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What Is the Best Dog Food for a Mastiff?

There are many different types of mastiffs out there, but they all have one thing in common: they’re big, friendly, and lovable dogs! Many of them tend to be gentle, sleepy giants, with some taking on traditional guard dog roles. However, for many of us, mastiffs are important members of our families. Like any dog…


What is the Best Dog Food for Cane Corso?

Cane corso are sought-after family pets thanks to their quiet and calm personality. They’re also excellent watchdogs and love to stay active. Because of their large body and exercise requirements, cane corso need proper nutrition to ensure they stay healthy and active. Otherwise, you risk them being lethargic or becoming obese. There are various dog…


What Dog Food Should A Bernese Mountain Dog Eat In 2022?

From the farmlands of Switzerland comes a giant dog breed with a big heart. Bernese Mountain Dogs (Berners) cause the floorboards to rattle when they’re lumbering about your house, but the affection, loyalty, and overall calm temperament of the breed is rivaled by no other of this size. Like most large dogs, Berners require their…


The Best Dog Food for Shih Tzus + Our Informational Feeding Guide

There are hundreds of dog food brands, and finding the right one can be a little overwhelming, especially for your Shih Tzu. Shih Tzus tend to have sensitive stomachs, and feeding them properly can profoundly affect their health and appearance. Your Shih Tzu has specific nutritional requirements that require high-quality food and a predictable feeding…


Best Cavalier King Charles Spaniel Dog Foods + Our In-Depth Nutrition Guide

King Charles Spaniels are a small and loving breed dependent on their humans and often full of energy. It’s worth noting that there are two kinds of spaniels: the Cavalier King Charles Spaniel and the English King Charles Spaniel, but both have very similar needs, including high-quality nutrition to fuel their sweet and gentle temperament….


11 Best Dog Foods for Maltipoos in 2022 and Our Unique Feeding Guide

Maltipoos are a gorgeous mixed crossbreed from a toy or miniature poodles and a Maltese. They’re usually quite small and typically present as a white or light color, but some Maltipoos are gray or chocolate colored. Maltipoos possess many of the great qualities of their parent breeds and are very intelligent, playful, and affectionate pups….


What is the Best Dog Food for Shetland Sheepdogs?

Shetland sheepdogs or shelties are a small, active, and happy-go-lucky breed. If you have one at home, you know how they like to have fun and are always cheerful to have around. They are smart, extremely loyal, and eager to please, making them the ideal choice for training and companionship. Shelties have long snouts and…


Pretty Litter Can Detect Your Cat’s Health Issues – Is It Worth a Try?

The Scoop: All cat litter is created equal – or so you may think. The reality is that while most clay cat litters are pretty similar, there are other options which are very different and (at least we think) much better. Pretty Litter is a silica crystal cat litter that absorbs liquid, dehydrates solid waste,…

Spot and Tango Dog Food Review: Fresh, Healthy, and Customized

The Scoop: Your dog deserves to eat well, doesn’t he? If you find yourself shaking your head at the thought of even sniffing what goes into your dog’s bowl on a daily basis, it might be time for an upgrade. Spot & Tango offers a selection of fresh, wholesome recipes made with human-grade ingredients you’d…

Smalls Fresh Food: Real Food for Cats, Delivered to Your Door

The Scoop: If you want to do better for your cat, start with his diet. Your cat’s diet provides the building blocks for optimal wellness, so it’s the biggest predictor in his long-term health. Fresh cat food made with high-quality ingredients delivers uncompromised nutrition that nourishes your cat’s body and feeds his health, helping him…