Best Washable Dog Beds: Easy to Clean Bed Pad with Removable Cover

Does your dog’s bed looks so cozy, but at the same time, it’s so dirty that you don’t want to go anywhere near it? Even if your dog spends most of his time indoors he will manage to soil his bed in a record time.
Keeping up with dirt, muddy paws, and potty accidents is hard, especially when you have a full-time job, children, and the rest of the house to maintain. If you are looking to make life a bit easier you should invest in one of the best washable dog beds.
Instead of spending hours spot cleaning your dog’s bed, you can choose a washable product and let your washer do all the dirty work. This will save you a lot of time and improve your dog’s health and hygiene.
As crazy as it may sound, not all dog beds are washable. Thus, to help you save some time and energy we will review top five washable options available on the market today.

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Reviews Section of Best Washable Dog Beds

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1. Majestic Pet Suede Dog Bed – Easy to wash dog bed

Majestic Pet Suede Dog Bed

The Majestic Pet Suede Dog Bed is a suitable option if you are looking for a durable completely machine washable dog bed.

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Do you have an older incontinent dog or a puppy who isn’t house trained yet? Did frequent washing caused the bed to lose its shape and fall apart?

A machine washable dog bed can make your life so much easier if you have a sloppy dog.

The Majestic Pet Suede Dog Bed features a removable microsuede slipcover and you can also stuff the whole bed in a machine on a gentle cycle. However, the padding is a bit thin so you may need to consider other options if you are shopping for an arthritic dog.

Surrounding bolsters offer neck and spine support and the bed’s design works for dogs who like to curl or lean in their sleep. The polyester fill makes the bed fluffy and cozy and won’t fall apart or lose its shape during washing.

This washable dog bed comes with a waterproof base which protects your floors from any spills or accidents. You have an option to remove the covers and only wash them or to wash the entire bed in the machine.

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  • Completely washable.
  • Comes in different sizes.
  • Removable cover.
  • Bolsters offer extra support.


  • Can tip over.
  • The zipper can break.
  • The padding is thin.

2. Brindle Dog Bed with Removable Washable Cover – Dog bed with washable cover

Brindle Dog Bed with Removable Washable Cover

The Brindle Dog Bed with Removable Washable Cover is a good option if you are shopping for a sloppy house trained dog.

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Are you looking for a dog bed that offers proper support and also features a removable cover? If your dog isn’t incontinent you may consider investing in a dog bed with a removable washable cover.

The Brindle Dog Bed features a 3-inches thick shredded memory foam filling for superior support. However, if you have an incontinent dog or a puppy, this bed isn’t a good option since the filling can’t be washed.

The memory foam adjusts according to your dog’s body and relieves joint pain in dogs with arthritis or hip dysplasia. The soft removable microsuede cover is gentle and cozy and offers a superior sleeping experience.

To keep your dog’s bed clean, simply remove the cover and place it in a machine on a gentle cycle. When the washing is over place it in a drier on a low heat cycle.

This product comes in several sizes and has a 3-year warranty.


  • Removable cover can be washed.
  • Shredded memory foam filling.
  • Can be dried on low heat.
  • Relieves joint pain and stiffness.


  • The pad isn’t washable.
  • The cover can tear.
  • Doesn’t have a waterproof liner.

3. Milliard Orthopedic Dog Bed – Large washable dog bed

Milliard Orthopedic Dog Bed

The Milliard Orthopedic Dog Bed is a good option if you are looking for large dog beds with removable covers.

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Do you want to make your dog’s kennel more comfortable and are looking for washable pet beds? If you are shopping for a larger dog you need to make sure that the bed also offers proper support.

The Milliard Orthopedic Dog Bed uses durable egg crate luxury foam for ultimate comfort and support. This is a dog bed with a removable cover, which means that the pad isn’t washable. Thus, if there is even the slightest chance that your dog is going to pee in his bed, look for a completely washable product.

The pad style bed has a 4-inches thick memory foam layer that offers proper support to larger dogs. To maintain your dog’s bed just remove the washable dog bed covers and place them in a machine.

