A Pup Above Dog Food Review 2023 | 5 Things We Love About This Sous Vide Pet Food

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Your dog relies on you to make smart and healthy decisions for his life, including his diet. A Pup Above invites you to help him life his “best life in every bite” with their fresh, high-protein dog food. Every recipe is packed with real animal protein (on average 72% more than other fresh foods!), low in carbohydrates, and high in energy to help him achieve optimal nutrition with energy and vitality to spare. If you’ve been considering fresh dog food or you simply want to upgrade the quality of your dog’s diet, consider A Pup Above. Read more to learn all about them!

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When you walk into a restaurant and order off the menu, you’re probably not given a full list of the ingredients that go into the dish. You get a description along with a few highlights and that’s generally all you need to know to decide if it’s something worth trying.

Unfortunately, things aren’t quite so clear when it comes to dog food. When you glance at a pet food label, you’ll see pretty pictures of fresh ingredients and happy pets, but the truth is not all pet foods are as good as the company wants them to seem. In fact, some pet food manufacturers go to great lengths to mislead the consumer in an effort to increase sales.

When shopping for dog food, you need to know what you’re looking for but there are also things you want to be conscious to avoid.

What it really comes down to is finding a trustworthy company committed to quality and transparency. Look for a company that is honest about their ingredients and their processes to make sure you know what’s going into your dog’s bowl. We think A Pup Above meets this description, and we hope you’ll agree after learning a little more about this fresh dog food delivery.

In this review, we’ll give you some insight into the A Pup Above fresh dog food brand, so you have the information you need to decide whether it’s the right choice for your dog. Check it out below!

A Pup Above

Before you make up your mind about A Pup Above, we want to make sure you know everything you need to come to an honest and educated opinion. We won’t keep it a secret that we’re big proponents of fresh food for dogs, but we know there are a lot of options out there for fresh dog food delivery.

A Pup Above was founded by Ruth and Javier, parents to Lola. The couple wanted to give Lola the very best food possible but found it difficult to achieve the level of quality they desired with commercial pet food options. Not only do commercial manufacturers make it difficult to tell what’s in their products, but it’s impossible to determine the quality of the individual ingredients. So, they set out to create A Pup Above and, since then, have been providing a “Good Food. Good Mood.”

A Pup Above strives to make sustainable foods — making life better for pets, humans, and the planet. Their packaging is 100% recyclable, they use the “ugly” produce (because, why not!), and every ingredient is good enough for humans.

A Pup Above also donates 1% of their revenues to the White Buffalo Land Trust, which funds regenerative farming. Regenerative farming captures carbon from the atmosphere and makes for healthier water and soil.

While A Pup Above is an amazing company, you shouldn’t simply take our word for it. We’re here to give you all the information you need to make your own decision.

Top 5 things we think you’ll love about A Pup Above:

  1. Four protein-packed low-carb recipes to choose from
  2. Formulas made with real, traceable ingredients
  3. Created by dog parents for dog parents to deliver quality nutrition
  4. Place a single order or save with a recurring subscription
  5. Conveniently portioned and packaged for freshness and storage

Now that you know a little more about A Pup Above and what we like about them, let’s take a closer look. Once you have an understanding of the brand, we think you’ll love them too!

Four protein-packed low-carb recipes to choose from

A Pup Above currently has four different recipes to choose from, each made with a single source of high-quality animal protein. They only recently added a fourth recipe which puts them on the same level as other popular brands like Nom Nom in terms of variety.

Here’s a quick overview of the four flavors A Pup Above has to offer:

  • Texas Beef Stew – Full of meat flavor and packed with nutrients, this formula contains fresh beef and beef liver as well as green peas, carrots, and russet potatoes.
  • Turkey Pawella Recipe – Made with cage-free turkey, this formula packs a nutritional punch with the help of tomatoes, carrots, green peas, and rice.
  • Porky’s Luau – This pork flavor blends the lean, savory protein found in fresh pork with nutrient-rich superfoods like sweet potatoes, pineapple, and turmeric.
  • Chicka Chicka Bow Wow – The newest addition to the A Pup Above lineup, this chicken flavor is supplemented with fresh spinach, sweet potatoes, and apple sin a grain-free recipe.

If you can’t decide which recipe to try, you can purchase a sampler pack that contains all four! The sampler pack comes with a 3-pound package of each recipe for $116.99.

