5 Best Options for Pitbull Insurance in 2024

Pitbulls need medical care like any other dog, and unfortunately, many Pitbulls can be prone to several congenital and hereditary conditions, especially if they are purebred. Purebred dogs have a tendency toward these conditions, and because of that, some insurance companies will not cover purebred Pitbulls, or they will but at a higher rate than other breeds.

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Add into that equation the stereotypes of Pitbulls and concerns about them engaging in altercations with other animals, and some insurance carriers will reject Pitbulls or charge more than they would for, say, a mixed breed or small dog like a sheltie.

You don’t want to wait until an accident or medical problem occurs with your Pitbull to sign them up for pet insurance, though. Nearly every company requires a waiting period before your pup’s policy becomes active, so trying to enroll amid an emergency could be too late. Pet insurance is a preventative measure, so check out our favorites for Pitbulls and look into them today.

What is the best dog insurance for Pitbulls?

  • Embrace
  • Pets Best
  • Healthy Paws
  • Figo
  • Nationwide

Dog insurance works much like medical insurance that you would have to cover your health and medical expenses. Pet insurance companies charge you a monthly fee to cover the majority of your veterinary bills in the case of an accident or illness for your dog. Veterinary bills can be shockingly expensive, costing several thousand dollars in many cases of serious injuries or illnesses.

How does dog insurance work?

Different pet insurance companies will provide various types of coverage, but typically they take care of the basics when it comes to your pet getting sick or having an injury. Some cater more to alternative wellness and therapies for dogs, while others provide coverage for behavioral issues such as separation anxiety, and some insurance companies stick to standard vet medical expenses.

Waiting for Pitbull Coverage

Once you enroll your dog in a policy with a pet insurance company, you will usually have a waiting period of anywhere from 5 to 15 days and for specific conditions such as hip dysplasia, even 12 months.

During this waiting period, your pet insurance is not active. After it becomes active, you can take your dog to a veterinarian in a network (if it’s required), or to any veterinarian you trust with no network requirements.

Make sure you ask any potential pet insurance company about any conditions about which you are concerned. If you had Pitbulls in the past with skin conditions, check with the insurance company to see if they cover things like rashes and allergies for Pitbulls.


Once you get the bill from a veterinarian, you can submit it to your insurance company to have a portion of it reimbursed. Most pet insurance companies allow you to select from coverage between 70 percent and 90 percent reimbursement.

That means they will cover 90 percent, for example, of a $200 veterinary bill. You will also have a deductible, typically one that is paid for at each visit much like a copay at a doctor’s office.


You first must meet your deductible, which must be met every visit, or your annual deductible if you have a yearly plan before the insurance company reimburses you for anything. Just like a doctor’s office requires a copay with insurance, you will typically have a deductible for each veterinary visit. The pet insurance equivalent of a copay.

After your deductible is met either for the year or for that specific veterinary visit, the insurance company will reimburse you either via check in the mail or by direct deposit into your account.

Overall Best Dog Insurance for Pitbulls


We are fans of Embrace for several reasons. They understand the unique medical needs or risks with Pitbulls, and they cover them, along with ailments such as hip dysplasia that many providers will not cover. Embrace also handles issues that Pitbulls are at a higher risk for, such as Myotonia and gastric dilation volvulus (bloat).

We love that Embrace also works with a rewards program that you can earn credit toward expenses such as dental and grooming. This company also covers some alternative therapies for dogs, which is not something you will find with every other pet insurance company.

Embrace also covers dental diseases, which is not a universal issue for which pet insurance reimburses. Embrace does not have restrictions on specific breeds or exclusions for conditions dogs such as Pitbulls are prone to, which is one of the reasons we love them so much for owners of these canines.

Embrace states that their average Pitbull owner pays around $37 to $53 per month for pet insurance (again, Pitbull coverage can be more expensive than other breeds). However, they also have a catastrophic plan for only the unlikely case of accidents and random health problems such as an emergency embolism or contracting Rocky Mountain Spotted Fever. This plan can potentially run you a lower price, so you might want to ask about it.

4 More Highly Rated Dog Insurance Plans

Pets Best

Pets Best is another one of our favorites as they offer a budget-friendly insurance plan under their “accident only“ coverage. Pets Best dog insurance ranks pretty highly among customer feedback, which can be reassuring when you’re putting your trust in something you don’t need until an accident or illness strike your pet.

They have a pretty standard waiting period of roughly 14 days for illnesses, but their accident coverage kicks in after three days.

We like the flexibility of pets best as you can select the coverage you would like for reimbursement, whether it be 70 percent, 80 percent, or 90 percent. Pets Best also has excellent customer ratings on TrustPilot, which can offer you a little peace of mind if you’ve never before heard of the company.

Pets Best also does not have age limits for your dog, making them an option to consider if you have an aging Pitbull. Even better, this pet insurance company has a wellness plan add-on if you want routine care and some alternative health treatments reimbursed.