The bed comes with an anti-slip mat that prevents slips and falls. And if you aren’t happy with your purchase you can get a full refund.

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Best Orthopedic Dog Bed


  • For large dogs.
  • Offers orthopedic support.
  • Machine washable cover.
  • Can be used in a kennel.


  • Doesn’t have a waterproof liner.
  • Not for chewers.
  • The cover isn’t durable.

4. Smiling Paws Pet Bed – Easy to clean dog bed

Smiling Paws Pet Bed

The Smiling Paws Pet Bed is a good option if you are shopping for a completely washable bed for a small dog.

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Does your pooch leaves muddy paw prints, drool, and lots of hairs on his bed? Are you tired of spot cleaning and are looking for an easy to clean dog bed?

The Smiling Paws Pet Bed is completely washable and hassle-free. Still, size is limited to small dogs, and this product won’t be a good fit if you have a large pooch.

This bed features a thick cotton filling for ultimate comfort and support. The self-warming sherpa material will make thin coated dogs warm and cozy.

You can wash the entire bed on a gentle cycle in the washing machine, or you can spot treat minor stains. The dog bed washable features a non-slip bottom that will prevent sliding every time your dog jumps in it.

If this bed doesn’t meet your expectations in any way, the manufacturer offers a full refund.


  • Self-warming sherpa material.
  • Completely machine washable.
  • Cozy cotton fill.
  • Non-slip bottom.


  • Coms in one size.
  • Can get lumpy if washed frequently.
  • Padding is very thin.

5. MidWest Homes Deluxe Pet Bed – Machine washable dog bed

MidWest Homes Deluxe Pet Bed

The MidWest Homes Deluxe Pet Bed is completely washable and dryer friendly pet bed that comes in different sizes.

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Are you looking for an easy to maintain dog bed that can go into the washer and dryer? When shopping for these types of beds you need to consider if drying is also quick and simple as washing a dog bed.

The MidWest Homes Deluxe Pet Bed is washer and dryer friendly. However, the polyester fill can lose its shape and flat out if washed frequently.

This pad bed is available in different sizes and has a non-slip bottom that keeps it firmly in place. Due to its design, this bed is best suited for dogs who like to sprawl.

The surface is tufted and extra soft giving your dog a plush and cozy spot to sleep in. The bed can be used in standard crates or as a stand-alone pet bed on the floor.

The MidWest Homes Deluxe Pet Bed is covered with a 1-year warranty. However, it isn’t a suitable choice if your dog is a chewer.


  • Completely washable.
  • Dryer safe.
  • Plush and comfortable cover.
  • Comes in different sizes.


  • Not for chewers.
  • Can lose its shape is washed frequently.
  • The padding is thin.

Criteria used for evaluation

Machine washable

When you look for a washable dog bed, check if it is machine washable.

Being able to wash your dog’s bed in a machine is a huge advantage and time saver. You don’t want to end up with a bed that you have to hose or wash by yourself in your home. Furthermore, some beds come with removable covers and others can be completely washed. If you only have to clean dog hairs and mud from your dog’s bed, you can opt for a model with a removable cover. However, if you have an incontinent dog, puppy, or a really messy pooch you should definitely go with a completely washable bed.

Drying time

Drying your dog’s bed should be just as simple as washing it.

You would want for your dog to have his bad back as soon as possible, especially if he is very attached to it. Some beds are washer and dryer friendly, which means that your pooch won’t have to wait long to go back to sleep. However, some models can only be air dried. Generally, this won’t be an issue if you live in a warmer area. If not, drying a fluffy dog bed in the dead of the winter can be a huge inconvenience.


A bed needs to be durable to withstand daily use by your dog, as well as regular cleaning.

You should look for products that feature strong materials and seams. Furthermore, the zipper needs to be strong enough to withstand frequent tumbling in the washer. In most cases, washable dog beds are made from sturdier materials that won’t wear and tear after a few washes.

Filling type

There is a wide range of fillings available, but not all of them are suitable for washing.

Memory foam beds, for example, can’t be washed and usually come with removable covers. Beds with cotton and polyester fill are washer safe. However, some models can lose shape or flatten out if washed frequently.