On average, A Pup Above formulas contain 72% more protein than standard kibble, and even more than many of the top fresh dog food delivery services on the market! What’s more, A Pup Above cooks their products sous-vide which retains more of the original flavor, moisture, and nutrient content.

Formulas made with real, traceable ingredients

Part of the reason A Pup Above was founded is because Ruth and Javier were frustrated by the options currently available. Many commercial pet food manufacturers use ingredients from China or ingredients of questionable quality. If you don’t know what goes into your dog’s food, it’s hard to know whether you’re making a smart choice on your dog’s behalf.

A Pup Above uses all human-grade ingredients including non-GMO produce and meats free from steroids, hormones, and antibiotics. To take things a step further, their recipes are made with single-source animal proteins and their ingredients are completely traceable.

Here’s what A Pup Above has to say about it:

“We think you should know where your pup’s food comes from, farm to bowl. That’s why we make sure you can trace each batch of A Pup Above back to the source.”

Not only is A Pup Above open and honest about where they get their ingredients in general, but you can actually trace the ingredients that go into the food in your dog’s bowl. Simply visit the A Pup Above website and plug in the lot number from the package to see exactly where everything came from.

Created by dog parents for dog parents to deliver quality nutrition

At A Pup Above, it’s all about the dogs. Founders Javier and Ruth take their business seriously, but they want to do what’s best for pets, people, and the planet at the same time. They take ethics into account during every phase of their products’ life cycle – that includes every minute from package design and ingredient sourcing to distribution.

According to A Pup Above, “we’re into recycled packaging, upcyling where we can, and sourcing from farmers with strict animal welfare standards.”

When it comes to their products, A Pup Above uses only 100% human-grade ingredients including non-GMO produce and real meal without steroids, hormones, and antibiotics. They upcycle “ugly” produce that may not look good enough for the grocery store but still contains the same quality nutrients, and all of their packaging is 100% recyclable. They take responsibility to a new level.

What you’re really wondering when it comes to A Pup Above, however, is how good the food is.

A Pup Above offers four different recipes, each featuring a single source of real animal protein as the first ingredient. Their formulas are designed by veterinary nutritionists to ensure they provide optimal nutrition and meet the requirements set by AAFCO for canines in all life stages.

Place a single order or save with a recurring subscription

Fresh dog food delivery companies have taken all the hassle out of shopping for pet food. You don’t have to leave your home to drive to the pet store, and you don’t have to spend an hour wandering up and down the aisles trying to make a choice. A Pup Above sends freshly prepared dog food right to your door as often as you want it.

What we love about A Pup Above is that they give you the option to place a one-time order, just in case you’re new to fresh food or you’re not sure if your dog will like it. Many fresh food companies start you with a two-week trial, but you have to remember to cancel or change the subscription if you don’t want it to automatically continue. With A Pup Above, you have the option right from the start to make a single order or to start a recurring subscription. It’s up to you!

When deciding between a one-time order and a subscription, price will certainly be a factor.

Without a subscription, a 3-pound bag of A Pup Above fresh food costs $34.99 and a 7-pound bag costs $69.99. You’ll save a little by purchasing the larger bag, but you can save even more with a subscription. When you subscribe, A Pup Above gives you 10% off every 3-pound bag and 25% off every 7-pound bag. For a 20-pound dog, you’d need three 7-pound bags every 4 weeks, so your monthly cost would be about $210 without a subscription or about $157 with a subscription.

Conveniently portioned and cooked sous-vide to retain nutrition

Though many fresh dog food companies send you pre-portioned packages of your dog’s food, A Pup Above wants to appeal to as many pet parents as possible and keeps things simple. They package their food in 1-pound patties and sell their recipes in 3-pound and 7-pound bags with easy instructions to figure out how much to buy and how much to feed your dog.

What we really love about A Pup Above, however, is the way they prepare their food. A Pup Above uses the sous-vide cooking method which locks in flavor and moisture while preserving nutrition.

Here’s what they have to say about it:

“Most traditional ‘fresh food’ has actually been cooked over high heat. When that happens, the food’s weight shrinks by about 25%, losing a lot of vitamins, nutrients, and protein. Our secret sauce is the power of sous-vide, cooking foods slowly and evenly to retain all that wholesome goodness.”

Not only does A Pup Above use high-quality, natural ingredients and a unique cooking method, but they make their foods in USDA inspected human-grade facilities located in Texas. Each batch is tested for pathogens to make sure it is safe and healthy for your pup.

