8 Best Cave (Enclosed) Dog Beds in 2024: Dome Bed Reviews

An enclosed or “cave” dog bed can be a great investment if you have a dog who loves to tunnel under blankets, and has shown a desire to sleep and rest in a more cave or “den”-like environment. While this is more common in smaller dog breeds which used to be used for hunting small game – like Dachshunds – just about any dog of any size can benefit from sleeping in an enclosed dog bed.

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Not sure where to start when it comes to shopping for an enclosed bed for your dog? We’re here to help. We’ve taken a look at the 8 best enclosed dog beds on the market, and reviewed them to help you choose the right bed.

We’ll also answer some common FAQs about enclosed dog beds, provide you with some basic information about what makes a good dog cave, and help you understand the benefits of purchasing a cave dog bed for your pup. Let’s get started now.

Key Components To A Great Dog Bed Cave

Before we begin reviewing the best enclosed dog beds of 2024, let’s discuss the basics about what you should be looking for whenever you’re shopping for a dog bed cave. The best cave dog beds on the market usually share the following components and attributes:

  • Covered, arched or “roofed” design – The type of roof will depend on the size and style of the bed you get.
    The most common type of dog bed cave for smaller dogs uses a simple, “covered” design. This type of dog bed almost looks like it’s covered by a thick blanket, which wraps around your dog when they sit in the bed, enhancing its comfort.
    Medium-sized cave dog beds usually use an arched or “roofed” design, and have an archway that is supported by some kind of frame or thick material, and a more tubular design that wraps around the dog’s body. These types of dog beds are usually more versatile and can be used for a wide variety of different-sized dog breeds.
  • Comfortable, padded materials – Just like any other dog bed, a great cave dog bed needs to be built with a comfortable, padded material. Synthetic fleece is a common material used for cave dog beds. Polyester and cotton blends are also often used to create comfortable dog beds. It’s important to balance durability and comfort – too soft and the material will rip, but if it’s too strong and not comfortable, the dog won’t like the bed.
  • Easy-to-clean design – Some smaller dog beds are machine-washable, but larger beds can often only be spot-cleaned. Either way, a great dog bed cave will need to use a material that resists moisture and doesn’t cling to smells, and that can easily be washed and dried to ensure your dog’s bed is always hygienic and sanitary, and doesn’t release any unpleasant odors to the rest of your home.
  • Proper size for your dog – You can’t just buy a large cave dog bed for a smaller dog. The whole purpose of a cave dog bed is for it to wrap around your dog and almost “hug” it, creating a cozy and comfortable, den-like area for your pup. If the bed is too big for them, this effect is ruined. Before you start shopping, highly recommend measuring your dog from the tip of its nose to the base of its tail, and measure its height when it’s sitting, too. This will help you choose the right bed for its needs.
  • Slip-proof bottom – You don’t want your dog moving its bed around throughout your home, so a slip-proof bottom is a great design feature, particularly if you have wood or tile floors, or another such smooth surface throughout your home.

When looking for a great cave dog bed, we recommend keeping all of these features and attributes in mind – so that you can pick the one that’s right for you, your dog, and your home.

5 Benefits Of Using An Enclosed Dog Bed

Not sure that your dog could benefit from an enclosed “cave” or “den” dog bed? Wondering what the benefits of opting for an enclosed dog bed are? Here are a few of the benefits you and your pup will enjoy when using an enclosed dog bed.