Getting your dog the most comfortable bed within your budget should be your main concern.

Your dog’s sleeping style and age will ultimately determine the most comfortable bed. For older dogs, you should look for orthopedic or memory foam beds. If your dog likes to stretch while he sleeps, he will prefer a standard pad style bed. On the other hand, if he likes to curl, lean, or nest, look for beds with bolsters or raised edges.

Why Aren’t All Dog Beds Washable?

Although most dog beds are washable, it isn’t always easy to do so nor does it mean that the bed is going to stay in one piece. In most cases, most beds are completely ruined once they become soiled.

The most common reasons why this happen are:

  • Some beds don’t have removable covers: While you can try to wash the bed in the washing machine, drying the whole stuffing can be a real nightmare.
  • Many bed covers are hard to take in and put on: This is often the case with covers that fit very tightly. Furthermore, beds with multiple core layers can be hard to stuff back into the cover.
  • Some covers aren’t durable: Some materials aren’t sturdy enough to withstand frequent washing. At first, you will probably notice a few frayed threads, which will become more pronounced with every washing. Ultimately the cover will develop holes and tear completely.
  • Some covers have flimsy closures: A high-quality zipper or any other type of closure should come out of the machine without a problem. However, a low-quality zipper can malfunction if you aren’t being extra careful.

How to Keep Washable Dog Beds Clean Longer?

The key to keeping your dog’s bed clean is to have a washable bed. Still, there are other steps you can take to prolong the time between washings and keep your dog’s bed clean longer.

Some of the best ways to do that include:

  • Keep your dog cleaned and groomed: Keeping your dog regularly groomed is good for his coat as well as his bed. You should also check your dog’s paws after every walk and wipe or wash dirt and mud from them. Also, make sure that your dog is completely dry before allowing him to jump in the bed. This way you will prevent illness and reduce the risk of mold and mildew from forming.
  • Vacuum the bed: This way you will remove all the hairs and any dirt or mud before it gets embedded into the bed. If you can’t vacuum the bed, take it outside and give it a good shake on a regular basis.
  • Clean spills and spot clean: If you notice any spills on the bed spot clean it as soon as possible. This way you will prevent bacterial growth and odors.

Dry the bed thoroughly:  Damp beds are breeding ground for bacteria, hence it is essential to properly dry the bed after every washing. Depending on the product you can tumble dry the bed or leave it in an airy and sunny spot until it is completely dry.


Can I wash a memory foam dog bed?

Unfortunately, no. Memory foam dog beds can’t be completely washed because the foam will get ruined in the process. However, if your dog suffers from joint pain and needs a memory foam bed, opt for a model with a removable and washable cover. Furthermore, if you have an incontinent dog, make sure that the bed comes with a waterproof lining that will keep the padding safe and dry.

Aren’t all dog beds machine washable?

We know that it sounds strange, but no, not all dog beds are machine washable. In most cases, pet beds can be only spot cleaned with a sponge or a wet cloth. Although manufacturers make models with removable covers, they aren’t usually strong enough to survive frequent washing. Only completely washable dog beds are made to be durable enough to sustain frequent washing and drying without losing their shape and tearing up.

How often do I need to wash my dog’s bed?

Generally, if you have a bed with a removable cover, you should wash the covers every one to two weeks. If a whole bed can be washed, then once a month will suffice. However, these are only guidelines, if your pooch is really sloppy and prone to accidents you will have to wash your bed more often than that. On the other hand, if the bed doesn’t look dirty and it doesn’t smell you can postpone the washing for some time.


The best indestructible dog beds can be a real lifesaver for those stubborn chewers or diggers and larger breeds. They will help you save money and spare you from stress that comes with constant cleaning. If you get one for your puppy from the start, it can even help you deter your dog from this destructive behavior for the rest of his life.

Luckily, things don’t have to stay that way since there is a variety of best washable dog beds to choose from. Your dog will appreciate having a clean spot to lie on, and you can just stuff the bed into the machine and let it do all the dirty work.