Arm & Hammer Cat Litter Review

Our 2024 Arm & Hammer Cat Litter Reviews and Coupons

You love your cat. After all, what’s not to love? That widdle face. Those sparkly, curious eyes. And that fluffy tail! Cats make excellent pets and adorable companions. But that litter box…  how can something so soft and cute smell so bad and make such a mess?

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We’ve been busy compiling a list of reviews for the top cat litter brands. We hope that our 2024 Arm and Hammer review and the coupons we come across can make your time cleaning out the litter tray a little less gross and annoying. In our review, we’ll break down the different types of Arm and Hammer litters, how well they work, and which particular products will be the most likely to make you and your kitty cat happy.

Arm and Hammer has been around since 1846, and they got their start manufacturing baking soda and washing soda. They built up quite a reputation as being one of the leading manufacturers of safe and effective household cleaning products. It wasn’t until the 1970s that the company started branching out to other areas of the market.

Now, you can purchase Arm and Hammer toothpaste, laundry detergents, underarm deodorants, and of course, cat litter. What makes Arm and Hammer unique is that they continue to use their flagship baking soda product as one of the main and active deodorizing ingredients in most of their products. So, how well does this quintessentially American company’s cat litter hold up under our scrutiny? Read on.

What are the different types of Arm and Hammer cat litters?

Arm and Hammer boast quite a selection of cat litter products. For the sake of brevity, we can only cover their most popular. We’ll start with one of the highest-rated cat litter products of any brand, ever.

Arm and Hammer Litter Multi-Cat Slide Easy Clean-up Clumping Cat Litter

It’s a mouthful to say, but this cat litter has managed to garner some of the highest reviews of any cat litter product you can find, and you’d think the price would reflect its high-quality. But that’s not the case. Arm and Hammer’s most famous cat litter option is actually very affordable.

So, why is it called, “Slide?” Well, it’s a clever marketing gimmick, for one thing. The slide feature works like this:

When you’re changing an entire litter tray, it’s not only unpleasant to scrape off stuck-on litter at the bottom of the tray; it’s also potentially harmful to breathe in that soiled litter dust. And, if you have arthritis, scraping a litter box can be hard on your back and hands in addition to your nose. Spending hours of your life that you’ll never get back scraping dirty litter can make you wonder if your cat is truly adorable enough to go through all that trouble.

But Arm and Hammer Slide litter is created with a proprietary formula that guarantees soiled litter won’t stick to a tray. Instead, it will slide right out of the tray and into your trash bag – no more scraping and no more risking getting sick from breathing in dirty cat litter dust.

Arm and Hammer Litter Double Duty Clumping Litter

Outside of cat litter, Arm and Hammer’s most famous product is baking soda. The brand uses its signature product in cat litter, too. Arm and Hammer Double Duty Clumping Litter is a scented cat litter product. The clumping clay particles in the litter are infused with Arm and Hammer baking soda. All natural, high-quality baking soda destroys odor molecules that touch it, even strong-smelling cat urine and feces. Clumps formed are hard and dry quickly for easy cleanup. But, if super hard and efficient clumping power is what you’re after, the next Arm and Hammer we’ll cover delivers even better than this one.

Scented litters are usually not great choices for keeping your house smelling clean. With inferior cat litter products, scented litters tend to make the litter tray smell like a cheap air freshener on top of the smell of cat waste. But this is one of the few scented litters that doesn’t seem to do that. The baking soda neutralizes odors without creating a sickly-sweet scent. The reviews we’ve come across overwhelmingly state that this scented cat litter will leave the house smelling fresh and clean, so you won’t even realize there is a litter box in the building.

Arm and Hammer Litter Clump and Seal Multi-Cat Litter

Arm and Hammer have created a proprietary, clump-and-seal cat litter formula that blends different types of materials for highly-effective clumping abilities. This particular cat litter product offers superior clumping technology that will make cleanup time super easy. Plus, hard clumps mean those clay litter particles aren’t getting stuck to your cat and then tracked all over the house.

Once your cat’s urine or feces hit this Arm and Hammer litter, a clump will form instantly. After your cat is finished doing her business, the litter will dry quickly and form a rock-solid cluster that won’t break apart during cleaning.

In addition, this litter comes with a 7-day odor protection guarantee. That means that you can go a little longer between cleanups before the house starts to smell. This litter is also free of dust for added safety and cleanliness.