  • Helps reduce stress and increase comfort – Many dogs who have anxiety problems will benefit from enhanced comfort when sleeping in an enclosed dog bed. An enclosed bed helps surround the dog and make it feel more comfortable and save, which results in higher-quality sleep – and less anxiety and stress.
  • Ideal for dogs with separation anxiety – Enclosed dog beds can be helpful for dogs who have separation anxiety. If you notice your dog performing “digging” or “tunneling” behaviors when it’s anxious, an enclosed dog bed may be a good option. The cave-like atmosphere of the dog bed will help them feel safe and secure, and they’ll have a place where they can “tunnel” and feel comfortable.
  • Can help keep dogs calm during storms, fireworks, etc. – If your dog responds negatively to loud sounds like thunderstorms and fireworks, an enclosed dog bed can help them take refuge from these noises, and feel safer and calmer.
    The comfortable, padded environment of the bed will surround its body and “hug” the dog, similar to a product like a Thundershirt. Not only that, but the thick fleece or fabric material will help reduce noise levels when your dog burrows into the bed. If you’re worried about comforting your pet during loud thunderstorms when you’re not home, an enclosed dog bed may be ideal for you.
  • More comfortable for crate-trained dogs – Dogs who have been crate-trained may find an enclosed dog bed to be more comfortable, compared to a traditional, exposed dog bed.
    This makes a lot of sense when you think about it. If your dog is used to the confined, cozy environment of a crate – particularly if you cover the crate partially with a blanket or towel – it will feel more comfortable in a smaller, covered environment.
    If you have a crate-trained dog and you’ve noticed it prefers to stay in its crate or won’t use its dog bed, a covered dog bed is a good option.
  • Helps keep your dog warm – If you have a dog with a short coat, such as an Italian greyhound, chihuahua, or another breed that often has issues staying warm in the cooler weather, a covered dog bed is a great choice.
    The covered design will help keep your dog’s body heat in the interior, creating a warm, cozy and comfortable place where your pup can relax, and keep itself warm. If you tend to keep your home at lower temperatures, but want your dog to be comfortable, a covered dog bed is a great option.
For these reasons – and quite a few others – investing in a covered dog bed is a great option. If you think your dog could benefit from a more den-like or cave-like environment, keep reading and see our top picks for the best enclosed dog beds in 2024.

Overall Best Nesting & Cave Dog Beds

Frisco Dog & Cat Igloo Bed Cave

Overall Best: The unique, igloo-inspired design of this dog bed makes it one of our top picks, particularly for smaller breeds. The opening is small, yet sturdy and well-supported, and the entire cave bed is built out of a high-quality, strong synthetic material.

The very small opening helps contribute to a cave-like environment, and will keep your pet’s body heat inside, making this a fantastic choice if you have a short-haired dog breed that tends to get chilly easily.

In addition, the included interior cushion is soft, fluffy and comfortable, and is reversible with a gray fabric side and a white, fleecy side. The interior is also fully lined and padded, and the entire bed can be machine washed, which makes it easy to clean and maintain.

  • Pros: Machine washable, comes with a reversible cushion, provides a comfortable and dark, cave-like atmosphere
  • Cons: Only usable for toy and very small dogs, no non-slip base means it can move around, needs occasional reshaping to maintain its shape

Frisco Dog & Cat Bed Cave

Budget Friendly: This is one of the most affordable enclosed dog cave beds on the market, and it’s ideal for both toy and small-sized dogs as well as puppies. It uses a unique, long tubular design, which wraps around your pup and keeps it feeling safe and comfortable.

The interior is lined with a fleece material, while the exterior is covered in a durable, soft faux suede material. The inside is fully lined with a fluffy polyester fiber filling, and it’s available in several colors which will match just about any color scheme.

The entire bed can be machine washed, too, which means that you’ll have an easier time caring for this bed, and you can easily wash it once it’s been a bit too well-loved, and has become smelly.

  • Pros: Machine washable, tubular design for enhanced comfort, lined with a soft polyester fiber
  • Cons: Very small and only usable for toy dogs and puppies, some dogs may have trouble entering the bed and getting used to it, may tip over occasionally

Snoozer Pet Products Cozy Cave Dog & Cat Bed

Best Large Enclosed Cave Bed: While many cave dog beds are made for smaller breeds and puppies, the Snoozer Pet Products Cozy Cave Dog & Cat Bed ensures that larger dogs don’t have to miss out on the benefits of an enclosed bed!

The X-large model of this bed measures 45x45x8 inches, which is enough space for most large dogs, or multiple medium-sized dogs. It has a unique covered design that hugs your dog tightly, providing them with a cozy environment. This would be an ideal bed for a larger, short-haired breed like a greyhound.

The liner and cover are built with a soft fleece material, and can be removed from the bed for machine washing, making it easy to care for this dog bed. Uniquely, the polyester fill includes cedar fiber, which helps control odor and keeps insects away from the bed.

  • Pros: Machine washable cover, accommodates almost all medium-to-large dogs, strong brass hardware, wear-resistant stitching
  • Cons: Expensive, top “hood” material may sag over time requiring you to hold it up for your dog to enter the bed

Ethical Pet Sleep Zone Cuddle Cave Cat & Dog Bed, 22-in

Best Small Enclosed Cave Bed: This dog bed is built specifically for smaller dog breeds. Similar in design to a plush sleeping bag, the tubular design lets your dog be surrounded on all sides by a warm, comfortable micro-suede and faux-fur interior.

