Best Cave Dog Bed 2019: Cozy Enclosed Beds Reviews

Does your dog like to burrow and nest and create a cozy den to sleep in? If the answer is yes, you aren’t alone. Lots of dogs like to den and sleeping in a small enclosed space makes them feel cozy, warm, and secure.

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Cave beds, also known as hooded dog beds or nesting dog beds feature a covered design that replicates the feeling of being in a cave. The tight and enclose space provides a sense of extra security and comfort, especially for anxious dogs.

Cave beds for dogs are also a suitable option for dogs with a thin coat that are easily chilled. They help retain heat and keep these dogs cozy and warm.

If any of this can apply to your pooch, then getting him the best dog cave bed is a sound investment. To help you find the coziest cave for your pooch we will review the top five products available on the market.

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Reviews Section of The Best Heated Dog Beds

1. Snoozer Luxury Cozy Cave Pet Bed – Dog cave bed large

Snoozer Luxury Cozy Cave Pet Bed

The Snoozer Luxury Cozy Cave Pet Bed is a comfortable option for larger dogs that need extra warmth and like to burrow and nest.

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Does your dog like to nest and wrap himself in his bedding? If this is the case, he will need a cave bed to feel protected and warm.

Covered dog beds offer extra security and warmth and are a great option for dogs who like to burrow and nest. However, the Snoozer Luxury Cave doesn’t have a waterproof lining and won’t be the best choice for incontinent older dogs.

Featuring a warm sherpa interior and cedar/poly fill, the cozy cave pet bed is perfect for nesting and offers good support. Microsuede exterior cover is removable and can be machine washed.

This product is available in three sizes, the large cozy dog bed can fit dogs up to 55 pounds. The hood is supported with a plastic rod, that can be removed for easier washing.


  • For dogs up to 55 pounds.
  • Cozy and warm interior.
  • For dogs that like to burrow and nest.
  • Washable cover.


  • It’s not waterproof.
  • The entrance is small and tight.

2. Ethical Pets Sleep Zone Cuddle Cave Pet Bed – Covered dog bed

Ethical Pets Sleep Zone Cuddle Cave Pet Bed

The Ethical Pets Sleep Zone Cuddle Cave Pet Bed is a suitable option for smaller breeds and puppies that like to nest.

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Does your dog like to crawl and tunnel his way under the blankets? Keeping your pooch from the blankets and folding them a couple of times a day can be tiring.

Dog tunneling bed can help keep your dog away from your blankets and offer a permanent cozy sleeping spot.

This hooded pet cave is ideal for dogs that weigh 10 pounds or less. Although it offers proper support for different sleeping styles, this pet cave is available only in small size.

The generous fill is made from recycled materials and offers superior support and comfort to your pet. The soft plush interior and faux suede exterior offer security and warmth.

This cave dog bed is made to be durable and the bottom doesn’t clump or shift with regular use. The great thing about this bed is that it is entirely machine washable and very easy to maintain.


  • For small dogs.
  • Plush interior for extra comfort.
  • Completely washable.
  • Provides extra warmth.


  • The hood doesn’t stay open.
  • Hard to get into.

3. Mongolian Yurt Cozy Dog Cave – Dog dome bed

Mongolian Yurt Cozy Dog Cave

The Mongolian Yurt Cozy Dog Cave is a cozy enclosed dog bed and a nice choice if you are shopping for a really small dog.

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Are you looking for cave beds for dogs that are easy to enter? If your dog struggles to get into hooded cave beds, you may need to consider a different model.

The Mongolian Yurt Cozy Dog Cave features a dome and a front opening that serves as the entrance to the cave. Due to its design and size, this dog bed cave is really only suitable for smaller dogs.

The dome dog bed uses thick felt and fleece material to keep your dog relaxed and comfortable. It also comes with a removable cozy cushion that offers proper support and encourages nesting.

This dome pet bed comes in two sizes, and this model is suitable for dogs that weigh less than 13 pounds. The cave and the pillow can be washed on a gentle cycle and air dried.

Due to its structure, this dome is a bit wobbly, but the interior makes a cozy fit.


  • For small dogs.
  • Comfortable and warm.
  • Removable cushion.
  • Washable.


  • The structure is wobbly.
  • The entrance is too small.
  • The size is rather small.

4. Gray Shark Dog Cave Bed – Enclosed dog beds

Gray Shark Dog Cave Bed

The Gray Shark Dog Cave Bed is a nice option if you are looking for a cute cave bed for a small dog.

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Are you looking for a super cute dog bed cave? If you find most pet caves lacking in the style department consider getting something a bit different.

The Gray Shark Dog Cave Bed is, in fact, a shark-shaped dog cave. Unfortunately, like most other cave beds, this one is suitable only for smaller pets, and won’t be a cool option for a large breed.

Shark pet cave bed is made from superfine fiber and oxford material, and the base is filled with cotton for ultimate comfort. The self-warming material radiates the heat back to your dog making him feel super cozy inside his pet bed cave.

Due to the non-slip mat, the shark dog nesting bed will stay in one place even if your dog runs or jumps in it. The bed comes with a removable pillow for easy maintenance and extra support and comfort.

The enclosed shark cave is a snug fit for smaller dogs that weigh up to 9 pounds.


  • Great for dogs that burrow.
  • Cute design.
  • Self-warming for extra comfort.
  • Removable pillow.