Even though the litter forms rock-hard clumps, the granules are smaller than the usual industry standard. Your cat is likely to find this product comfortable on their paws and will decrease the chances of your cat rejecting the litter and making a mess on the carpet. If you have a fussy cat, are prone to allergies, and lead a busy lifestyle where you aren’t able to clean out a litter tray every day, this might be a good Arm and Hammer product for you to try.

Arm and Hammer Clump and Seal Lightweight Multi-Cat Litter

Clumped, dirty cat litter can be quite heavy. For cat owners who can’t lift heavy items, it’s a good idea to try a lightweight cat litter formula, so you don’t hurt yourself. This product from Arm and Hammer is one of the lightest weight cat litter formulas you can find, and it’s supposed to be up to 50% lighter than a regular clumping litter.

Arm and Hammer say that the lightweight formula will help the product last longer in the litter tray. This is an excellent product to use for multi-cat households, too, since it is easier to carry than a regular cat litter. If you have more than one cat, you know how much cat litter you have to carry and store. Consider getting a reputable lightweight formula like this one, so you are getting the same amount of product for half the weight and volume.

This clumping litter is also dust-free. The product is made out of plant-based particles that form strong, hard clumps with a low-tracking ability. If you’ve tried lightweight litters before, then you probably found that your cat was inadvertently tracking tiny particles all over the place. If the reviews are any indication, you shouldn’t have that problem with this lightweight cat litter. Plus, it includes odor-control technology with the proprietary Arm and Hammer baking soda infusion.

Arm and Hammer Litter Multi-Cat Strength Fresh Scent Clumping Litter

While a lot of cat litters are labeled and marketed as “multi-cat,” this particular product from the Arm and Hammer line up was specially designed and created for multi-cat households. The Multi-Cat Strength litter utilizes several of the odor-busting technologies we’ve listed in the products above.

For example, it’s infused with Arm and Hammer’s signature baking soda blend. So, the cat litter does an excellent job of eliminating, not covering up, odors. Clumping action with this litter is also very good, and clumps dry quickly and are hard, but not quite as hard as the Clump and Seal litter we mentioned before. This litter does have a strong smell that is supposed to cover up the scent of multiple household cats. Plus, it’s a low-tracking product and dust-free product. This is a good cat litter to use if you have multiple cats, and one or more of your cats are sensitive to dusty cat litter.

Arm and Hammer Litter Super Scoop Fragrance-Free Clumping Litter

Super Scoop litter gets rave reviews on many of the third-party review sites we’ve scoured. We like the fact that it is an unscented litter, and the product uses strong and effective odor-control technology to eliminate smells, not obfuscate them which is often the case with scented litters. And you guessed it – baking soda is the main ingredient in the odor-busting technology in this cat litter. But there is one significant difference in how the baking soda works as opposed to the other cat litters we mentioned earlier.

Most of the Arm and Hammer litters mix baking soda into the litter granules. This product uses baking soda crystals instead. Baking soda crystals are more useful for destroying strong, and offensive ammonia smells. As soon as the cat does, it’s number one business in this cat litter, and the litter will instantly eliminate ammonia smells. This litter also drys quickly and creates a virtually unbreakable clumping action, so it’s effortless to clean.

Arm and Hammer Cat Litter Coupons

The Arm and Hammer brand hardly ever releases coupons for any of their products. Even though these cat litters from Arm and Hammer are affordable options as far as cat litter goes, it never hurts to save money where you can.

Please check out, one of the world’s largest online pet supply stores. They offer frequent coupons and discount codes, where you get a box of one of these litters to try for below the usual retail price. In the meantime, we’re going to cover a few more features of the Arm and Hammer cat litter line, such as the price versus the value you get, and how well this cat litter absorbs waste.

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Arm and Hammer Cat Litter Reviews


If you take a gander at any third party review sites, you’ll come across a lot of reviews extolling the value of the Arm and Hammer brand for the price. Arm and Hammer give you large boxes of high-quality cat litter for prices that are less per unit than most of the other popular cat litter brands. When you buy Arm and Hammer, you get more bang for your buck and can stretch a dollar further.

On top of that, Arm and Hammer cat litters offer superior clumping action. So, you’ll be removing less litter than you’d generally need to with other brands. Each fresh box of Arm and Hammer cat litter should last longer.