The unique poly-fill material is designed to prevent clumping and shifting, so the bed maintains its original shape. Due to its soft and plush design, this is ideal for small dog breeds that love to tunnel and burrow. It’s also completely machine-washable, making it easy to keep your dog’s bed clean and odor-free.

  • Pros: Compact size, recyclable and clump-resistant fill material, extremely warm and comfortable
  • Cons: Some dogs may have trouble burrowing into the bed, no non-slip base means the bed can move around when the dog is trying to enter

4 More Top Rated Dog Bed Caves That Are Enclosed

Curious to explore more options for enclosed dog beds? The above beds are our top picks, but we’ve reviewed a few other dog cave beds that may also be right for you and your pets. Take a look at them now, and see if any of them may be right for your furry friend.

Armarkat Pet Bed Cave Shape, Orange/Ivory

This pet bed from Armarkat has a small opening and an igloo-like design, with a plush, velvet material that’s designed to be comfortable and soft. Made from 100% polyester, this pet bed is waterproof, making it a good option if your pet is having issues with housetraining or bladder control.

It’s also machine-washable, making it easier to deal with any “accidents” or stains, and keep it clean and hygienic for your dog. It also includes a plush cushion, which provides a comfortable, ergonomic surface for your furry friend.

  • Pros: Waterproof, machine washable, anti-skid base, thick cushioning and fabric
  • Cons: Too small for most non-toy breeds, requires regular reshaping, chewing-prone dogs may ingest polyester fill

Frisco Dog & Cat Igloo Bed Cave

Like some of the other picks on this list, this cave dog bed from Frisco uses an Igloo design to provide your dog with a large entryway and plenty of coverage. Whether you’re interested in a bed that helps keep your pup warm, or just creating a dark, cave-like environment in which it can sleep, this product will fit the bill.

Made of a soft, machine-washable fabric and including a reversible double-sided cushion, this dog bed is easy to maintain, and comes in a variety of fun prints and styles to match any style. In addition, it collapses easily into a small, compact package which can be stored out of the way whenever you need a bit more space, or if you’re traveling with your dog and need to bring a bed along.

  • Pros: Machine-washable, includes reversible cushion, easy for dogs to get into and out of
  • Cons: The pillow is very thick which makes the interior quite small unless it’s used without the pillow, the bottom of the bed is made of thin fabric that may tear if it’s moved regularly

Armarkat Pet Bed Cave Shape

This tube-shaped dog cave bed is made with plush velvet fabric and a faux-fleece lining with plenty of thick cushioning, and feature a large opening which makes it easy for your dog to get in and out. With a waterproof, anti-skid base, it won’t shift around, and the machine-washable design makes it easy to clean and maintain.

  • Pros: Fits most toy dogs and puppies, filled with extra-thick polyester cushioning, large opening for easy access
  • Cons: Too small for non-toy dogs, upper “hood” requires regular reshaping

Best Pet Supplies Tent Bed, Tan, Medium

This enclosed dog bed has an anti-slip bottom and a waterproof design, and feature an igloo shape that makes it easy for your pets to use it. With a removable cushion and a machine-washable design, you’ll have no trouble keeping things clean for your dog. The neutral, beige color fits in with almost any home decor, and makes this small bed very unobtrusive.

  • Pros: Large triangular entrance, machine-washable, non-slip base, strong structure, includes a carrying loop on the top of the bed
  • Cons: Won’t fit any dog except toy breeds and puppies, some owners report a strong plastic smell for several days after opening the package