  • Doesn’t hold its shape well.
  • The cushion is flimsy.
  • Takes long to arrive.

5. Milliard Premium Plush Pet Cave – Pet cave dog beds

Milliard Premium Plush Pet Cave

The Milliard Premium Plush Pet Cave is a good option only if you are sure your dog is going to fit in it. Otherwise, consider other dog bed caves.

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Do you like to travel with your dog and are looking for portable pet cave beds? While most dog cave beds can be easily packed and stored you want to ensure that the bed doesn’t lose its shape in the process.

The Milliard Premium Plush Pet Cave has a removable cushion and is easy to fold. One thing to note, this bed is really small, and you should definitely check your dog’s measurements twice before committing to this product.

This bed features plush soft walls and a velvety floor that encourages nesting and snuggling. It can be used as a stand-alone bed or placed inside your dog’s crate or travel carrier for extra comfort.

The bed comes with a non-slip bottom that ensures it stays in one place no matter what your dog does with it. Both bed and the cushion are washable on a low heat gentle cycle.


  • Comes in various shapes and sizes.
  • Completely washable.
  • No cords or wires.
  • For dogs who like to nest.


  • Really small.
  • Isn’t padded well.

Criteria used for evaluation


Just like any other pet bed, cave dog beds are made of different materials.

When shopping for one you want ensure that it is made from a material that is suitable for your dog. Generally, you should look for beds with soft materials like fleece or sherpa that increase your dog’s comfort. However, if you have an older dog that is prone to accidents, you should definitely get a bed with waterproof materials for easy cleaning.


Dogs tend to be a bit rough with their belongings and it is wise to invest in a product that will sustain wear and tear.

The main purpose of dog cave beds is to keep dogs comfortable, and most models are made to be cozy and fluffy. Thus, most models aren’t chew proof and won’t last long if your dog is a chewer. However, most fleece and sherpa beds are durable and will hold up to regular wear and tear pretty good.


Getting your dog the most comfortable bed within your budget should always be your number one priority.

Due to their covered design, dog cave beds are perfect cozy places for snuggling and sleeping. However, the bed’s design won’t mean a thing if the filling is bad or if the pad doesn’t offer proper support.


Dog beds get dirty over time, and spot cleaning your dog’s drool, hairs, and mud is time-consuming.

Hooded dog beds can come with removable covers or can be completely washable. If you have a puppy or an older incontinent dog, accidents are bound to happen and the bed will get soiled. In these cases, you want to opt for a completely washable bed so you won’t have to buy a new one every couple of days.


The size of a cave bed for dogs is an important factor to consider when buying one for your dog.

Don’t buy a bed that is too small since it will be too tight and your dog won’t have a chance to stretch out properly. On the other hand, getting a bigger bed will cancel out that cozy sense of enclosure your dog enjoys. So, make sure to measure your dog in his regular sleeping position and add a couple of inches to find the right size bed.

Which Dogs Can Benefit from Cave Beds?

Cave dog beds give dogs a chance to fulfill their basic denning instincts. While this type of dog beds can provide comfort and cozy sleeping area to many dogs, they aren’t suited for all of them.

Hooded dog beds are generally size limited, and most models cater small breeds only. However, while fewer, larger options are available to provide a sense of security to larger pooches.

Cave dog beds are especially good for:

  • Nervous and anxious dogs: The tight, narrow, enclosed space of cave beds serves as a sanctuary. Anxious dogs can benefit from feeling secure, comfortable and protected which will relieve their stress levels.
  • Dogs who like crates: Dogs who already like spending time in their crates will enjoy sleeping in a hooded cave. The nesting bed provides a similar sense of security and a bit of extra comfort.
  • Dogs that like to burrow: Dogs that tend to burrow and nest will especially enjoy sleeping in a hooded bed. Their design offers a dog a chance to nest until they find the most comfortable sleeping position.
  • Small and Toy breeds: Most dog cave beds are designed to fit small and tiny dogs. While larger options are also available, these beds are primarily made for smaller dogs.
  • Dogs with chills: The high walls and tight quarters of the cave beds are better at retaining heat than regular beds. Therefore, they are a good choice for dogs that are easily chilled or breeds with a thin coat.


Why do dogs like to sleep in cave beds?

Pre-domesticated dogs were den animals. Although they didn’t live in dens year-around they would use them as shelters when they were sick or injured. It is believed that the lingering denning instinct urges dogs to find comfort in tight protected spaces. Ultimately, that’s why a lot of dogs feel protected and comfortable inside a dog beds cave.

Can all dogs use hooded dog beds?

All dogs have a denning instinct, but not all of them sleep in a position that is compatible with a cave bed. For example, dogs that like to burrow, nest, curl, or lean will enjoy sleeping in a dome hooded bed. However, dogs that like to sprawl, won’t have the possibility to do that in a cozy cave bed.

Can a cave bed help anxious dogs?

The tight enclosed space of a cave bed provides a sense of security and comfort to anxious dogs. The narrow and small space of the bed offers protection and makes the dog feel less stress out. Dog cave beds work in the same way as dog crates and can be very beneficial if you have a nervous or anxious pooch.


Whether your dog likes to nest or burrow, or you are looking for a more comfortable doggy bed, the world of cave dog beds is exciting. The best dog cave bed can help your pooch feel more secure, provide optimal comfort, and fulfill his denning instincts. Since these beds can be rather small, make sure to measure your dog twice so you get the right bed the first time.