Healthy Paws

Healthy Paws understands a lot of the misconceptions surrounding Pitbulls, and they cover these canines. Healthy Paws operates its deductible system on an annual basis rather than per visit.

If you rarely take your Pitbull to the vet, the system may not work for you, but for those who have dogs with several medical issues, this potentially can save you money over a year.

Instead of having to pay a deductible every single time you visit a veterinarian, you meet a set number, and beyond that, the insurance covers your visits.

Healthy Paws covers you in both the United States and Canada. They do have a waiting period for hip dysplasia, but it is a condition they will include after 12 months.

Additionally, Healthy Paws has an A+ rating from the BBB, and you can submit your claims for reimbursement through a convenient phone app. Their prices can run a little more affordable than some companies.


Figo can be an excellent option for Pitbull veterinary insurance coverage because they cover conditions like hip dysplasia without exclusions. They have three options for your yearly maximum coverage: $10,000, $14,000, or unlimited. This variation can either raise or lower the cost of your insurance, which is a bonus with Figo.

Figo ranks highly with its customer service, and they tend to have friendly reps. This pet insurance company also features a cloud storage system to keep track of your Pitbull’s veterinary records and vaccinations. You can also submit claims for reimbursements through their handy phone app.

With Figo, you can visit any licensed veterinarian in the United States, Canada, and Puerto Rico. This company offers three different policies of coverage, and with some plans, it may cover 100 percent of your vet bills after your deductible.


The company you’re probably most likely to be familiar with on this list is Nationwide, and they have a generally positive reputation as a reliable insurance company, even for pets. We like that Nationwide does not penalize you by imposing restrictions if you have to file a claim. They state that they keep their rates for you and your pet the same, year after year, even if an accident or illness requires their coverage.

You can also decide what level of coverage you would like for your Pitbull, whether you want to go with Nationwide’s Whole Pet with Wellness plan, a step down with their Major Medical focused coverage, or more budget with a simple Pet Wellness policy. Their straightforward Pet Wellness plan covers the essential routine vet visits, heartworm prevention, and vaccinations for your Pitbull.

Nationwide also covers hip dysplasia, hereditary blood disorders, allergies (Pitbulls are often prone to skin conditions), and they even reimburse for some holistic and alternative dog care such as canine chiropractic and laser therapies.

Frequently Asked Questions

  • What is the average cost of Pitbull pet insurance?

Your monthly fee for maintaining pet insurance for a Pitbull will vary a lot depending on the company, your deductible, and the coverage level you select, but on average this type of insurance will cost Pitbull owners anywhere between $20 and $100 a month, with a more common average of about $40 to $50 monthly.

  • What exactly does dog insurance cover for Pitbulls?

Each policy will differ, but most pet insurance policies cover emergency vet visits, accidental ingestion of something harmful, wounds, broken bones, accidents, gastrointestinal issues, vomiting or bowel problems, and cancer. Some policies will even cover allergies, inherited conditions, dental diseases, wellness and preventative care, and even alternative or behavioral therapies.

  • Does dog insurance cover pre-existing conditions?

Whether or not your pet insurance covers pre-existing conditions depends on the insurance company. Some carriers will provide coverage for congenital or hereditary problems, but many will not. It is, for this reason, most policies require a waiting period for conditions such as hip dysplasia and CCL injuries, to prevent people from signing their dogs up for a plan when they know a pre-existing condition is emerging.

  • How does a pet deductible work?

A pet deductible works much like a medical deductible does for your health insurance. Some will require a yearly deductible you must meet (for example, you first pay $250) before the insurance company covers any costs. Most companies have a deductible per visit to a veterinarian, and after the deductible of, for example, $50, the insurance company will cover the rest or a large portion of the remainder.

  • Are there any restrictions on which veterinarian I can use?

Be sure to ask when enrolling your dog in insurance whether you can use any veterinarian, or whether you need to use one in-network. The answer to this depends entirely on the company under which you sign up.

Many providers allow you to use any veterinarian in the United States and sometimes even Canada. Occasionally you will have to select from a vet in a network depending on the company, though.


Pitbulls can be very loving family companions when they are treated well in a quality home. These dogs can become like part of the family. Unfortunately, Pitbulls are sometimes prone to hereditary conditions, skin issues, and bloat, and all of these can add up to expensive vet bills, sometimes in the thousands.

Taking on the care of a Pitbull is a big responsibility, just as it is with any dog. You don’t want to be stuck with debt because of an emergency illness or accident, but you also don’t want to watch your pup suffer or have to put them down when they could otherwise receive treatment with some medical care.

Remember, waiting until an accident or health malady occurs is too late to sign up for pet insurance for your Pitbull. Companies require a waiting period, for this reason, to prevent people from calling to enroll as soon as a pet gets sick. Pick a plan that works best for you and your budget, and call or email to get your Pitbull covered today.

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