You need a cat litter that is going to soak up and trap waste. Cat litters that don’t do an excellent job of clumping will not only be harder to clean up, they will also create more of a mess throughout your home, and they will fail to contain gross ammonia smells. When checking out the customer reviews for Arm and Hammer cat litters, people tend to rate the Clump and Seal cat litter the highest in this regard. The Arm and Hammer cat litter line has a reputation for quick and effective absorption, and the cat litter forms into hard, fast-drying clumps that are easy to clean and offer superior sanitation, too.

Odor Control

Cat urine is one of the strongest and most offensive smells known to man. The cat evolved from desert conditions, and their metabolisms are some of the fastest. When your cat drinks water or eats wet foods, his body makes highly efficient use of the moisture in his diet. But what that means is that cat urine is a highly concentrated substance that is full of ammonia. Ammonia scents can be hard to trap and eliminate. But Arm and Hammer do a great job of not just covering up odors but removing them entirely.

The Arm and Hammer cat litters that use baking soda as a main odor-control ingredient rate highly for odor control and elimination. So while the brand does an excellent job of eliminating odors, it does have some negative reviews regarding its scented line. But that’s not at all unusual. Scented cat litters tend to be polarizing products and it can be difficult to choose one that’s going to do the job you want it to. In our humble opinion, we think it’s best to try unscented cat litters first. Too many scented cat litters just make the litter box smell like ammonia and flowers.


Stepping on cat litter particles with your bare feet is nasty. You don’t want cat litter making its way all through your clean house, and want to keep it contained to where it belongs – the litter box. You also don’t want your cat to get cat litter particles stuck to her paws and fur. Even though litter boxes are dirty, cats tend to be very clean and fussy animals when it comes to the state of their fur and paws. Any particles that get stuck to kitty can end up in her stomach when she cleans herself, and cause a stomachache or other gastrointestinal upset.

Luckily for Arm and Hammer customers and their cats, they won’t have to worry about litter getting tracked all over the house. All of the Arm and Hammer cat litter products we’ve listed score highly on tracking, meaning the tiny particles stay in the litter box where they belong. You can thank the strong clumping technology in the Arm and Hammer litters for that.


On top of Arm and Hammer cat litters superior clumping action and low trackability, these cat litters are also virtually dust-free. Dust from cat litter is terrible for humans to breathe. Not only can it cause allergies, but it can also cause a parasitic infection. Cats are often infected with a parasite that is harmless to them but can cause problems for humans. One of the main ways humans can get infected with the parasite is by breathing in the dust from soiled cat litter. You won’t have to worry about that when choosing a cat litter from the Arm and Hammer brand.


Clumping cat litters like Arm and Hammer use absorbent clay, which is not a flushable substance. Don’t flush cat litter unless it is specifically designed to be a flushable cat litter, which Arm and Hammer cat litters are not. Flushing a clay clumping litter will ruin your plumbing.


Arm and Hammer cat litter is not an eco-friendly line. These products use sodium bentonite clay, which is obtained via strip mining, which contributes to pollution. If you want an eco-friendly cat litter, you may want to look at an all-natural grass cat litter which is highly absorbent but safe for the environment and your cat.

Arm and Hammer Cat Litter FAQs

  • Is Arm and Hammer cat litter biodegradable? – Clumping clay cat litters like Arm and Hammer are not biodegradable, and they do unfortunately contribute to landfill waste. We’ve found several high-quality, and eco-friendly cat litters you can try that will safely biodegrade if eco-friendliness is important to you.
  • Do Arm and Hammer Cat Litters come in a resealable bag? – No, but they do come in an easy-to-store and stack cardboard box. If you find it hard to lift these boxes or think they are too messy to pour from, we recommend using a plastic tote or large can with a lid and a scoop for storing and pouring your cat litter.
  • Do Arm and Hammer cat litters contain silica? – No, these cat litters contain sodium bentonite clay, which is what gives them their signature clumping action. Silica cat litters work a little bit differently, and we will cover those later in our 2024 cat litter review series.
  • Is Arm and Hammer cat litter safe for kittens? – It’s best to keep your kitten away from clumping clay cat litters like Arm and Hammer. Cats three months old and older can use Arm and Hammer cat litters. But for younger kittens, you’ll want to use a pellet cat litter or a grass cat litter.


Our bottom line for the Arm and Hammer brand is that it is one of the best and most affordable clay clumping litters on the market. If you have more than one cat and prefer the benefits of a clay clumping litter, you can’t go wrong with Arm and Hammer.

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