Is Fresh Dog Food Really Worth the Cost?

At this point you probably understand what makes A Pup Above such a great option, but you’re also probably thinking about the price. Is it worth spending over $150 per month to feed a 20-pound dog?

Before you make up your mind, consider the benefits of fresh dog food and how making the switch might actually save you money over time. Your dog’s diet is directly linked to his health and longevity, so if he doesn’t get the nutrients he needs he could develop serious health problems. A poor-quality diet could contribute to malnutrition and may have you visiting the vet more often. When your dog’s diet provides for his nutritional needs, he’ll be healthier overall.

Here are some of the potential benefits of feeding your dog fresh food:

  • Improved digestion and nutrient absorption
  • Smaller, firmer stools with less odor
  • Improved energy and vitality
  • Weight loss (if needed) and healthy weight maintenance
  • Higher quality of life and potentially longer lifespan
  • Relief from skin issues like recurrent ear infections
  • Potential relief from food allergies and sensitivities

Though it’s hard to argue the benefits of fresh food for dogs, not all fresh dog food delivery companies are created equal. Now that you know a little more about A Pup Above, we hope you have what you need to make up your mind. Before you do, here’s a quick summary of the pros and cons.

Here are some of the pros about A Pup Above:

  • Four high-protein recipes made with human-grade ingredients
  • Recipes are made with single-source proteins and low in carbs
  • Products are cooked sous-vide to preserve nutrition, moisture, and flavor
  • Place a single order or subscribe and save, delivered right to your door

Here are some of the cons about A Pup Above:

  • May be significantly more expensive to feed than dry food
  • Food is packaged in 1-pound patties, not portioned for your dog
  • Packages are a little larger than some brands, different shape

In the end, what really matters is that you provide your dog with the highest quality diet you can consistently afford. If fresh food is in your budget, we recommend A Pup Above and hope you’ll consider them. If not, a high-quality kibble from a reputable manufacturer could be just as much an improvement over a low-quality dry food. Best of luck!

What About Fresh Cat Food?

Though dogs and cats have different nutritional needs, they have one thing in common: the closer their food is to their natural evolutionary diet, the better. Though dogs have evolved to follow a slightly more omnivorous diet, cats are strict carnivores. Dogs can survive on foods other than meat for short periods of time when necessary, but a cat’s body will start to metabolize its own muscles without protein.

Fresh food is great for dogs and we love it for cats as well. The thing to remember is that the protein content of the food is most important. While many fresh dog food companies (including A Pup Above) use vegetables and fruits in their products, carbohydrates should be even more limited in a cat’s diet than in a dog’s. They simply can’t process plant foods efficiently.

Unfortunately, A Pup Above doesn’t offer any fresh cat food recipes at this time. If you’re looking to try fresh food for your cat, check out Nom Nom or Smalls.

A Pup Above Fresh Dog Food FAQs

Is A Pup Above dog food organic?

No, A Pup Above fresh food doesn’t qualify as organic. It is, however, 100% human-grade because the ingredients are deemed fit for human consumption and the products are made in a human food facility. A Pup Above uses non-GMO product and meat free from antibiotics, hormones, and steroids.

Has A Pup Above dog food ever been recalled?

No, A Pup Above has never been recalled to our knowledge. It is generally more common for large manufacturers who mass-produce their foods to have recalls as well as companies that source ingredients from China or outsource their manufacturing. A Pup Above does neither.

Is A Pup Above dog food grain-free?

Some of A Pup Above’s recipes are grain-free, but not all of them. The Turkey Pawella recipe is not grain-free because it contains rice, as does the Chicka Chicka Bow Wow recipe. Both the remaining flavors, however, are completely grain-free.

How many calories does A Pup Above dog food contain?

A Pup Above offers four different recipes, each with a different calorie content. The Texas Beef Stew flavor contains about 1,279 kcal/kg or about 580 calories per 1-pound patty. The Turkey Pawella flavor contains about 1,102 kcal/kg or about 500 calories per patty. The Porky’s Luau flavor contains about 1,257 kcal/kg or about 570 calories per patty. The Chicka Chicka Bow Wow flavor contains about 1,469 kcal/kg or about 666 calories per 1-pound patty.

Can I buy A Pup Above food in pet stores?

Though A Pup Above is primarily designed to be sold online, you can find it in select stores. A Pup Above works with independent retailers, however, so you may not see it in big box stores and national chains. Use the A Pup Above store locator to find a retailer near you.

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