The Top 8 FAQs About Enclosed Dog Beds

  • How can I get my dog to start using its new bed? We’ve all been there. You buy a new dog bed for your pup – and they refuse to use it, preferring their old, worn-out, and smelly bed. What should you do?
    The best option is to try to transfer some familiar scents to the new dog bed. A brand-new dog bed will smell unfamiliar to your dog, which means it may not use it as much as you’d like. So you may want to consider placing a few T-shirts or other items of clothing that smell like you on the dog bed. Or, if your dog has a favorite blanket, you may want to place that in the dog bed.
    These more familiar scents will encourage your dog to use the new bed. You may also want to consider giving your dog treats whenever it uses its new bed, or throwing a few of its favorite toys in the bed.
  • Can I put an enclosed dog bed in my dog’s crate? This depends on a variety of factors, including the size of your dog’s crate, the size of the bed, and how well your dog has been crate trained.
    A puppy, for example, may not respond well to having a dog bed in its crate if it is not yet properly crate-trained. If your dog is prone to chewing, it may tear the bed apart and ingest some of the material, which is not a good thing.
    However, if you have an older dog who is well-trained and does not have a tendency to chew, putting an enclosed dog bed in its crate could make it feel more comfortable and cozy.
    Really, it’s up to you. Just make sure you understand your dog’s habits, and choose a dog bed that fits into the crate properly, to ensure the dog still has enough room to move around within the crate.
  • Where should I put my dog’s enclosed bed? If you’re replacing an old dog bed with a new, enclosed bed, we recommend putting it where the old dog bed used to be. Just like us, dogs are creatures of habit. They get used to their bed being in a particular corner – and being able to quickly get to their bed when it’s time for a snooze, or when they want to relax.
    Because of this, putting your dog’s new enclosed bed where their old bed used to be is always the best option. If you’re buying your dog a bed for the first time, though, you may not know where you should put it.
    The dog bed should be put in a warm, quiet spot that’s far away from regular foot traffic that could interrupt your pooch when it’s snoozing. Putting your dog’s bed in the corner of your den or family room is a good option, but you could also put it in a utility room or laundry room.
    If your dog already has a favorite place to sleep – but doesn’t have a bed – this would also be a great place for its new dog bed. Your dog will go to its favorite sleeping spot naturally, and be able to rest and relax on its new bed.
  • How should I maintain my dog’s enclosed bed? First, you should clean it fairly regularly. If it’s machine washable, just toss it in the washing machine. If not, use some gentle detergent or vinegar solution to clean any stains or soiling on the cover.
  • How do you know when to clean the bed? Well, just use your nose! It’s fine if the bed smells like your dog. But if it starts to smell a bit foul or ripe, it’s time for a wash. Don’t worry – your dog won’t mind.
    Beyond this, you may also need to fluff the bed occasionally. Most dog beds have a tendency to compact over time where the dog sleeps, which can lead to a bit of discomfort. Simply fluffing the bed vigorously every week or two will help prevent this, and can even help prolong the lifespan of the bed.
    Finally, you should check your dog’s bed for rips every month or so, or if you notice any mysterious bits of fluff floating around your house. Even the best dog beds will wear out, and your dog may end up ingesting these bits of fluff if their bed is torn, which is obviously not a good thing, and could even require an emergency trip to the vet.
  • Why do dogs like cave-like beds and blankets? Well, there are a lot of theories. Pre-domesticated dogs and wolves are den animals, so in the wild they preferred to sleep in caves and under overhangs, which offered protection from the elements – and other predators. Because of this, it’s thought that modern dogs can also benefit from sleeping with their backs against the wall in a secured, covered space.
    Additionally, some small dog breeds like terriers were bred to hunt small game, like rabbits, by hunting them in holes and burrows, and this “digging” and burrowing behavior persists even in modern animals. That’s why you may have noticed that small dogs tend to love burrowing into blankets, sheets, towels and laundry!
  • How do I know if an enclosed bed is right for my dog? You know your dog best, so just observe its habits! If you’ve noticed that your dog will often not use its bed, and prefers to burrow into the couch and surround itself with blankets, or jump into your laundry basket, these are signs that it may prefer a more burrow-like bed.
  • Can I get a cave bed for a giant-sized dog breed? Unfortunately, no manufacturers really make cave beds or covered beds for giant-sized dogs, as there is less of a market for them. Most cave beds can only handle dogs that are up to 60-70lbs at most.
    That doesn’t mean you have no other options, though. A large, soft-sided dog crate can provide a similar “den-like” experience for a larger breed of dog. There are plenty of soft-sided crates on the market that can accommodate even the largest breeds, like Great Danes, so this could be a good alternative if you have a giant breed dog.
  • Can I use a cave bed for a cat? Yes! Many of the smaller beds we reviewed above can also be used for cats, and cats tend to love enclosed spaces. However, we recommend getting a separate bed for your cat if you own both a dog and a cat, or multiple pets. Buying a single bed for both a cat and a dog is a sure way to provoke territorial conflict!

Hopefully, these FAQs have helped answer any other questions you may have had about the products we’ve reviewed. Keep what you’ve learned in mind while you shop, and you’re sure to pick the best enclosed dog bed for your furry friend.

Shop Our Top Picks Today – Find The Right Bed For Your Dog!

We hope that the tips, reviews, and product information we’ve put together in this guide have been helpful – and helped you pick out a high-quality cave dog bed for your precious pup.

If you choose one of the top-rated beds we’ve selected above, you can’t go wrong. So shop today, and see how you can help your dog get relief from anxiety, nervousness, and much more with one of our recommended best enclosed dog beds for 2024.

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