike trailer is the ability for it to convert into a pet stroller. Dog parents can purchase an additional kit which allows the trailer to become a stroller for jogs, walks and other adventures with your pooch.


  • Frame is constructed from lightweight, rust-proof aluminum
  • Rear entrance, large sunroof and front mesh door for plenty of ventilation
  • Converts into the stroller with the purchase of an appropriate kit
  • Removable, washable cushion
  • Air-filled wheels are suitable for light to moderate off-roading


  • Not suitable for dogs over 110lbs

Burley Tail Wagon

Key Benefits:

  • Removable floor for easy cleaning
  • Flip down tailgate for loading and unloading
  • Includes an all-weather cover
  • Side battens for ultimate stability

Runner-Up Best Dog Bike Trailer – This bike trailer comes from a long line of Burley outdoor trailers. The Tail Wagon has a variety of helpful features that make it worth considering. The floor is completely removable, which makes cleaning a breeze, and any pet parent can appreciate that! If the floor of the trailer becomes dirty from your bike rides or your pup has an accident, don’t worry! Simply remove the floor to hose or wipe it down.

The Tail Wagon dog bike trailer has a flip down tailgate so your dog can enter and exit with ease. It comes with an all-weather cover that will protect your pup should it begin raining while you’re on an adventure. There is plenty of breathability with surrounding mesh windows, and side battens ensure that the trailer will always be stable. Dog parents can convert this bike trailer into a stroller, or a hiking trailer with the purchase of separate kits. The Burley Tail Wagon will hold pups up to 75lbs.


  • Several different conversion kits will work with this bike trailer
  • Tailgate is equipped with cargo pockets for your dog’s essentials
  • 2-in-1 roll up cover to protect your pup from the elements
  • Removable floors makes cleaning easy
  • Available accessories include a kickstand, which is sold separately


  • This is one of the more expensive dog bike trailers on the market

Schwinn Rascal Pet Trailer

Key Benefits:

  • Steel frame with quick-release wheels for convenient storage or transport
  • 16” air-filled wheels
  • Affordable for any budget
  • 1 year limited warranty

Best Budget-Friendly Dog Bike Trailer – Schwinn is a trusted brand name in the bicycle community, as they’ve been creating top of the line products since 1895. We love that Schwinn has several bike trailer options so dog parents can enjoy biking adventures with their pups. The Rascal Pet Trailer holds dogs up to 50lbs, and it offers room for 12lbs of additional cargo. It sits on 16” air-filled wheels which can be filled up with a standard bike tire pump.

The Rascal dog bike trailer is constructed with a steel frame, and it folds quickly so you can store it or pack it up in your vehicle. The trailer has a rear entrance for your dog to get comfortable, and surrounding mesh windows offer plenty of breathability. The Schwinn Rascal Pet Trailer does require some assembly, and it comes with a 1 year limited warranty.


  • Internal adjustable leash attachment for security
  • 16” air-filled tires with aluminum rims
  • Extremely affordable
  • Weather-proof flap on the front window
  • Made by a trusted name in the bicycle industry


  • May not be as stable as other dog bike trailers

4 More Top Dog Bike Trailers

DoggyRide Dog Mini Bike Trailer

If you have a smaller dog (or cats) who want to tag along for a bike ride, we recommend looking into this trailer from DoggyRide. It’s built for pets up to 55lbs and with a shoulder height of 15” or less. This sporty bike trailer is equipped with rear door entry, a safety flag and an interior leash set for security. The dog trailer is constructed with UV mesh material to protect your dog from the harsh sun. The front panel opens up so your pup can peek their head out and enjoy the scenery. When it’s time to pack up the trailer, simply remove the wheels and it can be used in the car as a dog crate.

Solvit Tagalong Wicker Bicycle Basket

Tiny pups love bike rides too, but they may prefer an elevated view and experience. This Solvit bicycle basket can be attached to the front of your bike with a unique bracket system. Sheepskin liner will keep your small dog cozy, while the wicker offers breathability. A sunshade will keep your pup cool and comfortable so they can enjoy your many outdoor excursions in luxury. The Solvit bicycle basket will hold pets up to 13lbs.

Aosom Elite Pet Bike Trailer

This dog bike trailer from Aosom is a budget-friendly option that has everything you need to enjoy relaxing bike rides with your dog. Your pup will enter and exit through the rear door while the front opens up for taking in the sights and sounds of your ride. The trailer is equipped with reflectors and a protective front door cover. It holds dogs up to 66lbs, and the trailer folds down for convenient storage. The Aosom dog bike trailer also comes equipped with a safety flag and stroller conversion option.

Best Choice Products 2-in-1 Pet Stroller and Trailer

This versatile dog bike trailer is built on a steel frame with water-resistant polyester to keep your dog safe and dry at all times. There is a built-in hand locking system so the trailer will stay in place when necessary. The trailer hitch is removable for dog parents can use it as a stroller at any time. Safety reflectors and a raised flag ensure that passersby will see you in low-light conditions. The Best Choice Products dog bike trailer holds pups up to 66lbs.

Frequently Asked Questions

  • What size bike trailer is best for my dog? – One of the deciding factors when choosing a dog bike trailer will be weight capacity. You’ll first and foremost need to choose a bike trailer that will hold your dog’s weight. Some trailers will only hold up to about 50lbs, while others can accommodate dogs up to 110lbs. It’s almost important that your dog isn’t cramped or unable to move in the trailer.
  • What bike trailer is best to take my dog on trails? – If you are going to be towing your dog through grass, gravel, rocks or a rougher terrain, you’ll want a trailer with excellent suspension and inflatable wheels. A wide wheelbase is also helpful for stability if you’re riding on bumpy surfaces. Some dog bike trailers also come equipped with battens for additional stability.


Riding your bike is a healthy, fun activity that your pup will love to accompany you on. Never leave your dog behind by purchasing a bike trailer to bring them along on all of your two-wheeled adventures. Before making your final purchase, be sure to double check that the trailer will be compatible with your bicycle.

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